Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Eat Electrons Punk!

"Seven of the eight people stunned by taser guns suffered no lasting harm, MPs were told today.

Police today briefed Parliament's law and order select committee on its controversial 12-month trial of taser stun guns, begun on September 1 last year..."


Greenie crim-hugger Keith Locke is still predicting doom and gloom if Tasers keep being used, but thats what Greenies do! (I wonder what the Carbon Footprint of a 50,000 volt Taser is?)

"...Mr Locke also questioned whether tasers were used to make offenders comply with police, citing one case where the offender had been tasered after he had been pepper sprayed..."

No shit Sherlock!- Thats what its all about!

"Put down the jawbone and lie on the ground!"

Following the example of the notorious CYFSWATCH post, perhaps said MP could be first given a dose of C&R, then a sound drubbing with a baton, THEN he could be tasered by way of differentiation. Perhaps even a 9mm slug or two could be thrown in- just to give a comparison of all options!

I would pay good money to watch THAT show!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Full Moon already?

You just know its going to be a bad day when your phone goes off at 0545!

Apparantly there is a major water leak.

Soon after I arrive at the site. The pump shed is in darkness, so I reach to the right side of the door and turn on the light.

'Daaa- how did you do dat?'

Its white mans magic AKA electricity- idiot. I can see how this job is going to go.

The massive leak- a hose has been left running. Turn tap clockwise- water stops. Of couse if the light had been turned on, Zippy the Wonder Slug could possibly have figured that one out.

Or if he had stayed the hell out of the shed, I would have sorted the problem out when I arrived at 0700.

There are few things more destructive that an industrious idiot.

That set the trend for the day.

The next was a major chemical spill- real Union Carbide vs India stuff. It was a film ofSoda Ash-slightly less toxic than salt- on a car park. I would have put the hose on it until it went away, but council types need a more impressive and far more expensive act of contrition.

Call up the sucker truck to remove the offending white stones and exorcise the demons.

Then the really important part- find somebody to blame for the spill.

Another 16 days of being the 'On Call...'

Monday, February 26, 2007


Some creative answers to various questions are posted on Kea Blog.

Some of these remind me of answers I have submitted for various exams.

Like the one where they asked about protective devices (without specifying that they should be for electronic circuitry)

Or the 300-word essay where 280 of the words were 'Bang'!

Hey- It worked for him!

" Mussolini may have done many brutal and tyrannical things; he may have destroyed human freedom in Italy; he may have murdered and tortured citizens whose only crime was to oppose Mussolini; but 'one had to admit' one thing about the Dictator: he 'made the trains run on time.'"

(Actually- he didn't, but like our powers-that-be, claimed credit for the work of others)

"Bus passengers are being promised sweeping law changes offering them better odds of getting picked up on time, and by clean and safe vehicles.

The Government intends giving the Auckland Regional Transport Authority, and councils elsewhere in New Zealand, wide powers to set standards for all urban bus and ferry services.

The tough new measures will be imposed regardless of whether the services are run commercially or with subsidies from the public purse.

Regional councils will be able to deregister commercial services which fail to keep to their timetables. Ministry of Transport officials are working on an incentive and penalty regime to apply before that happens..."

There is some interesting, if rather predictable, commentary here:

The usual knee-jerk comentary for the pro's seems to be "Good 'They' are doing something about the problem'

Are 'they'? How are the buses to move on hopelessly inadequate roads, for one.

Then there is this problem with public transport. The public use it.

The smell inside a train or bus on a wet day reminds me of stock trucks or prison wings. Asuming 90% of the public are aware of personal hygiene, that leaves the other 10%. Add drunks, druggies, the permanently baffled and screaming urchins- I'm reminded of why I don't like India as a place to live!

Another is simple economics. It costs more- so what would the MOT Benito clones answers be?
penalise motorists even more, perhaps?

You can bet on it!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The market will sort this out!

