Friday, December 06, 2013

Great man my arse

Another terrorist died today.


Many more to go...

For the cretins who always swallow the media line:

Monday, December 02, 2013

Living to take offense

Jonny Schwass' Salisbury St restaurant was served a notice by the Christchurch City Council about 4.20pm during its Sunday Players set on November 24..."
Only in the City of the Damned...

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Colin Craig veers to the left

DOUBLE the tax on alcohol indeed!

Straight out of the mouths of the enemy.

What your demographic* wants to hear is that you will PUNISH the ABUSERS.

Bring back the crime of Drunk and DISORDERLY in a pubic place. A night in a nasty cell and a stiff fine.

Alcohol related medical treatment cops a bill for the cost of treatment.

Simple, really- now write it out a hundred times!

*- and a few of the left, I suspect. Their principles (such as they have) are somewhat flexible when party policies impact on their pleasures or pockets

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dumpster deli- poverty of imagination

Left with just $50 for food some are risking their health or being arrested for stealing from supermarkets and shops to provide for their families.
One Masterton woman has admitted to dumpster diving and stealing food and local advocates say she isn't the only one resorting to breaking the law to feed children..."
I recall tales of the depression era from grandparents who lived through them. Hard times are not exactly a new phenomena, nor will they ever totally go away. What I heard was that kids did not starve- they just had to eat what was set before them and that meant cheap and little variety. Hell, variety then meant what was seasonal for almost everyone.
Staples were home-grown vegetables- spuds, silverbeet and cabbage. Bread was replaced with fried scones and the only sweetening was golden syrup. Meat was a luxury if you didn't hunt or fish- or trade with somebody who did.
Fried scones can be made for next to nothing and sure beat an empty stomach. Id you must have drink or tobacco, both can be had for very little. Tobacco is easy to grow (it's just a weed) and to cure. Seasonal fruit can be fermented (windfall apples are available for the taking)
Come to think of it, if the washing machine breaks, there is always the bar soap and washboard that has served for many generations.
It's just a fact of life that if you are poor, you are not entitled to the luxuries of the more affluent.
Televisions, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, SKY TV, microwave ovens, dvd players- these are not essential for life. Nor do you need pre-prepared food.
Go the the local library and get a few historical books on how people lived a century ago. Learn how to work with what you have- which is much more than your great-grandparents had.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Armageddon out and never going back

I was coerced into attending Armageddon 2013 (kids)

At least now I have experienced rush hour on the Tokyo subway, without spending a lot of money to do so. Although I suspect the Japanese would be more liberal with deoderants.

It could have been an amusing and interesting day in a decent sized venue or with restricted ticket sales and a few vendors would have gotten money of me, had I been able to get to them.

The event was a victim of it's own popularity, really...

Sunday, October 20, 2013

One of us is doing it wrong

Many of us dream of retiring and sitting on the beach fishing all day, then going home for a few cold ones. Every day.

I'm told the bums a couple of doors up the street have been doing that for 30+ years.

Isn't it nice that folks like us get to pick up the tab...


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Not funny

"Kiwis who believe laughter is the best medicine can now gain a degree in the subject, with the country's first medical clowning qualification to be launched this December.
Professional "care clown" Dr Thomas Petschner has brought the qualification to New Zealand through Steinbeis University in Berlin.
Those who seek to become qualified clowners can do a certificate, diploma or full bachelor of arts in medical clowning.
The university's International Institute for Medical Clowning is the first of its kind, with 240 people enrolled to study medical clowning worldwide... "
Well, I always thought that the B.A. stood for Bugger-All.
This sort of confirms that belief...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Saturday, October 12, 2013


All the local body election results are in.

NOTHING changes. Garbage out, garbage in.

But the real problem is the unelected council 'officials'. The oxymoron of management.

They remain the same.

Incapable of leading starving wolves to a cow that had been dead for a week...

