Friday, December 15, 2006

Pen names, anonymous posters and sulky bitches


So a lot of bloggers use a non-de-plume?

Whop de do!

Like nobody ever wrote a column in a newspaper of magazine under a pen name- an old and established practice in traditional writing.

While we are at it; Curmudgeon -Ranting -Pseudonyms -dislike of card-carrying journos- does all this fit anyone you know? ;-)

This cumquat thinks that 'hiding' behind a pseudonym is to avoid all responsibility, unlike the highly professional and irreproacable members of the press (Officials)

I can only speak for myself, but while I write under a pseudonym for as variety of reasons.

-I live in a small town and voice opinions unpopular with criminal elements
-I have a very ordinary sort of name that is not at all eye catching
-I like my privacy

I'm not overly secretive, but you do have to make an effort to find out who I am. Getting to know me and asking nicely is known to work!

But anyone with half a brain could follow my links and discover my name in under a minute. I suppose that eludes most journos, who seem incapable of getting facts straight, when you tell them a straightforward story...

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