Saturday, February 28, 2009

When do I get my friggin' global warming?

Get them made locally

"...National is committed to examine all cases of where there has not been medallic recognition for service where there should have been. This is a small, but simple way for us to ensure that those who serve their country receive some small token of thanks from New Zealand. National wants to make sure that New Zealand expresses its thanks in a tangible way.

Therefore, we will implement the RSA proposal to introduce a 'New Zealand Defence Medal" recognizing service in both the regular and non-regular services. The estimated one-of cost of this initiative is $750,000..."

Not '100 day' material, but not a hard one to get underway, either.

Nine day fortnight- Nien!

Considering I work a 12 day fortnight, I don't see this happening soon.

Not that I wouldn't mind cutting the hours back a bit!

Just pick a day when you don't want to shower or flush the dunny.

Fine by me!

But seriously, I think this needs to be reworked a little.

Government types (the 9-5 r's) should do an extra days work for the same pay each fortnight. Especially those involved in the courts!

While you still have jobs...

Just helping to make the lid sink a little faster!

Friday, February 27, 2009

When in recession

You slash costs.

When I have been in strife a couple of years back (badly injured and a long time recovering), the first thing we did was to slash our expenses.

Not piss about nibbling at the edges- we slashed them.

Sold up, brought a smaller property with a much smaller mortgage. Canned all non- essential services like SKY, wheelie bin, newspapers, mobile phones, magazine subscriptions and so on.

Shopping was for what was on special and basics only- menus were planned for the fortnight around what we had brought. All trips by car were planned and events like family outings only happened when we were doing the shopping. We had a garden and I hunted for the pot. We brought second-hand clothes and generally did without.

So in the big picture, this is what needs to be done. The public service needs to be SLASHED and NOW. Just visit Libertarianz to see how much blubber we carry and what to do about it.

Here's just a start of the boondoggles to be axed in the Libertarianz Stop-Spending-So-Goddamned-Much Plan:

  • Cindy Kiro's Office for the Children's Commissioner
  • Peter Dunne's Families Commission
  • Paula Rebstock's Commerce Commission
  • David Lange's Ministry for Women's Affairs
  • Jim Anderton's Ministry of Economic Development
  • The Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs
  • The Ministry for Maori AffairsThe Race Relations Conciliator
  • The Ministry of Youth Development
  • Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand
  • Action on Smoking Hysterics
  • Asia New Zealand Foundation
  • Electricity Commission
  • Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority
  • The National Advisory Council on the Employment of Women
  • The Department of Labour
Then we will be able to let our productive taxpayers keep more of their money- which they will use to provide REAL stimulus!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Economic aid

One small idea to help out .

As there is to be a wine glut, how about allowing vin ordinaire fill-your-own sales at the gate without all that excise nonsense?

More work for the pickers and all those involved in viticulture- grapes were going to be left on the vine to rot.

This is just one small example of how the economy can be 'stimulated' by politicians and bureaucrats standing the hell out of the way.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Go nuclear, go green.

I heard (source unknown) that a few of the leading greenie mouthpieces have gone over to the dark side and come out in favour of nuclear power, over in the UK.

That's the reality. If people want green, the way is through science and technology- NOT in redistributing money or becoming a Luddite.

I have not been a great fan of nuclear generation in the past, but technology is a changing. The first reactors were built with 1940-50's technology. Look how much electronics and engineering in general have advanced since then. Cars now almost always go when you follow the instructions and do minimal servicing. Remember 1960's British cars? Compare those with a late model Toyota.

Then there are advances on the horizon, like:

The Pebble-Bed Reactor
The Thorium reactor
And assorted small reactors

Now if only we could keep the government from running them...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dirty, smelly bloggers

I was listening to squawkback today and Michael Laws was having a rant on bloggers. A quick bit of googling showed that this could be because of this incident.

It was over the blackout and Laws was bleating on about how only blogger read blogs, they are all wankers (bloggers) and well as being geeks with non-existent personal hygiene and butt-ugly to boot. As the MSM will have it, of course we are all insignificant, inconsequential and impotent.

Which is a bit rich coming from a squarkback host!

He was saying that all bloggers do is post their opinions on subjects and then argue over them.

So explain to me exactly how his show differs from this?

Will these types ever admit that their gripe with us is that we are not paid-up card-carrying members of the Journo's union?

