Saturday, December 30, 2006

'Honours'- Yeah, Right!

I do know that some of the people selected are totally deserving of any hounours that come their way.


What is it with the bulk of them that make ou these lists?

I fail to see why sombody who is well rewarded for making a living in a particular field is honoured for that. The are recognised mainly by their bank balance- but also at thevarious business awards out there that recognise excellence in THOSE fields. And actors/directors have a pletora of awards to recognise their own!

IMNSHO, Honours are to be bestowed on those who do great thing as a volunteer- not for purely financial reward, or for those who have performed deeds of valour and heroism. Like a locals I know that easily work a full 40-hour week keeping any number of community groups going in their retirement. Like volunteers that have keep the town fire brigade or ambulance going.
Not for someone who has taught art students to make pots. Or a god-botherer only known for being controvertial.

Or for being a suck-arse govamint toadie...

Good Bloody Riddance!

Shit-for Brains Hussein just got a long drop on a short rope!

MSM story

And another Here:

One down, quite a few to go!

On the lighter side...

Found on YouTube

Ain't it clever what you can do with video & sound clips nowadays!

Space Opus- parts One & Two

Courtesy of Cowboy Bob's Blog

A new tax-what a suprise!

The latest tax grab is here:

In principle, RUC's are a fairer system than the tax on petrol (a lot of us use petrol fro stationary engines & power tools, for one) Also, implementing RUC's for petrol vehicles will be dead easy as the infrastructure is already out there.

But who trusts them that will make the rules?

What's the bet this system will be loaded with 'envy taxes' punishing those with evil 4x4's and six+ cylinders?

And that it will cost you more than the current system...

Friday, December 29, 2006

Jack Ketch

It beggers belief that some wankers (In this case, Amnesty International) would actually believe there is a case for keeping Saddam Hussein alive.

If ever there was a prick deserving cruel and unusual punishment, it would have to be that scumbag.

It certainly shows that these softcock hand-wringing liberals only see things in black & white (are they allowed to even say 'Black & white'?)

Shall we step back and look at the big picture here?

What typically happens when a despot is overthrown?- they go off into exile and live out their days in very comfortable circumstances, if not luxury.

This puts these scrotes on notice. You WILL pay with the only thing dear to you. Your life.

I hope they have the event on TV, but given the soft-cock media's slant on all things Iraqi- I doubt it.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

On the subject of Time-Wasters...

This Game!

No fines for the poor- are they mad?

Hell, why should the poor suffer the consequences of their actions!

"Criminal offenders on low incomes face punishments other than fines as the Government responds to public anger at the number of fines never paid.
Alternatives such as warnings as well as lower fines and enforcement penalties are being considered for young and poorer offenders.
But the 35 per cent of fine defaulters who can afford to pay and don't are facing tough action.
They may be threatened with driving licence suspension and credit agency blacklisting..."


I suppose the powers that be can't be accused of inconsistancy here! They are free from the consequences of their inability to earn or to support their indescriminte breeding/drug habits/gambling problem.

And who picks up the tab?- the same ones the are going to screw with their fines system. The 'rich' who can afford to pay!

(Rich= anyone earning more than $40k per annum)

The sustem now is FUBAR- the shit-heads just 'put it on the tab' and when it gets to a point at which they would need to be reincarnated to pay the total- it is commuted to community servive. At a rate of payback that works out at hundreds of dollars an hour!

Even then they don't bother turning up, are eventually arrested and get $50k worth of fines exchanged for 14 days imprisonment (a chance to get three square meals and lots of sack time!)

Australia keeps looking better & better...

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Feed the poor

My advice- DON'T

They are like pigeons:

The never get enough to satisfy them and squark endlessly for more.
They breed even more pigeons who continue in the same way.
They are not at all useful- in fact the are a definite nuisance.
They will happily shit on those feeding them.

You can tell the marketers are appealing to the post-xmas quilt trip that the gulible suffer from.

