Monday, October 09, 2006

Seen any Buffaler?

Just the thing for buffalo or going right through a boy racer dorkmobile!

So many toys, so little money!


Whaleoil said...

My faves are right here.

Murray said...

Happiness is a belt fed weapon.

Anonymous said...

I'm fond of the Kentucky rifle myself.

It helped beat the British at the battle of Saratoga who were astounded when their commanding general was picked off by a sniper at the range of 200 yards. An unbelievable feat in those days when the infantryman was armed with a smooth bore musket

Whaleoil said...

If it is belt fed weapons you are after then these are my two favourites by far.

The Ameli...a cool little Spanish number, easily better than the poxy C9.

or the Ultimax 100 designed in Singapore. Very cool, I have actually fired one of these puppies. Full belt from the shoulder, no appreciable rise in muzzle...pure bliss, oh and the target was obliterated.

Oswald Bastable said...

I prefer single-shots

The M79 was my favorite!

Anonymous said...

on the havelock-waimarama rd there is a place caled the trading post I think that has real live buffulo. I reckon the guy who owns te place would let you shoot one if you offered him enough coin

Deadman said...

Andrei makes a good point.

Nice weapons, Oswald!

Beats my Eastwing at dawn anyday!

Oswald Bastable said...

200 meters with a kentucky is damnd good AND lucky shooting, but quite do-able!

I can hit the 100 meter gong with my front-stuffer most times. I'm hoping to repeat that at 200m, with a few years practice.