Friday, September 08, 2006


It's the end of another shift cycle- 12 days on, two off, seven days of than on-call.

Time for a very large drink!

Tomorrow I might take the new rifle and turn critters into pink mist.

One bit of news that I have heard today, say that the distribution workers strike may spread to other unions. I've never been a great one for strikes, but there is a tasty irony in a widespread strike under Dear Leader's rule.

The unionists funding of the current regime hasn't really done the wage drones a whole lot of good, it would appear!

The other bit is yet another Aussie Icon has fallen.

It's just a bloody shame that it wasn't some worthless sodding politician biting the dust. We wouldn't miss them...


Murray said...

Mangare Bridge, BNZ Centre. Ah the good old day of strong unions.

And why no member of the bolier makers union will ever work on another building in this country ever again.

Oswald Bastable said...


Seamonkey Madness said...

What?! No mention of the beer fest tasting session at Old Bank in Wellington? You might still make it Oswald! 2.30pm kickoff till 6. 12 big ones on the door.

coge said...

Here we have militant unionism screwing the people they represent.
Many strikers will be facing financial catastrophe. Better to have taken the odd day off or work to rule etc.

Progressive NZ have the balls to stand up to this & set an example to the Aussie unions. Margins are slim, & this will be hurting them too. That said, the strikers have the watches & Progressive has the time.

Anonymous said...

Laila Harre has come out of the woodwork to start trouble where no trouble existed before. Someone should put the taser on this evil bitch!!!