Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The right to self-defense- where are we without it?

Just quickly looking about the blogs, I found some excellent opinions on the subject relating to the persecution of Greg Carvell.

To link but a few:

Not PC
Libertarianz press release
Sir Humphries Lucyna
Crusader Rabbit
Capitalist Writer
Whale Oil
Mark too!

I can't state the case more eloquently than has been done by the above.

All I can add is that I'm one more that believes that to be unable to defend oneself without state persecution, is to be a hop, skip & a jump away from a state of slavery.

To defend your life, the lives of others and your property is THE fundamental property right.

It exists in law, but the lawmakers are twisting this law to suit their own sick agenda. That only THEY cay control the destiny of others.



Deadman said...

Okay, Oswald, add me to the list. See my post under my latest Vargas.

Deadman said...

Check out my comment there as well!

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