Monday, July 31, 2006

'Workers' to be wary of

Those who wank on about the virtues of being a 'team player'

I have come to define this type as:

A shirker who likes to hide in a group.
Somone who will never take the initiative.
Someone who needs their hand held.
Someone who needs to be micro-managed.
A friggin' parasite!


A couple of months ago, we got stuck with one of theses clowns.

Immediatly on arriving he started wanking on about teamwork and how important it is that we all support each other.

That set all the warning bells of with me- this always means 'support ME' while I blunder, rort timesheets and do as little useful work as possible. As usual, I was right.

Of course he is totally incompetent and untrainable. The only damned thing he can do are busywork, broom-pushing sort of jobs.

Every single time he has been left on his own, one of us has had to go in and rescue him from some kind of screw-up.

The only thing he can be counted on is to be last to arrive and first to leave.

This is why we need the 90 day trail period in employment law!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

I have fallen into temptation!

Yep, SKY!

It wasn't my idea- honest! I don't care for TV usually.

Then I discovered UK TV!

I was weakening at the thought of Discovery, National Geographic, the History Channel and Animal Planet A.K.A 'Big Animals Bonking'- not that I was letting that on.

I got concessions by hlding out!

'She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed' got the SKY with the sports channels.

I got the OK for a new rifle!

Mr 4 already knows the button for the kiddie channels...

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Well that was easy!

Scott Adams has cracked the problem with the Middle East here:

Sounds fair to me!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Bollocks of the Month

'Economic Violence'

What a crock of shite- even coming from someone reknowned for verbal diarrhea!


Of course, much depends on your definition of 'poor'. I have seen very few cases of starvation hanging around WINZ or the courts, of late. When lack of playstations, computers and internet access come into the equation, I take the measurement of poverty with a very large grain of salt.

There can be no doubt that there is hardship with children. They pay the price for their scumbag parents choices- widescreen tv's and booze & fags ahead of book, good food and warm clothes. THEY and they alone get my sympathy. They would be better off in an orphanage than being used as a meal ticket. Even the well- documented sadism of the nuns pales into insignificance when compared to life in some of the squalid, drug-infested cesspits these dregs live in.

Now, if everybody in this country was given a house, a car and $100k in the bank plus a job -within a year the status quo would have reasserted itself. Most of the lower class (if we have a middle class, we must have a lower class too!) would have no home and be broke. They would be after a handout and crying that 'the system' did them out of what was theirs.

Such is life.

To suggest that by not throwing more money into the equivilent of a black hole, we are commiting an act of violence on the 'poor' is the product of a twisted mind and disgusts me!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Here we go again...

A man defends himself and his property and plugs a lowlife machete waving moron.

Now the poor sod will be put through the wringer for daring to defend himself and with *shock-horror*- a pistol!

He will get off, but what will the cost be?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Take the blue pill, the blue pill...

Two Coldral and off to bed.

I hurt all over and I'm not happy about having to produce ID to buy an OTC medicine.

Shower, hot lemon drink and it's goodnight from me...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Setting the stage for Nanny State

'Target' is playing in the background.

I wonder if there is another agenda here, apart from the obvious TV sensationalism.

Are they setting the sheeple up for more regulation to 'save us from dodgy tradesmen?'

It wouldn't suprise me...

Disproportionate force- getting the job done

There has been a lot of fuss about Israel using 'disproportionate force'

This is understandable as tree-huggers and bliss bunnies seldom do a stint in the military and actually stick their arses on the line.

The name of the game is disproportionate force. You want your guys alive and their's dead.

War is not single combat nor is it sport- two evenly matched opponents/teams slugging it out. Not if you want to win. You want it as disproportionate as you can stack the odds! You don't call him out like in the westerns- you hide behing something big and solid and shoot him in the arse with an elephant gun!

I had this drummed into me very early on in my military career! I was given a target- lone enemy grunt and gave a fire command which directed a rifleman to engage him.


The instructor explained quietly and painfully (the SAS chaps didn't yell a lot- they didn't need to) that I should use the whole fucking rifle section if I wanted him taken out today, given the way most of us dumb grunts could barely hit the side of a hill.

You always remember the one you got wrong!

The IDF is doing it right. If you see a rifleman- mortar him. If it's machine gun- shell him. If they have a mortar- send in an airstrike.

