Saturday, December 30, 2006

'Honours'- Yeah, Right!

I do know that some of the people selected are totally deserving of any hounours that come their way.


What is it with the bulk of them that make ou these lists?

I fail to see why sombody who is well rewarded for making a living in a particular field is honoured for that. The are recognised mainly by their bank balance- but also at thevarious business awards out there that recognise excellence in THOSE fields. And actors/directors have a pletora of awards to recognise their own!

IMNSHO, Honours are to be bestowed on those who do great thing as a volunteer- not for purely financial reward, or for those who have performed deeds of valour and heroism. Like a locals I know that easily work a full 40-hour week keeping any number of community groups going in their retirement. Like volunteers that have keep the town fire brigade or ambulance going.
Not for someone who has taught art students to make pots. Or a god-botherer only known for being controvertial.

Or for being a suck-arse govamint toadie...


Oi said...

To be quite honest, these "honours" lost all meaning for me when they changed from an old system that was recognised worldwide, to one eminating from [as far as the world is concerned]an insignificant flyspeck on the map of the South pacific.

Sometimes I surprise myself, as I am normally in the van of any group advocating cutting reliance on Britain and british, but a number of awards and recognitions I received within my old service, mean far more to me than any of these current "NZ honours" ever would.
No - Give me a Knighthood any day! lol

Anonymous said...

NZ honours now seem more like The Order Of The Most Excellent White Elephant (with diamonds) from the kingdom of Upper Burkestan.
Like--who cares? Really?

Anonymous said...

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