Tuesday, March 31, 2009



Why the hell would you continually stick up for the undefendable.

The shit of our country.

You must have met enough to know in your heart that these people are scum. The lowest of the low. Subhumans of no moral worth.

It has to be some morbid desire to play the Devil's advocate. There can be no other reason.

But that aside- those who stand with the enemy are the enemy also.

YOU are a big part of the problem!


I drafted this piece on the 22nd of this month waiting for news that would bite Workman on the arse.

I didn't have to wait long...

Can you say 'Deportation order'?

If this is the guilty party, the bastard should be on the next flight back to Africa (Somalia, I read in a previous article)

When somebody arrives in New Zealand an refugee, it is my firm belief that they are morally obligated to lead a life of virtue- to prove themselves and work towards being a model citizen, having been given a reprieve from whatever shithole they fled.

The reality is very often 180 degrees to that...

This should never have happened

Augustine Borrell should not be dead.

That's the end of it.

He died because successive governments sat on their hands and did NOTHING meaningful about vicious psychopaths out on bail for serious crimes.

This government as a chance to turn this around- ACT are pushing them in this direction and It had better damned well happen VERY soon. This the sort of problem they were put in to fix.

The previous governments and their neutered judiciary should hang their heads in shame with every victim of a parolee.

But I don't think they understand the concept of 'Shame'.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Suprise, Suprise, Suprise!

"Bailey Junior Kurariki, the country's youngest convicted killer, is back behind bars charged with assaulting a woman.

Kurariki was arrested in South Auckland yesterday on a charge of assaulting Janie Martin, believed to be his girlfriend..."

Well fancy that- who would have thought! [sarcasm off]

As for dumb skanks that take up with 'Bad Boys'- you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

Now its back to jail when he belonged all along.

Keep the POS there.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sod off hippies!

"A nationwide campaign to push for a levy on plastic supermarket bags was launched today.

The 'Get Real' campaign wants Progressive Enterprises and Foodstuffs, owners of New Zealand's largest supermarkets, to charge for plastic bags at their supermarket counters..."

Would you bloody reatailers grow a pair and tell the control feaks to sod off and die!

Let the bloody CUSTOMERS decide what they want. Try offering paper bags- charge for them if you want, as I know they cost more, but lets have more choice and less friggin' compulsion!

Feck-arsed greenies don't like choice, as people often don't make the green choice...

A needless death

"A dying paraglider pilot refused an ambulance for 40 minutes after a crash landing because he thought he could not afford it, the Christchurch Coroner's Court heard this week..."

This is an older story but worth bringing up again.

The Coroner had this to say:

"...Obvious lessons" could be learned from the case as there was "no cost to the person" requiring an ambulance in this case as it was covered by ACC.

However, in non-accident callouts patients are charged $50..."

For a change, I'm not having a go at the deceased. He made a bad call, but you don't make good decisions when injured. An honest mistake and sadly, it cost him his life.

I have seen this sort of thing so many times- blokes with an arm half off drive in to A&E 'because they don't want to bother the ambulance people who might have something serious to attend to'

A woman having a heart attack who 'doesn't want to be a bother'

Then there are the others.

They well know about ACC and EVERYTHING is an accident (the injuries/condition were usually chemically induced)

They will call the ambulance to a stubbed toe and bleat about how they are ENTITLED to, when taken to task.

Here is the rule of thumb:

If the problem needs immediate attention at A&E, you are justified in calling an ambulance.

If you want to know more, go and do a first aid course!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Alternative energy

Burn witches, not coal!

Here is a starter- for crimes against New Zealand- as highlighted here!

Do some thing real for the planet

Lights on- Check
Big-ass Vulgatron channel-hopping- Check
Heat pump on- Check
Hot water cylinder drained from long showers and baths- Check
Washing machine and drier on- Check
All that's left is to fire up the welder!

Drug testing employees

Sometimes, in trying to deal with a problem, one creates a far bigger one.

On Thursday, the whole workplace was drug & alcohol tested, after an incident the previous day that led to two 'workers' being suspended.

