Saturday, December 30, 2006

'Honours'- Yeah, Right!

I do know that some of the people selected are totally deserving of any hounours that come their way.


What is it with the bulk of them that make ou these lists?

I fail to see why sombody who is well rewarded for making a living in a particular field is honoured for that. The are recognised mainly by their bank balance- but also at thevarious business awards out there that recognise excellence in THOSE fields. And actors/directors have a pletora of awards to recognise their own!

IMNSHO, Honours are to be bestowed on those who do great thing as a volunteer- not for purely financial reward, or for those who have performed deeds of valour and heroism. Like a locals I know that easily work a full 40-hour week keeping any number of community groups going in their retirement. Like volunteers that have keep the town fire brigade or ambulance going.
Not for someone who has taught art students to make pots. Or a god-botherer only known for being controvertial.

Or for being a suck-arse govamint toadie...

Good Bloody Riddance!

Shit-for Brains Hussein just got a long drop on a short rope!

MSM story

And another Here:

One down, quite a few to go!

On the lighter side...

Found on YouTube

Ain't it clever what you can do with video & sound clips nowadays!

Space Opus- parts One & Two

Courtesy of Cowboy Bob's Blog

A new tax-what a suprise!

The latest tax grab is here:

In principle, RUC's are a fairer system than the tax on petrol (a lot of us use petrol fro stationary engines & power tools, for one) Also, implementing RUC's for petrol vehicles will be dead easy as the infrastructure is already out there.

But who trusts them that will make the rules?

What's the bet this system will be loaded with 'envy taxes' punishing those with evil 4x4's and six+ cylinders?

And that it will cost you more than the current system...

Friday, December 29, 2006

Jack Ketch

It beggers belief that some wankers (In this case, Amnesty International) would actually believe there is a case for keeping Saddam Hussein alive.

If ever there was a prick deserving cruel and unusual punishment, it would have to be that scumbag.

It certainly shows that these softcock hand-wringing liberals only see things in black & white (are they allowed to even say 'Black & white'?)

Shall we step back and look at the big picture here?

What typically happens when a despot is overthrown?- they go off into exile and live out their days in very comfortable circumstances, if not luxury.

This puts these scrotes on notice. You WILL pay with the only thing dear to you. Your life.

I hope they have the event on TV, but given the soft-cock media's slant on all things Iraqi- I doubt it.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

On the subject of Time-Wasters...

This Game!

No fines for the poor- are they mad?

Hell, why should the poor suffer the consequences of their actions!

"Criminal offenders on low incomes face punishments other than fines as the Government responds to public anger at the number of fines never paid.
Alternatives such as warnings as well as lower fines and enforcement penalties are being considered for young and poorer offenders.
But the 35 per cent of fine defaulters who can afford to pay and don't are facing tough action.
They may be threatened with driving licence suspension and credit agency blacklisting..."


I suppose the powers that be can't be accused of inconsistancy here! They are free from the consequences of their inability to earn or to support their indescriminte breeding/drug habits/gambling problem.

And who picks up the tab?- the same ones the are going to screw with their fines system. The 'rich' who can afford to pay!

(Rich= anyone earning more than $40k per annum)

The sustem now is FUBAR- the shit-heads just 'put it on the tab' and when it gets to a point at which they would need to be reincarnated to pay the total- it is commuted to community servive. At a rate of payback that works out at hundreds of dollars an hour!

Even then they don't bother turning up, are eventually arrested and get $50k worth of fines exchanged for 14 days imprisonment (a chance to get three square meals and lots of sack time!)

Australia keeps looking better & better...

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Feed the poor

My advice- DON'T

They are like pigeons:

The never get enough to satisfy them and squark endlessly for more.
They breed even more pigeons who continue in the same way.
They are not at all useful- in fact the are a definite nuisance.
They will happily shit on those feeding them.

You can tell the marketers are appealing to the post-xmas quilt trip that the gulible suffer from.

The 'Starvin' Marvin' ads have quadrupled in the last week. Well- sod Africa, I say- let the shite-hole turn back to what it should be - a continent-sized game park!
The sooner the inhabitants self-destruct from HIV, corruption and the inability to add two and two, the sooner we can get back to the serious business of hunting Jumbos and Lions.

As for Asia & some parts of South America- much the same applies, except that they could possible make a go of it if they didn't breed like rabbits and made a real attempt to shake of corruption.

In days gone by, when you were starving the option for survival was to give yourself into Thralldom- basically you gave yourself into slavery for food.

This is what should happen to these nations- they should be put under the govenance of the one bailing them out.

A bit restrictive?
Against 'Rights and freedoms?'

Fine, feel free to starve...

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Unspeakable acts!

The unthinkable is near to happening!

I only have two Black Macks and four Stellas left!

There are two choices- a walk to the supermarket, breaking my Day of Sloth

Or drinking the dozen Tui's I recieved from work.

I suppose the wife can be sent out for a resup, but she seems a mite fatigued from mowing the lawns and weedeating.

Still- if she wants a cold drink...

Monday, December 25, 2006


About 12 different cheeses
Assorted crackers
Dipping oils
Assorted Olives
Pickled onions

Spit-roasted Lamb
Crayfish (20)!
Ham off the bone
Roast potatoes
Potato Salad
Kumera salad
Hollandaise Sauce
Cauliflower cheese
Misc. green salads

Trifle- with & without sherry
Several pavalovas
Christmas pudding
Brandy Butter
Ginger cake
Cherries in Kirsch
Cream sponge
Chocolate Brownies

Just what I needed on a scorching hot day, after a big cooked breakfast-Not!

But I ate the bloody lot, anyway!

Let the Saturnalia commence!

The gluttony is about to begin- this year's offerings would make a rich Roman envious!

2 kegs of Montieth's

A spit roast & seafood in the hangi, with enough nibbles to scare the crap out of the entire Green party!

Enough time wasted here!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Mr Brain is not at home...

I have been often asked what I'm doing for Christmas, lately.

When I reply that I'm working, I have been getting all sorts of inane comments about how 'Nobody should have to work on Christmas Day!'

My usual reply to that is 'Can you get through the day without flushing the crapper once?"

How the hell do these morons think all the 'essential services' are provided? Do the friggin' Elves make electricity, supply water, and pump sewerage?

I hear the same nonsense about seven days of the week services. Plenty cry that people shouldn't have to work on weekends, but I notice these twits are quick to use the shops seven days of the week.

Yesterday I had to face the lunacy prevelant in NZ's shops & stores. Friggin' unbelievable! With the invention of the refrigerator and the deep freeze, I would have thought that most of us were free from the dangers of imminent starvation.

I mean, we may consume more than double the normal amount of calories for a couple of days, but why does that require at least three times the usual number of visits to the shops?

Lack of bloody organisation, I would have to guess!

Then we descend to the lowest level of The Pit-

The Warehouse- abandon hope all ye who enter here!

I missed (probably fortunatly) the big drama of the day, namely some woman hitting one of my kids, who had grabbed at her handbag (he's autistic and has a bit of a thing for handbags, knowing they contain such items as banannas and muesli bars)

The wife ripped her to peices in front of a huge crowd of onlookers in the best way one can- coldly, calmly and without hysterics- with just enough volume to ensure everyone in sight knows what is happening. Her husband apologised profusely- probably understanding the legal predicament his foolish wife had placed herself in! (something I would have been very quick to point out)

While I was on the other side of the store, covertly buying more Hot Wheels models, I aslo was thinking that many of the satanic spawn present could use a good flogging- I wouldn't be stupid enough to do it!

With all than nonsesne out of the way, I can soon get down to the serious business of cutting down trees, going for a bit of a shoot, then attacking the two kegs (Montieth's Orginal and Montieth's Dark)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Another useless fecker!

Yet another 'worker' has come down with "I don't want to work here' syndrome.

That's three this year.

Of course, they never just quit- they all stay on and do progressivly less and less until they are as much use than the vermin that infest the storage shed.

Unfortunatly, I am forbidden to poison them!

The latest soft-cock has decided that he is being given all the crap jobs and that we are treating him like shit.

After being informed of this, we will now make it true...

Everyone wants a job- considerably fewer want to work!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Let them eat sod-all!

