Sunday, October 31, 2010

Advice for Lindsay Mitchell

A more acceptable form of slaughter

"A woman has died from the injuries she suffered when an alleged drunk-driver ploughed into her car while she and a friend were having a coffee by the side of the road near Otaki.

Shelagh Cotter, 69, died in Palmerston North Hospital about 3am today, about 15 hours after she and a 62-year-old companion were struck by an out-of-control car as they sat on a grass verge on a rural road just south of Otaki..."

Now this case has many parallels with the shooting death last weekend.

Both involve gross criminal negligence causing death and only happened because widely publicized laws were broken. Laws created to prevent exactly these types of needless deaths happening.

But one thing IS different.

The lack of righteous howls of outrage towards the latter. Because it happens so bloody often that a death by drunk driver is barely newsworthy. We have become so used to this happening.

WE shouldn't be. We SHOULD be outraged. A car driven by a drunk is like a bullet fired at random into a populated area.

No better- no worse.

I will be interested to see the fate of the two defendants in these two cases...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Trendy Undead

"...Halloween is only two days away and people are flocking to costume stores.

Instead, vampire outfits are extremely popular following the success of the Twilight books and movies, and TV series True Blood, Christchurch people were opting for less traditional get-ups..."

Could it be that people have become used to evil, blood-sucking leeches living amongst us?

It wouldn't surprise me.

They are everywhere. From the heights of government, the feeders on corporate welfare, the idle able-bodied- down to the thieving criminal classes.

Every day there are more and more- feasting without thinking (as they once did) of what will happen when they drain the host.

So why am I not surprised that vampire costumes are extremely popular...

Friday, October 29, 2010

A novel concept

So- giving businesses that provide work and create wealth tax breaks actually ENCOURAGES them!

Now who would have thought?

So... cutting taxes might INCREASE productivity across the board?

An idea who's time had come!

(but don't hold your breath waiting)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A parents anguish

And all it's worth is a community sentence and three years loss of licence.

I could not be so understanding.

As for the judge- where was the example to others set?


This article echos my sentiments well.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good to see

Something I have advocated for years is MP's riding along with our emergency services to see what actually goes on out there.

"...Louise Upston, National MP for Taupo, was with police in Turangi on Friday night to see at first hand the harm caused by alcohol when they were called to the shooting of Lower Hutt teacher Rosemary Ives, 25, about 11pm..."

Not what you might expect to see, perhaps, but 'expect the unexpected' is life working emergency services!

We probably would not have heard about her riding along, were it not for the totally preventable tragedy that occurred that night...

Monday, October 25, 2010

What one?

Camo and hopefully not be noticed or try to be spotted. Either way-not be potted.

Perhaps shades at night-time might prevent the bit between your eyes being targeted.

When you have fuckwits that can't tell the difference between a woman brushing her teeth, a deer or a possum- it's not a clear choice.

Hide from fuckwits or try harder to be recognized.

What would YOU go for?

Myself, I have my son wearing a blaze orange hat. I guess that answers the question for me...


Nothing else says 'Stick your reparations up your arse' quite like the MG 42

That old devil, time.

You know you are getting older when the re-enactors are wearing the same kit YOU used to wear in the army.

Happened to me today at the open day at Wright's Hill Fortress...

Sunday, October 24, 2010


"...He was told the 25-year-old was brushing her teeth and had been mistaken for a deer.

A 25-year-old Hamilton man charged with careless use of a firearm will appear in the Taupo District Court on November 3.

The newspaper said it understood he shot her from the road alongside the camp site, after seeing her in his spotlight and thinking she was a deer or possum.

The woman, believed to be from Wellington, died metres from her tent in the Department of Conservation campsite on Kaimanawa Rd..."

Why is it that trigger- happy types that can't tell the difference between a deer or a possum or a human for that matter- always seem to hit what they are aiming at!

As for hunting next to a camping ground- I hope this idiot gets the full penalty of law dumped on him!

This cretin broke about every rule in the book. He should be going to prison for manslaughter, but this being the land of small consequences- it will probably be home detention or a token prison term.

The inevitable NZ knee-jerk reaction is 'tighter or more laws'. None of which would have changed a thing as he broke a bunch of them committing this crime.

As is so often the case, we have perfectly adequate laws for this situation. The judiciary need to start using the maximum penalties rather than the minimums!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Back on Nanny's Tit

"Work and Income has reinstated benefit payments for a provocative artist who failed to tell the agency he received payment for an exhibition promoting unemployment.