As a result, we now have 60% of the full time workers suspended pending further disciplinary action. The part timers have yet to be tested and I anticipate a higher percentage of them testing positive.

Not a good look when everyone is driving and using heavy machinery.

They should have been random testing, as permitted by contract. Instead, it's a test before you are hired and then never again- at least until last Thursday. So they thought they could get away with it.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sod off you evil bitch!

Now that it is official, I can say SOD OFF AND DIE IN A DITCH!

Stick to the company of your own kind in the UN- the corrupt, self-serving, morally bankrupt scum of the earth.

You will fit in well.

And Never return to NZ.

Or even speak of us.

You will not be missed- by anyone that matters.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bloody dieting

The food side is going well, but I have a huge headache from coffee withdrawal.

Two panadol and off to bed. I might have to give my latest book find- 'Hatcher's Notebook'- a miss tonight.

My abstinence was rewarded today by my blood pressure being back to normal and a surprise drug & alcohol screening of everybody at work.

Few feelings beat the smugness of the virtuous watching the sinners sweat- while they drink copious amounts of water (which doesn't work at all)

With two of my four main pleasures gone, I must find my fun where I can...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So find another job

"Air New Zealand flight attendants preparing to strike over wages are taking on work over and above their airline jobs just to stay above the poverty line, a representative says..."

So find other work. A flight attendant is just a glorified waitress who doesn't get tips.

And need I remind you that your union got you this deal in the first place.

Then a little googling found they get a hell of a lot more than a waitress!

"...Air NZ has responded by saying the union's claims about the wages of staff have been significantly over-stated.

General manager Tasman Pacific Airline Glen Sowry said the union had rejected an offer which would have meant a new entrant Zeal flight attendant, working 30 hours a week and a nine-day fortnight, would earn $41,000 per annum.

"This income for a new recruit is 17 percent higher than the median wage for people working a full 40-hour week in New Zealand..."

And that was the end of any shred of sympathy...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Interesting- MOH paying schools for kids vaccinated

23 March 2009

The letter below came from the Ministry of Health, outlining how they would PAY schools to take part in vaccination programs. Now I don't give a bugger about the arguments over this vaccine, but I DO care about my taxes being paid from one department to another for promoting their programs.

This is bullshit! What next- Happy meals for those getting jabbed?

If medical practitioners getting gifts from drug companies is considered dodgy, where does this lie?

Letter starts:

23 March 2009

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Immunisation Programme

Update to Boards of Trustees, Principals and Education Sector Groups on the Ministry of Health’s School Support Payment for the school-based HPV immunisation programme

In November last year we sent you further information about the Ministry of Health’s Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Immunisation Programme which aims to reduce the incidence of cervical cancer.


As you will be aware, the Ministry of Health is working nationally with district health boards (DHBs) to deliver a school-based HPV Immunisation Programme for eligible female students in school years 8 to 13. The programme is operating alongside primary health care providers and other non-school settings.

The Ministry of Education supports the school-based programme and, with the support of education sector groups, is working closely with the Ministry of Health.

Information circulated last year to schools with female students in school years 8 to 13, indicated that the decision regarding whether your school participates in the school-based aspect of the immunisation programme by allowing students to be immunised on school premises, was for your board of trustees to make.

The exact timetable for the school-based HPV immunisation programme will have been agreed between the public health nurse and each participating school.

School Support Payment

To recognise the role that schools play in the programme, the Ministry of Health will provide a one-off support payment to participating schools. To receive the school support payment, boards or school principals acting on behalf of boards, were required to confirm their school’s participation in the HPV immunisation programme to the public health nurse by the first week of March 2009.

The Ministry of Education will assist in the funding transfer to schools, by placing the Ministry of Health funds in participating schools’ accounts in April 2009, with the identifier ‘HPV Payment’. The funds should be treated as a GST inclusive grant for tax purposes.

The formula for calculating the school support payment has been agreed by the Ministries of Health and Education.

The school support payment will consist of a base payment per school, plus an amount per eligible student based on roll numbers, as set out below:

  • A base payment of

    • $200 per school, or

    • $300 per school with year 8 classes (as this age group is an ongoing focus of the programme), plus

  • a per student payment from a fixed pool of funding of $2.50 per eligible student i.e. the number of female students in years 8 and above, up to and including young women aged 18 years old and who were born on or after 1 January 1990.

