Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Present

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I keep assuming visitors know all about my various book related sites!

Smashwords is a US based publisher of ebooks- they host- and sell my book here

I have another blog here, where I promote this book (to keep from boring my regular readers who know all about it already!) This site is where the promotional coupon code for a free book is kept.

I also have a facebook page here- just because I can. It's mainly home to images I found when researching.

'Meddlers in Time' is not available in paper form yet.

I make MUCH more money selling the ebook version!

On the subject of sites, I also have another here-New Zealand Back Country- a collection of local images.


'Meddlers in Time' IS now available( well- soon) in dead-tree format here!

Although it isn't cheap at $25 US +P&P!


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New Years 'Honours'

When the politicians of NZS have finished giving each other handjobs for doing your jobs exceedingly poorly- How about shifting finger from arse and getting on with the promised New Zealand Defense Force Medal?

This has been dragging on for years.

You can award yourselves and your toadie sycophants gongs at very short notice.

Or are you doing the usual and waiting for most of us to die before you do anything? That would seem to be the SOP!

Glaciers move faster...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Burning Caravan

Best Kind!

Drivers dragging these rolling roadblocks at 65k without pulling over need flogging with an aardvark-hide triple-thonged whip, immersion in strong brine, more flogging, then bastinado followed by being staked to an anthill in the hot sun after being honey glazed!

For a first offense, that is...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More leftie soft-cock arse-trumpeting

From (what a surprise) the DomPost (or as I call it the ComPost)

"The shooting of 28-year-old Constable Jeremy Snow, predictably, has led to renewed calls for the police to be routinely armed. Those calls should be resisted...

...Then there is the law. Politicians should revive the recommendations of the Thorp report on firearms, commissioned in the wake of the Aramoana and Port Arthur massacres, and move to registering all firearms rather than simply licensing people to own weapons, along with a ban on semi-automatic weapons and generally tighter controls. The cry from the pro-gun lobby will be that such a move will penalise only the law-abiding because criminals will simply ignore the law, but it is clear the current system does not work..."

What a slimy load of arse!

I bet the writer never stuck their faggot arse on the line and faced down one or more nutters intent on causing GBH.

No- they would be cowering behind the woman and children, crying for the 'pigs' that they despise.

For to wish to deny those who must go into harms way all the means to defend themselves AND those they serve and protect, there must be the most bitter contempt!

Now back to sucking UN dick you subhuman piece of scum!

I spit upon those who would deny good people the means to defend themselves. Without the right to defend oneself, one is a slave.

And those who enable slavery cannot suffer torments enough.

THAT is MY friggin' opinion!

Stay OUT of the country

"A Te Kauwhata mother was shocked after seeing the butchering of a cattle beast at the side of the road as she drove her daughter to school.

Alison Davies was driving Jessica, 14, to Te Kauwhata College about 8.30am on the last day of term and passed a G&S Day Homekill truck parked outside Clive and Marie Tarry's lifestyle block on Travers Rd.

"We saw a truck parked on the grass verge which had The Undertakers written on it and a beast that was on hooks with its guts hanging out and the head was on the grass," Mrs Davies said.

"It was revolting and Jessica got really upset about it..."

Friggin' townies- get over yourselves!

What do you think goes on in the country? ALL those critters are headed for the butcher sooner or later.

Do you metro wennies that think all meat comes on nice plastic trays in the supermarket?

It ALL starts with a dead beast being hauled up and it's guts dragged out.

Poor precious little petals that are offended by such sites should stay the hell out of the country and stick to the suburbs.

There are LOTS of things that go in in life that ain't pretty, but need to get done. A waste treatment plant is far from pleasant.

I don't hear anyone swearing off crapping!

Monday, December 28, 2009


"...The USG contract has already been awarded for the Department of Homeland Security to stockpile 200 million rounds of pistol ammo over the next five years.
- This can be tracked-back to 20 Aug 2009. I guess there was much more 'important' stuff for the Red Shed (former White House) and the Ministry of Truth (MSM) to tell us about and it 'slipped' their minds and they just kinda-sorta 'forget' to tell us about this unimportant little nugget (call it UBI; unimportant bit of information).

