Thursday, November 16, 2006

Friggin' cowards!

Dress it up as pacifism, enlightenment or whatever.

The persons who won't fight to defend themselves, their family of their property are just gutless and not fit to be full members of society.

They like to sneer and look down on those who will take a stand- soldiers, policemen- the citizen who picks up a shotgun to defend their home. They like to call firearms owners paranoid rednecks and suchlike and the same for those who practice any kind of martial arts.

They, of course, are too sensitive to take part in a profession where their precious arse is on the line.

I have noticed that one of their favorite pastimes is nit-picking at the police- but they are the first to demand a police presence to protect themselves...

Fuck 'em!

I say if you are unwilling (not unable through disability-UNWILLING) to make a stand, you deserve to be a thrall.

The one that cowered at the back of the cave while others fought wild animals off.
The collaborators and informers of occupied countries.
The politicians that send young men to die, then ignored the plight of the survivors.
The man who wears a woman's coat to get into a lifeboat.
And those who turned a blind eye while evil was done before them.

This is what you have been and all you will ever be.


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Anonymous said...

Oswald, I can stand someone being a coward. After all, it's just another human fault.
What I can't stand is them pretending that their stance is somehow more "moral" in order to justify it to themselves. And them inflicting their cowardly on the rest of us in the guise of civilised behaviour.
Whatever the hell that's supposed to be.
And thanks very much for blogrolling the Rabbit--courtesy returned.

Anonymous said...

"inflicting their cowardice" that should be.
Never could get into the preview habit....

Oswald Bastable said...

Yep, it's human to be scared.

But if you are afraid- defer to those who ain't- or (more likely) are, but do what has to be done regardless!

Anonymous said...


The article definitely fits the description of the likes of Keith Locke.