Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Poor little petals

"A bill to ban prison inmates from voting in general elections is unnecessary, unhealthy and undemocratic, a select committee was told today.

In a submission to the law and order committee, the New Zealand Law Society said the Electoral (Disqualification of Convicted Prisoners) Amendment Bill was a violation of the Bill of Rights and "completely out of line" with international law..."


Victims have rights. Crims don't give a shit about them.

If you can't participate properly in society, without initiating force against others- why the hell would you get a say (such as it is) in how society is ruled.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Wait for it

"New Zealand king crabs more than a metre long are being eyed up for the dinner table.

The author of a new study into the species has described New Zealand as the "king crab capital of the world" after the discovery of 14 new kinds in our waters..."

Great news for fishermen!

But wait for the inevitable 'Treaty' grab...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Life's observations

There seems to be something about those who join clubs and voluntary organizations that makes about 30% of them forget they are adults.

People who otherwise seem to be able to get on in life turn into a bunch of friggin' schoolgirls in a bitch-fight over the most trivial of matters.

Personally, I believe this stems from most of us being too damned polite and failing in our duty to tell them to find sex and travel.

There seems to be a perception that anyone can make the most outrageous and unjustified shrill complaints and still be entitled to a dignified, respectful and polite answer.

An answer, yes.

A firm kick up the arse is an answer!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

About time

"Smoking will be banned in all prisons from next year, the Herald on Sunday has learned.

Corrections minister Judith Collins is expected to announce this week that a 12-month preparation plan will be rolled out that should see all prisons go smoke-free by July next year..."


I'm no fan of banning things, but it is MEANT to be a different world inside a prison. A more spartan existence.

Why the hell should inmates be able to do that the staff who run the prisons are forbidden to do?

That and tobacco is money inside, plus now there will be no reason for crims to have matches or lighters.

So the inmates will get tetchy and throw their toys when forced to go cold turkey. So what- they do that now for little reason and going off other drugs has never been an excuse for letting them continue their nasty habits.

"...Anti-smoking Maori Party MP Hone Harawira supported the move but warned a total ban could lead to an outbreak of violence among prisoners..."

So issue Tasers.


BREAKING NEWS: Prisoners will be forced to go cold-turkey on 1 July next year after a government decree to ban smoking.

Corrections minister Judith Collins announced the measure today saying it was out of concern for the health and safety of prison staff. There was also concern about potential legal action from prison staff or non-smoking prisoners over exposure to second-hand smoke if no action was taken.

One can dream

A bit of a time-waster for a wet Sunday afternoon.

Beats the hell out of TV!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

Apprentices them is just like programming a computer.

You have to punch the information into them!

Damn, I've trained a few of them over the years- and all that has prevented me killing about half of them is the memory that I was no better at that age... (probably worse)

They all seem to do alright in the end, though...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's not clever

To live in filth.

Nothing amusing or cool about it.

It's something that people with mental, health or age problems do because they can't help themselves.

It is NEVER something to be proud of. Even if a clueless radio station mouthpiece gives morons prizes for living in voluntary squalor.

They all need the laundry powder, fire hose and yard broom treatment!


Definitely NOT clever- The filthy fuckwits just got evicted. Good luck finding a new place after all the publicity.

Plus one of the cretins was snapped on TV partying after calling in sick at work. So it's no hovel and no McJob!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What resource shortage?

Now how is it that when you get your property stolen you are told to come in and make a statement.


That police are too under-resourced to shut down boy racer/thug activities.


That reported crimes are not followed up on.


"...30 police officers breath-tested all of the 4000 spectators as they entered Christ College to watch the school take on rivals Christchurch Boys High, only waving school buses through their checkpoint..."

This reeks of the old-boy network calling in a few favors. If it isn't- it sure as hell looks that way!

I have no problem with the organizers making the call to ban anyone who had been drinking- I object to the waste of taxpayer funds to make this happen.

Hire a security firm to do this in future- and pay for it out of your own friggin' pockets!

Hat Tip: Crusader Rabbit- who got me wound up about this disgraceful use of a scarce resource- real policing!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

More entitlitis

"A raft of fare increases set to be signed off by Greater Wellington Regional Council on Tuesday has been met with outrage among Wairarapa commuters, 261 of whom signed a petition passed along carriages of the 6.25am train to Wellington yesterday..."

So you think you are hard done by, having to pay for increased cost out of your pockets.

Guess what pisses ME off:

"...Peter Glensor, chairman of Greater Wellington's transport and access committee, said the council's policy was that passengers paid 45-50 per cent of public transport costs and ratepayers and central government shared the remainder..." (Bold Mine)

BTW- strike that 'Central Government' crap and insert 'TAXPAYERS'.

Not quite a free ride but you whingers are halfway there!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Exactly who gets stung?

Today at Woolworth's I discovered to fallout from these fags and drink to under-age stings that the plods have been doing.

Their jobs are so quiet they need to drum up these jobs that by a co-incidence attract large fines. no wonder they are getting referred to as the uniformed branch of the IRD.