Barbies for prisoners who behave

11:05AM Tuesday December 19, 2006

"Spending your summers in prison may not mean you miss out on the festive sizzle of sausages and bonding around a barbie.

Prison inmates are given barbecues up to three or four times a year to reward them for good behaviour, Public Prisons Service spokesman Bryan McMurray told the Corrections News magazine..."


How about floggings for not behaving?

How about getting your megre ration of food substitute for behaving?

As for this-"and only those rated a low-security risk were allowed barbecues, he said."


The high-medium unit I used to work in had them too.

I thought it was pandering to the shit-heads then and I still think so now.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Kill them- Kill them all!

I bet this wasn't what you thought it was!

Pen names, anonymous posters and sulky bitches


So a lot of bloggers use a non-de-plume?

Whop de do!

Like nobody ever wrote a column in a newspaper of magazine under a pen name- an old and established practice in traditional writing.

While we are at it; Curmudgeon -Ranting -Pseudonyms -dislike of card-carrying journos- does all this fit anyone you know? ;-)

This cumquat thinks that 'hiding' behind a pseudonym is to avoid all responsibility, unlike the highly professional and irreproacable members of the press (Officials)

I can only speak for myself, but while I write under a pseudonym for as variety of reasons.

-I live in a small town and voice opinions unpopular with criminal elements
-I have a very ordinary sort of name that is not at all eye catching
-I like my privacy

I'm not overly secretive, but you do have to make an effort to find out who I am. Getting to know me and asking nicely is known to work!

But anyone with half a brain could follow my links and discover my name in under a minute. I suppose that eludes most journos, who seem incapable of getting facts straight, when you tell them a straightforward story...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The right to self-defense- the paramount human right

Dear New Zealander,

We, The Sensible Sentencing Trust, have started an Online Petition to Parliament.

It demands that you and I have the right to defend ourselves, when others attack us, without fear of prosecution!

You can sign Free online at,

Read the Petition and follow the instructions.

Please send this to all your friends so everyone can give the Government The Message.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lairbour bans retailing

People looking to make a quick buck from scalping tickets to major sporting events could soon be slapped with a fine of up to $5000.

Details of the deterrent were revealed yesterday in a raft of Government measures aimed at protecting major international sporting events against ambush marketing and ticket scalping.

The Major Events Management Bill - driven primarily by New Zealand's successful bid to host the Rugby World Cup in 2011 - will outlaw the sale of tickets to a major event for more than the original sale price."


I fail to see how tickets to these events are any different to any other commodity. This latest outrage is a foot in the door to banning all forms of retailing other than selling direct from the producer.

And like most of their dumb-assed laws- extremely hard to police. Mind you, with a $5k fine - guess where some of our scarce police resources will be now be sent.

Out gathering revenue...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

An Essential NZ Experience

Yeah, Right!
I visited the Tui HQ for the brewery tour on Saturday.
Like the beer, it was lacking in substance and appeal, to all but those new to the world of beer.
It probably caters very well to busloads of pisshead wannabes from Massey, but I found the 'experience' wanting.
It has a well-appointed shop and a nicely rustic bar- however, I'm no fan of paying exorbitant rates to were somebody else's advertising. If you want me to wear clothing covered in your brand- give it to me and I will.
The bar looked promising, done out as a woodshed minus the smell of sheep- for all that it was full of punters waiting to be fleeced. The bar had everything you could ever want to drink- as long as it was Tui- understandable, I suppose. At least the Mangitinoka Dark was quite drinkable.
For an outfit catering to bus tours, the toilets were woefully inadequate- urinal room for ONE (1), without getting intimate. They were uncommonly clean, mind and the beer keg urinal and handbasin was a clever touch. The girls had a similar problem, compounded by their personal plumbing.
Bar food would have been good- certainly a warmer of pies wouldn't compromise their image and a few bowls of nuts & nibble would not go astray.
The tour probably served the purpose of allowing lads and ladettes to say they had actually set foot in a real brewery. I've been in a few and would have liked a little more than a 15 minute look at an empty fermenter and a silent bottling line. OK, so I'm one of those people who finds miles of pipework, valves, tanks and pumps actually interesting.
It would have been nice to get to look about the old historic building, but this too, was not to happen.
The talk was interesting. On a blown-up picture of the 'Tui Girls" ad, you could see that one of them was of Mediterranean origins and for all her looks had arm hair to envy my more macho limbs. The tour guide also took pleasure in pointing out which other dolly had cellulite which was kept out of sight for the shot! Girls will be girls- meow!
Next time I'm driving past and thirsty- I'll stop for a coke at Pahiatua!

Friday, December 08, 2006

The award for outstanding achievement in the field of excellence!

This place would have to be a contender!

Chocolate heaven!
The chocolate they make is the stuff of dreams to the serious choccy aficionado. The aromas when walking into the shop hit the senses and bowl them for six- essential oils and the highest quality chocolate.
It's not cheap, but you get what you pay for. The handmade chocolates sell for about $16 per 100g- a box of about 16 costs around $25 and the bigg box costs $55- butwhen you think about it-where can you get a special present for that price?
And they do impress the ladies ;-)
They also do tablets in the most amazing flavours. Combintions that you will never see elsewhere-
Cardamom...fresh podded cardamom in white Belgian Chocolate Cherry, Cranberry and Mixed Spice
Lemon...our own dried lemon in creamy white chocolate
Milk...33% cocoa mass
Milk Chocolate...plain milk chocolate tablet
Sea Salt...Maldon Flakey Crystal Sea Salt from Essex, England, match with Champagne
Pink Peppercorn...with pink peppercorns
Rose...French Damask Rose
Dark...53% cocoa mass
Dark Chocolate...plain dark chocolate tablet
Apricot and Rosemary...dried Apricots and Rosemary in white chocolate
Chilli...Chilli flakes
Ciocco...60% two bean Italian blend, beans from Ghana & Equador
Coffee Walnut...strong roast coffee with fresh Greytown walnuts
Earl Grey Tea...haunting bergamot
Easter*...lime and orange peel, cinnamon quill, mixed spice and sultanas
Frankincense Myrrh and Gold*...the flavours of Frankincense and Myrrh rubbed with gold leaf
Geranium...Rose Geranium
Ginger...Chopped Ginger (prepared by us from green root)
Kiwifruit...our own dried kiwifruit
Lavender...perhaps you have only known the smell, taste the colour
Lemon and Cracked Black Pepper...our dried lemon chopped, match with camembert or brie
Lemongrass...the word...refresh, hauntingly Asian
Limechilli...our dried lime, how to push flavour, beautifully balanced interactive taste sensation
Olive...our own dried Black Olive
Peppermint Leaf...locally grown organic peppermint dried leaf
Rose...French Damask Rose
Smoked Paprika...more of a smoked chocolate than paprika
Strawberry and Black Pepper...our own dried Strawberries
Sweet Basil...for all of the reasons that you do fresh basil
Tangerine...more "up" flavour than orange
Toasted Coconut...chunky and creamy
Toasted Sesame...great match with blue cheese
Bitter Sweet*...70.5% 72% 76.5% cocoa mass
Bitter Sweet Chocolate*...plain bittersweet tablet.
Bitter Chilli*...chilli flakes in bitter sweet chocolate.
Ciocco Marrone 72%*...two bean Italian blend, beans from Ghana & Equador.
Peppermint Leaf Bitter*...locally grown dried, organic peppermint leaf.
Schoc Bittersweet 76.5%*...our own Schocing blend.
Schoc Shot 70.5%*...kick-butt freshly roasted extreme Coffee.

I have to drive past it everyday, too!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Merry friggin' Xmas!

Jailed teenager home in time for Christmas?

6.00am Thursday December 7, 2006

A teenager jailed for four years for throwing a concrete block off a motorway overbridge killing 20-year-old Chris Currie last year may be home for Christmas after serving 16 months in custody.

Ngatai Reweti, 15, was jailed in September for the manslaughter of Mr Currie of Taupo.
Detective Senior Sergeant Neil Grimstone said he had contacted Mr Currie's family to inform them Rewiti had applied for special parole leave so he could be home before Christmas...


That makes me want to puke!

Chris Currie's family were none to impressed with the idea either.

I thought the idea of a prison sentence was that you missed out on things like family and xmas. Seems our soft-cock 'Penal' system doesn't. Special friggin' parole leave my arse.

