Tuesday, January 30, 2007

No more Mr Nice Guy!

The gloves are off over at CYFSWATCH

They have upped the stakes and posted a *MOST INTERESTING* piece about Panty-Slut Boy.

Follow the link above to read all the sordid details!


The article has been removed, for reasons of copyright. having seen some well-reasoned arguments for and against, I'm now of the opinion that the CYFSWATCH site was not the right place for that post.

Keeping the moral high ground only strengthens the site's case. Although I understand the need for some folks to vent!


Sunday, January 28, 2007

I must get photoshop!

Then I wouldn't need to plagiarise stuff like this!

Hat Tip- http://cowboyblob.blogspot.com/

Bloody do-gooders

In the Wairarapa, Trust House own most of the liquor outlets, a string of supermarkets and a lot of ex-housing corp properties.

The deal is that profits are returned to the community via donations. The tend to be expensive and often the only game in town, but shoppers are free to vote with their money and chose to use them or not.

That is fairly much as it should be, as they don't have monopolies on state-controlled services like the bottle shops.

My problem is with their rental properties.

Being a bunch of do-gooders, they rent to those the private market would shun, just like their predecessors.

So what happen- the shit of the world moves in to lower cost housing- more money to spend in thebottle shops and tinnie houses. This is one major reason for the crime in Masterton- it's no co-incidence that about 25% of Rimutaka prison used to name their home town as Masterton!

Some time ago, I did some work in East Masterton. We needed an extra guy just to stay with the trucks and keep the local blowflies off. In the early afternoon, parties were in full swing and a quick glance showed that the teeth to tattoo ratios were all bad. I have had quite a few near-miss incidents driving in these parts of town, as feral children roam free.

These cheap rental houses are not doing our communities any favours, unlike what this plonker thinks. You mean well, but are attracting human refuse into our district. Keep your socialist aspirations to providing pensioner accomodation.

I don't want your failed experiment in my town!

Cry me a river...

"The country's youngest killer cried during his recent Parole Board hearing, his mother says. Bailey Junior Kurariki, 17, was sentenced at age 13 to seven years' jail in 2002 for the manslaughter of Auckland pizza deliverer Michael Choy, who was fatally beaten with a baseball bat in 2001.

The Parole Board last week denied him an early release. His mother, Lorraine West, told the Sunday Star Times her son cried during last Tuesday's hearing, and that he knew within the first 10 minutes he was not going to be freed.

Ms West claimed a member of the Parole Board referred to him as "thinking he was a film star" and asked how he would deal with media attention when released. Her son said he did not know but West jumped to her feet and told the board she would pull the film from any photographer's camera, She was told to sit down but did not ..."


You would be friggin' blubbing If I ever got to pass sentence, you piece of shit!

You are a mad dog that is too dangerous to live and I would have you put down at the first opportunity. No fuss, no drama, just a swift appointment with Jack Ketch.

From the sounds of it, members of your family could use a little hemp osteopathy as well..

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Moving house

Today was spend helping with a house move and I'm knackered and in severe need of beer!

House moving would have to be one of my least favorite jobs and that includes doing things with septic tanks or human remains.

But a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!

There is a saying that two house moves equates to a house fire.

There is something to be said for burning down the house & starting afresh!

But I didn't tell you to do that and make sure your insurance is paid up!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Cool toys!

The latest mob control weapon should have the greenies and weenies squealing like scalded piggies!

Made worse by being a US invention, of course!
For place like Iraq, crank up the power and smell the frying bacon!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

An interesting precident is being set

The inability of a well-resourced and particularly agressive government department to shut down CYFSWATCH (so far) has interesting implications for all Bloggers ('cat blogs' and any left-leaners exempted).

The powers-that-be have been prodded with a pointed stick and they don't like it up 'em!

It's no secret that they don't like us and would like us to STFU and this is the most concerted effort so for to make it happen.

They might shut CYFSWATCH down, but it will soon be back elsewhere. it's ironic and amusing that all the fuss about this site has just pushed its exposure through the roof!