You use every asset at your disposal to get the other guy dead before he does the same to you.

Look to Vietnam for an example of where the full force of the US was continually held back by stinkin' politicans.

An Israel to see how it should be done. Give the military a job and let them get on with it.

As Patton said "You WILL NOT die for your country- you will make those Nazi sons-of-a-bitches die for their country!"

Monday, July 24, 2006

Nanny State's lapdogs at it again

Folate in bread is the latest do-gooder plan to save us from ourselves.

Take your 'enriched' bread, scrunch it up with herbs, onions and an egg and STUFF IT UP YOUR ARSES!

This is something everyone will be paying extra for. Just because some breeders can't be stuffed eating a balanced diet when they are knocked up.

To hell with that- where does it end? vitamins sprinked on the fish & chips? Minerals in the Fanta?

I remember hearing of vitamin enriched cereal in the US and thinking 'Only in America!'
Here in NZ we just eat properly, I thought. And mostly, we do.

No doubt some manufacture of folate is lobbying to make a bit of money here- and Nanny State takes it hook, line & sinker!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday School

Today was powder-burning day here:

Being 'real gun' day, nothing less than a .45 was used!

Didn't have time to get the .50 muzzle-stuffer out unfortunatly. Today was a bit of a flying visit.

The main purpose of the day was to check out the range for flinging balista bolts at barrels. That will make a change from Buffalo rifles and model cannons!

It is, so we will!

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Sometimes you just can't be stuffed arguing- it just gets like banging your head against a wall.

Now there is no need to google a suitable image!

Beer O'Clock

Tonight's tipple is Monteith's Tripel

Made in the style of pisshead monks, this brew packs a mighty wallop at 8%

Doesn't half taste bad either!

Very malty with a hint of citrus, it's smoothness hides the lurking alcohol lurking in the background.

Bold and strong, but a delicately complex beer, just like it says on the back of the bottle.

About $12.60 a four-pack at Woolworths.

Recommended at the price!

Police, Prostitutes and Politicans.

I've been following the saga of the moonlighting- or should that be the red-lighting policewoman.

I believe that prostitution never has been a crime, when it's consenting adults involved.

But I don't think it's a good idea for someone involved in policing. As an ex-police friend said "It's not illegal, nor is joining the mongrel mob- I don't think someone doing either should be involved in the police force."

Our police get censured for doing all manner of things that do almost unremarked on by Joe Public. Getting rat-arsed and puking in the gutter, a minor altercation with another, posing nude for a magazine. It seems to me that you are expected to have higer standards when you enforce the law. That's no bad thing, however- the sort of people that will take this job on are often no saints! The sheepdogs that protect the sheeple from the wolves out there, cannot be gentle vegetarians.

Still, when they break the rules, they know they will get clobbered. For those who go on about police whitewashes- the reality is they will come down on their own far harder than you would imagine. A policeman subjected to an internal investigation gets put under the microscope in a way criminals are usually not (apart from Tim Selwyn, perhaps).

OK, we expect our police to behave better than the rest of us generally law-abiding citizens. I think that's fair enough and I beieve most police believe or accept that too.

WHY then don't those who MAKE the laws have to meet these standards? Any kind of standards seem to be lacking there. Why should ex-prostitutes be allowed to be in parliment, for example.

Surely those who purport to be our rulers should ALL be on the moral high ground?

But a politican on high moral ground would indeed be in a lonely place...

Friday, July 21, 2006

Lesson for today.

When a duck gets sucked through a 30 kilowatt pump, don't be the one that has to clean the strainers!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

More plaugarised stuff

Senator Hillary Clinton (D, NY) and former Attorney General Janet Renowere having one of those girl-to-girl talks, and Hillary says to Janet, "You're lucky that you don't have to put up with men having sex with you. I have to put up with Bill, and there is no telling who he was in last."

Janet responded, "Just because I am aesthetically challenged (that's"politically correct" for ugly as a mud fence) does not mean I don'thave to fight off unwelcome sexual advances."

Hillary asks, "Well, how do you deal with the problem?" Janet: "Whenever I feel that a guy is getting ready to make a pass at me, I muster all my might, tense, and squeeze to break wind as loud and hard as I can."

That night, Bill was already in bed with the lights out when Hillaryslips into bed. She could hear him start to stir, and knew that hewould be wanting some action. She had been saving gas all day long and was ready for him. She tenses up her butt cheeks and forces out the mostdisgusting sound you could imagine.