"The fashion label which produced a T-shirt range to raise money for Auckland's Starship children's hospital is also selling kid's tees emblazoned with "Future Porn Star"..."


Of course there is a call for the inevitable banning.

But why?

Ask yourselves how many parents would actually buy one of these, especially at $45!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Stuff that Liarbour loves to hear

"Many New Zealanders are not saving for their retirement and don't plan to join the Government's KiwiSaver scheme when it launches - but they want to be forced to save.

The indication that Kiwis are reluctant to fully embrace saving unless they really have to has come in a Herald DigiPoll survey about retirement savings..."


I'm sure they will oblige the sheeple...

That's what I call a sentence!

"BATAVIA, Ohio - A judge sentenced a woman Thursday to 54 years to life in prison for causing the death of her 3-year-old developmentally disabled foster son by leaving him bound cocoon-like in a closet..."


Sometimes one comes across an act of cruelty that you just can't get it out of your head.

This is one of them.

I hope that 54 years will be done in a VERY SMALL cell. A few years in a straightjacket would be in order, too!

A couple of points:

The US knows haw to come up with a proper penalty for such a despicable act.

The US also would seem to have the same problem we have here. Foster children are at risk with their 'Carers' provided by state agencies.

Maybe we would be better off with orphanages...

Book Two finished

Finally finished! now it's time to do the editing...

Friday, February 23, 2007

On Traffic

The uniformed branch of the IRD's threat has been carried out. I have seen the local copper outside of all the local schools at start & finsh times this week. At least his patrolling has been during actual school times. Not at 5pm!

It's one of those things that most say 'Well-fair enough!'

But is it really anything other than 'common sense' policing? Perhaps if the police weren't so politically driven, this migt well have been the sort of thing they would be doing, as a matter of course?

I do a lot of driving , for a living. I clock up about 60k a year- most of that within a 30k radius of the depot.

I see a a hell of a lot of what goes on on our roads. During the DAY, the worst group is the grey haired bowls-club type of driver. (I can tell that by the hat in the back windscreen!)

They fail to give way, fail to travel at the road speed and even worse- give way when they have the right of way!.

The time that I sit at intesections waiting for the blue-rinse set to bugger off. I'm loosing at leat 1/2 an hour for these types to bimble though intersections each day!

You ratepayers are picking up the tab for this!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

On the subject of Mad Cow's Disease:

Hat Tip to Cowboy Blob

We've found a Witch- may we burn her?

Here is the post uber-contol freak Sue 'I know Best' Bradford is bleating about:

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Safe to say that this person is NOT a fan of Sue Bradford.
Anonymous writes:
I have just viewed the interview on TV with Sue Bradford and her Bill to ban smacking. She looked mentally ill and sounded delusional - her equating a rugby tackle with assault was an indication of just how unwell this woman really is. Such a cognitive distortion is evidence of historical psychological trauma, most likely related to either sexual abuse or rape.

Sue sees no difference between a parent smacking their children, and the awful assaults that have been perpetuated on children that are now dead.Since Sue cannot tell the difference, I would like the opportunity to drive my fist straight into her face as hard as I can, hopefully breaking her nose or jaw in the process. As she is lying on the ground, blood and mucous pouring profusely from her nose and mouth, I would then give her a light smack on her substantial arse, and ask her "Now Sue, is the difference a little more clearer to you?".

If ever someone needed a beating, it is this sociopathic witch.She is projecting her own allergy to correction or any form of discipline onto the families of New Zealand, so that our kids can end up as sick as she is.Bradford is a worthy candidate for NZ's first political assassination - I only wish I had the resources to do it.

Posted by cyfswatch at 23:24 2 comments

The story of the complaint is Here:

Ain't it just ironic that someone who has been a lifelong enemy of the police cries out for them as soon as she percieves a threat to her own wide arse!

And to correct the CYFSWATCH poster- you BURN a witch- not beat her!