And to give credit where it's due- what a refresing change to have the powers that be actually listen! Some were concerned that this would be a diversion for more pressing issues, but really- on quick executive decision and it's dealt with!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

green 'Leadership'

I don't think Barnsley Bill got it quite right here.

The cast of Fraggle Rock just ain't foul enough.

Do not adjust your set- service will return Tuesday

This site, along with many others, will be 'Blacked out' for Monday to protest the coming into force on the 28th of S92A of the Copyright Act.

Story here.

What will this Fascist law do to this blog?

No more links to MSM stories, for starters. So their hit rates will suffer as bloggers no longer link. I don't think the MSM are aware of the extent to which we promote their sites.

I won't paste verbatim PORTIONS of their stories, as I often do now.

I won't be pinching the odd image, so my other site promoting NZ will be reliant on my meager photographic skills.

I will simply take the story and rewrite a portion myself. Just like I did in school, rehashing the contents of a texbook.

The best I will be able to do to 'quote' my sources is to provide a google search keyword.

It certainly won't stop me ripping into the bastards!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A small wager on his fate?

Kidnapping is one of the foulest crimes on the books.

For this reason it carries the death penalty on many parts of the world. In NZ it carries a maximum of 14 years imprisonment.

It's good to see this swine charged with kidnapping. Of course some smarmy lawyer will defend him saying that he 'only' intended to take the car- no doubt to deliver bibles to crippled pensioners.

I don't see it that way- you steal a car, you take the consequences. But no fear, you are in New Zealand and you will probably get two years, tops.

I don't think an inadvertent kidnapping quite deserves the death penalty.

But 14 years sounds fair...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Corrections correction

It is quite true- this department is rotten from within.

Unlike the picture some may paint, it's not bent screws selling drugs, mobiles and favours. That does go on, no doubt, as it would in any large organisation but I never saw it. I guess I had a reputation of being a bit straight up!

The endemic corruption is not at the 'front lines'. It's at the top.

The prison service is the worst example of 'us and them' between officers and management I have ever seen and the reason they are so unionised is that that have such a shit employer.

Incidents are continually brushed over and statistics twisted and misrepresented to downplay the sad state of what is actually going on in the wings. Incidents that would highlight the inadequate levels of staffing are not reported- by management and by staff that have given up trying to tell management.

The same goes for internal discipline. I have been guilty of looking the other way to infractions, as I couldn't be stuffed spending two days on paperwork for a charge then have the inmate get a lousy two days lockdown for possession of contraband.

As with so many government departments, I spent more time ticking checklists than actually out doing the job. Stuff like walking the wing stopping shit from happening. That wasn't considered important.

So, as I often say- if one bitches, one should offer a solution. Here it is.

Can the national headquarters staff- at least everybody who has never done time on the floor. Out with policymakers, trick cyclists and university wankers.

Nobody gets into management without serving their time and going up through the ranks. This was the case once. Would you put civilians into the top ranks of the army?- madness.

The great liberal experiment was to 'soften' the prison service. They decided that it was too authoritarian (FFS!), so uniforms were changed and anything with a military theme, such as parading, badges of rank and service-type discipline were removed.

With that mistake came the deluded idea that inmates need education ahead of work. So funds were diverted from staff to supervise work details to airy-fairy programs teaching fuckwits full of their own self importance to have more self-esteem!

What they really needed, as was understood by those with a practical bent, was to know work. To understand that they got up in the morning, work hard for a full day, then get up and do it again tomorrow.

They also learnt that consequences were swift and upleasant. A hiding down the block and a fortnight on lettuce soup.

Now they learn their friggin' rights!

In days of old, the prison bus had a shotgun on board and the guards had .38's. That was in the days of a much less violent NZ.

Now they have nothing to stop an escape. progess- it think not. Even in the land of superweanies, Sweden, they carry sidearms when moving inmates.

In summary, reform needs to start at the top and work down. There are some damn good people working for Corrections in the wings- at a ratio of about three good ones to every arsehole. Give them the direction, the power and tools to clean up the prisons and they will.

They know how.

The Howard leauge won't like it, but the liberals have had their chance and royally screwed the pooch.

Time for a change.

Following on from yesterday...

Hat Tip: Cowboy Blob

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Apologists- a huge part of the problem

I an heartily sick of hearing whiney-arsed lefties making excuses for the criminal and feckless lower class*

From judges who don't want to do what their employers demand- send wrongdoers to jail, to the rancid ninny on the talkback that was bleating about a violent thug being a victim.