Bill rolls over and says, "Janet, is that you?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Friggin' space cadet greenies!

Federated Farmers have had a gutsful of the useless bloody greens poking their statist noses where the aren't wanted.

"I say shame on the people who elevate environmentalism to a religious status, shame on you for your arrogance, shame on all of us for allowing the environmentalists' war against the human race to begin, and take hold," Mr Pedersen said today.

Too right!

Despite what some town-dwellers might like to think, farming is the bread & butter of NZ. Aside from that, I have never seen a software application or a peice of scenery that I can eat.

There is an old line about what a greenie is- someone who already had a bush cabin.

I could add another.

Someone who has never spent the school holidays grubbing thistles.

They ain't called 'Watermelons' for nothing- green on the outside and red on the inside.

The great concern for mother earth is just window dressing for the ground-level support. Usually from the young, naieve and inexperienced. At the political level they are just another bunch of control freaks hell-bent on dictating how others must live.

To call Mr Pederson,s scathing remarks as 'Hysterical' is a bit rich coming from a party who live by scaremongering and predicting doom and despair...

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

First they came for the...

"Will nobody rid me of this meddlesome blogger?"

Sayeth Herr Hellen...

I have as much in common with Tim Selwyn as a pig farmer has with greenpeace, but bloody hell!

Talk a bout a friggin' Witch-Hunt!

In this case the evil Witch may have been the hunter- not the hunted...

How many have to die like this?

How many have to die like this before we take murder seriously and start stringing up the filth that do it ?

How many more die before a life sentence means LIFE in jail?

How many more die while apologists make excuses for the inexcusable?

How long before it happens to somebody YOU know?...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Cartooon of the year

I always look forward to looking at Day by Day, with my morning cup of tea.

Today's one is outstanding-

Sunday, July 16, 2006

On Buskers and Beggers

While walking about Wellington with a friend (who is a rabid Libertarian) we passed a busker, playing a saxaphone.

He dropped a couple of gold coins in the buskers hat and we carried on.

I asked him "Why on earth did you give him money?- that sort of thing encourages them!"

He replied "The music was good, he was doing something when he could have been doing something and he didn't ask for anything."

Thinking about it, I'm far more likely to make a donation for whatever when I'm not asked. If you push a tin under my nose, you can be sure of getting sweet FA!

Telling me I should give or I'm being selfish ain't going to work here!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Figgin' do-gooders!

Bob Friggin' Geldof can kiss my arse!

We have an out ouf control government pissing our cash away and that wanker says we aren't wasting enough.

Which is exactly what happens when you try to help Africa. The country is a basket case and needs to be left to it's own devices.

Until they change their attitude, they are stuffed. More likely they will all die of AIDS first.

Let Bob sod off over there.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Why indeed?

Yesterday was an *interesting* day.

It started with a blocked irrigation race. I headed down there in my ute, to find the track blocked by about 200 hungry cows. They were waiting for the hay that was on my side of the electric fence.

Dropping the fence as I usually do wasn't therefor an option. Shouldering my rake, Iwalked the remaining 1km through a sea of mud and shit. As soon as I got to the inlet, the rain started. I got to work clearing the flood debris, including a small tree. The rain stopped when I got back to my ute.

The rest of the day was the usual maintainence and inspections until an electrical storm started at 4pm and knocked the plant off-line. With the light fading fast, I made the call to start up the emergency water supply. That meant a trip across country- through five gates and a bog to get to the valves. At the last bastard taranaki gate, I filled a gumboot with water, mud and cowshit. It continued to piss down.

(As I have the only 4WD, I get all these fun jobs!)

With the light gone, the next stop was 25km away to another set of valves. Apart from one sticking and the fact that it was pitch black, this was routine and now the wet boot was warming up. In the shed was a welcome sight- an old damp and slightly mouldy towel that I could use to wipe my glasses dryish.

Another 25km drive with the heater on full. The roads were now flooded, so that slowed the trip a bit.

Finally back in the dry. The electrician had been and gotten the pump motors sorted, so they were running again. Shame about the chlorine injection.

Back out into the rain again, to bleed the injection line & pump. The electrical storm was now in full swing and I now had to climb up onto the reservoir to manually add some hypochlorite.