He can have it when Chris Currie gets leave from being dead!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A worthy cause

The Greg Cavell defense fund details are Here

I'm sending a cheque off- that could easily be me- or any one of us. It doesn't have to be a shooting, either- you could cream some lowlife with a frying pan and wind up in the dock, in this country with it's crim-loving rulers.

There is also this from the crown prosections office. I would be interested in your comments...

The annual wish list

I have been presented with Mr 4's Christmas requirements:

A giant battle robot
A radio controlled boat
A radio controlled car
A huge transformer
A trampoline
A scooter
Hot wheels
An electric Thomas the Tank Engine set (The largest one, of course)
A swimming pool (he never goes in the water!)
A bouncy castle

Makes my wanting a Walker Colt positivly modest!

I suppose I will think myself lucky if I get a bonk and permission to spend my own money on the Walker Colt...

Monday, December 04, 2006

Are you kidding!

"...111 worker admits using police computer to check girlfriends
Monday December 4, 2006
A 111 call-centre worker is fighting to get his job back after being sacked for using information from the police computer to check on potential girlfriends.
Les Neilson told the Dominion Post he would fight the dismissal because the practice was rife..."


Rife ain't the word for it- EVERYBODY who had access used to look people up! I can certainly admit to looking up ex girlfrieds!

To my great delight, I found that one ex had been locked up for five days for non-paymet of traffic fines!


I have heard much talk that National has gone pink, to pull in the voters and get into power.

Sure, tactically it may work.

But what happend to standing up for principles- for what you believed was right?

When getting into office means selling out and turning your back on what you believed in, you have proved that you have no morals or scruples.

You will be nothing but a bunch of spineless neutered soft-cocks that are totally driven by the polls.

In other words, just like Liarbour.

Rodney, your stock is rising!
Here is what he has to say on the matter:

"I always felt Don Brash was an anomaly for National. Just as was Ruth Richardson.
They never sat comfortably in National. And their vision for New Zealand and their policies were never supported.
They were both dumped ignominously.
National is a conservative party. It is not a party of reform or ideas.
It wins elections by cuddling Labour, adopting Labour policies and promising to adminster them with greater competence.
I don’t believe that is a criticism of National. I believe it to be just a fact.
In my lifetime the best party promoting freedom and prosperity was the Labour Party of the 1980s. The worst was National under Muldoon.
Don Brash has been dumped. New leader John Key is working assiduously to dump any vestige of policy vision or difference with Labour.
There is now clearly only one party standing up for freedom and prosperity. And that party is ACT.
ACT’s aim is to be the third party in Parliament. And not to be a tactical appendage to any party.

After all, in policy terms now, there’s not a lot of difference between National and Labour. "

Saturday, December 02, 2006

National's new image

National's new image- they have gone smurf!

Blue on the outside, Pink in the inside!

Friday, December 01, 2006


Yesterday went from 0630 to 2230- with 4 pager alarms throught the night.

Now to go and do it again...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Over Here at Mark's there is mention of class reunions and an opinion that they aren't worth bothering with.

My opinion was that they could be fun, if only the sneer at those still on the minimum wage or see the little miss pretty types that had such high opinions of themselves that are now fat & fugly!

I did go to a reunion once- twice actually, but one was an army one and I had only been out five years.

The more *interesting* one was a reunion of my old neighborhood and that was people I hadn't see since I was 18- 25 years previously!

I had to actually admire a lot of these people- they may have been 'entry point middle class' but had done very well against the odds- coming from backgrounds that are now used to justify all forms of foul behaviour. They had married and stayed married, raised inoffensive kids and brought houses.

But talk about stuck in a time warp! Most of them lived either in the same street or within a couple of k's from where they started life- and I don't think they ever travelled more than a few hours from there!

There were three of us who had actually travelled about, worked in jobs that paid more than the average wage and had some experience of life outside of an NZ suburb. Done things that I had taken for granted- flown across the world, sailed around NZ, walked through most of our national parks, flown in helicopters, gotten pissed in the best hotels on the expense account.

This was TV world for these people!

There are a shitload of people like that out there.

And I'm glad I'm not one of them

Monday, November 27, 2006

An idea...

A thought I had this morning:

Why not keep schools open all year round, with flexible holdiay times?

The shopping centers would be more bearable, busineses wouldn't have the hassle of staff having to all be off at the same time minding kids and the kids would get a bit more schooling (half the time they are just arsing about anyway!)

It's a win all round- match the kid's holidays in with the 3 (soon 4) weeks that their parents have.

The school holiday setup is hopelessly outdated, being set up to coincide with the peak demands for farm labour- haymaking and so on. Most of us don't live rurally anymore and most of that sort of work is mechanised now. (anyone who thinks that is a bad thing never had to load hay bales onto a truck in 30+ heat!)

The rest of us, bar a few pen-pushers don't even work the 8 hour day, Monday-Friday anymore.

Time for the schools to move with the times!

Classic- but not for the kiddies!

Whale Oil sends up Uncle Pervey with this video clip!

Sedition charges to follow!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ain't 'arf bin some clever bastards!

I got the latest 'Hunting & Fishing' advertiser magazine yesterday.

So many toys, so little money!

One gadget that caught my eye was a torch that gave of the precise wavelengths of light to highlight a blood trail on the ground.

Other clever gadgets are LEDS torches that go for hundreds of hours on a battery and weigh almost nothing, a portable gas & battery powered shower and laser rangefinders.

How did I ever get by without a self-inflating mattress, a GPS or a backpack hydration system filled with isotonic carbohydrate/electrolyte fluid replacement?

Must have been by sleeping on a groundsheet, knowing how to read a map and drinking out of the bloody creek!

There are some pretty impressive rifle/scope packages available today and for very good prices.

I often see blokes turning up at our range to sight these new pieces in. It's quite painful watching someone turn up with a new Weatherby and fail to shoot a 100 meter group under 150mm.

And such fun to shoot a similar group with an open-sighted lever action .45!

Friday, November 24, 2006

For sale

Wife & Two boy children (30, 6 & 4)

Fair condition.

As is, where is- all reasonable offers considered.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Dumbfuck of the Week

Here she is!

"A Christchurch Mens' Prison officer, fired for giving bacon to an inmate and watching her own videos during her shift, says guards regularly bartered with inmates to keep the peace.
The 31-year-old woman, sacked after admitting misconduct in July, told The Press there was widespread abuse of the prison system."

Where I worked in the prison system, we were made of sterner stuff. The shit-heads got nothing outside of what Corrections allowed them.

This is rather well covered in training, so ignorance is no defense. If you give a crim something they will want more. Ever heard of blackmail?

They have.


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Maybe they can make a stadium?

Maybe this Company could build a stadium and stay under budget?

I saw a high-security prison built by them on 'National Geographic'- at $175 million, it came in WAY under the latest NZ Corrections Cock-ups!

I don't know if it had heated floors, but somehow, I doubt it.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Section 59 amendment- when NZ lost the plot...

Anyone who can't differentiate between smacking and beating is a retard that needs their reproductive organs torn out with a boathook!

If you are unable to seperate a swat across the arse (Usually well-padded) and a thrashing that requires hospitalization, I sincerely hope you never reproduce. We don't need those genes anymore than we need those of the crapheads who beat their kids to death.

I'm a great believer in using what works and I don't believe smacking is very effective- unless used extremely sparingly it has no shock value. But a swift whack on the arse can be very effective if it is saved for certain circumstances- say running onto the road or playing with the power point.

This sort of FUBAR law tends to come from those pacifist cowards I have previously blogged about.

Here is an experiment to try. Next time someone says there is no excuse whatsoever to use violence- punch them on the nose!

Want to bet that they will turn the other cheek?

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Take them away

You have to be careful what you wish for- sometimes it comes true!

I have been long advocating something like This:

I admit the idea has merits- for those who sponge of the taxpayer- but not quite like that!

All adults on a state benefit should be sent of to a secure facility (think workhouse and Dickens)and all minors should be seperated out and sent to orphanages. We used to think that nuns who thrashed children for exercise was the worst thing that could happen to kids.

A more liberal system has proved that wrong!

