Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A worthy cause

The Greg Cavell defense fund details are Here

I'm sending a cheque off- that could easily be me- or any one of us. It doesn't have to be a shooting, either- you could cream some lowlife with a frying pan and wind up in the dock, in this country with it's crim-loving rulers.

There is also this from the crown prosections office. I would be interested in your comments...


Anonymous said...

I'm contributing too.
It's outrageous that a citizen is being prosecuted for defending himself (and others) under these circumstances.
If we can't defend ourselves then we are not free men!

Anonymous said...

Have just sent the money - on the other hand, I would expect the best lawyers in the country fighting for the right to defend Greg - pro bono.

Deadman said...

"I would be interested in your comments..."

If I was a barrister(?) in Cavell's case I would use that pamphlet to destroy the Crown's(?)argument against him.

(Not sure of the proper terminology in NZ.)

Anonymous said...

Thats a pommy document isnt it Os?
Theres no CPS in NZ.

Unknown said...

The fuck all justice either.