By the time I got a container of hypo and the ladder, the lightning had mostly stopped, even if the rain had gotten heavier. Now everything was pitch black again and my headlights don't shine up onto the top of the reservoir.

No problem, I've done this in the dark many times and it's only a 2 metre fall into mostly mud and cow shit. As I started to pour in the chemicals, up came The Wind, almost knocking me into the tank. I'm glad it's a small hatchway!

A couple of hours later, I finally got home at about 10pm- very wet, muddy, smelly and cold.

Now tell me why I shouldn't get pissed about my taxes supporting deadbeats that don't/won't work...

Living comfortably on a low income part 2

As you have rightly pointed out, I have missed quite a few tips- I rattled that lot of just before leaving for work. Here's a few more.

Avoid like the plague:
Instant Kiwi
Any raffles

These are not known as 'Tax on the stupid/poor' for nothing.

Tobacco can be grown and cured. The seed is available- don't ask me- google it. If you are reading this, you have internet access or know somebody that does. Better you just don't smoke.

If you can't grow it, it takes about seven butts to make a roll-up. Cigarette butts are easy to find.
(this one I haven't done personally, but saw it all the time working as a prison officer)

Buy needles & cotton- they will pay for themselves many times over. Anyone can stitch a button on or repair a seam.

Gardening can be cost-effective, but you will have to grow from seed- don't buy seedlings- they are expensive. Tomatos can be the exception to this rule.

Collect jars and learn to make preserves & pickles.

Newspapers are free at the library.

Hats and long sleves are cheaper than sunscreen. So is staying out of the sun.

Turn appliances off. Best not to buy them- nobody has been able to explain to me why I need three devices for making toasted sandwiches. A frying pan does just as well.

Fill the jug and boil it, then fill a large thermos for hot drinks.

Avoid toys that use batteries.

Condoms are very cheap at Family Planning- about $2/ 12 pack. I suppose girlie stuff is too.

Family support will never cover the actual cost of a child.

Go shares with other families in bulk purchases. Cleaning products especially can be brought wholesale for a fraction of the retail price. Tip- divide up the product as soon as you buy it!

Buy plainpack.

Don't have pets- if you must- a budgie or goldfish.

Share books, videos, cd's, DVD's with friends. (only if they understand what a 'boomerang' is)

Tap water in a bottle, with a squeeze of lemon. keep that in the fridge insted of soft drinks.

Buy a second-hand bicycle. Ride it.

Sell baking, preserves, produce and handcrafts at the local car boot sale.

Don't do Trademe!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Live comfortably on a low income

It can be done!

But it needs qualities so many are lacking- imagination, planning and discipline.

Here is my sage advice-all real stuff that I have done/do!

SKY- don't go there!
HP- don't go there either
Credit cards- see the above

Find a bank that has a fixed fee for eftpos- my National bank account has a monthly $5 cap on eftpost transaction fees.

Second- hand clothes, especially from the Sallies & other non-profit shops
Wool and polar flecce- wear it and keep the heater off.
Label clothing- don't, unless it is second hand.
Clothing trucks are for seperating fools from money

Don't buy packaged or pre-prepared food.
Learn who sell what cheapest- keep a notebook on staples prices.
If you are not working, you have time to visit the all the supermarkets and glean the best of the specials. If you wouldn't normally buy it, it isn't a 'special'.
Unwashed potatoes are far cheaper.
If you don't have one, buy an Edmonds cookbook- 'The destitute gourmet' is another good one.
Plan a weekly menu, to take advantage of what is on special that week.
A sack of spuds, bag of flour and a tray of eggs will always give you something to fall back on.
Freeze bread and defrost it as you require it.
Take a calculator, pencil and paper to the supermarket.
Work out the cost per gram (packages come in different sizes to stop you making easy comparisons)

Free firewood can often be gleaned from parks, reserves and demolition sites
Don't use cellphones, except to take a call or in emergencies. The world won't end if a converstion has to wait for you to get to a landline.
Brew your own beer.
Wine can be made from free fruit- as can jam and perserves- don't know how- see below.

Join a library. Read 'How to' books. They also have DVD's & videos cheap.
Reading in the library during winter nights kept my power bills down when I lived in Christchurch!

Games consoles are cheap-they make their money on the games. Just don't go there.