We don't need a bunch of do-gooders pumping up their already excessive self-esteem and teaching pigs to whistle (which wastes your time and annoys the pig)

We need recidivist offenders dumped into somewhere away from decent society and makes them WANT to behave enough to return to it!

And keep behaving.

Dumbfuck of the week

Quickly before I go to work- this is hilarious!

Dumbass Crook!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Friggin' cowards!

Dress it up as pacifism, enlightenment or whatever.

The persons who won't fight to defend themselves, their family of their property are just gutless and not fit to be full members of society.

They like to sneer and look down on those who will take a stand- soldiers, policemen- the citizen who picks up a shotgun to defend their home. They like to call firearms owners paranoid rednecks and suchlike and the same for those who practice any kind of martial arts.

They, of course, are too sensitive to take part in a profession where their precious arse is on the line.

I have noticed that one of their favorite pastimes is nit-picking at the police- but they are the first to demand a police presence to protect themselves...

Fuck 'em!

I say if you are unwilling (not unable through disability-UNWILLING) to make a stand, you deserve to be a thrall.

The one that cowered at the back of the cave while others fought wild animals off.
The collaborators and informers of occupied countries.
The politicians that send young men to die, then ignored the plight of the survivors.
The man who wears a woman's coat to get into a lifeboat.
And those who turned a blind eye while evil was done before them.

This is what you have been and all you will ever be.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The right to self-defense- where are we without it?

Just quickly looking about the blogs, I found some excellent opinions on the subject relating to the persecution of Greg Carvell.

To link but a few:

Not PC
Libertarianz press release
Sir Humphries Lucyna
Crusader Rabbit
Capitalist Writer
Whale Oil
Mark too!

I can't state the case more eloquently than has been done by the above.

All I can add is that I'm one more that believes that to be unable to defend oneself without state persecution, is to be a hop, skip & a jump away from a state of slavery.

To defend your life, the lives of others and your property is THE fundamental property right.

It exists in law, but the lawmakers are twisting this law to suit their own sick agenda. That only THEY cay control the destiny of others.


Monday, November 13, 2006

This is a disgusting travesty of 'Justice'!

"An Auckland gunshop director who shot a machete-wielding intruder threatening to kill him is to face a firearms charge.

Police said today they would charge the man with possessing a firearm without lawful, proper or sufficient purposes.

They did not name him but it was believed to be Greg Carvell, 33, director of the Small Arms International gunshop in Penrose..."


This is a bloody disgrace- that a man is charged for defending himself and others against a nutter!

He should have gotten a community service award- not this outrage.

I have often stuck up for the police when they have had to shoot some craphead, but only in the same way I have supported anyone who has made the call to defend themselves . The police have no special claim on the right to defend themselves. Indeed, they are better trained and equipped than the average citizen.

I'm reading between the lines here and guessing that the heat has come from above to charge Greg Carvell.

After all, the powers-that-be can't stand the idea of us standing up for ourselves...


So, it seems the police did not want to charge him!

It was the crown law office

Now who is pulling THEIR strings?

Friday, November 10, 2006

Philosophy & Brandy

I recall reading a book where the theory was put in that in a world, there are only a few actual people- about 1% and the rest were sort of drones that were there to buzz to & fro without taking part in the story- apart as walk-on victims.

Sounds like a Terry Prachart sort of thory, but sometimes I wonder about it.

I've just spent two weeks in a classroom and never heard half of the people in it speak.

Around town I keep meeting the same people everywhere I go. Whatever the event, some of these dozen or so are there- and are usually running the show!

There may be something it it...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

An oldie, but still good...

While walking down the street one day a US Senator is tragically hit by a truck and dies. His soul arrives in heaven and is met by St. Peter at the entrance. "Welcome to heaven," says St. Peter. "Before you settle in, it seems there is a problem. We seldom see a high official around these parts, you see, so we're not sure what to do with you."

"No problem, just let me in," says the man.

"Well, I'd like to, but I have orders from higher up. What we'll do is have you spend one day in hell and one in heaven. Then you can choose where to spend eternity."

"Really, I've made up my mind. I want to be in heaven," says the Senator."I'm sorry, but we have our rules."And with that, St. Peter escorts him to the elevator and he goes down, down, down to hell.

The doors open and he finds himself in the middle of a green golf course. In the distance is a clubhouse. Standing in front of it are all his friends and other politicians who had worked with him.Everyone is very happy and in evening dress. They run to greet him, shake his hand, and reminisce about the good times they had while getting rich at the expense of the people.They play a friendly game of golf; and then dine on lobster, caviar and champagne.Also present is the devil, who really is a very friendly guy who has a good time dancing and telling jokes. They are having such a good time that before he realizes it, it is time to go. Everyone gives him a hearty farewell and waves while the elevator rises...

The elevator goes up, up, up and the door reopens on heaven where St. Peter is waiting for him."Now it's time to visit heaven."So, 24 hours pass with the Senator joining a group of contented souls moving from cloud to cloud, playing the harp and singing. They havea good time. Before he realizes it, the 24 hours have gone by and St. Peter returns."Well, then, you've spent a day in hell and another in heaven. Now choose your eternity."

The Senator reflects for a minute, then he answers: "Well, I would never have said it before, I mean heaven has been delightful, but I think I would be better off in hell."

So St Peter escorts him to the elevator and he goes down, down, down to hell.Now the doors of the elevator open and he's in the middle of a barren land covered with waste and garbage.He sees all his friends, dressed in rags, picking up the trash and putting it in black bags as more trash falls from above.The devil comes over to him and puts his arm around his shoulder.

"I don't understand," stammers the Senator. "Yesterday I was here and there was a golf course and clubhouse. We ate lobster and caviar, drank champagne, danced and had a great time. Now there's just a wasteland full of garbage and my friends look miserable. What happened?"

The devil looks at him, smiles and says,Yesterday we were campaigning...... Today you voted."

Its bloody easy to spend other people's money!

When the govamint is set to blow as much money on a stadium as they spend on defense, its easy to overlook the smaller squandering.

The announcement that the government will provide $1.9 million towards a "Cuisine and Fine Wine" regional initiative for Wairarapa was dished up in Martinborough yesterday. It provides a major springboard for a project estimated to cost upwards of $7million.

$1,900,000.00 of YOUR money!

Now why do they fall over themselves to spend our money on SOME industry's while sneering at others?

Of course, they shouldn't be spending a damn thing on ANY of them- that's the job of the owners! If they REALLY want to help- cut the red tape and taxes!

If the people behind this scheme have $4.75 megabucks- let that be the budget. Even in hoplessly overpriced Martinborough, that should build one hell of a cooking schoool!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A theory...

I have been doing something I despise almost as much as shopping.

I have to travel from the Wairarapa to Petone each day, while I'm on a block course. Over here, all I usually have to avoid are wandering cows. Here its commuters and most of those seem to have about the same or less brain power than the average cow.

The main differece is that a cow is meat. Commuters are wrapped in steel, except for the two-wheeled variety- AKA temporary road users.

Anyhoo- the theory goes:

"When it rains, Wellington drivers forget how to!"

6 crashes along the motorway this morning!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Arseholes that use fireworks as weapons

If they aim them at property- charge them with attempted arson.
If the set something on fire- charge them with arson.
If they fire them at people, nail them under the Arms Act.

I'm no lawyer, but those roman candle things seem to meet the definition of a 'Firearm'

(There is an exclusion from being classed as an explosive)

AARMS ACT 19832. Interpretation—
if (isLegTitleOrSection() ) {


(a)Means anything from which any shot, bullet, missile, or other projectile can be discharged by force of explosive; and
(i)Anything that has been adapted so that it can be used to discharge a shot, bullet, missile, or other projectile by force of explosive; and
(ii)Anything which is not for the time being capable of discharging any shot, bullet, missile, or other projectile but which, by its completion or the replacement of any component part or parts or the correction or repair of any defect or defects, would be a firearm within the meaning of paragraph (a) of this definition or subparagraph (i) of this paragraph; and
(iii)Anything (being a firearm within the meaning of paragraph (a) of this definition or subparagraph (i) of this paragraph) which is for the time being dismantled or partially dismantled; and
(iv)Any specially dangerous airgun:


Also, if Guy Fawkes stretches our emergency services to the limit- that is a real worry and says much about the sad state of those services! (IF and its a big IF- you can believe the media and other axe-grinders)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Die, you worthless piece of shit!

