Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Injuries incompatible with living

Why do the gibbering classes have difficulty with this phrase.

It means that someone is so fucked up they cannot possibly live.

The head has been detached from the body.
The body is cut roughly (or exactly) in half.
There are no pieces left that are bigger than a potato.
The body has absorbed so much electrical energy that it is on fire.
Most of the victim is now inside a large mammal/reptile fish.
The deceased is now flatter than a pancake rolled out by driving an M1A1 Abrams over them until the fuel ran out.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

PC Wily Coyote

Driver leads police on chase from Nelson to Otago

"Police arrested a 20-year-old man in Waikouaiti, north of Dunedin, shortly after 5pm on Friday. A police dog and handler were involved.
The man appeared in Dunedin District Court on Saturday morning charged with dangerous driving, failure to stop and driving while disqualified. He has been remanded in custody until October 18.
He had allegedly led police on three pursuits over 720km. Officers abandoned each one for safety reasons. 
It is understood the driver broke speed limits in towns and overtook cars including on double yellow lines..."

Police don't have radios anymore? I can't do a 30k trip down SH1 without passing at least a couple of police cars. Or is it the H&S monster...

Saturday, October 08, 2016

garbage out, garbage in

Or is that garbage in, garbage out? It doesn't really matter with local body elections.

I'm positive that for the main part, anyone standing for public office should be automatically excluded from it.

There are exceptions to all things, but what I mainly see are those with a particular axe to grind (usually to their own benefit) or the 'Look at ME!' types.

At least the second category does less harm, while they do no good.

One thing particularly bothers me. They rarely declare their political stance- only those where they are known to belong to a political party and cannot hide it seem to declare. I think a trough slurper candidate's voting history should be out in the open.

Sure would affect my voting!

Monday, October 03, 2016

An idea

I have a new idea for making money helping people.

I now offer my services as 'Lotto Winner Coach'.

The idea is I help you keep your winnings by teaching you how to say 'NO!', in an assertive manner.

Much of this saying 'NO!" will be to yourself.

I will also teach you options: DON'T go out for dinner, but Do buy that nice piece of steak.

Don't stick it in that little darling- hire a professional by the hour- much cheaper in the long run.

Reasonable fees, available all hours.

Saturday, October 01, 2016

It's been a while

Circumstances have kept me away for most of the year- the squirrel that powered my old mac went lame, battles at work, bring to get a little csh sideline going, as well as a touch of the Black Dog.

My second-hand bookshop is now ticking along. I found a newer Mac, with a couple of squirrels in the power box and will make an effort to do at least an occasional rant in the old style.

So many meatheads- where to start?

Somewhere local, I think.

There is far to much oxygen criminally wasted here on what the media perceives as happening with the US elections.

How about cueing a big Nelson Muntz "HA HA!" for Colin Craig- the scumbags that irreparably defied the name 'Conservative' in NZ?