The 'Starvin' Marvin' ads have quadrupled in the last week. Well- sod Africa, I say- let the shite-hole turn back to what it should be - a continent-sized game park!
The sooner the inhabitants self-destruct from HIV, corruption and the inability to add two and two, the sooner we can get back to the serious business of hunting Jumbos and Lions.

As for Asia & some parts of South America- much the same applies, except that they could possible make a go of it if they didn't breed like rabbits and made a real attempt to shake of corruption.

In days gone by, when you were starving the option for survival was to give yourself into Thralldom- basically you gave yourself into slavery for food.

This is what should happen to these nations- they should be put under the govenance of the one bailing them out.

A bit restrictive?
Against 'Rights and freedoms?'

Fine, feel free to starve...

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Unspeakable acts!

The unthinkable is near to happening!

I only have two Black Macks and four Stellas left!

There are two choices- a walk to the supermarket, breaking my Day of Sloth

Or drinking the dozen Tui's I recieved from work.

I suppose the wife can be sent out for a resup, but she seems a mite fatigued from mowing the lawns and weedeating.

Still- if she wants a cold drink...

Monday, December 25, 2006


About 12 different cheeses
Assorted crackers
Dipping oils
Assorted Olives
Pickled onions

Spit-roasted Lamb
Crayfish (20)!
Ham off the bone
Roast potatoes
Potato Salad
Kumera salad
Hollandaise Sauce
Cauliflower cheese
Misc. green salads

Trifle- with & without sherry
Several pavalovas
Christmas pudding
Brandy Butter
Ginger cake
Cherries in Kirsch
Cream sponge
Chocolate Brownies

Just what I needed on a scorching hot day, after a big cooked breakfast-Not!

But I ate the bloody lot, anyway!

Let the Saturnalia commence!

The gluttony is about to begin- this year's offerings would make a rich Roman envious!

2 kegs of Montieth's

A spit roast & seafood in the hangi, with enough nibbles to scare the crap out of the entire Green party!

Enough time wasted here!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Mr Brain is not at home...

I have been often asked what I'm doing for Christmas, lately.

When I reply that I'm working, I have been getting all sorts of inane comments about how 'Nobody should have to work on Christmas Day!'

My usual reply to that is 'Can you get through the day without flushing the crapper once?"

How the hell do these morons think all the 'essential services' are provided? Do the friggin' Elves make electricity, supply water, and pump sewerage?

I hear the same nonsense about seven days of the week services. Plenty cry that people shouldn't have to work on weekends, but I notice these twits are quick to use the shops seven days of the week.

Yesterday I had to face the lunacy prevelant in NZ's shops & stores. Friggin' unbelievable! With the invention of the refrigerator and the deep freeze, I would have thought that most of us were free from the dangers of imminent starvation.

I mean, we may consume more than double the normal amount of calories for a couple of days, but why does that require at least three times the usual number of visits to the shops?

Lack of bloody organisation, I would have to guess!

Then we descend to the lowest level of The Pit-

The Warehouse- abandon hope all ye who enter here!

I missed (probably fortunatly) the big drama of the day, namely some woman hitting one of my kids, who had grabbed at her handbag (he's autistic and has a bit of a thing for handbags, knowing they contain such items as banannas and muesli bars)

The wife ripped her to peices in front of a huge crowd of onlookers in the best way one can- coldly, calmly and without hysterics- with just enough volume to ensure everyone in sight knows what is happening. Her husband apologised profusely- probably understanding the legal predicament his foolish wife had placed herself in! (something I would have been very quick to point out)

While I was on the other side of the store, covertly buying more Hot Wheels models, I aslo was thinking that many of the satanic spawn present could use a good flogging- I wouldn't be stupid enough to do it!

With all than nonsesne out of the way, I can soon get down to the serious business of cutting down trees, going for a bit of a shoot, then attacking the two kegs (Montieth's Orginal and Montieth's Dark)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Another useless fecker!

Yet another 'worker' has come down with "I don't want to work here' syndrome.