More Information

Copies of advice that the Ministry of Education has provided to schools and education sector groups to date can be downloaded from the Ministry of Education’s website. Visit www.minedu.govt.nz and type ‘HPV’ into the search engine.

For more information about the Ministry of Health’s HPV immunisation programme you can:

Michael De’Ath Rayoni Keith

Acting Group Manager HPV Project Manager

Ministry of Education Ministry of Health

Hope he was a thief

Because this will make future thieving a bit harder!

Now the trick with cell doors is that, by nature of what they are- are very heavy and very solid.

If you try to stop them closing with your hand, it's not the door that will give.

That's just the way it is...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Two steps forward today

"Employees will be able to trade their fourth week of annual holidays for cash by next year, Prime Minister John Key said today.

National indicated during its election campaign it would keep four weeks annual leave, but allow employees to trade the fourth week for cash..."

Good! It's about time we had the bloody option. I always wind up accumulating leave- even when I was on three weeks a year. Now I wind up with 5+ counting my days in lieu. Selling a weeks worth will give me a bit more cash towards my annual holiday.

Another 10 house points for Hufflepuff.

Dud law change dumped

"A controversial internet copyright law will not be going ahead and will be replaced following a review by the Government, Prime Minister John Key confirmed today.

Section 92a of the new Copyright Amendment Act has upset the internet community, which says it could force the closure of websites following any accusation of breach of copyright, even if it was not proven..."

Could it be that certain MSM persons now need to eat shit now?

Maybe there is more to bloggers than you believe...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Past policemen turning in their graves

"A fortnight ago Mt Wellington police picked up a 32-year-old Panmure man for suspected breach of bail but rather than take him straight to the cells, the arresting officers headed for Greenlane's Golden Arches.

They'd heard about the man's dislike of prison food, so instead of offering him an unhappy meal, they agreed to his back-seat request for McDonald's..."

Do the rest of us- you know- the ones who pay the taxes- get cut any slack when we get a few k's over the speed limit? Hell no!

What kind of bullshit is this?

As we were taught in the prison service- give the shit-heads NOTHING!

Two blogs worth a visit

According to the MSM sages, all bloggers are virgin, fat, spotty male psychopaths with little piggy eyes and terminal BO. They never venture outside by daylight or speak to the opposite sex apart from at a checkout counter. Their diet is limited to chocolate, cheese balls and boiled chicken washed down with vast quantities of cola.

The MSM really are a closed-shop union!

Blowing the myth to all hell are two bloggers that I have followed the blogroll trail to recently

The Breda Fallacy


Home on the Range

Another two REAL women to join the others on my Blogroll.

Pay them a visit!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Eat, Drink and be merry, for tommorrow- we diet

Well- the start date is Thursday after shopping.

After putting on 20 of the 30 kg I lost last year, I'm sick of being a fat fuck and want to get the damned diabetes more managable. Hadn't realised how crook I was until I started the new meds and no longer got up to pee five times a night and could stay awake without drinking a litre of industrial-strength coffee.

So it's the low-carb diet I used a few years back to great success before poverty had me eating shite again and laziness kept me doing so. I actually like to live on meat and greens minus the carbs. Apart from one important source of carbohydrates!

So- no more friggin' beer- just the odd whisky & soda.

This time the wife is doing it too, so we can wind each other up and stay honest.

I want to see her in the Wicked Weasel again, come next summer!

Get a strong rope

...and string this slimebucket up before he is involved in ANOTHER killing.

It is obvious to anyone outside of la-la land that he is totally unrehabilitated, unrepentant and unpleasant in the extreme.

Put the rabid dog down before he steals any more of our oxygen!


"...Rethinking Crime and Punishment director Kim Workman said today the last two years of Kurariki's sentence in the Maori Focus Unit at Hawke's Bay Prison was a nurturing, supportive environment.

Mr Workman said Kurariki left prison "full of hope and with clear goals for the future", but the intense parole supervision he faced was undoing the good work..."