But really- if that is a graphic threat she hadn't heard one before. In the prison service, we got FAR worse threats, far more often. Unfortunatly, the police were too busy to run about protecting us- and recieving the same sort of threats. The powers-that-be were certainly none to concerned for OUR welfare!

Before we consign the poster to bunk up with Tim- As I interpret the message- all the poster is really saying is that he wants stupid sue to understand the diffence between a spanking and a right twating!

As for the last bit- it may be a minor point of language but they did say a 'Political Assasination'

This is not the same thing as a banger through the head while driving in an open-topped limo.

Political Assasination consists of mud-slinging and getting it to stick!

I'm sure a defense lawyer would see it so!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

That's it- We are Fooked!

"An asteroid may come uncomfortably close to Earth in 2036 and the United Nations should assume responsibility for a space mission to deflect it, a group of astronauts, engineers and scientists said on Saturday.

Astronomers are monitoring an asteroid named Apophis, which has a 1 in 45,000 chance of striking Earth on April 13, 2036..."


The UN!

Oh yeah- pull the other one FFS!

The are about as much use as the average small-town Borough Council, when it comes time for action!

They couldn't organize a bonk in downtown Bangkok with a sack of Krugerrands!

Shall we have a reality check?

The USA will do it- probably aided by Russia.

The UN will sit about passing resolutions and working out how to move funding to their Swiss bank accounts.

Get a man on the job- not a monkey on a stick!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Spidey Sense is tingling

...about the whole Tim Selwyn issue.

OK- he's a crook- this has been proven- no arguments there.
And this is from someone who's opinions on crime & punishment run to the harsh side of severe!

But hang on- is he a great threat to members of our society/

So why is it that so many others that ARE get non-custodial sentences?

If anyone should get Home D, it is the Tim Selwyn type of offender.

Why is it that so many others do a string of similar crimes yet get concurrent sentences- While for once someone (Tim S.) gets a consecutive sentencing?

So why don't our recidivist offenders get the microscope put over THEIR unsavoury lives and nailed for each and every offense found to have occured historically?

One could be forgiven for thinking that Tim has been singled out for 'Special Attention'!

So... careful with that Axe Eugene!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dumbass kids & punishment

The soft-cocks and hand-wringers have had their go at 'rehabilitation and education' and it is FUBAR out there.

Thanks very much, assholes!

Here is another one that won't pick up the tab for his actions.

"...A three-year-old girl remains in an induced coma in Auckland's Starship Hospital after being hit by a car driven by a learner driver in the North Shore suburb of Torbay on Thursday. The girl was with three others, two aged eight and one aged five, and the grandmother of one of the girls, when a Toyota Celica driven by a 15-year-old boy ploughed into them..."

I know one family that won't want to go soft on this young shit-head...

The is probably at least one other that should be taking the heat as well. Where did he get the car? 15 year olds don't tend to have a lot of money.

Flogging him to within an inch of his life would be a good start to his long and arduous punishment!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Left Field

"Embattled Mangere MP Taito Phillip Field has resigned from the Labour Party. Mr Field held a press conference in Auckland on Friday to outline his future plans. He has been expelled from the Labour Party caucus and said he intended to return to Parliament as an independent MP, but would still support the Labour Government..."


What a fucknuckle! I was listening to him burbling on the radio- Claiming he was a convienient target for an attack the liarbour party. Then immediatly going on to state that Liarbour were also picking on him!

So everybody is attacking him and of course they are all wrong.

'And dey breeching my hooman rites!'

Ya useless brown slug, they are all after you because you are as bent as a dogs back leg! (and failed to kowtow to Hellen)

Practice your right to silence- it can only help your case!

Now will we finally get to see what we deserve to see?- another bent MP in jail

I do hope so- I liked the idea in a Terry Prachart Book (Lost Continent, I think) where politicians were put in jail as soon as they were elected- it saved time!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

More Cotton Wool Wrapping...

It appears people might get lost out in the bush!

"...Deaths and "near misses" involving trampers in Arthurs Pass National Park have prompted the Department of Conservation to place clearer signs marking walking tracks..."