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Look a little deeper into the story

"New entrant pupils are arriving at school with the social and academic skills of 2-year-olds, Christchurch principals say.
Language, behavioural, and general social skills are so lacking in some children that learning in a mainstream class is impossible.
Bamford School principal Colin Hammond saw a lot of new pupils, particularly boys, not ready to learn.
"We're also finding something really quite astounding in terms of academic language..."

I'm betting that if the kids who fit this feral picture  also fit a certain demographic- one of drugs, booze, welfare dependency and criminal parents. I could mention certain ethnicities that would be overrepresented statistically, but it's the behaviors that are the real drivers here.
You can bet that whoever did this study knows exactly that, but the elephant in the room is, as usual, ignored by the media and other apologists.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

No description of the offenders?

"An Auckland builder has been stabbed with a pair of scissors in an apparently random daylight attack.
Adrian Bezuidenhot was walking along a south Auckland street at about 2.30pm today when a station wagon stopped and three men demanded his wallet, 3 News reported.
When he refused they got out, stabbed him with a pair of scissors, struck him with a club, and took his wallet..."

I'm assuming no description is mentioned, because none is needed. All unblinkered folk know what they will look like...

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Nasty virus

Especially when you have to keep on working.

I'm not sure if losing my sense of taste & smell is a good or a bad thing...

Friday, September 13, 2013

Am I the only one to see something profoundly wrong here?

We all have our little fantasies, but try to keep them from spilling over into the real world.

These people have failed

Given who they are, a secret island with a hollowed out volcano lair would be more fitting...

Monday, September 09, 2013

Hoist by their own petard

I do love it when the socialist's pandering to radical minorities comes home to roost!

Faced with a big dose of realism (always a trying time) they are forced to admit that a queer party leader would not be popular with the plebs- and now cop the fallout from the PC movement and the fags!

Labor should look to their roots and stop pandering to every special interest group and re-connect with the ordinary working bloke, as they once did.

I can offer this advice to the enemy, secure in the knowledge that they will never use it!

There is no link, as I can't seem to see any sign of this story -it was on tv, but has yet to surface on the net.

Thursday, September 05, 2013


It's the time of state-sactionioned graffiti again- local body elections. Hundreds of eyesore hoardings line the streets and I see something quite disturbing in Whangarei. NONE of them have been defaced!

Now I don't think that all of a sudden folks have embraced private property rights- not for a nanosecond.

They are just too bloody apathetic to so much as draw on a mustache or throw a piece of rotten fruit. I can only speculate that the turnout to vote will be equally met with apathy.

Could that be due to the fact that local body elections are just an exercise in PRETENDING to give people the illusion of a say, while unelected officials continue to inflict unwanted projects and vanities on the ratepayers, while neglecting the real, but non-glamourous infrastructure?

Or are reality TV, cooking programs and yet more home renovation shows far more interesting?

Saturday, August 31, 2013


Two words:

Screw them.

We have all seen how the crapheads in these parts of the world react to the West's (misguided) efforts to help them out of the shit they got themselves into.

Leave them to their own miseries. We will get zero thanks for interfering.

The only military action I would support is containing these mad dog states within their own borders.

The whole damned lot are not worth the life of one western serviceman.

Monday, August 26, 2013


'The confusion caused when ones mind overrides the body’s natural desire to choke the living shit out of some asshole that desperately needs it.

Doubly so in the workplace. Actually, it's been less of a 'choking the living shit out of some asshole' day and more of a 'hacking some asshole into cat food with a broadsword' day...

Monday, August 19, 2013

A shift in direction

It seems tourism has changed its 'Clean and Green image and is now using 'Green for Queens'

Anything to make a buck, I suppose.

New Zealand- the Las Vegas of the queer world...

Friday, August 16, 2013

Book reviews

About one in a thousand of those who download a FREE book see fit to leave a review.

That would be OK of it wasn't for the fact that the ones who have found it not to their taste HAVE to pass judgement.