As they don't have any tanks to send in- anyone like to take a bet on some new legislation coming up soon?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Damned Elusive Comet!

Every night I go out looking, the bloody clouds have moved in! Where where they when I was being grilled under the midday sun?

Still, the one look at it that I did get was better than that miserable Halley's Comet- and every other one that has come along since. I spent many hours freezing up on the Port Hills looking for Haley's Comet and I'm still not sure I actually saw it!

Tonight, perhaps...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

CYFS Watch

Here is a link to the site that the powers-that-be want closed down:


Typical friggin govamint department that thinks it is beyond reproach!

Up yours Liarbour!

Monday, January 22, 2007

More blood on Corrections hands!

Corrections is an inherently dangerous job- unless you are management, of course.


There is one person who could have used the stab-resistant vests that are freely available on the market.

That Corrections management continues to procrastinate over purchasing. This was being talked about when I was in Corrections four bloody years ago!

This sort of kit has been out there for years and for police and corrections not to have it is, IMNSHO, criminally negligent. After all, if a worker was injured due to lack of safety boots, hard hat or eye protection, OSH would be down on them like a ton of bricks.

But when the employer is the government, it seem that anything goes.

And don't get me started on the scandalous state of our military's equipment...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bastables Law

That anyone invoking Godwin's Law is getting or has recieved a caning, usually on a subject they know sod-all about.

Here endth the lesson

Best Post of the Year!


Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Monopoly on Caring and the Political Left

Kiwiblog reports yet another overseas example of a "filthy richer" giving away all his loot.The NZ political left believe they have the monopoly on caring through charity and gift giving. Of course it is far easier to be charitable when you are doing it with other people’s money..."

Clamp me- I dare ya!

You do see some interesting things down my street, but an M41 tank is one of the more unusual ones!

I was hoping that they might let the handbrake off and let it sort of flatten the house to the right of the picture, along with the oxygen-theives that 'live' there...

Any suggestions for an amusing caption?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Blogger Drinks?

Code Brown

I have just returned from a call out to deal with a 'Floater' in one of the public swimming pools.

For some reason the ditzoid lifeguard couldn't deal with a simple bit of excrement. (it's meant to be part of their job)

It isn't rocket science- scoop the turd and disinfect the water in the vicinity with a large dose of Hypochlorite.

Now why is it I'm not a fan of public swimming pools? thats right- I have to service the damned things.

Some people are filthy swine. Like the subhamans that climbed the fence & shit in one of the pools last Saturday night. If you get caught, you will be going for a swim in the sewerage pons, seeing as that seems to be your thrill!

At least I have the advantage of knowing which of the three local pools have the lowest levels of bodily fluids in them...

One thing that should be brown here isn't - the grass. This is a boom year for hay- I've never seen so much growth. Global warming seems to be good for some!

But my lawn should be browned off by now, not still growing.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Art of Politics

One of the main rules is to make little of the big events and much out of the small ones.

Evidence of this has been prominently displayed in the last few day (making much of little things) over the declaration of several blogger who have announced that they would rather be dragged buck naked through a blackberry tangle than go drinking with left-loving (or even any) bloggers.

That's their position (and MINE) What of it? What is there to make a big deal about?

Or did they dare to have a position on the matter and be non-PC and announce to the world "I don't friggin' love everyone under the sun!"

I believe that the world is comprised of about 20% arseholes, 79% drones and then there are the rest- some of whom I would actually enjoy having a drink with.

I have no desire or need to mix & mingle with the 'others' They don't interest me and are as likely to be 'converted' as a muslim is to take up raising hogs!

I've meet and talked to people from every kind of background in NZ. A far wider range than many will have met in the flesh.

I don't like most of them- but if you had read the blog header you would already know that!

Monday, January 15, 2007

'Rape Education'

This subject has drawn quite a few comments over at Lindsay's Blog.

Also, David Farrar has gotten a selection of comments on his site.

The big issue for me would be what do I teach my boys on this subject.

Lesson One- Knock some little tart up and you will be bleed dry by her agent, the IRD for the next twenty years. Forget about owning your own home and it's going to be an uphill battle finding a women of your own that will be forgiving of your past transgresssion.

