Sunday, June 30, 2013

Village of the Damned exports welfare cases

"Hundreds of people on Christchurch's state house waiting list are being offered incentives such as free rent and fuel vouchers to move town.
Housing New Zealand Corporation (HNZC) is contacting its nearly 360 priority Christchurch applicants waiting for a home to see if they would shift to towns where houses were vacant..."
As one of the commenters stated: ' town, same benefit, same life...'
I Imagine some of them would have jumped at the chance- a relocation to a small town with no likelihood of a job ever- and they can point the finger at HNZ when WINZ takes them to task.
Others, I'm sure are cases the HNZ Christchurch want to see the back of.
There are probably quite a few that Christchurch in general want to be rid of, also.
Pity the folk in the small towns who get an influx of new riff-raff. The last small town I lived in had nothing but problems from the denizens of our 'Social Housing'...

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wanker Cyclist!

"Swedish police are on the hunt for a man who likes bicycles a little too much.
Fed up that someone was slashing his tyres, cyclist Per Edstrom set up a camera outside his home and caught the bike molester red-handed.
Footage from Mr Edstrom's camera shows a hooded man cutting open a tyre and then pleasuring himself as the tyre deflates..."
I suppose the odds were higher in a hard-core socialist country...

Friday, June 28, 2013

Be a media whore...

"Nelson Mandela's eldest daughter lambasted foreign media "vultures" for violating her father's privacy as he lay critically ill in hospital, and said the former South African president was still clinging to life today..."

Pretty rich, considering the prick did all he could to keep in the media's eye for the greater part of his soon to end life.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Didn't think there was a shortage

"Concerns have been raised over the ability of the Government's new workplace safety body to enforce health and safety legislation.
Five days before the launch of the Health and Safety Inspectorate, only 74 of the promised 158 inspectors have been hired, Labour health and safety spokeswoman Darien Fenton says..."
Odd- I never thought there was a shortage of useless, neutered, puffed-up, dick-licking, officious busybodies in this country!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's not the story that is intersting

"The Advertising Standards Authority has chucked out a claim of racism, saying the mispronunciation of Maori words in a supermarket ad was not racist enough to cause ''widespread offence''.
The ASA received a number of complaints relating to a Pak'nSave advertisement aired on television in May promoting Kiwi Kai Week..."
The comments in the linked article are what is really interesting. It would appear that folks are getting pretty damn sick of this PC 'I'm offended by everything' attitude.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sod off you self-serving wankers

"New Zealand roads are becoming increasingly perilous as sentimental owners refuse to let go of their ageing and unsafe cars.
People needed to scrap their older cars so the average age of the New Zealand car fleet could be reduced from 13.8 years, Motor Trade Association marketing and communications general manager Ian Stronach said.
Older cars posed a risk because of their lack of safety features and often high levels of exhaust emissions, which can be compounded by a lack of regular servicing, Stronach said.
"New Zealanders are renowned for their ingenuity and ability to make do with equipment and facilities that in other countries would be regarded as being well past its use-by date.
"We seem to have an enduring relationship with older vehicles and as long as it is still going, it doesn't need to be scrapped..."
Yes, play the ' safety' card. It's all about the MT frickin' A trying to sell more cars. I have older cars because I see no need to spend money buying newer ones when the ones I have run perfectly well. The MTA can kiss my arse. The only real safety feature is the person behind the wheel.
Damned right it doesn't need to be scrapped if it is running well. It is also a matter of what we can afford. If you want to be fucking green, keep what you have working well. the energy to make a new one far exceeds the minuscule gains in fuel economy.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Beyond burning rubber

"...The Veyron's quad-turbo W16 engine currently pushes out 1184 horses but its potential is said to be closer to 1500hp.
That combined with a more extensive use of carbon fibre, which could cut up to 200 kilograms from its kerb weight, could see a 1500hp Veyron with a top speed in the 450kmh range.
The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport currently holds the world record for the fastest production car at 431.072kmh.
Any shot that the 450kmh mark, however, would only be possible if an improvement in tyre technology - to stop them melting at such high speeds - is available..." (Bold Mine)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Can you spell Apartheid ?

"Mana Party leader Hone Harawira wants to offer Maori first-time homebuyers no-deposit, low-interest loans but admits he doesn't know how much the programme would cost.
Mana yesterday unveiled its policy of building 10,000 state houses a year and offering the loans.
The scheme would be similar to the former Maori Affairs Housing Scheme, which was dropped in 1989. Only Maori first-time homeowners would be eligible..."
Try two billion dollars a year.
Even labor isn't mental enough to go with this, but when you are only trying to appeal to the 'gimmee' voters, you may pull it off.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stupid drivers get the annual reminder of what snow is

"Dozens of cars have been stranded or have slid off the road as the south's big chill begins to hit.
Snow has begun to fall in the deep south with reports it's settling in many parts of Southland.
Snow showers have been reported this afternoon in Te Anau and Five Rivers, in the Hokonui hills near Gore, and at Wairio near Nightcaps. Bluff residents have also reported "teeny snow showers".
Twenty vehicles are stranded on Southland's Jollies Pass tonight with six cars sliding off the road..."