In every case, the comments prove they have extremely limited powers of comprehension and in most cases openly admit they did not finish- or indeed get partway through the book.

Perhaps they should stick to 'graphic novels' [gags]

Heaven forbid that the story should challenge their intellect (such as it is) or prove a little difficult to follow (Say, by reading the heading to see who is currently narrating)

The adventures of Spongebob should not vex them so....

(after the crap review, my downloads went up by a factor of 10)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Snouts ALL firmly in the trough

"MPs on all sides are joining forces to defend the right to set their own unlimited travel perks - despite a Government promise to transfer them to an independent body.
Prime Minister John Key pledged three years ago that the Government would strip MPs of the power to set their own perks. It introduced a bill last year to change the system, under which Parliament's Speaker determines the widely criticised allowances that give MPs unlimited free travel within New Zealand.
However, MPs on the government administration select committee have gutted the Members of Parliament (Remuneration and Services) Bill - and returned control of travel and accommodation perks to the Speaker. The U-turn has received cross-party support..."
They were about as likely to vote their perks curtailed, as a Frenchman who lives next door to a brothel is to move house!

Friday, August 09, 2013

Holy Crap

A judge takes the circumstances into account and arrives at a fair verdict!

"A highly experienced judge took mercy on a drink driver today after being told "the worst story I've ever heard in court"..."

Tuesday, August 06, 2013


"A 17-year-old accused of a violent incident which resulted in the death of a homeless man in Auckland was on bail for other charges.
The accused is charged with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm to Edwin Linder, 42. Linder died in Auckland Hospital on Saturday after a violent incident in Mills Lane in the city centre on Wednesday night.
The teen's name and details of the alleged offence are suppressed. But it can be revealed he was on bail from the Tauranga District Court for unrelated theft and breach of bail charges..."

YET again.
Time to start penalizing judges that screw up. Hell, the rest of us have consequences when we get it wrong at work.
I'm thinking they should get some quality time in the same cell as the scrote they let loose on the public. 

A few nights in a high medium wing would give them a little attitude adjustment...

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Bullshit news

"Tough economic times are continuing to bite Kiwi families with cash-strapped mums and dads having to lay-by lollies for their kids' birthday parties.
Manukau-based Bits N Bites offers the service so parents can plan ahead and not be left so short of cash they can't afford the treats..."

Pull the other one! Can't afford sweeties for the kids?
Make them.
What does a bag of sugar cost? Fudge and toffee are dead easy to make at home- I used to make them as a kid.


This is just wrong!

WTF were they thinking...

Saturday, August 03, 2013


"The South African migrant who was told he was ''too fat'' to live in New Zealand has been ''hurt and disheartened'' by the nasty reaction of many New Zealanders to his plight.
Albert Buitenhuis and his wife, Marthie, have lived and worked in Christchurch for  six years but are now facing deportation.
Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has denied the couple visas because, along with a knee condition, Albert's obesity is too much of a potential strain on the country's health system..." (bold mine)
I go past the local WINZ (or their latest incarnation) office most days and see plenty of bloated slugs that make him look like friggin' Tinkerbell!
If we expelled ALL the obese immigrants, half the bloody Pacific islands would sink!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Consequences are a bitch

"A teenage tagger has been shocked by the $1500 cleanup bill he faces after spray-painting 3 metres of fence in Upper Riccarton.
Police and the judge have suggested he could get his tagging mates to help pay since he was the only one caught and he is facing the whole bill.
Concrete placer Reece Dean McMillan Middleton, 18, says he has only $100 a week left after paying his rent..."
Prick would have gotten a bigger shock if I was the judge.
And flogging was a sentence option (to be received before starting reparation payments)

Monday, July 29, 2013

What's really wrong here #578

What a pack of candy-arsed crybabies the media are! The latest storm in a teacup:

"Police are investigating after a Pakistan-born taxi driver was victim to a torrent of racial abuse in Invercargill last week..."

