Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Feed the poor

My advice- DON'T

They are like pigeons:

The never get enough to satisfy them and squark endlessly for more.
They breed even more pigeons who continue in the same way.
They are not at all useful- in fact the are a definite nuisance.
They will happily shit on those feeding them.

You can tell the marketers are appealing to the post-xmas quilt trip that the gulible suffer from.

The 'Starvin' Marvin' ads have quadrupled in the last week. Well- sod Africa, I say- let the shite-hole turn back to what it should be - a continent-sized game park!
The sooner the inhabitants self-destruct from HIV, corruption and the inability to add two and two, the sooner we can get back to the serious business of hunting Jumbos and Lions.

As for Asia & some parts of South America- much the same applies, except that they could possible make a go of it if they didn't breed like rabbits and made a real attempt to shake of corruption.

In days gone by, when you were starving the option for survival was to give yourself into Thralldom- basically you gave yourself into slavery for food.

This is what should happen to these nations- they should be put under the govenance of the one bailing them out.

A bit restrictive?
Against 'Rights and freedoms?'

Fine, feel free to starve...


Anonymous said...

IMHO Africa was a hell of a lot better off when the Colonial "masters" ran the place. Less bloodshed, better economy and better standards of liviing for all.

ZZ said...

the world is just like this, because ppl are bone devil, at least partially

Anonymous said...

Give them the money - it only gets siphoned off into the pockets of syphilitic megalomaniacs like Mugabe and Amin . They then do a far better job at population control than we could ever do.

Oswald Bastable said...

The money that actually makes it there...

Unknown said...

Give a man a fish and he'll hold out his hand for a fish every day after that.

Anonymous said...

the problem is that the aid given to resolve a one off crisis does just that and no more. the fact that many of those crisis' are caused by poor management and leadership is a problem that remains unresolved and that aid actually worsens by propping up corrupt governance.

Time the population of such places learned to help themselves instead of reaching out to other countries for handouts. This is why my charity dollar stays in NZ.