So send the worthless POS back- and have that prat Wankman bunk up with him!

Take responsibility

"A distraught father says a gap in a council-maintained railing meant his son never had a chance when he stumbled and fell 12 metres to his death..."


He got pissed to beat the band and fell down.

The Coroner may have said that the council had the full responsibility for maintaining the fence next to the bank, but how the hell can they be responsible for drunks who can't walk straight?

If so they need to fence all the inner city streets to keep the hordes of pissheads from staggering into the traffic.

That's a big, fat 'Tough Shit'

"A Morrinsville family facing eviction from a state house claim they are being victimised because of their links to the Mongrel Mob.

But Housing New Zealand says the family make unsuitable tenants because of the alleged illegal activity they have permitted on the property not because of their gang connection..."

Good! We all know (those of us that live in the real world) that illegal activity and gangs go hand-in-hand.

Anyone and everyone with gang connections should be thrown out of state housing. Private landlords should also be able to do the same without any comeback through the tenancy tribunals.

Lets be blunt- criminal gangs are terrorists and should be treated as such. That is, to be attacked at every opportunity.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep?

Hat Tip- Theo Spark

Steel-capped Boot Camp.

"Boot camps for troubled youth are a quick fix that will not stem violence and bullying in schools, experts say.

The Principals Federation has called on the Government to reject boot camps. The call follows expert advice given at this week's two-day behaviour summit in Wellington..."

Well, that may be true- I have misgivings about it too.

BUT- what have all you EXPERTS managed to come up with that actually worked. Diddly-squat.

My misgivings are it will be too watered down to be an effective shock. Hell they can't even use harsh language these days. When I went through a drill sergeant could curse at you for two minutes and never repeat himself.

I favour the boot camp from 'Starship Troopers'- and I'm talking the book- not the wussy movie!

From the fruitloop files

"A computer programmer who lost half his finger after his motorbike crashed into a deer has had the finger replaced with a USB drive..."

Looking at the fugly fool, he ain't sticking that finger anyplace more exciting anyhow...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This would have been called cruelty in a prison

"A support worker fired for using a cattle prod on a severely handicapped client has lost her claim for unfair dismissal.

Purnima Fleet, formerly a community support worker for IDEA Services Limited, was dismissed on February 15 last year for serious misconduct.

The Employment Relations Authority said in its written decision that according to two other intellectually disabled clients, Ms Fleet used the cattle prod and yelled at the victim each time he wet his bed..."


What the hell was she doing in this job in the first place? It's sure not for everybody and most of the IDEA people I have met should be in the line for sainthood. What she has done is disgusting, as is the smear on the good name of all those who work with the mentally ill.

Chain her to an electric fence for a bit!

The gun is good...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Let it go

Your piece of shit son was shot whilst nutting off.

Maybe you should have raised him better.

Now sod off PWT!

What to do with scum like this

...filthy rapist.

To rape somebody when you are HIV positive- well, they shoot rabid dogs for good reason.

Make an example of this piece of pig-shit and burn him at the stake as an example to others!

Bloody muslims seem to think rape is a sport- that is not an assumption but based on conversations had with them as a prison officer. They saw no wrong in it whatsoever.

It was ALL the woman's fault!

So they need a very strong message to let them know it ain't so. First let's start with a flogging with a pigskin lash...

Monday, March 16, 2009

So many toys, so little money...

Trail's End 2009

Another successful Trail's End for the Wairarapa Pistol and Shooting Sports Club.

With 104 shooters registered this year, we have been holding steady on numbers for the last couple of years- but the numbers of non-shooting attendees have been steadily increasing.

This must be something to do with the outstanding food, company and atmosphere!

Set off the main track, the Wairarapa Pistol and Shooting Sports Club is situated just past the Gladstone pub (very convenient) about ten minutes drive from Carterton. The range is between cliffs which make an extremely safe backstop for wayward lead and an olive grove that the landlord generously allows us to use for camping. This area has been in constant use as a range for over a hundred years- the Armed constabulary and militia used to practice there, as shown in photographs over in the pub.