You could hope it was all tourists, but from past experience, I'm picking that the shallow end of the gene pool will be getting their annual reminder that snow and ice is not a good thing to drive on...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Missing the main reason

"...Helping out during public emergencies was "more complicated'' than it seemed, lecturer at Auckland University school of psychology Danny Osborne told Fairfax Media.
Studies showed there were five stages to negotiate before people were moved to step in, Osborne said.
The first stage was noticing. Then came interpreting the problem, accepting responsibility for providing help, deciding what to do, and then doing it.
"This was an instance in which people either failed to take responsibility or perhaps they felt responsible but decided not to help," he said.
The larger the audience to a domestic assault, the less likely someone would feel responsible, Osborne said.
In deciding whether to help, people internally evaluated "the pros and cons of interfering".
"Cons might include embarrassing yourself if you find out that the woman didn't require assistance," he said..."
Actually, the main reason for not sticking your nose in is the high probability of a smack in the head. Ask a cop about how many interventions in a domestic end up with both parties attacking you,

Monday, June 17, 2013

Par for the course

"Wellington City Council's executive have had to ditch their rose-tinted glasses after a new survey found staff morale was nowhere near as high as expected.
Council has come up with a plan to address poor workplace culture in the wake of the survey, in which 81 per cent of staff participated.
The workplace survey found that staff were unclear what was expected of them, and many did not enjoy their work and planned to leave council within two years.
Staff complained that the council environment did not support innovative ideas, and that the organisation should do more to improve customer service..."
I think you would find ANY council morale slightly lower than a snake's arsehole. Certainly once you get below senior management level.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

On a lighter note

 I happened across a new book at the library:

If you enjoyed 'Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy', you will love Toby Frost's work.

if you didn't, don't bother as you simply won't 'get it'.

Of all our rivals neighbours only the Ghasts could equal us in terms ofdreadnought numbers fleet strength.
Under orders from its capital, the hive-planet of Selenia, the Ghast Empire has recently tripled its production of tanks, warships and long leather coats.

The Colonial Intelligence Service has been keeping a close eye on these filthy ant-people Formica Redarsa, and especially Number One, their pint-sized generalissimo queen.

We are not convinced by their recent claim that "The Ghast Empire wants only friendship with the British and their numerous, tasty children".

After careful study of Number One's biographic work My Ceaseless Quest to Conquer Earth and Destroy its Puny Inhabitants, we have come to the conclusion that the Ghast Empire may well be up to something rum. This, coupled with the colossal military might of the ant-men Formicas, means that in the event of general galactic war we would need to mobilise every resource available to us to counter the Ghast menace and do it a bit of no good.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

So do something real about it

"Ten children were found living at houses during police raids across the Wellington region that uncovered hidden weapons, buried drugs, a P lab and a heavily fortified base...
...The children - particularly a 3-year-old found in an Upper Hutt methamphetamine laboratory - were the most alarming discovery for police, Detective Senior Sergeant Tim Leitch said.
"The child shouldn't be in the meth lab; that's one of the real high-risk places..."
But will they get permanently removed from these dirtbags?
Nah- 'with their own family is the best place for them" will be the answer.
The kids would be better off in an orphanage than with these shit-heads. Even the sort of orphanages we used to have and that's saying something...

Friday, June 14, 2013

Though I smelt a rodent

"A man has been found not guilty of pointing a loaded gun at an 8-year-old and shooting the computer he refused to get off.
Geoffrey John Buckley, 35, has been cleared of two charges of recklessly discharging a firearm and a charge of recklessly firing an airgun in front of his partner and her children between February 2007 and August 2008..."
Who would have thought? Fancy a women making up a bullshit story to get what she wanted.
Trouble is, so many of these accusations stick and even when the courts throw the charges out- shit sticks.
IN these cases, even though the accuser has obviously lied in court- there are no real consequences...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Another gutsy kid

"A Melbourne boy acted bravely and protectively when he shot and killed a man who was beating his mother, a coroner says.
The boy picked up a gun that Ayhan Paul Ferman dropped as he threw the boy's mother through a sliding door, and fired a shot into Mr Ferman's chest.
State Coroner Ian Gray said the 12-year-old, who cannot be named, was defending his mother and commended his actions..."

Well done!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Watching my site visit counter

Nuclear weapon plans, anthrax, revolutionary, Tea party, conservative, assassinate obama, cyanide in the water supply, hijack, improvised explosive, constitution, nerve gas recipe, LSD formula, stockpile ammunition, home made firearms plans, prepper, patriot, fuel-air explosives, molotov cocktail, gold and silver currency, stockpile, anarchist, insurgency, sabotage surface to air missile, dirty bomb, ebola, smuggling, false passport, boarder control, overthrow, Sarah Palin for President.