The limp-dicked pussies that think making beneficiaries seek work, take drug tests or attend training is cruel and inhumane. The sort that think it is a career breeders right to pop uncared for pups willy-nilly.

Screw tolerence.

We SHOULD be angry about being forced to pay for parasites.

It's OK to want REVENGE against criminals and to want them sent to prison to be further punished.

Judges- We need to DEMAND accountability from the judiciary. They work for US.

Convicted criminals- why the hell should they have the same rights as a citizen in good standing. They should have bugger all.

The 'Beneficiary'- you exist at our expense. Stop whining and show some friggin' gratitude. YOU are taking food from our children's mouths.

The criminal huggers- go get a job as a Corrections Officer. Watch your world view rotate 180 degrees.

*OK, so it's alright to label us middle class- it follows that there must be an upper and a lower class. On this blog they are no longer underclass, lower socio-economic or whatever. Lower class says it all.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


One feature of a long and *interesting* life is that you get to see it all.

You see that generalizations tend to fit and that there are exceptions to EVERYTHING.

(Although exceptions are like rocking horse shit)

I have met teenage parents that are exemplary parents. Most shouldn't be permitted to raise houseplants.

I have met forty-something parents that couldn't raise a flag.

I have seen parents that did it all 'by the book'. Their kids were arseholes who needed euthanasia.

I have seen parents that had ALL the odds against them. They did what they could and their kids grew up fine. Their best was enough.

I saw others that didn't give a shit and their kids grew up fine anyway.

What can you do but your best?

Your best usually works.

Not trying usually doesn't.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Life-altering experiences

Coming to a worthless bunch of slimy peter-puffing maggots very soon.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Yeah right

"Maori groups or iwi are likely to put in tenders for running private prisons, the Maori Party says..."

Good luck.

The average Iwi couldn't run a bloody jumble sale.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fair enough, I reckon!

JOB - URINE TEST Great idea!

Joe the average worker says; Like a lot of folks in this state, I have a job.

I work, they pay me. I pay my taxes and the government distributes my taxes as it sees fit.

In order to get that paycheck, I am required to pass a random urine test with which I have no problem.

What I do have a problem with is the distribution of my taxes to people who don’t have to pass a urine test.

Shouldn’t one have to pass a urine test to get a welfare check because I have to pass one to earn it for them?

Please understand, I have no problem with helping people get back on their feet.

I do, on the other hand, have a problem with helping someone sitting on their lazy butts, doing drugs, while I work.

Can you imagine how much money the state would save if people had to pass a urine test to get a public assistance check?

So something has to change in this country — and soon!!!!!

Guess we could title that program,

‘Urine or You’re Out’

Hat Tip: Abbadon

Lessons learnt

1- Road bikes handle poorly on gravel roads. Especially with two up.
2- Singlets are not protective clothing.
3- Gravel is much harder than skin.

I knew all this. The chaps I watched fall off their bike appeared not to.

They know it now.

When you want to impress

This is chocolate!

or knicker-remover, depending on your perspective.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Knives in public.

In New Zealand it is an offence to possess a weapon in a public place without reasonable excuse, under the Summary Offences Act 1981 and the Crimes Act 1961 section 202A(4)(a).

Best to have a good reason for having a knife in your possession BEFORE you stick in in a piece of shit tagger...

To continue:

Now if Bruce Emery had a can of mace or a taser handy, he could have grabbed that when he took up the pursuit.

But no, we can't be trusted with purpose made defensive weapons...

Friday, February 13, 2009

One rule for YOU and another for US

"Council authorities are blaming sabotage for a Featherston sewage spill that may have contaminated Lake Wairarapa.

Greater Wellington regional council today said a valve used to drain the Featherston oxidation ponds had been tampered with, resulting in sewage spilling into Donald's Creek which flowed into Lake Wairarapa..."

Now I live not too far from these third-world cesspits. The ponds are quite large and the sewerage treatment consists of being left to decompose and be eaten by ducks (ever wonder why I don't do the duck hunting thing?)

They are a plastic-lined affair, but unlike a swimming pool they seem to be exempt from any requirement to be fenced, although there is a seven-wire fence to keep the sheep out (this is the same council that spend our money on aerial photography to find illegal swimming pools).

