Monday, December 04, 2006

Are you kidding!

"...111 worker admits using police computer to check girlfriends
Monday December 4, 2006
A 111 call-centre worker is fighting to get his job back after being sacked for using information from the police computer to check on potential girlfriends.
Les Neilson told the Dominion Post he would fight the dismissal because the practice was rife..."


Rife ain't the word for it- EVERYBODY who had access used to look people up! I can certainly admit to looking up ex girlfrieds!

To my great delight, I found that one ex had been locked up for five days for non-paymet of traffic fines!


Lindsay Mitchell said...

The sexist slant to this story meant even the PM had something to say. But surely police (men or women) would be checking up on they boyfriends as well.
Isn't there are strong hint of female victimisation being pushed here?

Anonymous said...

Of course they would - and do.

As a retired cop, I used to check all sorts. I dont see what the big deal is. We had to be squeaky clean. We had to get permission to get married even, and a full scale investigation was mounted on your intended.
If you were being fancied by some woman, it made sense to check her out before you found yourself living with a sister of the Harris Gang!
Yet another beat-up. I thought this sort of thing may have dwindled when the last idiot commissioner retired.

Unknown said...

Ah the Harris gang, what fun we had.

Nothing like watching their faces when they come round a corner and find 30 guys in camo with M16's and one cop manning the most serious looking road block they'll ever try to get through... and NOT.

So hard to intimidate people with automatic weapons.

I still have pictures somewhere.

Oswald Bastable said...

Anonymous- Corrections was exactly the same!

And it helped to pass a quiet night watch!

Deadman said...

"I still have pictures somewhere."

I don't know who the Harris Gang is, but do post some pics of that, Murray, if you're able. Sounds like great fun.