Story Here:

Why not put in paved tracks with lighting and handrails? Hell, we need disabled access too!

These are MOUNTAINS- they are meant to be rough, rugged and dangerous. The weather is extreme and if you are not well prepared they will KILL you.

If people aren't up to these conditions, they should stick to walking around the golf course- or better still, take a golf cart!

If they are so dumb as to believe that they can bimble about the mountainside in an area famous for it's extreme weather, Darwinian selection is what they deserve!

To save the bloody Townies from themselves, I suppose DOC will be requiring certification and a permit to enter the area, as the next step.

DOC- leave them to their own devices. As we have no Bears, Snakes or Cougars- there is only the weather and gravity to weed the loopies out!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dueling is not a socialist tradition

This is explained in

"...Only gentlemen were considered to have honor, and therefore qualified to duel. If a gentleman was insulted by a person of lower class he would not duel him but would beat him with a cane or whip or have his servants do so..."

No Honour, no duel.

So- a good whipping is call for!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Good- stay on the other bloody side of the hill!

"Retiring Labour MP Georgina Beyer has given a strong indication she will seek the Wellington mayoralty later this year.

Ms Beyer, who was the first transsexual elected to Parliament, stands down tomorrow to take up acting roles in the theatre..."


Achievements in Parliament at our considerable expense were:

Asked what contribution she had made to politics, Ms Beyer said her election had sent a message around the world.
"Just my election and my being here spoke volumes of how attitudes on moral issues and attitudes towards people who may be a little different and unusual in this environment have definitely moved on."

The only message I got is what a lazy and useless individual it was! Just another seat-filler to rubber stamp Dear Leader's wishes.

Wellington is welcome to have this gelding as mayor!

Monday, February 12, 2007

V for Vendetta

It's a shame the noble art of Dueling is no longer allowed!

If one had to back up one's comments with sword or pistol, I believe we would have a more civil world.

Here is a case in point, over remarks made on Kiwiblog.

The gauntlet has been thrown down.

Will we get to see roadkill?


No, we won't see roadkill as one party has no honour!

Typical of persons who like to throw shit about, when called out they cry out that they are a pacifist and would never stoop to physical combat! Having personally met the other party, the roadkill has probably made the first smart call in his life...

Such a person should be branded a coward and shunned from the company of his betters!

I believe once they would have been horsewhipped out of town...

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Liar!, Liar!

Dear Leaders big denial takes another hit.

Dr Grant had better watch his funding! it may be shrinking soon...

Then at the other extreme-this!

It seems our kids are either Starvin' Marvin or Cartman!

Perhaps they should all be taken from us and raised in state institutions.

But then NZ is heading to be one big state institution anyway....

Unreality TV

Sustainability being the current buzzword, How many more friggin' 'Treasure Island' shows can NZ's couch potatos endure? Take away the hope a tit will fall out or somebody might bonk someone else and its all over!

The show going in the background here just showed the eye candy trying to trade for fire.


EVERY but EVERY primitive culture has managed to make it!

Rubbing sticks together- rocket science it ain't.

Then I had a thought.

This show could be hilarious if we could see a bunch of academics in this sort of setting-schoolteacher types for preference.

I bet they wouldn't manage to find fire!

And it wouldn't be pretty!

Friday, February 09, 2007


Can you retard greenies try to remember this next you thrust your collective tongues up Liarbour's arse?

Is that too hard for you to do?

They are not your friends either!

But I do give you credit for pointing out this wee inconsistency in Liarbour's peacenick front!

News and non-news

A bimbo, one Anna- Two-Fathers whatsehername, dies under suspect circumstances.

Big deal, so what?

Such things keep worthless jorunos & talking heads in employment but most of us couldn't give a toss.


it seems significant that this appears in the entertainment section!

The are talking about us on MSM here. Of course we are wicked and callous as opposed to the MSM paragons of virtue! Up yours you wankers!