This is not 'practice' ammo for the range. These are man-stopper rounds! To be precise, and my fellow shooters will understand the significance of these ammo spec's:
.40cal, jacketed hollow-point..."

Hat Tip: Theo Spark

The meaning of Life

There is hope for the West

"...They heard a pop that sounded like fireworks. They saw a glow of flame followed by a rush of smoke. And that was enough for passengers on Northwest Airlines Flight 253 to pounce..."

In a world of pussy-whipped metrosexual wimps, it is refreshing to hear that folks can and will fight back!

They just have to realise that to NOT fight is to lose all.

Airline passengers seem to have gotten that message.

"...Jennifer Allen, 41, of Shelby Township, Michigan, arrived in Detroit from Amsterdam on Saturday's Northwest 253.

"We're not so blase, not so willing to accept that we're safe and we can let someone do our security for us," she said. "We're not going to sit there and wait for somebody else to do it because if you wait, it might be too late..."

Now the huddled masses need to realise that the war is not just in the air and it's us or them!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Time for change.

It's heading for the fan over there and you would be dreaming if you think we will miss the fallout!

Deadbeat sperm donors cost $1.7 billion

"Child support is to get a shake-up in the New Year after revelations eligible parents owe more than $1.7 billion in payments..."

Oh- wait, $1.2b was the result of late payment penalties and interest.

So its 'only' $500 million.

Or, put another way, as of October 32% (64,824) of liable parents weren't making their child-support payments in full or on time.

Hell, if they won't pay- sentence them to a vasectomy!

Maori seperast group attempt to blow up petrol taker

But they gave up after four of them burnt their lips on the exhaust pipe.

Man Eating Tiger

Found in oddstuff

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Suppression orders

Friggin' judges need to have a think about who they actually work for!

This is why people like Cameron Slater are sticking their necks out.

"An 86-year-old victim of a vicious street mugging is disgusted her alleged attacker has received name suppression out of consideration for his 90-year-old grandmother..."

Cameron may be in contempt of court.

The courts are showing nothing but contempt towards the good people of New Zealand.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Does the frickin' world stop?

I'm sick of hearing a message of non-belief when you try to explain that you HAVE to work on Christmas day.

I just had to be rather blunt when somebody couldn't comprehend that I can't 'just pop out for a couple of hours'

In fact there are a LOT of folks work ALL these public holidays. If you aren't a pen-pusher, teacher or work in a shop- chances are you will be working or on-call.

Poeple don't stop getting hurt, needing water, power, phone or TV. Crims never stop their antics and cows don't dry up for the day.

So don't bug the essential services workers about 'just taking a little time off'

They rest of you cry like schoolgirls when these services get cut.

You may have a job where it doesn't matter if you take a day or two off. We don't- people depend on us.

Want to bet on who's job may be replaced by a robot one day?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Invasion of ther zombies

It's that time of year again- all the city dwellers descend upon their hoilday homes and the average IQ drops sharply.

It seems the normal rules of the road are supended. As soon as these types leave the city,they seem to come to a conculsion that the rules of the road do not apply in small towns. Indicators become optional extras, parking is anywhere you want- for as long as you want and it's OK to stop on a pedestrian crossing and have a meaningful conversation while the traffic waits for you.

(in reality, the road rules are only suspended for oversized agricultural vehicles that the uniformed branch of the IRD are unable to see)

A small tip for the loopies out driving off the sealed roads.


You suck at it!


It's not just me...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Seasonal stuff

Childcare or kiddie prison

"...Academic opinion is divided on the effect of childcare on babies, but Dr Angus said there was enough evidence to be concerned. Some studies showed very young children were over-anxious for long periods, or became anti-social and aggressive..."

Academic opinion- Enough said.

Bloody academics can't find their own arses with a GPS and a map!

Now I happen to believe that small children are generally raised best at home by parents (note the plural)- but since the dawn of time kids have been minded under all kinds of family or group arangements, through necessity . They are more resilient that you might think.

Not all daycares are equal, as are stay at home parents. Day cares, like parents, generally do the best they can and get by OK.

