Tuesday, October 17, 2006

When Wowsers Attack

Final warning: Behave or face fireworks ban

New Zealanders are being given one last chance to prove they can be responsible with fireworks.

If they fail the test, steps will be taken next year to restrict sales - a move that could eventually lead to a complete ban.

The Government says it is not prepared to accept another Guy Fawkes Day like last year's, which kept emergency service workers busy attending to hundreds of fires and injuries.


Here we go again!

Anyone actually think that they WON'T ban fireworks?

No- they HAVE to save us from ourselves!

Rather than punish a few stupid boys who will always find something to abuse, we all get yet another activity denied to law-abiding citizens.

Yet again, I point the finger at the ever-diminishing level of personal responsibility out there. People don't give a shit what the result of their dumb-ass actions are.

Because there are no real consequences for even criminal negligence.

And no shortage of control freaks ready to run our lives for us...


Murray said...

Dude I live in a valley surounded by tinder dry bush and inhabited by the lowest common denominator.

Untill the ban the DPB I'm all for banning giving the mutant offspring of the unemployable access to pyros.

Oswald Bastable said...

That is something I should of put in my post- November is a bad time for fireworks- if it were moved to a midwinter slot, that should help.

Like with fires, I'm for depriving the mutant offspring of the unemployable oxygen.

Anonymous said...

If it was restricted to one night, fine. But the idiotic fuckwits keep at it for day after day after day so that a month and a half later you still can't get a decent nights' sleep with all the bloody fireworks going off.

Then you get the idiots pointing them at houses, they actually set fire to the Mt Eden apartment complex I used to live in and the little twats stood there and WATCHED it burn.

No thank you. Ban the bloody things or keep them for spectacular, organised displays like the Symphony of Fire, etc. But keep the dangerous toys out of the hands of the single-brain-cellular organisms.

Brian Smaller said...

sorry Llama but I totally disagree. Guy Fawkes is one night in the year that the fire service (Gawd Bless 'Em) KNOW they will be busy. Just like ambulance officers know Christmas is a time they will be carting heaps of smashed up bodies away from car wrecks and Refuges will be letting in lots of women and kids.

Organised displays are vicarious nothings. There is nothing like the excitement of lighting the touch paper and scampering away before the firework goes off.

Use existing laws and prosecute people and make them pay for deliberate damage. Don't extinguish yet another fun event because a few people are dick heads or blow themselves up.

Murray said...

Actually Llma it IS restricted by law.

It is an offence to set off fireworks on any other day without a permit.

However laws don't mean dick if you don't enforce them.

As I've already noted a true pyro cultural memory is already implanted and in action http://hittingmetalwithahammer.wordpress.com/2006/07/03/culture/