Funny how a blow-up pool in a farm back yard may need a permit and approved fencing, but a couple of acres of plastic lined pond full of turds does not. Remember the recent farm tragedy.

So it's no problem for young bastards out exploring to get in. And open valves or gates that should be locked.

If this were a private company, they would be in the shit over this site being accessible and the control gear not being secured from tampering.

But why would the SWDC care? If the regional council fines them, it's only the ratepayers that will be picking up the tab...

Judge or a friggin' social worker?

"...Judge Epati told Mr Sutton: "He [Kurariki] needs to understand that he, number one, cannot go on using drugs because part of the rehabilitation is to get him off drugs so that he doesn't go back the way he started off."

Then he gave Kurariki a "final chance", before releasing him on bail with a stern warning..."

Well, I'm sure that's all settled then- a stern talking to!

This piece of excrement is ON PAROLE. THAT is the chance he was given.

The public demands that Judges lock away those who are not safe to have in public. Forget rehabilitation- this prick is a walking time bomb.

In summing up, the beak came out with this codswallop:

"...Bailey Junior Kurariki, I don't know whether you'll come before me again but let me make it quite clear to you for your sake ... I really should have refused bail for you, and that is because the record shows that time and time again you have [been] given the opportunity to be at large, or on bail terms ... which is that you are not to consume alcohol and drugs. But time and time again a drugs test has been given and you have failed. And once more, although you have protested that you have not taken any drugs, it wasn't until after you've been administered that test that you realised the game was up. You then admitted that you've been taking drugs. This is not a game, Kurariki."

Yes- that is exactly what you SHOULD have done, you frickin' overpaid snivel servant. DO YOUR BLOODY JOB!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Police try to sort it- then the courts sabotage their efforts

You may have heard of this story:

"Mongrel Mob gang members forced a terrified neighbour and her two young children from their home, then ransacked it for nearly all its contents the next day..."

And so:

"...Fifty police officers, some of them armed, made dawn raids on seven houses in and around Pomare's Farmer Cres yesterday.

Ten patched gangsters and associates were arrested..."


"...Most of them appeared in Lower Hutt District Court on a range of burglary, drug and intimidation charges.

As the gang members were bailed back to their homes, police said it was not safe for The Dominion Post to visit Farmer Cres last night. Police gave journalists an escort, while other police cars patrolled the area..."

You would have to wonder why the cops bother to get out of bloody bed in the morning!

Housing NZ- all gang members and associates to be evicted. Minister to put this into law.

Police- keep up the good work. WE appreciate you doing this.

'Justice'- DO what the public demand of their SERVANTS. Lock the shit up! Minister of Justice- make it happen.


As an aside and ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the above-

"They emptied almost everything from the house a 42-inch TV, electric appliances, whiteware, beds and bedding, even food."

It's a shame my mortgage doesn't allow me to have a 42" TV!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Find a niche and exploit it!

Hat Tip: Abbadon

DNA and diminishing returns

An overlooked part of the DNA debate is that the most benefit (in resolved crimes with crims locked away from the public) is derived from 'capturing' the DNA from a relatively small section of society.

Recidivist offenders.

So by simply creating a database from convicted offenders, the most good is gained.

There is NO NEED to capture the DNA of the whole nation! We all know that most crime is committed by the same group of criminals. By matching THEIR filthy DNA we can keep them out of circulation, thus keeping the public and their property safer.

As I said before, people should be able to opt in at their own expense and as Touchstone has pointed out, it's a good idea for the military to keep DNA records. I don't see why the can't be stored on the same database as long is it is partitioned.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

DNA sampling

or more importantly- a DNA database- is something I believe to be a good idea. DNA matching is a very important crime-fighting tool.

IF and only IF the criteria for being added to this database are made crystal clear.

Firstly- you must be a criminal convicted of an offense punishable by imprisonment to make the database. Unless you decide for reasons of your own that you wish to be added to the database voluntarily (say for a scenario such as the possibility of disaster victim ID) . In that case the volunteer must bear the costs involved.

Secondly- If you have been ARRESTED for an offense punishable by imprisonment, a sample may be taken as evidence, but may not be added to the database until you are convicted. For people who need to be eliminated as suspects, samples are at the taxpayers expense and are destroyed when the case is resolved or a set period of time has passed.

Thirdly- All those fans of the Nanny State and those who tell us that DNA database is nothing to be feared by the law-abiding will of course be adding their DNA at their own expense..

