Thursday, September 28, 2006

From the 'No shit Sherlock!' files...

Country facing a shortage of technology teachers

New Zealand schools are facing a crisis as a lack of new recruits threaten to collapse the technology curriculum, the Post Primary Teachers Association says.


No shit!And technology teachers would be mainly....Male

And what sex is a leetle reluctant to take employment in today's skools?(Especially hetro, macho tradesman types!- not renouned for a love of leftie kaftan-wearers)

In my day, metalwork & woodwork teachers (come to think of it, probably the cooking & sewing ones too) were somewhat to the right of Genghis Khan.

See the problem with them fitting in today...


Unknown said...


You're dead right on this. My oldest mate is one such teacher. He used to describe himself as the only Act-voting teacher in South Auckland.

The big difference between tech teachers and the others is that the tech teachers have to have spent several years (forget how many) in their trade before they can go teaching.

So they're not, like most of the others, permanent residents in the kindy-primary-secondary-uni-TColl-school cocoon - they've actually got out in the real world for a few years.

Makes all the difference.

Anonymous said...

Since a decent builder can earn more than a teacher I am not surprised.
There is a universal shortage of tradesmen thanks the reforms in 1990's, this is just another symptom.

Anonymous said...

it is true that there has been a major mistake with regards to the training of tradesmen which happened during National's tenure int he 90's. However the Labour answer has been a beauracratic nightmare which has not solved the problem. The shiny arses in Wgtn saw trade training as another mechanism to get the punters into debt to the govt, and create more empires in the education sector, so decided on the units standard model. This is a total disaster, as there is no actual training with regards to how the big picture and how various actions interrelate and affect the system as a whole. Hence the recent plumbing training board finding a vast majority of the apprentices as being hopeless at the job, and having no insight into their actions and the effects therein.
We need to re-institute the apprentice regime as it was prior to the units standard model.