Friday, December 29, 2006

Jack Ketch

It beggers belief that some wankers (In this case, Amnesty International) would actually believe there is a case for keeping Saddam Hussein alive.

If ever there was a prick deserving cruel and unusual punishment, it would have to be that scumbag.

It certainly shows that these softcock hand-wringing liberals only see things in black & white (are they allowed to even say 'Black & white'?)

Shall we step back and look at the big picture here?

What typically happens when a despot is overthrown?- they go off into exile and live out their days in very comfortable circumstances, if not luxury.

This puts these scrotes on notice. You WILL pay with the only thing dear to you. Your life.

I hope they have the event on TV, but given the soft-cock media's slant on all things Iraqi- I doubt it.


Oi said...

There is, however, another option.
Reinstall him at the palace and see if he can bring some order back into the chaos generated by the attempts to instill democracy on tribesmen who have never heard of it and dont want it.
In the unlikely event he survives the situation, a sniper can take him out at some stage in the future - which is what should have happened in the first place.

Never happen of course - too many softcocks would be standing round wringing their hands,

Anonymous said...

15 million Iraqis voted in their first elections, ash.
In the face of threats. assassinations, bombs and gunmen.
Hardly the action of a people who've never heard of democracy and "don't want it".
The people who don't want it are the regimes in other Arab countries who are supplying and encouraging the thugs--they're terrified of it.

Oi said...

An impressive turnout seeing that there are 15.5 million persons in Iraq between the ages of 15 to 64 years!
[World Factbook - July 2006]
A 100% turnout! I wish we could get that here.
I am truly impressed!

Oi said...

Err, your figure didnt come from a GOP site, did it?

Anonymous said...

Nah, ash. I was in a hurry as usual and didn't preview what I'd typed. :-)

Oswald Bastable said...

Sounds like there is a bit of hurry up to get the job done, too!

He should be swinging in the breeze filling his pants very shortly!