Now, if staying at home is ALWAYS the best option, then taxpayer-funded parents on the DPB should all raise kids that are above the norm developmentaly! They are fully funded to give 24/7 care with better adult/child ratios than daycares.

See where theory turns to crap!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

One small step...

The first royalty payment came in today!

Just a wee one, but a huge landmark for me!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Haloscan have sold out and I had to remove it before they pull the plug in a few days.

Unfortunatly, in going back to blogger all the comments went west.

I do have them saved but will have to figure out how to get them back!



I now have intense debate installed. They are hopefully going to figure out a way to reinstall old comments.

The Sting

"Auckland booze stores have been caught out selling alcohol to minors in a pre-Christmas police sting.

Alcohol features in more than half of all police work, from minor to major crimes, police said.

They carried out an operation last week, sending under 18-year-olds into 130 Auckland stores to try and buy booze - 127 of them were off-licensed premises and three were on-licensed premises..."

So when do they plan to mention that they use 'boys' that weigh in at 100kg and upwards...

Please explain

With a respectable sample of 40,000 drivers, it appears that one in four hundred is technically pissed.

So how do we account for the shit driving of the rest?

Arbeit Macht Frei

Some bugger has nicked the sign!

Friday, December 18, 2009

This judge gets the blame part right

"...Judge Venning noted that, at 13, Te Wini had been expelled from college because of disruptive behaviour, spending the time since then either sleeping or smoking cannabis. By the time she was 14 she had had two relationships with men with gang affiliations and suffered from a stress disorder. Churchward was intelligent and in other circumstances could have led a completely different life. She had been abused by an older relative and lived in an abusive relationship with a man recently released from prison, he said.

Neither girl was a victim of society. "You are victims of the failure of your own families to provide any sort of direction, support or encouragement to learn any sort of values ... They failed you in the most basic of ways."

(Bold Mine)

A refreshing change to the collectivist guilt bollocks that is so often thrown about these days!

A shame that the sentence was only life with 17 years non-parole, but he is tied to the sentencing guidelines.

Personally, I believe these two should hang.

Like all mad dogs they are too dangerous to let live...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Believe it when I see it

"The Government will target potential criminals from the womb as part of a new approach aimed at curbing crime in New Zealand.

In the Addressing the Drivers of Crime report released today, the Government announced it would take a holistic approach to cut crime by targeting four priority areas..."

You talk the talk- do you walk the walk?

I'm betting nothing more than another round of information gathering will come from this. Direct and meaningful intervention- like cutting off the taxpayer funding for casual breeders or permanently removing their offspring from this enviroment just won't happen.

And just wait for the poor persecuted minorities to play the old 'the man is picking on us' card yet again!

More collectivist claptrap

"Everyone has a role in improving the quality of care in rest homes, Age Concern says..."

Why?- I don't run, reside or work in a rest home- nor do I know anybody who lives in one.

Keep your collectivist bullshit to yourselves!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chicken & egg

"The "invisible children" of prisoners will also end up in prison unless more is done to help them, a new report says..."

I agree.

I have seen theese kids at visiting time and know this will be so- this was often confirmed by the older staff who had seen three generations of criminals coming through the doors.

But WHO should do the helping?

THEIR PARENTS need to take this on board AND STAY OUT OF PRISON.

It's as easy as that.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

There can be only ONE

A lot has been said on the flag issue and the seperatist issue has been well-covered.

My main problem is that is yet another uneeded burden on the poor bloody taxpayers.

Another flag and flagpole on every government building- that has to cost us!

So on this issue alone- let's just not go there.

Feel free to buy one and fly it at your own expense.

Stuff poll:

Yes, it's a show of unity

1659 votes, 17.3%

Yes, and it should be flown more often

1060 votes, 11.1%

No, it's a symbol of division

4808 votes, 50.2%

No, only the NZ flag should be flown

2055 votes, 21.4%

Total 9582 votes

Monday, December 14, 2009


"Criminal lawyers are misunderstood people working the poor end of town who end up being confused with their clients.

That's the view of Auckland lawyer Charles Cato who, in a speech to the Criminal Bar Association, says the disdain shown by society toward them was disturbing..."