We have five 25 meter ranges with turning targets, moving targets and drop-down steel plates plus a 200 meter rifle range. With eight automatic trap machines we are well set up for sporting clays which are run every second Saturday. Other club facilities include a well set-up kitchen, a pot-belly stove for winter and most importantly- a flush toilet!

I will be posting a series of photos at the above linked site over the next week or two.

Trail's End 2009 Cannon

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can't get away tonight

Without mentioning a crime so richly deserving of a flogging with an aardvark hide cat-of-nine-tails!

Breaking into a friggin' library and stealing the computer!

"The bastards stole my laptop, which was brand spanking new and purchased with precious summer reading programme funds," Mrs Griffith said."

Penny(the librarian) is the only person in the whole SWDC staff worth her salt. She knows every kid that uses that library by name and I would bet a grand to a knob of goat shit that those responsible have never been in there unless dragged by a teacher.

This is getting up there with desecrating cemeteries and war memorials. Those responsible need a couple of days in the dtocks after their flogging then a couple of years community service scrubbing turds and bubble gum of the footpaths!

Before I go...

As I have a bit of insider knowledge of what actually goes on in 'The Big House'- one more post before packing my saddlebags.

"...Prison inmates could soon find themselves forced to share a room, as the Corrections Department talks with staff about putting two beds into every standard prison cell..."

Firstly, my concern for the comfort or wishes of inmates is a very small thing. Some might say it does not exist. When in the army, I had to share a room with seven other reprobates, so there is a great lack of sympathy there. It's even worse on ship and this is what law-abiding citizens have to contend with.

However, when a Corrections Officer, I took a more pragmatic view and saw that crims are easier to manage in a single cell and I worked wings that had single or double occupancy. (all cells can hold two) A couple of wings had what were called 'association cells' that took four minimum security types who were together by choice (yes, your suspicions are correct)
One typical management problem is that when contraband is found, they will always plead 'it's not MINE'

That and cellmates tend to fall out of love.

Now- at Crawford, where most cells were double bunked, the inmates all wanted their own cell. This was used as a carrot.

In Rimutaka (the newer high-medium part) it was one to a cell, even though they we fitted out with two bunks (the just-in-case plan)

Guess what? There they wanted to share a cell with heir bro's!

Go figure...

Organising who bunked with who was like planning the seating at a wedding between two seriously dysfunctional families!

Rape in prisons is relatively rare, but it does happen. The last incident I recall was (how cliche) in the showers, so double bunking couldn't be blamed there.

As staff we used to go to great lengths to try and prevent rapes and bashings by shuffling inmates around, managing who was out and who was locked at any one time. Doing things like keeping the man-rapist right next to the guardroom, making sure the transexuals had showers when the rest were in the yard and breaking up associations of troublemakers- if only to have a peaceful shift with the minimum of paperwork!

But with three of us watching thirty, while trying to complete the required daily data entry- well, it's obvious plenty is going to happen without being seen.

But what really needs to happen and is not being addressed is getting the mentally ill OUT of general population and back into secure mental hospitals. That will free up about 1/3 of the prison beds.


If double bunking -or hot-bunking is needed to keep the scraps out of circulation, so be it.

But DO resource the CO's on the floor to deal with the extra workload and DON'T point the finger at the troops on the floor when the inevitable screw-up happens. REMEMBER that most inmates put themselves in prison. And that THEY are the ones that make the prison experience so unpleasant.

Gone Away

It's that time of year again where I head off about 150 years to Trail's End for four days of black powder, beer, barbecues and beef!

Tomorrow I arrive early to stake out one of the better campsites, then on Thursday we start erecting marques, running cable, toting hay bales and 1001 other jobs that such an even demands.

I have just got a 2gig memory stick, so I hope to get some good video and stills of the fun & games.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Career changes

Sacked eh?

Plenty of honest work out there!


Yeah, fine- you said you would do it and you did. Two house points to Hufflepuff.

Now kindly get on with unfucking the rest of the mess that Liarbour made.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Now it's personal!

"In a shock move the United States has halted free trade talks with New Zealand, Prime Minister John Key has confirmed.