Should be enough!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Get me a bucket

"...The woman was considering giving up work as she would have enough money to live comfortably."
I might give up work, I haven’t decided yet. But whatever happens, I won’t let this win change me. It will just be lovely to not have to worry about money and to spend more time with my family...” (Bold mine)
Such people give me the shits. 
Why the hell would you want to work? Most of us DON'T but have to.
You get the best part of 10 megabucks and DON"T KNOW if you want to work or not! Are these people so devoid of imagination that they have never had a Lotto win fantasy?
The incredible satisfaction in telling my employers to stick their job where the sun don't shine is right up there...

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Taking care of business

"The man shot dead by police on a New Plymouth golf course yesterday was friends with Steven Wallace, also shot and killed by police in Taranaki in 2000.
Adam Te Rata Charles Morehu, 33, had fired a shot and threatened to kill police officers responding to a burglar alarm at the New Plymouth Golf Club early yesterday. Police returned fire, hitting Morehu, who died at the scene.
In 2002 Morehu told reporter Tony Wall that his mate Wallace should not have gone on his window-smashing rampage before he was shot in Waitara. And in a bizarre echo of the 2000 tragedy, it appears Morehu smashed windows at the golf course during yesterday's incident.
"But the pig shouldn't have shot him, he went too far. He could have just put a cap [bullet] in his leg or something," Morehu told Wall in 2002..."
No doubt the local scumbags will be crying that they didn't need to kill this POS. Good to see him get what his shitbird mate got- a fatal dose of Glock poisoning.
Obviously didn't learn anything from the past...

Friday, June 07, 2013

What colour is the sky on YOUR planet?

"A P-addict, whose 3-year-old son was found with methamphetamine in his hair, has had her conviction for wilful neglect overturned by the Court of Appeal.
The court ruled that the woman, who has name suppression, did not knowingly put her son in harm's way because she would take him into a separate room whenever she smoked P.
The woman also did not fully understand the potential harm that methamphetamine smoke could have on a child, the court found..."
I can't believe these judges.
The fact that the 'mother' (I use the term very loosely) was a meth head should have been grounds for neglect on their own. At the very least.
I would like to see the position of judge become an elected position...

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Good show!

"A 10-year-old boy in the US has foiled a robbery after picking up a gun dropped by one of two intruders and shooting at them, helping to chase away the pair away.
Two men in deressed as delivery men knocked on the door to the Brooklyn house, and two teenage sisters opened the door, New York police said.
In surveillance video, one man is seen carrying an open cardboard box and pushing his way into the home; a second man quickly follows.
The intruders went upstairs to the second floor. A woman, the owner of the home, then slammed a bedroom door on one of the men's arms..."

Well done!
No doubt the hand-wringers will be appalled and try to say he endangered himself further. But with the crazies out there, you are better to have a go than to be passive and wind up subjected to any number of atrocities.
Not that you hear much about that in the news- especially when its the black on white type of crimes that there is an epidemic of.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Product description

Not a waka. If it was, they would all be crab-tuckker!

Also- trying to sail into Wellington harbor in  a storm forecast days ago. Not clever...

Monday, June 03, 2013

Camping time

Time for a few year under canvas for this lot:

Waiouru or perhaps Tekapo?

Hell, I had to live under canvas there  and had not been convicted of anything.

A bit of hard labour should keep them warm...

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Grow a pair

"A father-son bonding session planned by a North Island primary school was cancelled after a single mother demanded to be included.
Two "Band of Brothers" seminars were arranged by Matakana School to help fathers get more involved in their sons' lives, and as a forum for dads to share their issues. One session was for dads and another was for fathers and sons.
A solo mum wanted to attend but was told she couldn't because her presence would inhibit discussion. She was told a mother and son seminar was planned for later in the year...."
So she is a silly self-centred twit and it's not hard to see why she is single.
However, the school should have grown a pair and told her (nicely,and it could be done nicely) to sod off.
Canceling was as pathetic as demolishing the school playground because a kid in a wheelchair couldn't use it.
The feminazis whine about men not doing enough- stand the hell back and and let men do it their way- they will step up!

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Negotiate be damned

"Corrections are moving inmates not participating in the riot at Spring Hill to other parts of the prison, saying fires set by prisoners are endangering lives.
Plans were made for relocating the compliant prisoners within the two cell blocks affected by rioting to another part of the prison, Corrections said earlier this evening.
Two vans of prison guards arrived, and sixteen fire engines were sent to combat the flames after prisoners lit fires and caused extensive damage to their cell blocks. The Westpac rescue chopper from Hamilton also landed in the prison.
Police with dogs are also at the prison.
Corrections said 27 inmates at Spring Hill Corrections Facility near Meremere were involved in the incident, which remained "fluid" this evening.
Corrections told Fairfax negotiators had been called in to help resolve the situation.."
This has been going on all day. Unacceptable.
Assemble the troops.
Issue an ultimatum to cease and desist immediately and get face down in the dirt, arms and legs spread wide.
Shoot those not complying.

THAT is how you end a friggin' riot.