Oh, please!

There is less media drama when a kid gets beaten to death.

National Headlines- 'Man gets called names'. Is this the best story you can find?

Try a day in the life of a cop or work in a prison if you want to here a real nasty racial tirade- but- oh, that's right- it doesn't count when it's directed at whitey...

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Use kerosine, not water

"Fire crews and police attending a burning house in Whangarei also had to contend with attendees of a near-by gang party, who hindered them and tried to break into a police car last night.
A Fire Service spokesman said the fire on William Jones Dr, Otangerei was "well-involved" when crews arrived in the early hours of Sunday morning.
Police said a car was also set alight and police were "initially hindered by the actions of gang members attending a party at a nearby address"..."
Let the whole damned rat's-nest of a suburb burn. The region would be all the better for it. Orangotangeri is a cancer on Whangarei.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Other people's babies

For most- as far as I'm concerned- Jonathan Swift had the right idea- although around these parts, most would not be considered fit for dog-tucker.

Otherwise, they are slightly more interesting than a bag of sand and slightly less interesting than America's Cup racing.

Begone from my television, computer screen and newspaper!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The NZ firearms code clearly states that 'Self-defense is NOT a valid reason to possess firearms. The law does not permit the possession of firearms in anticipation that a firearm may be needed to be used in self defense.'

Yet it's OK for idiots to own pit bulls and other semi-feral mongrels for that very reason. Yet another person was munched by one today.

Now I have been around firearms for over 40 years and have NEVER seen a pistol, rifle or shotgun open up on anyone when left out of the gun safe. Never.

Never seen one leap a fence to go on a shooting spree, either.

Pit bulls, however...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Tragic loss in the Wellington earthquake

Oh, the humanity!

"Yesterday's shake has claimed a high price victim at Regional Wine and Spirits store in Wellington, a $3780 bottle of cognac smashed.
General manager Alastair Morris said he was reluctant to look under the cabinet which toppled in the quake, afraid of the high-priced victims he would find.
Underneath he found the remain of a 700ml bottle of Louis XIII de Remy Martin cognac, the priciest victim, along with a smaller bottle of the same drop value at $500..."

Saturday, July 20, 2013

A law change

This country is in definite need of a change to the Noise Control laws.

Fecking stereos pounding out boom-boom jungle drums should be grounds for the death penalty!

Buy an Ipod and destroy your hearing- the rest of the world does NOT want to hear that shit.


And no merciful hangings.

I'm talking death by being lowered into a tank full of starving rats or perhaps being staked out at the low water mark.

For a first offense.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

We will pay for the stupid, but not the disabled.

"Building-block towers never get very high in the Tamaseu house.
They're constructed twice a week, meticulously balanced by 12-year-old Duncan before he smashes them down.
Like his peers he's getting more physical as he becomes a young man.
It's a physicality that means he will require care for the rest of his life because he is severely autistic, has ADHD and is intellectually disabled.
It's a job his parents Paul and Larissa are fighting to be paid to do.
It makes sense they say. No-one knows how Duncan ticks like they do.
"We just want the best care for him and we believe that as parents, we are,"says Mr Tamaseu.
They have two other children, Liam, 10, and Benjamin, 2. Mrs Tamaseu says caring for Duncan is more absorbing than a fulltime job.
"It's not eight hours but 16 or more a day.
"We care for him and feed him but it is a lot of work and it affects the rest of our family, " she says.
Last November the Glen Eden couple made a submission to a Health Ministry consultation document in support of parents being paid for full time care.
The document was initiated after the 2011 Atkinson case won the right for carers of adult disabled children to be paid.
The case involved a group of eight families with disabled adult children taking the Government to the Court of Appeal via the Human Rights Review Tribunal.
The court declared that the Health Ministry's policy of not paying family carers created unjustified discrimination on the grounds of family status under the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990.
The Tamaseus believed their submission made them eligible to be paid once Duncan becomes an adult at 18.
But in May the Government announced under the 2013 budget that it would only fund 1600 family carers for the disabled as part of a $23 million policy package for the sector, making parents and spouses ineligible..."
The rest here:
And yet we are paying for people who make stupid decisions. 
Drunks and druggies who voluntarily stuff themselves up in 'accidents'. Get pissed, smash up yourself and ACC pay for you care. Or destroy what grey matter they had, also rending them unfit for shoveling shit from on place to another.
Girls who decide to breed instead of working and the feckless sperm donors that aid them.
Those who make themselves unemployable by scribbling over their faces and are more pierced than Custer's uniform.
The list goes on.
We pay for their care through our taxes.
And when they are partially held to account, as in the current round of welfare 'reforms', there are howls of outrage from the do-gooders about 'beneficiary bashing'  (as if that is a bad thing)
Yet when it is those disabled through no fault of there own- it's tough shit.
But I guess they don't make up much of a voting block...

