Saturday, December 02, 2006

National's new image

National's new image- they have gone smurf!

Blue on the outside, Pink in the inside!


Anonymous said...

damn commie bastards. But I guess they realise that they actually need to control the treasury benches in order to change anything. Perhaps after 4 years they might regain some courage and actually implement any decent non commie policies.
Hide has a terrific opportunity to build ACT up again, by retaking the policies that have always been aggressively radical to the pinkos.

Anonymous said...

National, Labour sweet f a difference.

Both parties of urban liberals totally clueless about anything beyond the echo chambers of Auckland and Wellington.

What they don't understand having balls means you support policies because you believe they are right for the country (regardless of what the punditary say) and then sell your policiies to the electorate.

They seem to think gaining the treasury benches is an end in itself - policy and principles don't matter.

I remember good old Norm Jones telling a heckler who disagreed with him that the answer was in his hands - "If you don't like what I stand for vote for the other guy" he said.

To hell pollies who speak out of both sides of their mouths

Unknown said...

Get the feeling that Key is taking the conservative vote for granted?

Well he'd better wake the hell up RFN because he's shedding votes faster than Bill English... which brings me to my next issue.

Anonymous said...

Brash dragged National out of the wilderness by articulating what Kiwis felt about PC bullshit and the Maori scam.
Now Key is throwing those gains away by becoming Labour Lite in a slimy unprincipled grab for power at any cost.
Well, I'll be doing my best to encourage people to boycott the next elections. Why legitimize the corrupt bastards by voting?
( a truly frightening thought--will people still vote for the Nats, in the belief that they're getting rid of the socialist gang?)

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Key's policies are more liberal than Brashs it's early days. But if they are Key, good luck to him because it was Brash's policies that had National polling higher than Labour.