Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sod off ya bloody scroungers!

ALL year we try and teach our kids to stay away from strangers, especially those offering sweets.
Then once a year all that work is undone!


And then we have the issue of going begging- another thing I'm dead against, along with people coming onto my property uninvited. Bugger off the lot of you!

I blame the bloody Warehouse for encouraging this vileness!

Now I'm off to read to the children from 'Atlas Shrugged' ...


Rick said...

I don't think that's gonna do it. But I wont stop you.

Atlas Atlas Atlas!

Brian Smaller said...

The little kids coming around with their parents keeping an eye on things doesn't worry me. It is the dodgy teenagers who are out casing houses that worry me. I stuck a sign up this year saying "Trick or Treaters wil be attacaked by vicious dogs". Only hada one group who didn't take the hint. So I gave them an onion ( I was preparing dinner at the time).

Peter McK said...

My daughters (miss 6 and miss 8) went out and had a great time - no onions, but lots of lollies for daddy. Since I spend too much on fruit and veg (but no longer chips and lollies because SueK said I shouldn't) the kids need to beg.

Being smart capitalists they have noted the best houses for next year, and which ones to give a wide berth to. I was trying to encourage them to visit the house of a labour MP who lives nearby - but to no avail. (I would have loved them to visit the house wearing the Helen Clark witch mask)

Anonymous said...

I find little parcels of bran works to keep them away once word gets around.

(and your word verification just asked me to type "faecs" ... spooky).

LI said...

i came across your blog and have enjoyed reading it :) cheers

Oswald Bastable said...

Good onya!