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another 'only in Masterton'

I generally don't have more than a few picoseconds for the parking nazis, but some parking rightly deserves a fine and a good slapping with a dead fish.

The excuse that she had to park like that because the person who was parked next to this spot was also a crap parker who couldn't get between the lines is not exactly a strong defense.

'I'm from Masterton' would make a stronger case...

Saturday, July 13, 2013


"Police have launched a homicide investigation after a baby boy died of significant head injuries.
The one-year-old, from Whangarei, was taken to Whangarei Hospital yesterday at 10am.
In the early afternoon he was airlifted to Auckland's Starship Hospital. He died just before 11pm..."
Bets on the offenders profile?
What?- no takers?

"Police have named the dead baby at the centre of a homicide inquiry as Atreyu Taylor-Matene..."

Friday, July 12, 2013

This was alway going to end badly

"Hospital and ambulance officials have raised concerns after a dance party where thousands of revellers, many intoxicated, danced on polished concrete floors slippery with paint.
Around 5000 people attended the party at Dunedin's Forsyth Barr stadium which was promoted as an official world record attempt for the title of world's largest paint fight.
St John said it treated around 35 people at the Illuminate Paint Party on Wednesday night, sending 11 to hospital by ambulance.
"Nobody that went to hospital was sober," St John Dunedin operations team manager Doug Third said.
Some of those at the event were grossly intoxicated and "and not able to look after their own airways," he said.
Also "the polished concrete floor became extremely slippery with the paint on it"..."
I'm thinking you must need to fail an intelligence test to get into university these days...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm getting a mixed message here

"An Invercargill High Court judge has ruled in favour of a Maniototo drunk driver seeking to escape jail time for his fifth offence.
Justice Christian Whata has overturned a sentence of seven months jail for farmer Allan James Carran from Otago rural township Ranfurly, reducing the sentence to four months home detention.
Police caught Carran, 47,  with a breath alcohol reading of more than three times the legal limit, 1266 micrograms per litre of breath while he was driving to Otautau to pick up his wife around lunchtime on Sunday, March 19 this year.
Carran had previously been caught drunk driving on 1985, 1988, 1993, and 2003..."
One moment I'm being told that DIC is a very serious offense. Based on the enormous amounts of taxpayers money spent enforcing it, you could almost believe this to be true.
But then you look at the sentences handed down.
The only real punishment is when the driver loses his job over the loss of a license- that is the only time there are any real consequences...

