Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Body falling apart, he rolls, slides sideways into the grave on fire and cries "What a fuckin' ride!' at 70.

Beats the hell out of living to any age having done nothing, lived on level seven vegan food (doesn't throw a shadow) and shunned all intoxicants, red meat or casual sex.

It IS better to burn out, than to rust!

Monday, December 28, 2015

That confirms the tech works

"A grief-stricken British couple whose boxer died in June 2015 successfully cloned their dead dog after taking its DNA to a commercial dog-cloning service.
Laura Jacques, 29, and Richard Remde, 43, paid US$100,000 (NZ$146,000) to enlist the services of Sooam Biotech Research Foundation in South Korea, reports the Guardian.
A boxer puppy was delivered by a surrogate dog on Boxing Day following a successful procedure..."

What interests me is that the tech is obviously there.

So who is cloning people behind closed doors. Or parts of people.

Watch as the rich and famous start having extraordinarily long lives. As many do now, accessing the medtech the rif-raf are not allowed to know of...

Saturday, December 26, 2015

insanity rules

It's summer. the sun is out, the water is warm and most folks are in holiday. Yesterday they stuffed themselves stupid and the fridge is still full of cold drinks. If your luck was in, you got goodies and toys.

So what do the stupid fuckers do?

Head to retail hell and go shopping. Probably on credit.

Folks- a real bargain will be the equivalent of a lotto win.

Stay home, go the the beach or river. Play with the kids, eat some more, get pissed but stay out of the frickin' shops.

They will still be there next week.

I'm off to the beach. Afterwards a few cold ones, then savor my Christmas cigar.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Trampers are getting dumber

"A group of trampers activated a locator beacon after a member of their party became ill, then carried on tramping the Hollyford Track on Sunday morning, police say..."

I don't care what any of them say.  If the situation warrants activating a beacon, at least one other person should stay with the casualty.

The so-called friends are a bunch of arseholes!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Probably blasphemy in NZ

Not a great person at all

What kind of loser has a fortune and yet fails to provide for their children? Especially when you know you are on borrowed time.

I have been heartily sick of the faux wailing and gnashing of teeth over the totally expected demise of this buffoon.

I have seen too many good people go into the night without any kind of fanfare. People who have done great and good things without financial reward...

Sunday, December 13, 2015

A cunning plan

Say there is global warming when there isn't. Keep telling the lie loudly.
Grab a shitload of tax money and jobs on the gray train for your partners in crime.
Take credit for the end of the world not happening. Easy when it was never going to happen.

Just like Y2K...

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Beggers can't be choosers

"The Salvation Army is taking donations of unwrapped gifts for families in need this Christmas - but they'd rather they weren't second hand.
Blenheim Salvation Army community ministries co-ordinator Bridget Lauder said every child deserved a new toy on Christmas Day.
"Just because someone isn't coping and can't provide Christmas gifts doesn't mean they should get leftovers," she said..."

What colour is the sky on your planet?

Nothing wrong with good second hand stuff. I buy it all the time.
Most kids don't give a damn- they just like the toys.

Is this to appease some damn do-gooders guilt trip?

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

It's still a poodle-shooter

"US small arms manufacturer Lewis Machine & Tool Co (LMT) has been named the preferred tenderer in the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) Individual Weapon Replacement programme.
IHS Jane's understands that LMT's AR-15-derived CQB16 has been selected to replace the Steyr AUG A1 assault rifle in NZDF service. A New Zealand Ministry of Defence (MoD) notification released in mid-August only said that LMT had been downselected..."

Yet again they ignore the troops, who are wanting something more powerful that 5.56

Over half a century ago, it was determined that 7mm is the optimum military caliber. Trouble is, politics stuffed this up by staying with existing cartridges for economics. It seems they have never heard of a phase out period.

Hell, in NZ they could give all their stocks of 5.56 to the cops, who could certainly use getting some rounds down the range.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

What a feckin' lightweight

"Just one bottle is enough to get me drunk, according to emergency medicine specialist and clinical toxicologist at Wellington Hospital Dr Paul Quigley."

750 mls of 4% beer and you are drunk. Join the Salvation Army now, and leave the drinking to those who enjoy it. And stop labeling anyone who can drink more than that an alcoholic.

Drinking steadily and at a moderate pace, it's not so hard for a healthy young man to put away a crate OVER THE COURSE OF AN AFTERNOON AND NIGHT'S DRINKING. A few quiet beers in the afternoon, a barbecue and an evening of drinks in good company and that crate is gone, especially in the summer.

Not everyone is into speed guzzling and most that do get over that real quick. the results are not pleasant- although rarely fatal drinking crate beer. You puke it out before doing any real harm.

These wowsers need to come to terms with the fact that NZ'rs like to drink. Get over it.

Punish the ones that play up after drinking. Leave the rest alone. For most of them, it's a bit of respite from a shitty, low-payed job and not much of a future to look forward to.

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Oh no-The planet!

Your stinkin' Prius won't save the planet when you are up against nature.

Your miniscule emission mean sod all compared to a volcano fart.

Even worse, you can't tax it...

Friday, December 04, 2015

Media bias?

Or are they part of the US governments spin program?

The most appalling massacre of innocents has faded out rather quickly. Only Americans, I suppose and it's their own fault for owning so many guns.

Or was it that no rugby players were slain? That would tie up the front page for a week or two.

They are in too deep with their own agenda and lies to finally come out and say that the Emperor is buck naked and it ain't a pretty sight.

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Is THIS the pivotal event?

Probably not.

It SHOULD be, but then, Beslan wasn't. That should have been, but we are immune to unspeakable acts in 'foreign' lands.

Be warned, this sort of atrocity is coming to New Zealand and the rest of the world so far mstly untouched by Muslim savages.

Whoever is calling the shots is a lot smarter than previous. Rather than big body counts, they are going for two person teams, who seem to be trained in rudimentary infantry skills (one shoots, one covers) and going for more soft targets than one big and more difficult one. Spread the terror. Twenty fanatics making up ten teams, gets more results than one high profile target.

Now maybe, just maybe- some of these assholes out there that go on about the religion of peace can get it through their thick skulls just how low these satanic spawn will go. Maybe.

I doubt it.

This shock me up a bit, as I have a VERY similar scenario in my current book, that come out as my protagonist is reading an old classified history book.

This is one bit of fiction that I wish had stayed that way.