Saturday, October 14, 2006

Paint a picture with words...

I don't have photoshop- Generation XY could do this but I can't, so:

The scene is a fairground, A&P show- that sort of place.

A prominant stall is the "Labour Party Fundraiser' There is a sign, as is often seen at schools, of a stylized thermometer with $800,000 at the top.

MPs are dressed as clowns and strapped to heavy chairs. Objects to throw at them are at the counter for sale.

A scale of prices reads:

Wet sponges $1
Tennis balls $10
Cricket balls $100
Petanque balls $1000
Viking throwing axe $10000


Whaleoil said...

Here ya go Ozzy

Oswald Bastable said...


ZenTiger said...

Speeding Cars $5,000
Paintings $6,000
A hospital waiting list $1
A 111 call with taxi chit $25
A leak to the SST $2
An American Bagman $5
A Pledge Card $1
An interest free Student Loan $5,000
A Bus Shelter Advert $90,000
A pack of chewing gum budget 50c.

Deadman said...

I would think you'd make more if those fees were reversed.

nyo said...

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