But in the real world (mine, anyway) something significant did happen today!

The 'Ball & Chain' found my collection of Biggles books!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

An old evil revisited

The 4WD.

Owned by evil Tories, hell-bent on dominating the roads, using too much fuel and single-handedly bringing down global warming on us all.

Crushing helpless infants in their blind spots, while congesting inner city parking. (according to tonights tv attack on vehicles- sorry- no link)

So of course I have one!

Then you get this crap. Of course they turn over easier. Simple bloody physics (oh!- Riiiight...)

So drive the damned thing properly and it won't fall over. They have blind spots- all cars do - do a bloody walk-around before you get in! Situational Awareness people- get your heads out of your arses!

Least someone passes a new law...

Hoist by her own Petard...

Prime Minister Helen Clark and Education Minister Steve Maharey rejected as unsubstantiated claims by the Poverty Action Group and children's charity KidsCan that up to 15,000 primary pupils were going to school hungry each day.

But her own Ministry of Health says 80,000 ! be afraid MOH salary-monkeys- you have made a very bad enemy- who remembers these offenses and is more vindictive than Jabba The Hut!

So who exactly is blowing smoke out their ass?Personally,I believe the the 80k figure would be an exaggeration. My kids have permanantly hollow legs and get through more tucker than a small African village. Then there is the bit with kids arsing about before school and missing out if you don't crack the whip a bit.

But there is no doubt that there are plenty who do go hungry on a regular basis. Find a teacher whom you know to be a real person and not a moonbat- they are out there!- and ask her!

And now I have heard here that John Minto thinks that giving hungry school children food is 'deeply patronising to their families.'

Perchance they will all be refusing to accept any benefits they might be on?

Declining their Working For Families bribe money?

Or does their pride not run that deep?

If my kids were genuinly hungry, my pride would not be up for consideration...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Feckin FRANCE!

What am I on about?


France better indeed!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Loopies abound!

It's that time of year again- fools with more money than sense go looking for non-existant bargins at the Martinborough Fair. This is the day that Martinborough turns into a clip-joint to put Queenstown to shame! (The rest of the year they just get by selling overpriced wine)

Like so many of these events, it got off to a great start- crafters selling their products for good prices and spitting in the eye of the taxman.

Not now.

The price of a stall has all but driven out the small crafters and now many of the stalls are just tables containing the contents of somebody's shop.

There won't be a lot of bargins to be had- just a long wait in a traffic jam and crowds of sweaty shoppers and children behaving badly. 'Cold' drinks will be at least double the usual price-as will be the hot chips & hotdogs that people perversly insist on buying when the temperature is in the mid-thirties.

The high point would be the beer tent.

As i can buy the beer locally, I will give the fair a miss...

Thursday, February 01, 2007

More on the Evil Empire- CYFS

I'm like a lot of people out there. I have never had any direct dealings with CYFS.

That's the way I want to keep it!

Some years ago, when I was a volunteer Ambulance Officer, I did a training course on professional ethics (AKA Tree-Hugging & Whale-Kissing)

The subject of reporting child abuse came up and the consensus was that we had to be REAL clear on what we had seen before making such a report. This was backed by several long-standing members who had been involved in such incidents. There experiences with CYFS were totally negative and they urged us newer folks to be so very careful about involving these goons!

Once Nanny's apparatus are called out, there is no calling them off!

I'm glad I never had to make that call!

Now all I have to worry about is kids turning up to school with a couple of bruises- as kids get!- and being reported. That is a very real worry to all thinking parents out there. more than a few have made a similar comment. And now you know why so many kids lack discipline- their parents are too bloody scared that thier kids will say something and will then be removed!

Some officious teacher/wannabe social worker taking a remark out of context or the fact the a kid is always hungry (as many are, regardless of what you feed them!) means they are neglected.

After all, us nice middle-class types are far easier target's than a truly abused kid in a gang house. We don't tend to stomp on your head.

Just attack you through blogs...