Saddam has a date with a piece of hemp rope!

Good show!

I hope it's a nice public show and he goes out squeeling like a scalded pig!

I wonder what the TV rights would cost?

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Mark's Blog Knockin' On The Golden Door features some of the best art around!

I saw this one and straight away thought of Rest Area 300m- what a picture for the worlds only Road Workers Blog!

Or anywhere blokes frequent...

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Update to the last post

This tractor....

Oh Joy....

Its Saturday morning
The sun is shining
I'm rostered off.

And its off to Retail Hell in Upper Hutt.

With children.

How do I feel about this?

Imaging lying in a soft grassy field. The sun is shining, the gentle breeze is warm.

You look up at the sky, watching fluffy wisps of cloud float by. All that you can hear is the sound of birdsong and the occasional bee flying by. You are in that peaceful state between waking and sleep.

Then some prick parks a tractor on your chest.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Warehouse fizzers are for wimps!

Defending Guy Fawkes

I stand behind my position to keep this event going, but I think it needs a bit of sorting out.

It's getting bloody hard to defend the occasion, with gaggles of brain-dead boys going hard core to fuck it up for everybody. Public safety is a totally overused excuse to ban all & sundry, but I do accept the point made about fireworks. I used to say it was all wankers and wowsers calling for the ban, but it's moved from that. Totally due to the upswell in cretins that need two ounces of Black Powder detonated at groin level!

It's at a bad time of year too- it would be better in the mid-winter, when the fire risk is down. Also, at this time of year, it means a late night for small children.

Deliberate and blatent abuse of fireworks should come under the Arms Act, which has a bit of sting at sentencing time. After all, it comes down to discharging a projectile, when some moron uses a roman candle or suchlike as a bloody missile launcher.

Unfortunatly, considering consequences for actions, however severe, don't impact on the brain-dead.

Fortunatly, the full penalties of an arson charge would put such a dumbfuck out of circulation for a reasonable time. (like that's going to happen!)

How about restricting sales to those who have a firearms licence? They tend to behave, as their hobby hinges on doing so...

Also, ONE designated day ONLY!

As for a total ban leading to home-made fireworks.

You bet it will happen!

Just piss into a bucket of HTH pool chlorine somewhere you need a crater....


I think we can kiss Guy Fawkes goodby now

Thanks to all you crap-head low-lives out there that fucked it up for the rest.

Not that you will be reading this- or anything not printed on a t-shirt...

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sod off ya bloody scroungers!

ALL year we try and teach our kids to stay away from strangers, especially those offering sweets.
Then once a year all that work is undone!


And then we have the issue of going begging- another thing I'm dead against, along with people coming onto my property uninvited. Bugger off the lot of you!

I blame the bloody Warehouse for encouraging this vileness!

Now I'm off to read to the children from 'Atlas Shrugged' ...

Sunday, October 29, 2006

And now for something completely different

I have heard it said by persons from other parts of the world that Kiwi's and Aussie's are very similar.

There are some differences, however.

For example:

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Yeah, Right...



"...Dumped One News presenter Judy Bailey says she was worth the $800,000 salary she negotiated with Television New Zealand..."


Damn glad to hear that! That means you won't have any problem getting similar money elsewhere!

Or going out on your own and making that kind of brass!

or is it harder when your employer doesn't have access to the public trough?...

Friday, October 27, 2006

The strange case of the Wabbit Wooter

A while back I posted on posted on this case

6.00am Friday October 27, 2006

"A New Zealand-born Sydney financier jailed for 16 months for mutilating and killing 17 rabbits and a guinea pig is appealing against his conviction, saying he was mentally ill..."


Mentally ill- no shit!

"I plead insanity- I'm crazy about them fuzzy little critters!"

Tie him onto the back of a cow!

From the 'No shit Sherlock!' files...

Smoking in cars a danger to children, say researchers

12.35pm Friday October 27, 2006

" The government should consider banning smoking in cars where children are present, as it could damage the youngsters' lungs, medical researchers say...

A Wellington School of Medicine report published today found being in a car with a smoker was equivalent to sitting in a typical smoky bar, even with the smoker's window wound fully down."


As a kid I have this inflicted on me and they are dead right, but bloody buggery bollocks!- do you need a medical degree to figure that one out?

Having stated the bloody obvious, that 'cigarette smoking in a car is bad, m'kay?'
(Not to say friggin' inconsiderate!)

The next step is the knee-jerk- 'The govmint must ban it!'

Come on- can't you highly educated types come up with a better solution- one that might work, for instance.

I think that the educatable have already figure this out- they are the ones that don't smoke in the house, let alone car. What used to be commonplace twenty, thirty years ago is now the domain of the shallow end of the gene pool. The same parent who did this to me would never dream of smoking in the presence of the grandchildren (and kicked the habit years ago)

Attitudes change with a bit of education. That's the right way to do things- quietly coax people. when you try to drag them into a brave new world, they dig in the heals and fight it all the way.

Some however, are not so receptive to change. These types aren't much bothered by bans, laws or society's dissaproval. They just don't give a shit.

They don't care if their kids breath smoke, or get fruit each day- they just have to be alive to receive taxpayer funds and in such health as to need minimal care. And I mean MINIMAL!

They don't bother with child seats, WOF or drivers licences either. A new fine?- just put it on the tab...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The food Nazi's goosestep on...

Officials target workplace vending machines

Thursday October 26,
2006By Errol Kiong

"Workplace food-vending machines are the next target in the battle against obesity.
Health officials want to restrict their contents, and say they could use health and safety legislation as a way to improve what people eat..."


First it's schools, now they plan to cut off the supply of sugar and fats to adults!

Next step is in your homes, folks!

Now what goverment had children reporting on the parent's behaviour in the home?

When an opponent declares, "I will not come over to your side," I calmly say, "Your child belongs to us already... What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community."

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Meanwhile, the Banana Republic lives up to it's name

Free fruit delivered to schools


TWO Masterton schools have received their first batch of free fruit that their students will be getting every day for the next three years.

This is bloody bollocks- if you can't afford a banana or apple for your kids on a regular basis, you should have your reproductive organs torn off/out with a boathook!

You certainly shouldn't be using them to breed more!

How about an admission that the money spent previously on the 'Five plus a day' has been a complete and utter waste of OUR money?

Fat chance!

What next? low fat school milk?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More Govamint Bollocks

"...New Zealand households are spending more on sugary snacks than on fresh fruit, a new report says. The Food and Nutrition Monitoring Report shows the average household spent $6.50 on confectionary per week over the past year, compared with $5.90 on fresh fruit..."

More bollocks here.

$5.90- I bloody wish! My bill for bananas alone would be more than that. A typical fruit shop for a week would be a 3kg bag of apple (when my trees aren't in fruit), a bag of oranges, a kilos of Kiwifruit, the banannas mentioned before and others- usually seasonal stuff or odd things like pineapples.

Sweets would run to about $2 per week

Advertising has played no part in us deciding what to buy (apart from Whittakers Ghana Dark chocolate- but the coaco bean is a fruit, after all)

It probably won't affect the shopping of familys who never buy fruit either!

Another $67 million of the taxpayers money pissed against the wall...

Monday, October 23, 2006

A new sponsor?

Now that a certain hamburger chain had been dumped from giving money to the police (how bizzare!), I suspect a well- known chicken chain is lobbying for the job.

They are definetly targeting Labour- the pack that I brought was full of left wings and arseholes!

Labour Day

This statutory holiday was passed into law in 1899, and the other day I was asked:

"Why the hell are we STILL working 40 hour weeks?" (hell, I seldom work less than 50)

One might expect a far shorter working week with the advances in technology over the last century.

The (an) answer is that the suplus of production enables us to advance, as opposed to treading water.

Another is that many people actually LIKE to work. If they had a three day week, they would find work for at least a couple of their now free days. I mean, even in France, the state shorteningthe workingweek wasn't popular!

And we well know what the socialists would say- but in nine years have they done onything towards shortening working hours? Aside from creating a huge army of Mc Jobs, and freeing the least deserving from work totally, that is.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The drinking age

I must say that I liked the proposal seen here to raise the age to 41!