Out-of-work artist Tao Wells received a Creative New Zealand grant which he used to create a "beneficiaries' office" in Wellington...

...He did not tell Work and Income about the grant, and his benefit was suspended on Friday last week after the agency became aware of it.

"I'm trying to be honest. I did receive the amount, but it breaks down to a very low amount."

Wells told The Dominion Post his benefit was reinstated on Wednesday, after he and a beneficiaries' advocate met Work and Income staff. "It was a complete turnaround."..."

I believe his mission has be accomplished. Publicity.

What private employer would go near the twat? He might as well have 'troublemaker' tattooed across his forehead.

It's a government job* or the dole- but then I repeat myself...

* Standard exclusion applies to all those involved in defense, policing (actual, not traffic), medical services, corrections or stuff that is of some tangible good and a valid function of government. You wouldn't find this bastard in any of those roles, in any case!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Stuff I would like to see

Warner's sue the Actors unions leaders for losses incurred in NZ. Hello bankruptcy.

All western troops pulled out of third-world shitholes. You can't help them- don't pretend to try.

All aid to third-world shitholes goes with the troops.

US troops to secure their southern boarder- this will need a change in government, which leads to my next item.

Democrats AND Republicans go the way of the buffalo- no, make that the Mammoth.

Peter Jackson is so pissed off that he pours millions into Weta and develops 'Tru2Life' CGA characters. All meat actors are now doing panto for schoolkids.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Uppity Union pricks

Nothing that the odd horse's head in the bed wouldn't sort out!

When you are talking about a 1/2 billion dollar movie, with millions already spent- these sort of things can happen.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Whinging bloody teachers

For a great many years, teachers have bitched about the pittance they receive. (the pay scales for secondary teachers are here)

So- how can they expect any sympathy when they go into this career FULL KNOWING that the pay is not that flash? (which I dispute!)

Do those choosing to stack shelves at the Red Shed get any sympathy when they plead their plight?

The same with coppers complaining about having to deal with crims, doctors and nurses who don't like blood or soldiers who care for PT and green uniforms. For all, sympathy is in the dictionary between 'Shit' and 'Syphilis'.

Perhaps a change of work is needed.

Where the only question you need to ask is regarding 'wanting fries with that'...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chardonnay Socialists

"The boss of New Zealand's largest vehicle company wants Kiwis to pay more for their petrol.

Toyota New Zealand CEO Alistair Davis says our fuel prices are far too low - the fourth-lowest in the OECD in fact.

That's encouraging us not only to own bigger cars, but to drive them longer distances. And that means we're in reverse when it comes to meeting international greenhouse gas emission obligations..."

What I would like is to stuff a live rat up this shit-eating greenie's arse!

It's often said the 'being green' is a wet dream for those with plenty of disposable income. Enough that they wouldn't be put out by doubling the price of fuel.

Meanwhile, back in the real world...

Monday, October 18, 2010

NOW I'm getting angry!

"Three of New Zealand's leading writers have been honoured at tonight's annual Prime Minister's Awards for Literary Achievement.

Joy Cowley, James McLeish and Cilla McQueen will each receive $60,000 in recognition of their contribution to New Zealand literature..."

If they are achieving, they don't need the lolly!

What's next- prizes for street sweepers for keeping the main street clear of fag-ends?

or artists

Striking resemblance...

Music Appreciation

After having to sit through Singstar karaoke performed by pre-teen girls and a few adults that should have known better...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Work schemes for the terminally idle

A great job for dole-bludging, so-called artists!

(also an excellent source of work for criminals)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Send this prick to the workhouse

"An out-of-work artist is setting up a taxpayer-funded "beneficiaries' office" in downtown Wellington to promote the virtues of being unemployed.

He is part of a $53,000 performance art installation series paid for by Creative New Zealand and Wellington City Council.

Creative NZ is defending its decision to provide a $40,000 grant but said last night it was unaware of the installation's "precise content" when the grant was signed off.

Tao Wells, 37, advocates the opportunities and benefits of unemployment and says it is unfair that long-term beneficiaries are labelled bludgers for exploiting the welfare system.

Wells' installation, The Beneficiary's Office, urges people to abandon jobs they don't like rather than suffering eight hours of "slavery"..." (Bold mine)

Who pays for the likes of this idle fuck?

A host of people working at jobs they don't particularly like.