So what happens now is that EVERY alcohol or tobacco sale has to be authorized by a supervisor- meaning a wait for the purchaser and every other poor sod waiting at the checkout. Obviously, this is Woolworths understandable knee- jerk reaction to the threat of getting snapped by a 6'-1" 16 stone 17 year-old agent.

We are being nibbled to death by ducks!

Lazy Bastards

I went for a walk up to Cross Creek yesterday and the shelter was littered with empty 'energy' and 'sports' drink containers.

The money was obviously wasted as the poor tired bastards didn't have the energy to carry their crap out!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Crocodile tears

So the Chinese security clip a greenie MP around the ear.

It probably never occurred to them that an MP would be in the front row of a mob of protesters.

And it's a bit rich a green party member getting all upset about democracy in Tibet. They are more than happy to trample on it here at home.

Remember the great supporter of the EFA?

Friday, June 18, 2010


I hate shopping- unless it involves things that go bang or make other things go bang.

I especially hate going shopping with others- at least alone I can get an onerous chore done in the minimum of time. Places where browsing is essential really wind my crank.

Like Save Mart.

So where does the wife want to go on my week off?- all three of the bloody shops in the region!


-and here is the real story- while I hate the place, you DO get amazing bargains there. We save a ton of money buying stuff there- especially when after kids stuff that they destroy or grow out of six months later.

I'm certainly not too proud to wear second-hand clothing and of course we cherry-pick for the better quality brands, which are only slightly higher priced than second-hand Warehouse tat. This is the wife's forte- she can spot a label in a rack of junk and knows the retail value of everything.

She made the point of taking me to several of these upmarket outlets to compare what we had just paid to the on the rack price.

The jacket and pair of jeans that I brought for about thirty bucks would have cost about $350 new- which is way more than the whole pile of Savemart bargains in the back of the car cost!

Funny thing- the shops aren't full of poor-looking people (there are a few there of course). Most of the shoppers seemed well-dressed and well-groomed and this reflected in the late-model cars parked outside. So it's not just that they are better presented by virtue of having cherry-picked the goods too!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The 38 Special


I can comfortably get my arse back into a 38" (95cm in the new money)pair of jeans now!

That's taking the clock back 20 years.

Now for the 36" jeans!

Trash reporting

The Headline read:

"A man found with more than 220 rounds of ammunition and five guns in his ute, allegedly tried to out run police when he was stopped at a checkpoint today..."

220 rounds- an 'ammunition truck'?

I carry more in my glove box!

220 rounds is a short practice session- a morning shooting trap or a good day duck shooting. Anyone doing a spot of rabbit or possum shooting would probably have at least that on hand.

Feck, I used to carry more on my person in my army days- and that was if I hadn't been lumbered with the friggin' gun!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

NZ's Tipping Point

Have we finally had enough of troughing politicians and public servants?

I'm hoping so- generally the only time folks get all emo here is over rugby of some other sport that NZ happens to be winning at.

But I'm hearing a lot of anger at the rampant troughing right now. Not surprise- nobody is surprised, they have all suspected. But now a literal mountain of supporting evidence is on the table and people are pissed.

Some would ask 'why so upset over a meal and a few drinks while working away from home?'

Once I would have agreed- why begrudge someone working away from home a few pleasures? But that was before those in power denied the rest of us those little perks we once enjoyed.

Remember the work drinks, Christmas shouts and gifts that all went west with the introduction of FBT?

New Zealander's are on the whole a fair-minded lot- often to a fault.

This 'do as we say, not as we do' shit DOES NOT sit well!

And now we want a bit of utu!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Godwin is a socialist sympathiser

Self-inflicted illness

"Two morbidly obese women risk losing limbs, going blind or even dying without gastric bypasses, but their district health boards will not pay for the life-changing surgery..."

So, if it is your life- surely you would be motivated to get yourself out of the mess- say- BY SHOVING LESS FOOD DOWN YOUR GOB!

Those frickin' pies didn't leap down your fat frickin' face on their own.

Now (I assume they have no money of their own) they want US to pay for a self-inflicted condition.

I would give good odds that they are on some kind of welfare already due to their condition- being a big, gross fat fuck!

Try this site for a good weight loss method- but for it- or ANY diet to work, you first need to find discipline and motivation.

Motivation is the will to live- the other you need to discover.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wandering about in the weather

Rocky Spur lookout, Mt Holdsworth.
The weather wasn't too bad at this point.
Just after we started back down, it started raining as it does in the Tararuas.

People do this for fun...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

One good reason

To stay in Afghanistan and keep killing the Taliban.

There are plenty more, not least that they want to bring their sick shit here...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Let me get this straight

So the powers that be, WHO MAKE RULES FOR THE REST OF US, can't understand the rules of using a frickin' company credit card.


Now I have this large bridge to sell...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

THIS is a knife!

"A would-be dairy robber in Orewa had a Crocodile Dundee moment last night when a dairy owner out-matched his carving knife with a machete..."

If you can't take a gun to a knife fight- take a very big piece of cutlery!