That's three this year.

Of course, they never just quit- they all stay on and do progressivly less and less until they are as much use than the vermin that infest the storage shed.

Unfortunatly, I am forbidden to poison them!

The latest soft-cock has decided that he is being given all the crap jobs and that we are treating him like shit.

After being informed of this, we will now make it true...

Everyone wants a job- considerably fewer want to work!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Let them eat sod-all!

Barbies for prisoners who behave

11:05AM Tuesday December 19, 2006

"Spending your summers in prison may not mean you miss out on the festive sizzle of sausages and bonding around a barbie.

Prison inmates are given barbecues up to three or four times a year to reward them for good behaviour, Public Prisons Service spokesman Bryan McMurray told the Corrections News magazine..."


How about floggings for not behaving?

How about getting your megre ration of food substitute for behaving?

As for this-"and only those rated a low-security risk were allowed barbecues, he said."


The high-medium unit I used to work in had them too.

I thought it was pandering to the shit-heads then and I still think so now.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Kill them- Kill them all!

I bet this wasn't what you thought it was!

Pen names, anonymous posters and sulky bitches


So a lot of bloggers use a non-de-plume?

Whop de do!

Like nobody ever wrote a column in a newspaper of magazine under a pen name- an old and established practice in traditional writing.

While we are at it; Curmudgeon -Ranting -Pseudonyms -dislike of card-carrying journos- does all this fit anyone you know? ;-)

This cumquat thinks that 'hiding' behind a pseudonym is to avoid all responsibility, unlike the highly professional and irreproacable members of the press (Officials)

I can only speak for myself, but while I write under a pseudonym for as variety of reasons.

-I live in a small town and voice opinions unpopular with criminal elements
-I have a very ordinary sort of name that is not at all eye catching
-I like my privacy

I'm not overly secretive, but you do have to make an effort to find out who I am. Getting to know me and asking nicely is known to work!

But anyone with half a brain could follow my links and discover my name in under a minute. I suppose that eludes most journos, who seem incapable of getting facts straight, when you tell them a straightforward story...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The right to self-defense- the paramount human right

Dear New Zealander,

We, The Sensible Sentencing Trust, have started an Online Petition to Parliament.

It demands that you and I have the right to defend ourselves, when others attack us, without fear of prosecution!

You can sign Free online at,

Read the Petition and follow the instructions.

Please send this to all your friends so everyone can give the Government The Message.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lairbour bans retailing

People looking to make a quick buck from scalping tickets to major sporting events could soon be slapped with a fine of up to $5000.

Details of the deterrent were revealed yesterday in a raft of Government measures aimed at protecting major international sporting events against ambush marketing and ticket scalping.

The Major Events Management Bill - driven primarily by New Zealand's successful bid to host the Rugby World Cup in 2011 - will outlaw the sale of tickets to a major event for more than the original sale price."


I fail to see how tickets to these events are any different to any other commodity. This latest outrage is a foot in the door to banning all forms of retailing other than selling direct from the producer.

And like most of their dumb-assed laws- extremely hard to police. Mind you, with a $5k fine - guess where some of our scarce police resources will be now be sent.

