Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Let them eat sod-all!

Barbies for prisoners who behave

11:05AM Tuesday December 19, 2006

"Spending your summers in prison may not mean you miss out on the festive sizzle of sausages and bonding around a barbie.

Prison inmates are given barbecues up to three or four times a year to reward them for good behaviour, Public Prisons Service spokesman Bryan McMurray told the Corrections News magazine..."


How about floggings for not behaving?

How about getting your megre ration of food substitute for behaving?

As for this-"and only those rated a low-security risk were allowed barbecues, he said."


The high-medium unit I used to work in had them too.

I thought it was pandering to the shit-heads then and I still think so now.


deleted said...

What about all those prisoners in jail for victimless crimes..

Unknown said...



Jesus Christ they're not in prison for being pillars of the community you tool.

Anonymous said...

aaaah.. so according to mikee, because some people are in jail for victimless crimes, it's ok to keep rapists and thugs and standover men and burglars and child abusers etc etc in comfortable surroundings.
Why not go the whole hog, mikee and simply release the lot of 'em, close the jails and give up?

Cactus Kate said...

Put them on the BBQ

Whaleoil said...

There is nothing wrong with a thin gruel, served at the same time as the guards bbq which has bacon, onions, sausages, steak, mushrooms all simmering away nicely wafting delicious smells through every cell in the container park.

Spirit Of 76 said...

Fuck 'em, I'd be happy to see William Bell, Jules Mikus, Bruce Howse living off nothing but water and stale crackers, garnished with bovine cum.

Unknown said...

I'd be happier to spend another 5 cents on each one.

After that they cease to be a drain on the tax payer.

Oswald Bastable said...

Those in jail for victimless crimes- defending yourself, having a few plants for personal use, evading evil taxation and sedition are obviously exempted from my vitriol directed to REAL criminals that have REAL victims.

Quite a few of whom are in government!

Anonymous said...

As you say Os, there are some who deserve a small enjoyment on Christmas day! But what of us who work in the rural sector who 3 days prior to Christmas are forced to search for a plump lamb, only to find that, after killed by being chased by the children and myself, is completely inedible!!
Had we done this on a neighbouring farm, we would have spent the season in custody eating commercially killed TENDER lamb (and no doubt ham and turkey as well) all cooked for us by trained personnel!

I'm off to the boss's paddock to get me a steer for New Years --- win/win situation :-)