Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ain't 'arf bin some clever bastards!

I got the latest 'Hunting & Fishing' advertiser magazine yesterday.

So many toys, so little money!

One gadget that caught my eye was a torch that gave of the precise wavelengths of light to highlight a blood trail on the ground.

Other clever gadgets are LEDS torches that go for hundreds of hours on a battery and weigh almost nothing, a portable gas & battery powered shower and laser rangefinders.

How did I ever get by without a self-inflating mattress, a GPS or a backpack hydration system filled with isotonic carbohydrate/electrolyte fluid replacement?

Must have been by sleeping on a groundsheet, knowing how to read a map and drinking out of the bloody creek!

There are some pretty impressive rifle/scope packages available today and for very good prices.

I often see blokes turning up at our range to sight these new pieces in. It's quite painful watching someone turn up with a new Weatherby and fail to shoot a 100 meter group under 150mm.

And such fun to shoot a similar group with an open-sighted lever action .45!


Anonymous said...

A 150+mm group at 100m??

My Weatherby .308 will do a lot better than that. If I couldn't get around 35mm (prone) at that range I'd shoot meself, not the bloody target.

Anonymous said...

KG you can't compare a lever action with iron sights with a bolt action with (presumably) telescopic sights.

If you want to get really serious about shooting tight groups about entering this competition


Anonymous said...

Andrei, I wasn't comparing the two--I was comparing what my Weatherby is capable of with the groups Oswald said other Weatherby owners were getting.My wife has a Marlin .357 levergun and at anything past 80m the groups aren't wonderful.
But then, that's not what the rifle is for, is it?

Oswald Bastable said...

I'm saying you can give some folks a fine rifle and they would be better having one with a bayonet fitted!

Anonymous said...

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