"...Wells denied his pro-unemployment stance was hypocritical when he was being paid $2000 for the project. "We should never be forced to take a job. If you're forced to take a job it's a punishment. If a job's a punishment then society must be a prison..."

Yes, you should be free to chose- and free to starve...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Thought Police are mobilizing

"Justice Minister Simon Power has ordered a review into the ''wild west'' of the internet, he announced today.

The Law Commission will examine the adequacy of regulations around how the internet interacts with the justice system.

Bloggers and online publishers are not subject to any form of regulation or professional or ethical standards, Mr Power told Parliament..."

Utter bollocks!

We are- like everyone else- covered by the laws of defamation and name suppression laws. Has not the second been ruled on just recently?

So what else do you Nazi fuckers want? professional registration? (all the better to round up wrong- thinking bloggers for 're-education')

We know what you desire most.

For us to shut up, go away and stop taking you to task for your shortcomings, rortings and plain criminal activities.

And how about YOUR personal police force?

"Prime Minister John Key says he wants police to have more ready access to Tasers in a bid to head off a possible drift towards more officers being routinely armed with guns.

Mr Key said he supported moves by Police Minister Judith Collins and Commissioner Howard Broad to put firearms in all police cars, where they would be kept in locked cabinets.

But he also suggested he was uncomfortable with what appears to be a slow drift towards police having easier access to firearms outside of stations, and he would draw the line at all officers carrying guns on their hips..."

Of course the Diplomatic protection squad carry concealed and a shoulder holster ain't on the hip- so all is good!

He is protected by armed police, the rest of us plebs will just have to take our chances- and heaven forbid we could take responsibility for our own protection...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

'Can Do' attitude

This is a great example of what men can do when they put there minds to something.

Boring down over 600 meters to rescue trapped miners.

First to get them supplies and comms, then to extract them.

Only in extreme circumstances like this or in war do we see the 'can do' attitude- unhampered by skeptics and bureaucrats- at it's full potential. When folks push themselves and their gear past what is normally thought possible and come up with innovative, even brilliant solutions to problems- on the spot and without months or years of pontificating.

THIS is our potential- when we are allowed to use it.

Monday, October 11, 2010


The Government plans to issue new military medals to up to 160,000 people.

The new medals will be available to anybody who served in the military, even part time, for a minimum of three years, Prime Minister John Key, announced at the Royal New Zealand Returns and Services Association annual council meeting in Wellington today.

He said Cabinet had approved $3.85 million to make and distribute the medals.

''The medal is for those who have served in the military for more than three years since World War Two, and those who did compulsory military training or national military service.

''This is a fantastic way to give our servicemen and women the recognition they deserve.''

Applications would open next year and the first batch of medals would be delivered soon after.

Families of deceased ex-servicemen or woman could also apply, Mr Key said.

Upsetting other freakin' foreigner politicians

Hat tip: Sean Linnane

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Paul Henry's Latest Blooper

"It is also difficult for TVNZ to get on with the business of being a first class broadcaster as long as I remain."

NOW he is REALLY talking shit!

Incidentally, I wonder what his constructive dismissal case will cost the taxpayer...

And why would they not be?

"Britons find being older than 52 is nothing to laugh about because that's the age when they start becoming grumpy, according to a survey on Friday.

The poll of 2000 Britons found those over 50 laughed far less than their younger counterparts and complained far more...

...One reason for the decline in mirth might be the lack of joke-telling skills. The study found the average Briton only knows two jokes..."

I'm not quite there yet, but I find there are no shortage of things to be grumpy about. High taxation, supporting a nation of morons and bludgers, socialists, greenies, politicians, food nazis, criminal recidivists, perverts- the list goes on.

As for the average brit only knowing two jokes- it's much the same here- they take turns at ruling the country...

Saturday, October 09, 2010

How long does this have to take?

We should have PROVISIONAL election results in by now!

Digital scanning is not exactly new technology- and MOST of the results have been in for some time now.

I guess the counters 'work' like council types 'work'...


Still waiting for the official results- although several hours ago the grapevine said 'status quo'. As for my last comment- They DO work like the council- everything in triplicate.

The forms could be scanned like a lotto coupon- if they are not filled out properly, the voter fails the IQ test and the vote is binned. (each has a unique barcode identifier to get around bent Auckland Liarbore wannabes)

After all, even the extremely unintelligent manage a lotto coupon or the far more technical TAB setting slip!

Still Waiting!

Finally got the news through the back door. The government website was a failure- what a surprise!