I believe comment 'Diddums!' is called for!

"...Mr Cato said work in Manukau was hard and thankless.

"It is a very busy and difficult court.... It can take a toll on one's health and family life."

I believe there are plenty of openings in the fast food and discount retail markets for those poor petals unable to take the heat.

As for being confused with their clients- they got THAT right!

I would not be suprised if more than a little contraband found its way into our prison via a few of the more bent of this profession...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Why I don't like them.

A charmer that richly needs a little hemp osteopathy.

This is one of the subhumans I used to deal with on a daily basis.

Oh dear- how sad.

The piece of excrement who was just convicted for dogfighting- the one that stole an old dog for his animal to savage- is not having a fun time in prison.

My sources tell be he has already had a hiding and they are lining up to give him the bash.

Carry on.

Wanted! -for crimes against Nature

The Copenhagen Tribunal has condemned Thomas the Tank Engine to death for willfully contaminating the atmosphere with highly toxic carbon dioxide.

This dangerous recidivist criminal is to be shipped to China, where it is still OK to use coal to melt iron.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another thing I don't get

The need for music so loud that conversation is near impossible.

Is it not possible to have a social function with the music at a level where one can converse without shouting?

It seems not 99 times out of 100.

I know I'm a bit deaf, so if the 'music' is causing me discomfort, it must be far too loud.

Is this loud background noise to cover up an inability to exchange more than two sentences?

I will wind up the volume too, but that is when I are listening to music- NOT when I am attempting to socialize.

Another reason to stay at home and pour vitriol on the world from my keyboard!

Friday, December 11, 2009

The turn of a friendly card

One of the joys of working in essential services is that you miss out on things like work Christmas parties.

To make things fair, we draw lots to determina who goes.

This year I drew the short straw and had to go.

You know things are going very badly when, on querying the wine list, you are pointed to a cluster of three bottles and a cask...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Now where was I...

That's right- interrupted in the middle of a good rant about the criminal classes, their cheerleaders and some of the GOOD people out there!

The latest piece of arsebarking from blog commentators (don't expect me to link them) has been about the 'hateful' talk of this and other allied blogs.

If these bliss bunnies don't like our speech- fuck off and never come back. It's as simple as that!

Now I will clearly state that YES I DO HATE the criminal classes and their vile acts. I DO want them treated harshly and creativly when they are convicted. I DO believe that the rights and privilages we (should) enjoy should be suspended for those convicted of failing to meet their RESPONSIBILITIES of living in a civilized world.

Myself and many of my commentators and friends elsewhere work or have worked in the front lines dealing with the criminal classes and their victims- in the police forces, hospitals and prisons.

If we are harsh in our regard for society's bottom dwellers- it is because we have seen the first hand results of their actions of the innocent. We have seen the cost of their actions- physical, mental and financial.

These costs are HUGE. Policing and Corrections swallow up a vast amount of OUR taxes. As does the hospital care for acts of stupidity and viciousness. To say nothing of wefare costs in supporting two-legged leeches. There is some great information over at Sensible Sentencing.

I really wish some of these criminal apologists could do some jail time- they would soon find out that the fine young savages have little regard for anyone outside of their perverted gang affiliations.

I wish some of the do-gooder prison visitor PARS types could have heard the inmates sneering at them AFTER they had gotten whatever it was they had on offer.

I wish they could hear converstions I have heard, read the case files I had seen- but they would probably carry on as they do- self-delusion is second nature to the apologist.

I wish they could take a turn in the average emergency department on a busy Saturday night when the drunks start rolling in.

I wish they would take a turn at scrubbing the vomit, shit and urine out of the back of a patrol car.

I WOULDN'T wish on them some of the tales I have heard in court or read in case files.

Not quite...

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

For the clueless newbies

Oswald Bastables shows no mercy to those who meddle with the rights of others.

Most of my regular commentators are folks I respect.

They are people who have EARNED some serious respect for the deeds they have done.

I will not tolerate any shit directed at them.

They have done things that the common clay can only read about in popular fiction.

I'm a science fiction/adventure writer.

My material pales in comparison to the REAL LIFE stuff that my commentators have actually done.