But on a more serious note (as serious as you will find here, anyway) what hads changed in the last 30 years?

In my day, we also obtained alcohol, drunk it and carried on like Indians who had just discovered Firewater.

BUT we had to plan our drinking, as if we did it out in public there would be consequences- unpleasant ones.

We had to whoop it up out of sight and earshot of the public- and it's my opinion now that we had a lot more fun for doing so.

No clashes with other obnoxious groups and you could let your hair down relativly safely amongst friends.

It tended to be stag, thus eliminating a major cause of tension amonst horny young blokes. Girls tended to avoid such things, as they well knew that drunken sesions lead to pregnancy and this was still a big deal then!

The other was money. Poor apprentices had minimal cash and we wouldn't drink in pubs, as the off-licence was much cheaper (more booze for our bucks)

I was a bit aof a challenge arranging a good session. Not just a matter of turning up at a nightclub...

Saturday, October 21, 2006

A productive day

I do enjoy fixing or finding a use for stuff others discard as junk. Usually its small stuff- chainsaws, weed-eaters, lawnmowers.

Today's effort was a small 1 1/2 ton, truck damaged beyond economic repair. it had been dumped in a paddock, where it has sat for the last three years or so.

I got it for the cost of the tow, a battery and a second hand tyre- a total of $260. (plus about three hours work)

While it will never be roadworthy, it runs well and will make an great farm runabout- just what I need with firewood season about to start.

Friday, October 20, 2006

On holiday

Sort of.

I'm writing for (hopefully) money tonight.

Been doing a bit of that lately, finishing off trade qualifications, but now it's back to what I enjoy- Meddler in Time.

I said I would finish it by xmas, so I need to pull finger!- then I can get onto book three next year. Pre-production is going well- that's what I do when driving about the countryside all day! converations, scenarios, action scenes, future technology.

It's good to have a fantasy universe!- - beats the hell out of thinking(?) about what happened on Coro last night!

Speaking of writing stuff, this is post 505!

If people didn't read it, I wouldn't do it- maybe!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


We have truly arrived!

Welcome to da People's Banana Republic of Noo Zealnd.

Reminds me of a great line from a movie I can't remember- probably a Tom Clancy tarn.

"...Remember El Presidente, you are only president for life!..."

Time for change

I've been keeping my ear to the ground for a week or so now and are hearing a new level of unrest.

Corruption, corrupt and 'banana republic' are words and phrases thrown around a lot more.

I'm not talking about in the blogger world, nor at Libertarianz meetings.

This is amongst blue-collar ordinary working folks.

Some of you may have heard of them. They are the ones the supposedly used to be the backbone of Liarbour.

Not now.

Now is the time for change, but will the great unwashed manage to hold on to these thoughts until the next election? Liarbour is counting on them not.

Already the damage control is underway with talks about substantial tax cuts.

Yeah, right- this is Liarbour. They will then introduce more 'stealth taxes' to gouge twice as much back.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ever wondered how...

you become a Justice of the Peace?

Here is how it happens.

I got asked how a person landed this number and had no idea, so I did a very little research- now I know!

What did we do before Google!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tell Liarbour to sod off!

Petition against the 'Get Out Of Jail Free Act'

It won't work, of couse, but that shouldn't stop you trying!


When Wowsers Attack

Final warning: Behave or face fireworks ban

New Zealanders are being given one last chance to prove they can be responsible with fireworks.

If they fail the test, steps will be taken next year to restrict sales - a move that could eventually lead to a complete ban.

The Government says it is not prepared to accept another Guy Fawkes Day like last year's, which kept emergency service workers busy attending to hundreds of fires and injuries.


Here we go again!

Anyone actually think that they WON'T ban fireworks?

No- they HAVE to save us from ourselves!

Rather than punish a few stupid boys who will always find something to abuse, we all get yet another activity denied to law-abiding citizens.

Yet again, I point the finger at the ever-diminishing level of personal responsibility out there. People don't give a shit what the result of their dumb-ass actions are.

Because there are no real consequences for even criminal negligence.

And no shortage of control freaks ready to run our lives for us...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Crystal Ball Gazing

Debt Pay Back Out Of MPs' Own Pockets?

Labour MPs will need to fork out around $6,000 from their own pockets, while ministers will pay proportionally more.


Here is my prediction:

Next year the MP's pay rise will more than cover this amount.

Odds are at ten bucks to a knob of goatshit!

Paint a picture with words...

I don't have photoshop- Generation XY could do this but I can't, so:

The scene is a fairground, A&P show- that sort of place.

A prominant stall is the "Labour Party Fundraiser' There is a sign, as is often seen at schools, of a stylized thermometer with $800,000 at the top.

MPs are dressed as clowns and strapped to heavy chairs. Objects to throw at them are at the counter for sale.

A scale of prices reads:

Wet sponges $1
Tennis balls $10
Cricket balls $100
Petanque balls $1000
Viking throwing axe $10000

Thursday, October 12, 2006

How to raise money WITHOUT ransacking the consolidated fund...

Where do you find $800k, when you can't dip into the public trough and tax some mug?

One thing is sure- Liarbour won't bloody earn it! The culture of doing things with other people's money is too deeply ingrained.

How about hitting up all the union members for a few bucks?

Selling kidneys?

Auctioning Winston on TradeMe?

Tithing/taxing the party faithful? (like they want anything paid for with THEIR money!)

Pay it back like reparations- a dollar a day forever with no interest or penalties.

See what it's like when it's YOUR money you have to front up with, dirtbags!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Beta Blogger blows goats!

I fucked up.

I changed to the all-new bigger better beta blogger.

What a mistaka to maka!

Whoever designed this sucks the sweat of a dead man's balls!!!

Now I have to sign on three times when I want to do anything. Where did you hire your staff- Microsoft?


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mad cows

For the last week I have been playing 'dodge the cows' on the road to work.

This road isn't the unsealed road out the back of nowhere. It's the road the the local railway station and very well used.

Yet the local hicks let their stock wander on it with no control or warning signs as are required. Damned animals are worse than rabbits for suddenly dashing in front of your vehicle- but MUCH heavier!

It's to be expected, as a cow is not a clever animal- nor are many of those who work with them.

Today I found another king of mad cow. This one drove an Audi right up the middle of the road, refusing to move to the correct side.

Tommorow I'm just going to stop and let her go round!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Crystal Ball Gazing

What's North Korea's future going to hold?

I think two options that can ruled out are:

1- A nuclear strike

2- A ground attack

Sanctions don't seem to work and all the money spent bribing these nutbars has been wasted.

I'm picking an attack by stealth aircraft on nuclear facilities.

Seen any Buffaler?

Just the thing for buffalo or going right through a boy racer dorkmobile!

So many toys, so little money!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

From the 'Tough Shit' files...

Families Claim Prisoners Being Starved

"...The Corrections Department is defending itself against allegations it is starving prisoners. Prisoners' families are saying their relatives behind bars are not being looked after properly, and are overcharged for standard grocery items..."


The meals are nutritionally adequate and not particularly appealing, which is as it should be. You certainly won't starve on them, nor will you put on weight.

They are quite like hospital food, but without dessert.

They can buy through the canteen system, but most of course spend their allocation on smokes.

There are a hell of a lot of people in NZ, especially our old folks that don't get three balanced meals a day.

Sympathy- It's in the dictionary between 'Shit' and 'Syphylis'

Friday, October 06, 2006

Another cost-cutter!

'Diet' Cocktails Get You Drunker

Having your alcohol with a sugar-free artificially sweetened mixer may cut calories, but it will also make you drunker, a study suggests. The problem, Australian researchers found, is that drinks made with "diet" mixers pass through the stomach more rapidly and, therefore, make blood alcohol levels spike particularly high.


Of course you could just forgo the mixers and drink the spirits.

Unless you too drink Poteen, which really needs a bit of Zero coke to cut it back!

I wish they would bring the diet vanilla coke back...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I got Hate Mail!

This arrived in the comments section:

Its not that you're macho, you just come across as a wanker, thats all - sort of inbred and boorish, perhaps due to the miserable location you live in.

You are a country hick, rather than a country gent, Oswald.

And dont whinge about this being anonymous, I just be ashamed to admit I read your drivel, thats all.

