Monday, October 23, 2006

Labour Day

This statutory holiday was passed into law in 1899, and the other day I was asked:

"Why the hell are we STILL working 40 hour weeks?" (hell, I seldom work less than 50)

One might expect a far shorter working week with the advances in technology over the last century.

The (an) answer is that the suplus of production enables us to advance, as opposed to treading water.

Another is that many people actually LIKE to work. If they had a three day week, they would find work for at least a couple of their now free days. I mean, even in France, the state shorteningthe workingweek wasn't popular!

And we well know what the socialists would say- but in nine years have they done onything towards shortening working hours? Aside from creating a huge army of Mc Jobs, and freeing the least deserving from work totally, that is.


Murray said...

If you even it out we have about a 35 hour working week.

Some people work 60 hours of it, others work none of it and what is it 143,000 are too sick to work any of it.

Feeling a little queasy myself about that.

Brian Smaller said...

I remember back in 1979 I had this Applied Math teacher who told us that with the advance of computers we would have to train for liesure time because we would only be working a few hours a week. I work in IT. I am still waiting for my few hours a week. I want to find that bastard and give him a hiding for misleading me.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the 4 or even 3 days weeks we were supposed to be working now.
How come nearly everybody I know works 50, 60 hours plus.
Bring back the 40 hour week!