We are the rough men who deal with that which you would rather and should not!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

This problem is so easy to fix

"Move over James Bond - the latest must-have gadgets for prisoners are watches concealing mobile phones.

Corrections staff recovered one such device when a prisoner's family tried to slip it to the inmate after a Parole Board hearing..."

Easy fix.

NO personal property allowed. No exceptions.

Inmates are allowed far too much personal property. They should have NOTHING that is not prison-issue.

This would make contraband harder to conceal- you would not believe how much crap they are allowed to have in a cell!

A cell should be like that of a monk's. The only decoration being a list of prison regulations on the wall.

Time should be kept by the bell and the hours of daylight.

Watches are not needed.


Apparently this is harsh. That is right.

What else is harsh?

Getting murdered, assaulted, raped is harsh.

Having the conmtents of your house cleaned out is harsh.

ID'ing a dead family member is harsh.

Having your house burnt down is harsh.

So yes, I have no problem with criminals being treated harshly.

It's only a model

From: Camelot (
Medium riskYou may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as junk
Sent: Saturday, 5 December 2009 9:30:25 p.m.

Eight hundred and ninty-one thousand, nine hundred and thirty-four Great
Britain pounds has been awarded to you by your email Id, send your details

I told them to put it in my Nigerian bank account.

In the meantime, I suppose I had better keep on working...

Saturday, December 05, 2009

To impact on crime and criminals

I have said this before and will keep saying it.

Every Judge- and this should apply to politicians too!- needs to get out into the parts of our world where they seldom, if ever, tread.

Without escorts, minders or hangers-on they must all do time (NOT just a whistle-stop visit- a whole shift at least):

  • In an emergency department and/or ambulance on Friday/Saturday nights (Thanks to Gecko for reminding me of this!)

  • In a police car on the same nights- preferably in South Auckland!

  • In a prison wing- high medium or better- as an inmate (safer than wearing Corrections uniform!).

Working alongside the front line staff who do this shit every day!

Repeat this every year, to remind them what they are protecting the rest of us from and watch the atitude adjustment!

Friday, December 04, 2009

It's frickin' freezing, Mr Bigglesworth!

What a good opportunity to tell the eurotwats to cram their global warming socialist scam where the monkey hides his nuts!

Redeem yourself Key- this is your last chance!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

What is this bullshit from the courts?

"...After the verdict was delivered by their foreman, all remained sombre. Judge Wild commended Sullivan, Walker and Kupa-Caudwell for their conduct throughout the trial, saying it was ''not easy for any of you - but your behaviour has been first class and you deserve praise for that''..."

What is this crap-they have just been found GUILTY of a particularly nasty sustained beating that lead to the victim dying several days later when his life support was turned off!

No praise for those vicious scum is needed or deserved If they fail to behave they should be clobbered and get a few more years!

Then the Beak gets all political!

"...Justice Wild used the occasion to hit back at critics of legal aid defence lawyers, telling an emptying courtroom that the criticism was ''not justified in this trial''. Addressing the three legal aid defence teams, he said: ''From start to finish every single one of you has been an exemplar of defence advocacy...''

That's called 'doing your job'

Commentary is called for when you don't.- or is this so unusual that he felt compelled to speak up?

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Anna Woolf

I'm usually ranting on about shortening the time on earth of others here.

This is quite the opposite.

Here is a good person departing who I wish could stay longer.

I never met Anna in person, but she was one of the interweb folks that I would have liked to have met in person.

I know all too well what it is like to live with cancer.

The dice rolled in my favour and I'm still around 20 years later, but every time Anna posted in a matter-of-fact way about her symptoms, I knew what she was experiencing.

She faced and met her death as I would have hoped to have done.

Goodby Annie...

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Get on with the job!

"Two men have been found guilty of murder and one of manslaughter over the death of Wairarapa man Paul Irons..."

OK, no suprises there. But-

"...They will be sentenced in February."

What is with THAT bullshit?

How long can this take?- the job should be done by Monday at the latest!

A quick look at sentences for similar crimes- and there are plenty of similar cases to look at and send then down for the usual inadequate sentence.

Anything less than the noose is inadequate.