Fairly typically, it comes from an Anonymouse. I think someone has a bit of a love-hate thing going here!

Do you have a secret collection of Mills & Boon under the bed too?

You never know with an Anonymouse. They can't stand the thought of anyone knowing anything about them. Nor do they dare to publish their own thoughts- that's why they usually don't have there own blog. Someone might critisize them!

They are even too timid to take a 'stage name' and use the faceless communication here on the internet!

None of the simpering little girl-boys would ever dare spout their usual rantings to another face to face!

Amusing, really!

Anyone care to take a guess as to who it was?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Reparation payments.

I'm one of the 'lucky' few that actually get them.

Not that it's really thanks to luck. I just made a nusiance of myself with the Ministry of 'Justice' (in the nicest possible way, of course!)

Before sentencing the scrote who owes me, the judge asked me for some info. on costs. I supplied several spreadsheets of actual and estimated costs, along with explanations running to about two thousand words. (the court people were quite impressed!)

My conservative estimate (strictly based on financial facts, not suffering, blah, blah, blah) was damages of $50-60k

The judge (probably realisticly) said that dickwad would have to be reincarnated to pay that amount of money and awarded $10k.

That's been trickling in as the deadbeat drifts in and out of jobs. When he is on the dole, I get a check for fifty bucks every couple of months. Currently, the Warehouse needs shelves filled and I get fifty per week.

So you ask what am I on about?


Monday, October 02, 2006


Over on Sir Humphries, I made a quip to the effect that Dear Leader deserved the same level of protection that all the citizens of our land deserve.

While spoken light-heartedly at the time, I feel that this is a valid point.

Yes, the leaders of our country need an efficent diplomatic protection service.

The citizens should also have an efficent police force and armed forces resourced to defend OUR shores.

This to me, is the main point of having a government- to provide these core functions.

It looks like Dear Leader has the same run down level of ineptness tha tthe rest of us have to put up with. Failure to spot a PI tailing them?

Come on- at best the PI's have had the same training as they have.

Or are they not particularly interested in protecting Dear Leader?

Given the way she inspires loyalty within the police ranks, I could well belive that!

We DO need our top-level politicians well guarded, as we need our country
well policed.

We also need a few leaders worthy of the name.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

It's great to be Macho!

Over on Sir Humphries , a grotty little Herbert (no blog or link itself, of course) has taken exception to a few comments on chickens.

Murry and myself and have been accused of spouting 'Macho BS'

Well, I beg your miniscule pardon! What the fuck is wrong with being Macho, anyway!

I 'yams what I 'yams!

We get all the fun toys- we get to drive bigger cars & trucks, tanks, jet aircraft, huge earthmovers and loud motorbikes.

There is no anguish over what to eat- cut the hooves & horns off & char the outside- all other food is 'side orders'

We can drink beer & red wine with whatever food we like.

Getting dressed is never a drama.

We know what we enjoy and aren't afraid to say so.

We know what we don't like and aren't afraid to say so.

We call a shovel a fucking spade and 'bullshit has more than two letters.

We know that women do some things better and men do other things better. Knowing that, we and our women work as a team to do what Man and Women have always done. Raise healthy, happy kids.

Sometimes that doesn't work out and we move on. We get over it- life goes on.

We are accused of being 'insensitive'- in our words- we don't buy into other people's bullshit!

We don't need support groups, therapists or rounds of applause for doing our jobs. We just get on with it.

Contrary to opinion,the real Macho Man does not beat women, children or gimps. That sort of thing is beneath us- and just wrong.

We say what we think, not what we think the other person wants to hear. You don't like it- tough.

We keep the world going. The world won't grind to a halt without boutiques, lattes, lemon-scented towels, colour co-ordintors, wedding planner or hair stylists.
Without plumbers, farmers, linesman, police, mechanics, road workers and all those other 'blue collars' workers, it will get uncomfortable real quick!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Death Throes

It's interesting watching the Liarbourites at the moment.

They remind me of a rabbit I shot in the head this afternoon. It was seriously dead (70 grain 6mm slug at about 3,500 feet per second) , but still flapping about trying to run.

The enemy really are losing the plot. When Dear Leader (who is said to be such an astute polly) comes out with lines like 'Cancerous ' you know that all is not well in Helengrad. I mean- it's just SO non-PC that I might have said it!

Chris Trotski, the great red mouthpiece is carrying on in the same vein, as are all the apologists for corruption that are currently frequenting Kiwiblog. (a bigger audience there, no doubt)

I suppose this is to be expected, given that socialists are all herdbeasts at heart.

Now it's onto the truck and off to the works!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

From the 'No shit Sherlock!' files...

Country facing a shortage of technology teachers

New Zealand schools are facing a crisis as a lack of new recruits threaten to collapse the technology curriculum, the Post Primary Teachers Association says.


No shit!And technology teachers would be mainly....Male

And what sex is a leetle reluctant to take employment in today's skools?(Especially hetro, macho tradesman types!- not renouned for a love of leftie kaftan-wearers)

In my day, metalwork & woodwork teachers (come to think of it, probably the cooking & sewing ones too) were somewhat to the right of Genghis Khan.

See the problem with them fitting in today...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

ARSE! Feak!

Friggin' blogger!

Twice I have tried to post and the bloody thing has just sat there going 'duh' and doing sod-all- just like a public service clerk.

Now will this work...

Monday, September 25, 2006

Theeeeeeir Heeeeeere....

There are a few problems with the site but it's here!

The secret and mysterious forces that rule the universe have a website. Secretive fringe societies- The Alumni, Freemasons, Golfers and Hetrosexuals unite to destroy the Peoples Party!

About bloody time too!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fate strikes again...

After declaring that I never darken the doors of Pac & Slave here, what has to happen.

I get dragged there several days later. The ball & chain has heard about some damned 'scan as you go' system. So on one of the two day a fortnight I get off, I have to visit retail hell.

It's not that I intensely dislike the actual store. I just hate shopping, unless firearms & accessories or power tools are involved. Even then, I do most of the looking on the internet first.

But there is one thing worse than wasting time in shops.

People who actually seem to like wasting their time in shops. Hordes of the swine, blocking the isles and prolonging my pain. Uneducated oiks who can't do a simple cost per gram calculation in their heads and go into a sort of trance staring at two practically identical products.

My decision algorithm goes: do I care about the brand?

If I do, buy it. (there are no substitutes for HP sauce, for example)
If I don't- is it a brand I have found to be crap?- if it is- keep looking.
Otherwise- buy the cheapest.

This doesn't require a great deal of time. perhaps it could be refined and printed on the frigin' trollies, SO THE FRICKIN' SHE-MOUNTAIN IN FRONT WONT BLOCK THE ISLE FOR FIVE MINUTES EACH TIEM A DESCISION IS REQUIRED.

What is really annoying is that I just know that having just made a life-altering decision over ETA vs Pams peanut butter, they will buy the one they have always brought, in any case.

A cattle prod only costs about $200...

Friday, September 22, 2006

Another request

Just to keep the bloody Ilama from gobbing all over the place!

Hat Tip: The Spitting Ilama

The farce is strong with this one...

Seeing as the Young Nats have no scrotes- here it is, by popular demand!

and now- the end is near...

As the impending doom draws near for Dear Leader, I keep thinking of this little number:

It just seems to fit so nicely...

Off with their heads!

There is more than a passing resemblance!

Hat tip: Not PC

Thursday, September 21, 2006

On Cancer...

Adjective: cancerous kansurus

Relating to or affected with cancer"a cancerous growth"

Like a cancer; an evil that grows and spreads"remorse was cancerous within him"; "pornography is cancerous to the moral development of our children"

See also: malign, malignant
Encyclopedia: Cancerous

To start using this adjective is a bit rich, coming from a govamint that has created a huge evil army of taxpayer-funded busybodies, that has grown and spread like, well- CANCER!

Their over-regulation and control jihaad spreads out like a metastasising cancer, killing the host that gives it life- the productive and creative of NZ.

But that is the way of the criminal class- to think that all others are like them. The liar believes everyone else to lie and the theif believes that everyone else is dishonest.

Before it is made illegal...

Up yours, you evil bag of festering parrot-droppings!

(And thanks to all those whose work I googled!- good onya!)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A new personal best!

one three round group of 16mm @ 100 yards- the others were also all under one MOA.