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Yet another example

"Thousands of parking tickets issued by Hutt City Council may be invalid, and the money raked in by fines may have to be refunded.
The council has acknowledged there may be a problem, and its chief executive Tony Stallinger said "it's going to be a major inconvenience if that's the case".
A loophole in the council's bylaws has been uncovered by Al O'Connor, a legal researcher and master's student at Victoria University, who stumbled on the matter after he was ticketed for parking longer than two hours near his Seaview office.
"It's a newly created time-restricted area, and I took it on myself to check the lawfulness of it - and uncovered a massive problem."
Land transport regulations state that local authorities must pass a bylaw authorising the penalties for parking infringements.
Hutt City Council's bylaw provided for parking meters, coupon parking, resident parking and no-stopping areas, but it made no provision for time-restricted parking, he said..."
Yet ANOTHER example of petty 'officials' thinking they are a law unto themselves.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Part of what is wrong here

"...During the 20 years to 2000 the number of students enrolled in the country's universities more than tripled to 139,000.
But a university education is not the only path to success, a point graphically made by Education Minister Hekia Parata last weekend when she pointed out that New Zealand was in danger of experiencing a shortage of skilled tradespeople because so much focus was being put on channelling students into university and academic pathways.
"The backbone of New Zealand has been built on tradespeople, who then go into business and become our middle-class citizens," she said after delivering a speech to an Independent Schools of New Zealand conference.
In the rush to acquire academic qualifications New Zealanders have forgotten the value of other occupations. But for some, wiring and plumbing buildings not only provides greater satisfaction than shuffling paper, it also proves more rewarding..."
We are approaching a day when the BA, MA and PhD types will be calling for a plumber or a sparkie- and waiting for them to come from the workshop- in Australia.

Friday, July 05, 2013


"...Labour's Wimmin's Division is proposing that the party introduce quotas in some of its keenly contested electorates so that only women can be selected as candidates. 
It's proposing a target of 45 per cent women in caucus in 2014 and 50 per cent in 2017 - despite the fact that already 41 per cent of its caucus are female. 
The plan is stupid on so many levels it's difficult to know where to start. But here goes: ..."

I think this is a great move! Just the thing to push liarbour into total obscurity.
Then we only have one other mainstream fuckwit socialist party to contend with.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

It's a freakin' kids toy- usually.

"In her 54 years, the leggy blonde that is Barbie has inspired love,controversy and even imitation (from the slightly odd this to the just plain disturbing this).
But an artist from Pittsburgh, Pennyslvania suggests that we should be focusing on a revision of the classic Mattel doll.
Nickolay Lamm has recreated a typical blonde Barbie, but at the average proportions of a 19-year-old American woman (he took the measurements from the Centre for Disease Control)..."
She was probably designed to use less plastic in the mold.
Now you are going to get people from San Francisco suing because the new revised barbie gets lodged internally!

Monday, July 01, 2013

Better off in a Victorian orphanage

"The Lower Hutt parents who seriously neglected their young children want to get them back.
A 25-year-old man and a 23-year-old woman were today sentenced in the Wellington District Court on four counts each of neglect.
They had pleaded guilty to not providing medical care, food and nutrition for the children, aged 4, 3, 2 years, and 7 months, who were found dirty and malnourished with head lice infestations and open scabies wounds in January.
The man was sentenced to six months community detention, 18 months intensive supervision and 80 hours of community work.
The woman was sentenced to 18 months intensive supervision and 160 hours of community work.
Permanent name suppression was granted to both parents to protect the identity of their children, who are still in state care..."
Not only should they never see their children again, but they should both be permanently and irreversibly sterilized. AFTER serving a lengthy prison term at hard labour.
But no, after that slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket, they will no doubt get their kids back. To continue the irreversible damage...

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Village of the Damned exports welfare cases

"Hundreds of people on Christchurch's state house waiting list are being offered incentives such as free rent and fuel vouchers to move town.
Housing New Zealand Corporation (HNZC) is contacting its nearly 360 priority Christchurch applicants waiting for a home to see if they would shift to towns where houses were vacant..."
As one of the commenters stated: ' town, same benefit, same life...'
I Imagine some of them would have jumped at the chance- a relocation to a small town with no likelihood of a job ever- and they can point the finger at HNZ when WINZ takes them to task.
Others, I'm sure are cases the HNZ Christchurch want to see the back of.
There are probably quite a few that Christchurch in general want to be rid of, also.
Pity the folk in the small towns who get an influx of new riff-raff. The last small town I lived in had nothing but problems from the denizens of our 'Social Housing'...