Monday, July 10, 2006

The world is full of bludgers and bastards!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This article refers to the Australasian (Australia and New Zealand} slang term. For other uses see Bludger

Bludger is a derogatory slang term for a lazy individual, particularly one who is perceived to receive undeserved welfare or material benefits. "Dole bludger" is a related term in common usage, specifically used to refer to a longterm unemployed person who draws the dole, or state unemployment benefit...

When I'm refering to 'Bludging beneficiaries', the above is the right context. Not those using them as a genuine safety net, but the parasites who stay on the dole as a lifestyle choice. They typically harp on about the dole as their 'right' and endlessly complain about how little they are 'paid'.

The infirm & aged are not the problem. The leech who is a junkie and on a 'Sickness' Benefit is.
The woman who is between jobs is not the problem- the brood sow that keeps poping pups to anonymous sperm donors is.

They deserve nothing but villification and contempt. As does any leech who chooses not to work, while expecting to be supported.

One tireless campaigner is Lindsay Mitchell. Her campaign is to cut the DPB.

I have noticed that many people would agree privately with her ideas, but are reluctant to speak out themselves. Reason- the damned DPB is so pervasive that almost everybody knows somebody on it. People being what they are, won't speak out against those they know- they may offend a divorced friend or a friend who's slutty daughter is taxpayer funded.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Scamming the scammer/spammer

If you have ever recieved the "Nigerian Banking Scam' Email- and who hasn't!- you may enjoy


Where the scamster is taken for a bit of a ride!

And now for something completely different

Mk I computer.

An interesting day, visiting here:

A very entertaining, informative and educational tour is given and I know know a lot more about the purpose of these stone circles, than I did previously!

I thoroughly recommend a visit!

(No goats or virgins were harmed during the presentation!)

Friday, July 07, 2006

A Toast!

To all the roadworkers, linesmen, farmers, plumbers, drainage crews, policemen, firemen, ambulance officers and other working blokes & women who have to get out and do their jobs in whatever crap the weather gods throw at us!

My first glass of tonight I raise to YOU- you who are out there working for wages many city-dwellers would sneer at. Out there in the dark, wet and hands hurting from the cold, fixing something that others need. Freezing rain in your eyes and gumboots full of water.

You are the real New Zealand and I salute you!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Like to throw rock on the motorway?

This ought to have some bloody deterrent value to other stupid boys!

(For the culturally deprived, a stoning is about to take place)

Make the punishment fit the crime!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

bring back the Workhouse!

Here is the answer for these bludging swine who refuse to work or support themselves.

My proposal:

You are able-bodied and refuse to work, have been on a benefit for more than three years or continually fail to provide proof of activly seeking work- in you go!

Hope you like gruel!

Rotten Fizzer!

"On Monday, Pyongyang vowed to respond with an "annihilating" nuclear strike if attacked pre-emptively by the United States. " -The rest of the story here:
Bring it on you dickless losers!

Friggin' wanking commies couldn't find your own arses with both hands and a GPS!

Try growing rice- you can't even do that properly...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I want YOUR job!

I feel like being a ruthless despot today. The one above will do nicely.

At least I wouldn't have to be the 'peoples friend' doing everything to save you from yourselves.

It's good the be the King!

Sunday, July 02, 2006



NZ's worst kept secret is out of the bag Here.

Evidence that the police ARE the uniformed branch of the IRD and, dare I say it, that their management are corrupt.

For that is what I call public 'servants' that lie and deny to the public. (That or 'Politicians')

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Doling out the Dole

Doling out the dole

A new way of doling out the Dole? Would This work better than the current system? I suspect that those doling out will get their snouts in the trough first, then cry there is not enough looted money for the 'Poor'

As per usual...

Inmate mentality

I have been out of the job long enough now, to start telling a few stories about experiences.

One day after mail call, one of the Scrotes started ranting and cursing. We watched from the guard room, trying to hide our amusement at the primate threat display going on.

After he had blown off a bit of steam, a couple of us went out to see what was up (having had a small wager on what it was about!)

He was highly indignant that his child had been taken into care, due to the mother of said child having been locked up herself.

This was just not on- what the fuck was she thinking- bitchwhoreslutjunkieslag!

When it was put to him that perhaps this was how she felt when HE got locked away for his theiving habits, he just looked blank, totally failing to comprehend what we had put to him.

He was released shortly afterwards.

And was back inside a couple of months later.