Lesson Two- Once you have your condom on, you better be damned sure she wants to do this. She may be all fired up for it, but could easily cry 'Rape' when work gets back to her parents!
As she could at anytime in the future, should she get her nose out of joint over you!

Lesson Three- The judge will probably lean towards believing her tears. Prison is a bad place- a very bad place. Graphic descriptions of prison life follow for the next couple of hours.

Lesson Four- Intoxicated females are far less rational than sober ones. Avoid like the plauge!

Lesson Five- When you go drinking, go stag and TALK about girls. If you want to chase girls, stay sober- it's easier that way too!

Another one bites the dust!

Our useless employee chucked in the towel today- finally!

It must have been giving him a weedeater and telling him to put it to good use that did the job!

That's three since I have been there (100% turnover)

They all think the job is too hard & too stressful. Softcocks!- hell- nobody has even tried to kill me during the last year and I can't recall the last time I worked for 72+ hours straight- neither have I had to hire, fire or make anybody redundant, nor have I had to had to ventilate anybody or even stop a spurting artery!

Do that sort of job and tell me what stress is!

Can anyone tell me of a job out there that has zero or near to it stress?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Back off, I say!

What's the last thing that goes through a burglar's mind, round these parts?
The wad.

Feckin' Fugly!

This one had the goddamn ugly stick rammed fair... well, you can fill in the rest!

Fortunatly, you won't ge seeing this gross gorgon at a Warehouse near you, as she is off to a long stretch in jail. Story here.

Which is what you deserve for helping a peice of shit like Graeme Burton!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

What is it you don't do with Chuck?

This device looks even better when seen up close. Designed to fling large rocks, metal balls or the heads of those who came second, it's one of the first of the seige engines- the mangonel.
Looking at it, I immediatly thought of a couple of new and interesting applications. (Probably not really new, as the Romans were quite creative along these lines)
Under my rule, Corrections would be purchasing a few of these- they seem eminantly suitable for an inhumane castrator! Pull the cord and watch Mr Rapist's reproductive organs disappear towards the horizon!
A larger model would readily snap a neck, possible removing the offending head. Any particular heads come to mind lately?- ones that already look like a bowling ball, perhaps?
The whole day at the Jousting Tournament at Harcourt Park, Upper Hutt (Here) was a most entertaining one.
A great look at our heritage, without the taxpayer being bleed for it! Now why is it that one lot waving spears & clubs is well-funded from the public trough, yet another group get squat?
I'm a re-enactor too (from a later period) and we don't get a cent from the taxpayer to celebrate our heritage and culture- exactly as it should be!
These people at the event today are an interesting lot- I talked to a couple and was most impressed by the depth of knowledge they had on their particular interest.
It's not to late to have a look- it's on tomorrow and the weather forcast is even better!
And don't forget to take money for your Gnome Homes!

Friday, January 12, 2007

The Rin-Tin-Tin award

I would like to buy this dog a hunk of steak!

"...A teenager may lose his leg after being bitten by a police dog during an arrest early on Thursday morning, his family says..."

He has done what a human needs a 9mm to achieve!

No doubt the dog has acquired a nickname like 'Jaws' or 'Godzilla'!

Perhaps his handler could teach him to bite a little higher. I haven't submitted a good one to Darwin for a while now...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Have at you!


Harcourt Park, Upper hutt- this weekend

Go jump in the lake!

Muslim women want special swim pools

The Dominion Post Thursday, 11 January 2007

"Muslim women in New Zealand say they are suffering health problems because they do not have special pools where they can swim without compromising their religious beliefs. South Island Muslims are looking to set up special pool facilities for females.

Christchurch Muslim Naaz Shah said there was nowhere for Muslim women to swim without compromising their religious beliefs.

Because of this, many Muslim women had no opportunities to exercise and were putting on weight.

"They become medically unfit. Their health is affected and they're quite depressed."
Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand chief executive Sultan Eusoff backed the idea of a special pool for Muslims, and said privacy and modesty were very important for followers of Islam..."

So build yourself pools, using your own money- no problem.