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wanker Cyclist!

"Swedish police are on the hunt for a man who likes bicycles a little too much.
Fed up that someone was slashing his tyres, cyclist Per Edstrom set up a camera outside his home and caught the bike molester red-handed.
Footage from Mr Edstrom's camera shows a hooded man cutting open a tyre and then pleasuring himself as the tyre deflates..."
I suppose the odds were higher in a hard-core socialist country...

Friday, June 28, 2013

Be a media whore...

"Nelson Mandela's eldest daughter lambasted foreign media "vultures" for violating her father's privacy as he lay critically ill in hospital, and said the former South African president was still clinging to life today..."

Pretty rich, considering the prick did all he could to keep in the media's eye for the greater part of his soon to end life.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Didn't think there was a shortage

"Concerns have been raised over the ability of the Government's new workplace safety body to enforce health and safety legislation.
Five days before the launch of the Health and Safety Inspectorate, only 74 of the promised 158 inspectors have been hired, Labour health and safety spokeswoman Darien Fenton says..."
Odd- I never thought there was a shortage of useless, neutered, puffed-up, dick-licking, officious busybodies in this country!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's not the story that is intersting

"The Advertising Standards Authority has chucked out a claim of racism, saying the mispronunciation of Maori words in a supermarket ad was not racist enough to cause ''widespread offence''.
The ASA received a number of complaints relating to a Pak'nSave advertisement aired on television in May promoting Kiwi Kai Week..."
The comments in the linked article are what is really interesting. It would appear that folks are getting pretty damn sick of this PC 'I'm offended by everything' attitude.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sod off you self-serving wankers

"New Zealand roads are becoming increasingly perilous as sentimental owners refuse to let go of their ageing and unsafe cars.
People needed to scrap their older cars so the average age of the New Zealand car fleet could be reduced from 13.8 years, Motor Trade Association marketing and communications general manager Ian Stronach said.
Older cars posed a risk because of their lack of safety features and often high levels of exhaust emissions, which can be compounded by a lack of regular servicing, Stronach said.
"New Zealanders are renowned for their ingenuity and ability to make do with equipment and facilities that in other countries would be regarded as being well past its use-by date.
"We seem to have an enduring relationship with older vehicles and as long as it is still going, it doesn't need to be scrapped..."
Yes, play the ' safety' card. It's all about the MT frickin' A trying to sell more cars. I have older cars because I see no need to spend money buying newer ones when the ones I have run perfectly well. The MTA can kiss my arse. The only real safety feature is the person behind the wheel.
Damned right it doesn't need to be scrapped if it is running well. It is also a matter of what we can afford. If you want to be fucking green, keep what you have working well. the energy to make a new one far exceeds the minuscule gains in fuel economy.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Beyond burning rubber

"...The Veyron's quad-turbo W16 engine currently pushes out 1184 horses but its potential is said to be closer to 1500hp.
That combined with a more extensive use of carbon fibre, which could cut up to 200 kilograms from its kerb weight, could see a 1500hp Veyron with a top speed in the 450kmh range.
The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport currently holds the world record for the fastest production car at 431.072kmh.
Any shot that the 450kmh mark, however, would only be possible if an improvement in tyre technology - to stop them melting at such high speeds - is available..." (Bold Mine)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Can you spell Apartheid ?