President Barack Obama has suspended talks on what was known as the Trans Pacific Partnership..."

I always said the election of this POS was going to hurt us before too long...

Council Morons at SWDC

Your Minister for Local Government is Rodney Hide

"...3. Community Board Minutes/Expenditure

3.1 RESOLVED that minutes of the Featherston Community Board meeting held
on 2 December 2008 be confirmed as a true and correct record.

(S Robertson/Barrow)

3.2 Matters arising
· Meeting with Rodney Hyde postponed..."

Now you really don't want to piss Rodney off by spelling his name wrong!

But I do hope you have!

Defining lickspittle

"As for Cullen, he left the NZ government’s books in the best state they have been in for a generation. Only at the last minute was he ambushed by the idiotic baying for “tax cuts” we were never going to be able to afford.

Cullen resisted tax cut pressure for several years - saying *explicitly* a “rainy day” was bound to come. He referred to debt problems overseas and possible trouble arrising form that. This was 3 years before the eventual crash.

National? Oblivious to it all…..Couldn’t see it coming.

…and you lot bag Cullen?

Those of us who know how this world really works dont’ deserve to suffer the stupidity that National and it’s supporters will insist on inflicting on us. But the most galling part is the arrogant IGNORANCE of the braying fools as they do it."

Over here

Why indeed?

Saturday, March 07, 2009

A job for Cullen worthy of his talents

Cleaning public dunnies.

After two years he gets a brush...

Go to the source of the problem

"An SPCA boss wants the Invercargill City Council to put more effort into helping it stamp out wild cat colonies in the city.

Invercargill SPCA manager Mary Bradley said there were at least five properties in the city with between 20 and 30 cats in each, and SPCA staff would appreciate some help to cull the wild and unhealthy felines. "Even if they (council) set the traps and brought the cats to us. I don't think they see it as their problem..."

Now most councils will have this covered with something like the text below:

911.1 No person shall:
(a) Cause, permit, or suffer any refuse, waste matter, material, or thing to remain or
be kept in such a manner or for such a time as to afford shelter or likely
harbourage for rats, or encourage rats or other vermin to visit and frequent, or be
in such building, land, or premises;
(b) Fail to protect from access of rats or other vermin as far as practicable any article
which is or is likely to be food for rats;
(c) Neglect in any such building, land, or premises where rats or other vermin exist
or are harboured, or in which there is evidence of such existence, or harbouring,
to destroy rats by poisoning or trapping, or such other means as the Inspector may
direct; or
(d) Fail to remove or obliterate nests, burrows, or habitual haunts of rats in any such
buildings, land, or premises.

WILD cats are vermin. And it appears that once told the council are dealing with the problem- they usually will once you prod them in the arse.

BUT- and here is the point of my post- They should be going after those who CAUSE this problem instead of dumping the costs on all ratepayers. The crazy cat women (it usually is) who feed and breed these pests.

Make them pay.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Help out another VRWC Blogger!

Busted Blond's car has been swiped:

"...Now the car is old but one that is held in great affection. It smells a bit but has been very very well looked after. (Our bloke - the Aussie Rock is like that) - its sort of a sea sick green colour and if you are in the Wairarapa you wont miss it because its the one with duct tape on the back seat passenger window.
and the rego is OZ 623..."

If you are in or around Masterton, please keep an eye out- there is a reward!

Just one more last chance?

Shit-for brains is back in front of the beak for- you guessed it- breaching his parole conditions.


Honestly! how many chances does this oxygen-thief get!

He can't/won't learn and I predict he will before long be back in court on serious charges.

And there will be another victim's life ruined or ended.

Like a rabid dog, there is only one guaranteed cure for his condition- 147grains of 7.62mm through the back of the head.

But the powers-that-be are to soft to even lock this piece of excrement away were he can do no harm to the public, so that ain't going to happen.

So who is the next victim going to be? Because there will be one.

Please let it be a defense lawyer, a judge or a politician.

If anyone deserves it- they do.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Councils and money- like giving chimps loaded guns

Obviously the spenders of other people's money in Auckland haven't heard the country is on an austerity kick.