If you want pools built at the ratepayers expense (and I suspect that is where this is going)- go get a big black dog up ya!

If you are turning into a fat fuck- who cares?- nobody can see you in that Darlek uniform!

But really- concern for the mental welfare of muslim women by muslim men!

Next I will be hearing about Lion angst for the plight of the Gazelle!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Burton's parole was 'handled appropriately'
NZPA Wednesday, 10 January 2007

"The Corrections Department has defended its management of the parole of convicted killer Graeme Burton, who was arrested on Saturday after breaching parole and allegedly going on an armed rampage..."

Do they honestly expect up to buy this crap?

Whitewash here:

Parole hearings are two-yearly. Shit for brains got turned down for parole, then goes on to behave as a 'Model Inmate' for two years. Having spent the last 12 years being a total arse.

You don't have to be the sharpest tool in the shed to figure out what has happened here!

To me, you would have to have been a 'Model Inmate' for a longer period than you had been a waste of rations, before I even though about parole!

Parole with an explosive collar as per 'The Running Man'

Yesterday I missed one of my list of shame-

His parole officer.

That one should be bunking with peg-leg for a month or two...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

About Sentencing

What you are not being told is that, having been convicted of murder, Burton would be on a life sentence.

People do not understand why a person who gets 'Life' only get ten years in jail.

It has never been properly explained to Joe Public, that this life sentence has an imprisonment component, followed by a LIFETIME of parole. (The conditions may be loosened though)

At ANY TIME should the breach parole conditions, the released crim can be recalled to resume his sentence, without futher trial! From there they go back to the applying for parole process.

Now here is the crunch- Burton had breeched his at least twice since his release.


Corrections again has blood on it's hands.

But with govamint-can-do-do wrong in place (except for the military and police), blood easily washes off....

Somebody must Pay

Here are the names of the parole board, coutesty of The Herald

Members of the Parole Board who released Graeme Burton
* Judge Bill Unwin: Retired in 1997. Former Canterbury District Prison Board chairman. Appointed to Parole Board in July, 2002.
* Judge Patrick Toomey: District Court judge from 1985 to 2000. Chaired New Plymouth District Prison Board. Appointed July 2002.
* Associate Professor Philip Brinded: Clinical director of Canterbury District Health Board's mental health division. Appointed September, 2004.
* June Jackson: CEO of Nga Whare Waatea Marae and its prisoner re-integration programme. Appointed July, 2002.
* Uialatea Stephen Thomsen: Samoan chaplain involved in Pacific Island-based crime prevention. Appointed in July, 2002.
* Sandy Gill: Worked with at-risk youth and adult offending. Appointed July, 2002

Hang your heads in shame!

Monday, January 08, 2007

How long?

How long before some moonbat starts crying about 'police shooting to maim?'

Previously, they were crying 'why couldn't they shoot him in the legs?'

Ten bucks to a knob of goatshit some fucktard somewhere will be blogging along those lines...

It's True!

The anti-shirt does exist!


This was featured on Sunday's Day-by-Day cartoon (as featured in my sidebar)

I have the classic 'Farmers tan', but like most classic farmers- just ignore it.

Still, one born every minute...

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Getting it right

Here is a proposal:

When parole boards screw the pooch, the get to bunk up with the louse the released!

For releasing an oxygen-thief that kill while on parole, they take turns at sharing a cell for a couple of month each. The tarrif fits the crime.

I know, some may say I'm being soft here- only a couple of months, but the IDEA is the important thing, not the actual time spent inside- that can be debated and sorted out later.

I mean, this is the same sort of a thing as an employer getting a stiff fine for havinga dumb-ass employee crawl into a powered-up compactor, after being told not to.

If Waste Compaction Services can be held responsible/liable and go down, why not a parole board?

BTW-it's not common knowledge, but there is a section (can't recall the #) that can be applied to ensure ALL of a sentence is spent in prison.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

More target practice needed!

A polite request to the Police:

When you are shooting at an oxygen thief like Burton- do try for the head!