Remember, remember- but then they never do...

Friday, October 08, 2010

Book Progress

Currently, I'm getting about 70-100 downloads a week between the three books- and it seems to be slowly picking up.

For a hobby that I thought maybe a couple of hundred people might ever read, I can say I have exceeded my expectations!

I'm allowing free downloads for three reasons:

I'm building the name
I don't want to give the current Uncle Sam 25%
I would rather have readers than money- for now.

Now I have to pull finger and write another one!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Performance Review Needed

"Tranzit Wairarapa bus drivers who belong to the Manufacturing & Construction Workers Union have unanimously rejected a proposed collective employment agreement with the company...

.."Tranzit pay extremely low wages - most drivers are paid a flat rate of $14-$15 an hour. Fulltime drivers must be available seven days a week, yet they are only guaranteed 30 hours work a week and have no guaranteed rostered days off."..."

That looks like a shit deal to me.

So why bother with the union that got you that shit deal?

I'm sure the drivers could negotiate shit pay and conditions for themselves...

The swinging voter

'Why no- now that you ask I HAVEN'T made up my mind yet!'

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Freudian slip

"The presidential seal fell off US President Barack Obama's podium and clattered to the stage as Obama delivered a speech to a women's conference.

The president was joking with the audience and getting some laughs when he realised what happened. "All of you know who I am," he quipped..."

No- actually they don't- as you refuse to offer proof of your identity.

A matter that should be so easy to clear up. All the 'Birthers' shot down in flames effortlessly.

But no...

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

World coming to an end- somebody has been insulted!

Paul Henry dared to say something negative!


You would think the frickin' sky had fallen.

Someone insults you- you give them a serve back or simply ignore them, as being not worth the effort- as the GG did!

Henry should have told the hand-wringing ninnies to sod off and not backed down, but no doubt at all he has been told his job is on the line. FFS- does ANYBODY take him seriously and believe he is anything BUT an entertainer.

Folks need to harden up and stop playing the race card at every opportunity (except when it's 'White Mofo's' getting slagged)

Or shall we go back to the traditional recourse to insult- the duel?

Sunday, October 03, 2010

More than just a shack

This private hut (I found it out in the bush today) is a real, classic piece of NZ history- now rapidly vanishing.

These huts, cribs and batches were thrown up out of scavenged materials without the blessing of engineer, building inspector or licensed, certified or state-registered tradesmen of any kind.

Despite being built in some of NZ's harshest climates, they persist in standing and keeping the weather out.

Many of them have been demolished to make way for 500k+ seaside mansions.
A lot have been destroyed as they were built on 'public' land- which is now (after 50+ years-wanted- usually by DOC)

They are a part of our history- Biggles books on the handmade bookshelf and ancient sofa and all.

The powers-that-be-will protect any Maori midden than is on a proposed building site, but THIS part of our heritage is destroyed without a second thought- truly a scandal!

The tales that old shanty could tell...

Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Mendicant's Smart Card

I was reading a piece about restricting cash withdrawals on welfare recipient's debit cards. at Lindsay Mitchell's blog.

This has been a bit of a hobby-horse for me for some years now (I have a background in on-line systems and what COULD be done with them.)

I propose a Mendicant's Card.

  • All benefit monies left after AP's on the account are paid (rent, etc) are restricted.
  • No cash withdrawals.
  • No account fees to get around the fact that these cards are used for small purchases. (actually, a flat fee is paid to the bank by WINZ, which is deducted from the benefit.)
  • The card may only be used in outlets approved by WINZ from a list of approved suppliers (they may be able to negotiate a small discount through volume on this.)
  • Certain items may not be purchased- tobacco, alcohol, lotto, etc.
  • Some items may have a spending limit set (Fuel, for example, to stop trading with it.)
  • Variations may be approved by a case manager, on application.

Now it is said this is a big bad violation of peoples liberties.

I look at it like this:

If a person is unable to support themselves, they are in the same position as minor children and as such not entitled to the same rights and privileges as the self-supporting.

If you won't or can't look after yourself, then you must suck it up and delegate this role. Currently to the tender mercies of the State- preferably (one day) to a charity specializing in this role.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Home detention

or 'Take two weeks annual leave NOW'

Same thing, but without the ankle thingee.

Sick kids, so can't go out.

This is why I want to sell off a week each year. That should keep me in whiskey for the remaining leave.

Hopefully the weather is going to clear and I can head back out to the bush...