Thursday, November 02, 2006

Defending Guy Fawkes

I stand behind my position to keep this event going, but I think it needs a bit of sorting out.

It's getting bloody hard to defend the occasion, with gaggles of brain-dead boys going hard core to fuck it up for everybody. Public safety is a totally overused excuse to ban all & sundry, but I do accept the point made about fireworks. I used to say it was all wankers and wowsers calling for the ban, but it's moved from that. Totally due to the upswell in cretins that need two ounces of Black Powder detonated at groin level!

It's at a bad time of year too- it would be better in the mid-winter, when the fire risk is down. Also, at this time of year, it means a late night for small children.

Deliberate and blatent abuse of fireworks should come under the Arms Act, which has a bit of sting at sentencing time. After all, it comes down to discharging a projectile, when some moron uses a roman candle or suchlike as a bloody missile launcher.

Unfortunatly, considering consequences for actions, however severe, don't impact on the brain-dead.

Fortunatly, the full penalties of an arson charge would put such a dumbfuck out of circulation for a reasonable time. (like that's going to happen!)

How about restricting sales to those who have a firearms licence? They tend to behave, as their hobby hinges on doing so...

Also, ONE designated day ONLY!

As for a total ban leading to home-made fireworks.

You bet it will happen!

Just piss into a bucket of HTH pool chlorine somewhere you need a crater....


I think we can kiss Guy Fawkes goodby now

Thanks to all you crap-head low-lives out there that fucked it up for the rest.

Not that you will be reading this- or anything not printed on a t-shirt...


Unknown said...

No, wrong, incorrect.

The shit for brains DPB sponsored mutants who were doing drive by fireworks throwing at pedestrians in U/H last night wouldn't have the gumption to make their own but every year we trust these fuckwits with cars, alcohol and things that explode when they are descended from other people not much older than them who didn't have the elementary motor skills needed to operate a fucking CONDOM!

Ban them, ban them all!

There, I've said my piece.

Oswald Bastable said...

Knowing where you live, I can sympathise...

It can't be fun where the locals come out of the shallow end of ther gene pool!

Pity they can't issue a licence based around an elementry understanding of the laws of physics/ having an IQ of over 75

Anonymous said...

I think that if you can read and understand enough of chem textbook then go for it. Hopefully the morons will demonstrate darwinism at its most fundamental level and blow themselves to pieces ... like those lpg sniffing fools. The rest of us will have a great nights entertainment

Anonymous said...

Oswald, we had fireworks being fired off in the middle of Mt Albert last night from about 10pm through to about 1pm. Getting up for work at 5am does not make one a happy puppy when those fireworks are loud enough enough to rattle your bedroom windows.

They're not supposed to be firing them off last night, were they? I thought the things were only legal ONE day actually?

LI said...

its ike everything, you just have to do it responsibly...
my friend still has some tom thumbs *hums*
btw, he has a firearm license ;)

Unknown said...

If they had the ability to make their own pyros every day they would already be doing it.

Like all laws it doesn't mean a bloody thing if it's not enforced.

Unknown said...

Course you can already get away with firing shotguns in public so why not roman candles?