Sunday, May 27, 2012

Unexpected results

"Inmates are breathing easy following the prison smoking ban with scientists finding a greater than 50 per cent rise in air quality and – to everyone's surprise – no major incidents since the big stub out.
Smoking was banned in New Zealand prisons on June 1 last year with stark warnings from prisoners, prison advocates, and guards of riots and disorder.
However, there were no riots and Corrections staff report a number of unforeseen benefits..."
The smoking ban is probably quite a deterrant to many- probably the most powerful one...

Friday, May 25, 2012

I say 'GOOD' to more taxation

"The taxman is making a grab for up to $245 a year from children working at the local supermarket, shop or on a paper run – tax they used to be able to claim back.
Children earning less than $2340 a year will no longer be able to claim back the tax they pay through formal employment...."


This will teach kids that the government is not their friggin' friend!

There is a belief amongst young folk that the government gives you stuff. Now they will get their noses rubbed in where it gets said stuff.

Perhaps- and it's a forlorn hope- this will short circuit the first voting phase of new voters, where they go socialist in the flawed belief that they will 'get something' and move on to ' NONE of these arseholes are acting in anyones best interest, other than their own'.

Like execution as a deterrant- it will work for a few.

Hopefully enough to make a difference...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

NO, here is how it REALLY is

 "Television presenter Ali Mau wants homophobic Kiwis to wake up.
Mau is taking part in a Rainbow Youth campaign, launching today, that's aimed at raising awareness of the discrimination faced by young gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.
"I don't really know where these attitudes come from. It shocks and shames me that they still exist in New Zealand," Mau told the Sunday Star-Times.
"It's time for everybody to wake up, and not just those who hold such ridiculous views...."

NO, In the real world, most of us are live and let live. WE don't care much one way or another.

You do as you like and we generally keep our opinions to ourselves.

Wehn you insist on throwing your choices in our faces, we do tend to throw our opinions right back.

So that live and let live thing appears to go both ways. Except you think it is a one-way street. it isn't.

Nor is it 'Natural'- if it was MOST would be doing it (ain't democracy a bitch when it goes against you)

We would also be extinct.

In summary, carry on as you wish- just don't expect us to love you.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

What is it with Masterton?

"She refused to go to her room, so a 10-year-old girl was gagged and bound with duct tape and shut in a laundry by her furious father..."

"A Masterton man was jailed for pretending to hang his 9-year-old son in a mock execution, and binding another of his sons with chains before beating him with a piece of wood..."

I will be running a series of posts on this town, as for a  town of 20,000 it is way over represented in the court news. I know that about 25% of the regional prison inmate name Masterton as 'home'...

Sunday, May 13, 2012


"There are no words strong enough to describe the horror captured in the images collected by child abuser Stephen John Laing.
There is also no way to prevent the 28-year-old, upon his release from jail, soliciting more material to trade in the murky online world he's created from inside his West Auckland home.
"He's had all the help in the world that's available to him and this is still happening," Judge Claire Ryan said at a court hearing a few days ago.
She sent the IT graduate to jail for a further five years. It was his fourth conviction..."

Anyone dealing in images of child rape needs to be put down, as a rabid dog too dangerous to let live.

In another article, regarding the permanent incarceration of the worst of these sick fuckers, it was mentioned that those paragons of virtue, the UN (spits), object to indefinite imprisonment.

Excuse me?

Did I see a UN party standing at the last election?

Exactly where is any kind of a mandate regarding to giving these criminal enablers the time of day?

Lock the UN up with the kid-fuckers. They should get on like a house on fire. AFTER ALL- IT'S ALL ABOUT FORCING YOUR WILL ON WHOEVER YOU CAN!

Friday, May 11, 2012

A moment of sanity in our legal system

"A man dubbed the "Sheriff of Ngawi" after he fired a shotgun at fleeing burglars has been given back his gun licence after a judge found it was unlawfully revoked.
Garth Gadsby was handed back the licence by police during a civil appeal hearing at Masterton District Court today.
Judge Chris Tuohy ruled the police decision to revoke his licence in 2008 breached rules of natural justice, and was therefore unlawful.
As the licence remained valid until 2015, it was simply given back rather than having Mr Gadsby reapply for a new one.
The commercial fisherman made headlines in 2006 when he fired at a stolen car in which three young burglars were trying to escape the south Wairarapa village of Ngawi after trashing a number of houses."

He SHOULD have been on the honours list for doing what needed to be done- after all, the state sees no need to provide policing in Garth's part of the world...