Not bad for a 1975 rifle and I'm sure I can beat that with a little practice!

The 6mm Remington is a real shooter!

Monday, September 18, 2006

The value of a screening process

I have posted before on the value of a screening test for voters. Damn near anything would work- three simple questions on a voting form, a short IQ test or the more traditional requirement to be a landowner.

Anything to help keep the 'bread & ciruses' votors out!

I was reminded of this when out grocery shopping on the weekend.

I buy from Moore Wilson's, a wholesaler (I have an aversion to paying retail for anything!). You need a store card to shop there- not that it's hard to get at all.

This simple screening process makes shopping so much more pleasant.

The social or recreational shoppers, the old & doddery, and children are all absent from this store. The isles, made for forklift access, are too wide to be blocked by she-mountains moving at glacial speed. (unlike Write-Price)

The checkouts are well-run and there are never more than two people in front of you waiting and the staff are a quantum leap ahead of those in a typical supermarket in knowledge and customer service.

I wish more shops would require you to apply for a card!

But I digress- here is an idea:

How about if voting is restricted to those who actually belong to a political party?- which of course involves filling out a form and paying money!

It's an idea...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Reporting in

Not much activity here due to working all weekend.

As well as work work, I'm building a hut out in the backblocksin a secret location away from the baleful glare of OSH, building inspectors and busybodies in general. Somewhere to fish, hunt, drink 'shine and howl at the moon!

I'm also wrapping up my second book and sorting out the storyline and writing down a few ideas for #3. I have to do this when the ideas come into my head, as they don't always stay there!

Haven't seen the news or read a paper this weekend or seen any group that I need to offend. The only 'story' I have heard is the Clarkenfurer & her pet handbag-holder (not Winston, the other one!)

That isn't news by a long shot and who gives a flying fuck anyway! Hetro, metro or camp as a row of tents, I still can't stand them and that ain't about to change any- regardless of who kisses who.

For the record, I think they are more steers than queers, in any case...

Friday, September 15, 2006

A matter of terms...

Looking for a job or looking for work?

They aren't the same thing.

I've struck a hell of a lot who want a job, but have no real intention of working. An experience no doubt shared by anyone in the hiring and firing game.

This was at it's most obvious in the prison system. All the crims wanted a job. A very small minority wanted to WORK.

In other words, they wanted money for sitting about doing as little as possible.

Fairly common everywhere, it's just a matter of degree.

Personally, sitting about idly has no great appeal to me- the day drags too much.

I may be in a minority here, but that is nothing new to me...

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Nanny State waves the stick and this spineless lot roll over and take it!

How about customer choices?

If I want friggin' diet drinks (that NEVER taste as good) I will bloody well ask for them!

If you wankers fold up so easy, they are going to swarm all over you- it will be portions, chips and those nasty shake things next!

No loss to NZ cusine, but you are letting the thin end of the wedge get driven further in...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mind you own friggin' business!

Friggin' academics!

Don't they just love to play policemen, judge & jury (while all the time belittling the police, as often as not!)

Now they want to dictate how students behave (or misbehave) outside of school grounds & hours.

While I agree these crapeads pretending to be students need to be stomped on with an iron boot- THAT IS THE JOB OF THE POLICE!

Stick to bloody teaching!- you assholes don't do too good a job of that, so I can't see you making much of a job of cleaning up the town!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Big deal, so what?

Another one I won't miss!

Nor will too many others outside the immediate family, with the possible exception of Hellabys

What is all this crocodile tears crap about tinpot 'Royalty'?

As I have said before, they are best relegated to the pages of history as a mistake that we have learned from (hopefully)

faster than a speeding bullet!

Report of sonic boom sound shakes Canterbury residents

A meteor?

The latest generation of stealth aircraft?

Space Debris?

My money is on another dash across Canterbury by Dear Leader...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Do us a favour!

Today's News:

Anderton Speaks Up On Suicide

Well don't just talk about it- get out and do it!

And let's see some results now- suffocating with your snout in the public trough doesn't cut the mustard!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Electron Therapy

The first Taser incident has happened!

To the great disappointment of the soft-cock brigade, no harm was done, apart from a few scrapes from falling down and minor lacerations from the barbs.

A hell of a lot more harm is done when you get walloped into submission with a baton! (to say nothing of what a 9mm does!)

I hope it friggin' hurt! That might just get through to the the thick crim's miniscule brain!

Friday, September 08, 2006


It's the end of another shift cycle- 12 days on, two off, seven days of than on-call.

Time for a very large drink!

Tomorrow I might take the new rifle and turn critters into pink mist.

One bit of news that I have heard today, say that the distribution workers strike may spread to other unions. I've never been a great one for strikes, but there is a tasty irony in a widespread strike under Dear Leader's rule.

The unionists funding of the current regime hasn't really done the wage drones a whole lot of good, it would appear!

The other bit is yet another Aussie Icon has fallen.

It's just a bloody shame that it wasn't some worthless sodding politician biting the dust. We wouldn't miss them...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fourth Circle of Hell- liars, cowards, fornicators and the French...

Another fine post swiped from one of my MSN groups!

After Sponsoring a Ceasefire in Lebanon France Has Volunteered ... 200 troops! Here are some valid comments on that Brave Nation

"France has neither winter nor summer nor morals. Apart from these drawbacks it is a fine country. France has usually been governed by prostitutes."--Mark Twain------------------------------

"I would rather have a German division in front of me than a French one behind me."--General George S. Patton------------------------------

"Going to war without France is like going deer hunting without your accordion." --General Norman Schwartzkopf------------------------------

"We can stand here like the French, or we can do something about it."--Marge Simpson------------------------------

"As far as I'm concerned, war always means failure."--Jacques Chirac, President of France"As far as France is concerned, you're right."--Rush Limbaugh------------------------------

"The only time France wants us to go to war is when the German Army is sitting in Paris sipping coffee."--Regis Philbin------------------------------

"You know, the French remind me a little bit of an aging actress of the 1940s who was still trying to dine out on her looks but doesn't have the face for it." --John McCain , U.S. Senator from Arizona------------------------------

"The last time the French asked for 'more proof' it came marching into Paris under a German flag."--David Letterman ------------------------------

"Only thing worse than a Frenchman is a Frenchman who lives in Canada."--Ted Nugent------------------------------

"War without France would be like ... World War II." --Unknown------------------------------

"The favorite bumper sticker in Washington D.C. right now is one that says 'First Iraq, then France.'"--Tom Brokaw------------------------------

"What do you expect from a culture and a nation that exerted more of its national will fighting against Disney World and Big Macs than the Nazis?"--Dennis Miller------------------------------

"It is important to remember that the French have always been there when they needed us."--Alan Kent-----------------------------

"They've taken their own precautions against al-Qa'ida. To prepare for an attack, each Frenchman is urged to keep duct tape, a white flag, and a three-day supply of mistresses in the house." --Argus Hamilton------------------------------

"Somebody was telling me about the French Army rifle that was being advertised on eBay the other day --the description was, 'Never shot. Dropped once.'" --Rep. Roy Blunt, MO-----------------------------

"The French will only agree to go to war when we've proven we've found truffles in Iraq "--Dennis Miller------------------------------ Q. What did the mayor of Paris say to the German Army as they entered the city in WWII?A. Table for 100,000 m'sieur?-----------------------------

"Do you know how many Frenchmen it takes to defend Paris? It's not known, it's never been tried."--Rep. R. Blount, MO------------------------------

"Do you know it only took Germany three days to conquer France in WWII? And that's because it was raining." --John Xereas, Manager, DC Improv------------------------------

The AP and UPI reported that the French Government announced after the London bombings that it has raised its terror alert level from Run to Hide. The only two higher levels in France are Surrender and Collaborate. The rise in the alert level was precipitated by a recent fire which destroyed France 's white flag factory, effectively disabling their military.------------------------------

French Ban Fireworks at Euro Disney(AP), Paris, August 23, 2006The French Government announced today that it is imposing a ban on the use of fireworks at Euro Disney. The decision comes the day after a nightly fireworks display at the park, located just 30 miles outside of Paris, caused the soldiers at a nearby French Army garrison to surrender to a group of Czech tourists.