Monday, February 09, 2009

Bushfire Donations


Donations can be made online at or by calling 0800 53 00 00. Donations can also be posted to The Australian Bushfire Appeal, Salvation Army, PO Box 27001, Marion Square, Wellington.

New Zealand Red Cross said those wanting to support the bushfire fund could do so by visiting or calling 0900 33 200 for an automatic $20 donation.

Cheques can be posted to; Australian Bushfire Appeal, Red Cross House, PO Box 12140, Thorndon, Wellington 6144, or donations can be made directly at New Zealand Red Cross service centres.

I would also add that when you support Australia in times of trouble, you are supporting ONE OF A HANDFUL of nations who would return the favour when (not if) we have our own large scale disaster.

Sunday, February 08, 2009


One amazing sunset out there right now!

Must be the bushfires over the water.

Why try to break out of a cell using your head?

Mostly because your brain is FUBAR!

I hope it really hurt!

And to any soft-cocks who say this piece of dog-shit was insane and did not deserve to die- he wasn't mad enough to stop himself making a million peddling his filth!

Why try to break out of a cell uning your head?

Friday, February 06, 2009

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Boy Racer Bollocks

For starters, lets get away from the 'boy racer' crap. The whole 'boy racer' thing was about wannabes with Japanese penis extensions showing off.

They were a bunch of virgins who couldn't drive well enough to get into a sports driving club and didn't have the car/money to play with the real enthusiasts and collectors.

The above are the once that would be punished the most by car crushing and lets face it- most of us who have been woken up by a big bore exhaust and a wanky blowdown valve at 330 am would love to see car and occupants turned into spam in a can!

The problem has gone way beyond those fools and has more to do with the cellphone than the car. The problem is groups of lawless thugs and louts who use the power of text broadcasts to gather in groups too large to be readily policed when they inevitably go feral. Of course cars provide the mobility factor and entertain the morons with burnouts. THESE cars are disposable shitboxes and crunching them more likely would provide some kind of badge of honour amongst the knuckle-dragging fraternity.

So let's get away from cars and look to the REAL problem. Lawlessness, willful destruction of property, intimidation, trespass, offensive behavior, assault and so on. If you think these turds are poor misunderstood yoof who just need somewhere to play (at our expense) you have not had 300+ go feral outside your property as many I know have.

Now these offenses need no new laws to deal with them. What the police need are new tools and the direction to use them.

The good, old-fashioned water cannon is most effective in breaking up a mob. Rioting is no fun when you are drenched. Especially in a Christchurch winter and more so when OC has been injected into the water jet.

I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of 'tear gas' having been on the end of a good dose of it in training, however, I am uncomfortable about using it in residential areas where innocent can be affected.

There are several new tools available for crowd dispersal, one is sonic, this one uses a laser and the other uses microwaves to cause pain.

To use these, we will need a fast-reation unit and, of course, an armed support team to keep the little darlings away from the hardware.

Most of the little arseholes would have watched 'Jackass', so should know what a bean-bag baton round will do to you!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

For once I beat Lindsay to it!

Will the recession affect the birth rate?

It won't go down unless WFF and the DPB are cut!

More likely to go up as our serial breeders increase production...

The Law- everyone's resposibility

"Police have praised members of the public who detained a man who allegedly tried to rob the New World Supermarket in Clendon at gunpoint..."

I saw this and was reminded of the oft-heard collectivist cry that 'crime in the community is a problem
for ALL of us to take responsibility for'

Bullshit, of course. The great majority of us do not commit REAL crimes (ones with a victim)

What is true is that should be every able and willing persons duty to fight crime- and more importantly- we should have access to the tools to do so. The scrote in the link above should have been hit by tasers, marker spray, pepper spray, spring batons from all points of the compass! After the checkout operator unloaded a .38 into his guts!

While politicians and those in the ivory towers wring their hands about how to deal with the explosion in crime and lawlessness and cry 'But what to do?' there are many of us with at least a partial solution to the problem.

A bit of rough justice for the town ne'er-do-wells. Vandals doing community service in pink overalls and chains. Recidivist families run out of town. Pillory. The good old-fashioned thrashing with someone responsible on-hand to make sure the injuries weren't to permanent. Hard labour breaking rocks in the hot sun- in the middle of the town square. Shunning.

And more importantly- cutting off all funding to those who perpetuate the cycle of deadbeats, criminals and idlers.