If you can't manage the head, keep shooting until
a- out of ammunition
b- all signs of life are gone
c- all of the above

At least you won't get charged for bening in possesion of a fireamm without a lawful purpose- but with the Crown prosecution Service- don't get too comfortable!



Now for the Judge:

Don't let this asshole out EVER!

AND that goes double for you useless pricks that make up the parole boards! Try listening to the Corrections officers that actually know these peices of shit for what they are!

They may not have been to university but any CO with a few months on the job knows one hell of a lot more about the real lives of crims , you sad twats!


Burton is in a serious condition with leg injuries.

Let's not get fancy- amputate above the knee- good practice for a third year medical student!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Vodka and Feckin' Coca-cola!

When will you bastards stop diddling with the flavours?

Every time you bring out a new flavour I get a taste for it, you wankers PULL IT OFF THE MARKET.

I'm refering to:

Vanilla coke
Rasberry coke

Where the hell are they?

Don't give me that shit about 'only so many variants on the market' Others make all manner of variants on their products and while people buy them, they make them!

I can understand dumping the lemon, lime and citrus

Diet coke basic is crap, I can't drink real coke- at least Zero is drinkable.

And where is the Cherry Coke?

Sort your shit out before I give up on splits with my vodka!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

An idea who's time has come?

I have been hearing that there is a shortage of men out there.

Being the benevolent saint that I am, I suggested to the wife that it would be only fair and proper that I took a second wife. (A recently divorced friend of hers came to mind)

I pointed out the obvious benefits- increased income, pooling of resources, economising on expenses such as power & phone. I even offered to secure the services of a maid ( given our increased income to offset the additional work created by two more children.

Selling up both our houses would enable us to by one much larger and nicer property and of course we would need a larger master bedroom!

Such proposals usually result in a reply involving sex and travel* , but see seemed to be looking at this proposal favorably!

Now the hard part- convincing the other party!

* Feck off

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

More stuff impersonating news...

Here is a great bit of self-promoting spin, from another 'let's save us from ourselves' outfit.


But in this case, the Great Satan (the MSM) have snapped him!

"...Mr Claridge made no mention of the fact that December was the one of the coldest December months on record for the last 60 years."

Yep, drownings are down bacuse it's been colder than a witch's tit!

So get your hand off it WSNZ- you can't take any credit for global cooling!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

One born every minute

From the retards at PETA-

'Capture and Release' traps for mice!


Hat tip to Tim Blair!

This could be a useful gadget for someone owning a snake- or a cat/ferret/owl or other render of small furry rodents!

Now that would be Pets Eating Tasty Animals!

Carry on!

Did YOU remember?

Another bit of filler content stating the bloody obvious!

How to remember to to your anti-baby pills here:

The person (probably childless) who wrote this missed one- Borrow my kids for a weekend.

You will NEVER forget to take your pill again!

Probably take to using condoms, a diaphram and getting a Depo shot as well...

Monday, January 01, 2007

What's a good holiday?

One spent the hell away from every other bugger, for starters.

I never could stand camping grounds. They always remind me of refugee camps with lots of food and drink. That and they take me back to a depressing time of my life when I lived in a caravan and learned why the people of the USA coined the term 'Trailer Trash'.

The beach house has it's merits, but only when it's a Dan'l Boone distance from other such places. Not too likely these days.

Camping seems to work best where the facilities are minimal or non-existent. The thought of digging a long-drop keeps most of the family campers away.

Saying at home has often made for a good holiday, provided that everyone else has gone elsewhere. In my flatting days, I did quite a bit of this.

You can wander around in the altogether, live on a 90% meat diet and drink beer before breakfasting on Irish cream & muslei- all without the opinions of others interupting the Cricket.

I've tried going on holiday & staying in motels/hotels, but the wife has an annoying habit of tidying & cleaning least some maid thinks we live like pigs. I'm on holiday- of course I'm going to live like a pig! I'm a great believer in having seperate holidays these days...

Some folks seem to think that you have to be DOING something- well, drinking beer IS doing something!

Day by Day

Chris Muir's Day by Day has a good one on Iraq today!


I saw something similar happen when I was in the Army!