Out gathering revenue...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

An Essential NZ Experience

Yeah, Right!
I visited the Tui HQ for the brewery tour on Saturday.
Like the beer, it was lacking in substance and appeal, to all but those new to the world of beer.
It probably caters very well to busloads of pisshead wannabes from Massey, but I found the 'experience' wanting.
It has a well-appointed shop and a nicely rustic bar- however, I'm no fan of paying exorbitant rates to were somebody else's advertising. If you want me to wear clothing covered in your brand- give it to me and I will.
The bar looked promising, done out as a woodshed minus the smell of sheep- for all that it was full of punters waiting to be fleeced. The bar had everything you could ever want to drink- as long as it was Tui- understandable, I suppose. At least the Mangitinoka Dark was quite drinkable.
For an outfit catering to bus tours, the toilets were woefully inadequate- urinal room for ONE (1), without getting intimate. They were uncommonly clean, mind and the beer keg urinal and handbasin was a clever touch. The girls had a similar problem, compounded by their personal plumbing.
Bar food would have been good- certainly a warmer of pies wouldn't compromise their image and a few bowls of nuts & nibble would not go astray.
The tour probably served the purpose of allowing lads and ladettes to say they had actually set foot in a real brewery. I've been in a few and would have liked a little more than a 15 minute look at an empty fermenter and a silent bottling line. OK, so I'm one of those people who finds miles of pipework, valves, tanks and pumps actually interesting.
It would have been nice to get to look about the old historic building, but this too, was not to happen.
The talk was interesting. On a blown-up picture of the 'Tui Girls" ad, you could see that one of them was of Mediterranean origins and for all her looks had arm hair to envy my more macho limbs. The tour guide also took pleasure in pointing out which other dolly had cellulite which was kept out of sight for the shot! Girls will be girls- meow!
Next time I'm driving past and thirsty- I'll stop for a coke at Pahiatua!

Friday, December 08, 2006

The award for outstanding achievement in the field of excellence!

This place would have to be a contender!

Chocolate heaven!
The chocolate they make is the stuff of dreams to the serious choccy aficionado. The aromas when walking into the shop hit the senses and bowl them for six- essential oils and the highest quality chocolate.
It's not cheap, but you get what you pay for. The handmade chocolates sell for about $16 per 100g- a box of about 16 costs around $25 and the bigg box costs $55- butwhen you think about it-where can you get a special present for that price?
And they do impress the ladies ;-)
They also do tablets in the most amazing flavours. Combintions that you will never see elsewhere-
Cardamom...fresh podded cardamom in white Belgian Chocolate Cherry, Cranberry and Mixed Spice
Lemon...our own dried lemon in creamy white chocolate
Milk...33% cocoa mass
Milk Chocolate...plain milk chocolate tablet
Sea Salt...Maldon Flakey Crystal Sea Salt from Essex, England, match with Champagne
Pink Peppercorn...with pink peppercorns
Rose...French Damask Rose
Dark...53% cocoa mass
Dark Chocolate...plain dark chocolate tablet
Apricot and Rosemary...dried Apricots and Rosemary in white chocolate
Chilli...Chilli flakes
Ciocco...60% two bean Italian blend, beans from Ghana & Equador
Coffee Walnut...strong roast coffee with fresh Greytown walnuts
Earl Grey Tea...haunting bergamot
Easter*...lime and orange peel, cinnamon quill, mixed spice and sultanas
Frankincense Myrrh and Gold*...the flavours of Frankincense and Myrrh rubbed with gold leaf
Geranium...Rose Geranium
Ginger...Chopped Ginger (prepared by us from green root)
Kiwifruit...our own dried kiwifruit
Lavender...perhaps you have only known the smell, taste the colour
Lemon and Cracked Black Pepper...our dried lemon chopped, match with camembert or brie
Lemongrass...the word...refresh, hauntingly Asian
Limechilli...our dried lime, how to push flavour, beautifully balanced interactive taste sensation
Olive...our own dried Black Olive
Peppermint Leaf...locally grown organic peppermint dried leaf
Rose...French Damask Rose
Smoked Paprika...more of a smoked chocolate than paprika
Strawberry and Black Pepper...our own dried Strawberries
Sweet Basil...for all of the reasons that you do fresh basil
Tangerine...more "up" flavour than orange
Toasted Coconut...chunky and creamy
Toasted Sesame...great match with blue cheese
Bitter Sweet*...70.5% 72% 76.5% cocoa mass
Bitter Sweet Chocolate*...plain bittersweet tablet.
Bitter Chilli*...chilli flakes in bitter sweet chocolate.
Ciocco Marrone 72%*...two bean Italian blend, beans from Ghana & Equador.
Peppermint Leaf Bitter*...locally grown dried, organic peppermint leaf.
Schoc Bittersweet 76.5%*...our own Schocing blend.
Schoc Shot 70.5%*...kick-butt freshly roasted extreme Coffee.