"Mana Party leader Hone Harawira wants to offer Maori first-time homebuyers no-deposit, low-interest loans but admits he doesn't know how much the programme would cost.
Mana yesterday unveiled its policy of building 10,000 state houses a year and offering the loans.
The scheme would be similar to the former Maori Affairs Housing Scheme, which was dropped in 1989. Only Maori first-time homeowners would be eligible..."
Try two billion dollars a year.
Even labor isn't mental enough to go with this, but when you are only trying to appeal to the 'gimmee' voters, you may pull it off.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stupid drivers get the annual reminder of what snow is

"Dozens of cars have been stranded or have slid off the road as the south's big chill begins to hit.
Snow has begun to fall in the deep south with reports it's settling in many parts of Southland.
Snow showers have been reported this afternoon in Te Anau and Five Rivers, in the Hokonui hills near Gore, and at Wairio near Nightcaps. Bluff residents have also reported "teeny snow showers".
Twenty vehicles are stranded on Southland's Jollies Pass tonight with six cars sliding off the road..."

You could hope it was all tourists, but from past experience, I'm picking that the shallow end of the gene pool will be getting their annual reminder that snow and ice is not a good thing to drive on...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Missing the main reason

"...Helping out during public emergencies was "more complicated'' than it seemed, lecturer at Auckland University school of psychology Danny Osborne told Fairfax Media.
Studies showed there were five stages to negotiate before people were moved to step in, Osborne said.
The first stage was noticing. Then came interpreting the problem, accepting responsibility for providing help, deciding what to do, and then doing it.
"This was an instance in which people either failed to take responsibility or perhaps they felt responsible but decided not to help," he said.
The larger the audience to a domestic assault, the less likely someone would feel responsible, Osborne said.
In deciding whether to help, people internally evaluated "the pros and cons of interfering".
"Cons might include embarrassing yourself if you find out that the woman didn't require assistance," he said..."
Actually, the main reason for not sticking your nose in is the high probability of a smack in the head. Ask a cop about how many interventions in a domestic end up with both parties attacking you,

Monday, June 17, 2013

Par for the course

"Wellington City Council's executive have had to ditch their rose-tinted glasses after a new survey found staff morale was nowhere near as high as expected.
Council has come up with a plan to address poor workplace culture in the wake of the survey, in which 81 per cent of staff participated.
The workplace survey found that staff were unclear what was expected of them, and many did not enjoy their work and planned to leave council within two years.
Staff complained that the council environment did not support innovative ideas, and that the organisation should do more to improve customer service..."
I think you would find ANY council morale slightly lower than a snake's arsehole. Certainly once you get below senior management level.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

On a lighter note

 I happened across a new book at the library:

If you enjoyed 'Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy', you will love Toby Frost's work.

if you didn't, don't bother as you simply won't 'get it'.

Of all our rivals neighbours only the Ghasts could equal us in terms ofdreadnought numbers fleet strength.
Under orders from its capital, the hive-planet of Selenia, the Ghast Empire has recently tripled its production of tanks, warships and long leather coats.

The Colonial Intelligence Service has been keeping a close eye on these filthy ant-people Formica Redarsa, and especially Number One, their pint-sized generalissimo queen.

We are not convinced by their recent claim that "The Ghast Empire wants only friendship with the British and their numerous, tasty children".

After careful study of Number One's biographic work My Ceaseless Quest to Conquer Earth and Destroy its Puny Inhabitants, we have come to the conclusion that the Ghast Empire may well be up to something rum. This, coupled with the colossal military might of the ant-men Formicas, means that in the event of general galactic war we would need to mobilise every resource available to us to counter the Ghast menace and do it a bit of no good.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

So do something real about it

"Ten children were found living at houses during police raids across the Wellington region that uncovered hidden weapons, buried drugs, a P lab and a heavily fortified base...
...The children - particularly a 3-year-old found in an Upper Hutt methamphetamine laboratory - were the most alarming discovery for police, Detective Senior Sergeant Tim Leitch said.
"The child shouldn't be in the meth lab; that's one of the real high-risk places..."
But will they get permanently removed from these dirtbags?
Nah- 'with their own family is the best place for them" will be the answer.
The kids would be better off in an orphanage than with these shit-heads. Even the sort of orphanages we used to have and that's saying something...