"...Taylor said police did not encourage shop retailers to take similar action of this kind as there is real prospect of someone being seriously injured..."

It would be SUCH a shame if the wanna-be gangsta got an impromptu lobotomy!

Although I would recommend a hatchet for such dense material...

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Just saying

The Paypal donation button on the right sidebar is real.

Just saying...

When the brain shuts down in self-preservation

I DID have a pithy, topical subject for tonight- but that was before a 'elfn safety' meeting.

Apparently, everyone needs reminding that it is a bad idea to operate heavy machinery drunk/stoned, remove guards from chippers that reduce trees to matchsticks or to walk about under slung loads that are heavy enough to reduce one to a greasy smear.

Who would have thought!

And this radical idea of wearing a seat belt in a vehicle!- what bright spark come up with THAT!

Sounds like a couple of peasants in one of the third-world subsidiaries have met their end and management are concerned it could happen in a country where there are consequences for said management. Like here.

But after two minutes of listening to the bleeding obvious, my brain shut down in self-preservation.

And I lost tonights post.

At least my brain managed to re-boot afterwards.

Quite a few appeared not to have...

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A different night

Giving a 'what I do for a job' to 20 hyperactive Cub Scouts!

Of course they had to ask what the nastiest thing I ever found in the town water was.

So I told them the story of the duck that got sucked through a large pump and came out in a couple of thousand pieces.

The folks that sell bottled drinks should have paid me for that one...

Monday, June 07, 2010

So much for the holiday

Absolute crap weather here- cold with driving rain and everything is a swamp. Kids are going mental with cabin fever and the house looks like it has been bombed.

So it wasn't so bad doing a 14 hour day at work today, even if everything was FUBAR!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

June 6th 1944

Was it really worth liberating in the end...?

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Polishing the crystal ball

I'm anticipating the knee-jerk to the inevitable deaths on the roads this weekend.

It will go something along the lines of too many deaths blah, blah, blah, not listening to the message blah, blah, blah, need to get tougher blah, blah, blah.

It's a numbers game and I'm picking the numbers will be up as (surprise, surprise) there are MORE PEOPLE ON THE ROAD- especially if the weather is good. Also if the conditions are shite.

Who would have figured?

Unfortunately, it also follows that some deaths will be directly due to the sort of fuckwittery the cops bang on about. Recidivist drunks, pieces of junk vehicles and moron hoons and boy racers.

Which gives them the ammunition to keep persecuting the rest of us.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Policing- insert Tui ad here

I do a lot of k's travelling about on the job. I can guarantee that I will pass more than several police cars driving up & down the main roads, out looking for someone to tax.

OK- given that the powers that be can have them out there all day, saving us from ourselves-WHERE ARE THEY AT NIGHT IN TOWN?

You can pretty much bet that 9/10 on the road after 2300 are pissed of under the influence of something.

If you ignore them, there are the cretins that are continually racing around burning more rubber than a Gaza riot. Every night I hear it, but would the plods ever do a night patrol about town? Probably not their fault- no doubt there is zero budgeted for anything as radical as keeping law & order...

Thursday, June 03, 2010


"Two men accused of packing 14 stolen sheep into a car are facing a raft of charges that could land them up to 13 years in jail.

Jonathan David Dunick and Desi James Cook, both 23, appeared in Hastings District Court today, facing 10 sheep rustling-related charges.

Three charges of ill-treating sheep, including causing the death of two that were hog-tied and packed in the Mazda 626 with 12 others on May 31, have been laid jointly against Dunick, Cook and two other alleged offenders whom police have yet to catch up with.

Those charges carry penalties of up to $25,000 fines and six months in jail.

Another seven charges, of illegally entering paddocks to commit crimes since January this year, have been laid against all four, with potential penalties of up to $50,000 fines and 13 years in jail..."

Well there is an upset to rural folk- sheep abduction (with the possible intent of rape & murder) is more serious than kicking someone to death on the footpath, while pissed.

Figure THAT one out...

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Mysteries of the world explained

Today I found the actual place my tax money goes!

WHAT justice system?

"...Isaiah Tai, a 21-year-old orchard worker, was this morning sentenced to two years and 10 months' prison after earlier pleading guilty to Mr Vercoe's manslaughter.

Mr Vercoe, 36, an Environment Bay of Plenty regional councillor and principal of Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Te Rotoiti, was killed after Tai attacked him outside a Whakatane bar on November 22 last year..."

Well goodness me- he must have been REALLY sorry!

Sorry he got caught kicking the deceased in the head while he was down- probably would have gotten away with home detention...

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Israel screwed up

They tried being Mr Reasonable with a bunch of psycho loons who were seeking martyrdumb.

Next time sweep the decks with a .50 cal

Nothing says 'Get down-lie on the deck and prepare to be searched!' like a few 700 grain fuckwit-penetrators whistling over the head.

What have they got to lose?

The UN and it's goat-felching supporters would condemn the Evil Joos if they abseiled on board wearing clown suits and giving away balloons.