Or they wouldn't be even talking about buying these.

Not that they wouldn't be better value for money than paying for the great unwashed in the area...

My ACC story

Well, part of it.

Along with an assortment of serious and minor injuries, after being head-on'd by a hoon on the wrong side of the road and at about twice the speed limit, I received a hand injury.

My GP diagnosed this as a sprain- this was a couple of weeks after the event, stuff like the pulmonary embolism sort of distracting me from a bothersome hand. That's another story in itself.

So it was off to physio for a 'sprained wrist'

Within 5 minutes, the physio determined that the clicking and pain meant more than a sprain and said that it seem to be a fractured scaphoid bone.

Back to the GP who agreed there was something wrong.

Wait a couple of weeks for a referral to the hospital.

Get x-ray which showed nothing (this fracture can be a bastard to diagnose) Arm plastered anyway

Wait for another x-ray. This one shows something wrong.

Wait for a CT scan to confirm this.

CT scanner is broken. Wait for ACC to do a referral to a private clinic.

Specialist does not like what he sees. Refers to another specialist.

He doesn't like it either. Refers to Grand Pobah consultant.

This consultant concedes that the scaphoid is/was broken.

Plaster removed four months later. Off to physio.

Wrist still buggered. Back to specialist.

Specialist recommends surgery. Wait for ACC again.

Two years later, surgery confirms ligament damage, torn cartilage cleaned up.

Back to physio to build up strength is wasted arm.

2 1/2 years later I'm ready to go back to work...

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


So true!

The commanding officer of a regiment in the U. S. Army was about to start the morning briefing to his staff and company commanders.

While waiting for the coffee machine to finish its brewing, the colonel decided to pose a question to all assembled. He explained that his wife had been a bit frisky the night before and he failed to get his usual amount of sound sleep. He posed the question of just how much of sex was 'work' and how much of it was pleasure?'

The executive officer chimed in with 75-25% in favor of work.

A captain said it was 50-50%.

The S-2 responded with 25-75% in favor of pleasure, depending on his state of inebriation at the time.

There being no consensus, the colonel turned to the private who was in charge of making the coffee. The colonel asked what was HIS opinion?

Without any hesitation, the young PFC responded, "Sir, it has to be 100% pleasure."

The colonel was surprised and, as you might guess, asked why?

"Well, sir, if there was any work involved, the officers and would have me doing it for them."

The room fell silent.

Hat Tip: The Sniper

A GOOD news story for a change.

When you think the country is headed down the toilet and full of feckless yoof, there comes a story that gives you hope.

"Twelve-year-old Cameron Turchie risked his life to save a five-year-old from drowning in pounding three-metre-high surf, 200 metres from shore..."

This meets my criteria (somewhat stricter than the MSM"S) for heroism. He put his life on the line to save another, by his own free choice.

Cameron, I salute you!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Donning the hair shirt

Don't the greenies love to make life harder than it needs be.

The wife is a sucker for all things eco-friendly, but it was a resounding "BUGGER OFF' to this piece of ludditism.

Hat Tip: Micky's Muses

The New Way 101

They want more of our money for a tv show about lowlife bogans.

Can it.

In fact, sell all the state-owned TV. TV is a luxury, not an essential industry.

Let SKY do the all the TV programming- they do the greater bulk of it already.

Plenty of trash for the lower classes to watch- and they all have sky, so don't try and plead poverty...

For the lads

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Razor- skoolz

Education- it can be an asset or a bottomless pit that you pour money into. Nowhere more so than it tertiary eduction.

So lets can all funding (including student loans) for bullshit courses and McQualifications and focus on what is actually needed to produce real goods, services and ultimately- MONEY.

You know that ones- anything with the words 'social', 'woman's', 'Maori', 'Art'- and the list goes on.

Do them at your own expense. (I would like to see them all go this way, but I'm talking about now and the will ain't there yet)

As for secondary schools - if kids have to be held there past the time where they are capable if assimilating any more academic stodge (about the forth form)- let them study gardening, how to balance a cheque book, cooking, cleaning and basic handyman skills.

And how NOT to get pregnant- because the DBP is going!