I have to drive past it everyday, too!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Merry friggin' Xmas!

Jailed teenager home in time for Christmas?

6.00am Thursday December 7, 2006

A teenager jailed for four years for throwing a concrete block off a motorway overbridge killing 20-year-old Chris Currie last year may be home for Christmas after serving 16 months in custody.

Ngatai Reweti, 15, was jailed in September for the manslaughter of Mr Currie of Taupo.
Detective Senior Sergeant Neil Grimstone said he had contacted Mr Currie's family to inform them Rewiti had applied for special parole leave so he could be home before Christmas...


That makes me want to puke!

Chris Currie's family were none to impressed with the idea either.

I thought the idea of a prison sentence was that you missed out on things like family and xmas. Seems our soft-cock 'Penal' system doesn't. Special friggin' parole leave my arse.

He can have it when Chris Currie gets leave from being dead!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A worthy cause

The Greg Cavell defense fund details are Here

I'm sending a cheque off- that could easily be me- or any one of us. It doesn't have to be a shooting, either- you could cream some lowlife with a frying pan and wind up in the dock, in this country with it's crim-loving rulers.

There is also this from the crown prosections office. I would be interested in your comments...

The annual wish list

I have been presented with Mr 4's Christmas requirements:

A giant battle robot
A radio controlled boat
A radio controlled car
A huge transformer
A trampoline
A scooter
Hot wheels
An electric Thomas the Tank Engine set (The largest one, of course)
A swimming pool (he never goes in the water!)
A bouncy castle

Makes my wanting a Walker Colt positivly modest!

I suppose I will think myself lucky if I get a bonk and permission to spend my own money on the Walker Colt...

Monday, December 04, 2006

Are you kidding!

"...111 worker admits using police computer to check girlfriends
Monday December 4, 2006
A 111 call-centre worker is fighting to get his job back after being sacked for using information from the police computer to check on potential girlfriends.
Les Neilson told the Dominion Post he would fight the dismissal because the practice was rife..."


Rife ain't the word for it- EVERYBODY who had access used to look people up! I can certainly admit to looking up ex girlfrieds!

To my great delight, I found that one ex had been locked up for five days for non-paymet of traffic fines!


I have heard much talk that National has gone pink, to pull in the voters and get into power.

Sure, tactically it may work.

But what happend to standing up for principles- for what you believed was right?

When getting into office means selling out and turning your back on what you believed in, you have proved that you have no morals or scruples.

You will be nothing but a bunch of spineless neutered soft-cocks that are totally driven by the polls.

In other words, just like Liarbour.

Rodney, your stock is rising!
Here is what he has to say on the matter:

"I always felt Don Brash was an anomaly for National. Just as was Ruth Richardson.
They never sat comfortably in National. And their vision for New Zealand and their policies were never supported.
They were both dumped ignominously.
National is a conservative party. It is not a party of reform or ideas.
It wins elections by cuddling Labour, adopting Labour policies and promising to adminster them with greater competence.
I don’t believe that is a criticism of National. I believe it to be just a fact.
In my lifetime the best party promoting freedom and prosperity was the Labour Party of the 1980s. The worst was National under Muldoon.
Don Brash has been dumped. New leader John Key is working assiduously to dump any vestige of policy vision or difference with Labour.
There is now clearly only one party standing up for freedom and prosperity. And that party is ACT.
ACT’s aim is to be the third party in Parliament. And not to be a tactical appendage to any party.

After all, in policy terms now, there’s not a lot of difference between National and Labour. "

Saturday, December 02, 2006

National's new image

National's new image- they have gone smurf!

Blue on the outside, Pink in the inside!

Friday, December 01, 2006


Yesterday went from 0630 to 2230- with 4 pager alarms throught the night.

Now to go and do it again...