Monday, April 30, 2007

Be careful what you wish for- it may happen!

Day by Day

Pregnancy must be agreeing with Sam- she is just looking hotter and hotter

Darwin was RIGHT

Another dumbfuck proves Darwin was right.

I'm always pleased when one of these cretins kills himself without taking somebody with him.

But as we are in New Zealand, I must find somebody else to blame!

We have this habit now of cocconing kids and NEVER let them take a risk. They can't climb trees and break their arms & legs, play bullrush or branding, ride bikes without helmets or in jandels, make bows & arrows or shanghis, play with Double Happys or have campfires.

So what do they do when they cut the apron strings?

They go bloody nuts, not having learned that the tarmac is hard and rips your skin. Tha Newtons law hurts. Or that a kiss and a cuddle won't make a severed spinal cord better.

So I must split the blame.

Nanny is not your friend in the big game of life.

And stupid people miss life's small lessons of stubbed toes more than smart ones do.

Nanny can't see the big picture.

Darwin does.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Beep Beep!

Do you know how much damage would a locomotive suffer, if it ran over these twats?

Absolutly none...

Escargot, anyone?

Save the snail- a bargin at $25 million!

Feckin' ridiculous!

So a poxy snail is (maybe) made extinct? SO BLOODY WHAT?

For anyone who hasn't been to Stockton- it's a great place for an open-cast mine. Out of the way, a cold, wet shithole- natures equivelent of a state-housing subdivision.

'If an enviromentalist dies in the forest- who cares?'

Friday, April 27, 2007

Where will it all end!

How many blades is enough?

Every time another blade has been added, if have pooh-poohed the idea- then gone out an brought one just to see.
Truth is, they have all been improvements.
The three-bladed razor gave me the first decent blade shave I have ever had and that's when I went away from the electric razor. I had been driven to the electric by the appalling disposable razors of the seventies, only resorting to them when out in the field.
The electric that could be used in the shower was really good, but after being dropped a few times, that was the end of that $279 experiment. Then along came the 4-bladed variety and all was good. The refills cost a packet, but then they lasted a long time too.
The latest 6-bladed (5+1) is the best yet- the single trimming blade gets right under the nose for those unsightly hairs that get missed.
But where does it end?
How many blades will these gadgets go to?
Why am I blogging about razors on a Friday night?
Buggered if I know!

Thursday, April 26, 2007


It started out a great day.

The weather was great
A good BM
Bacon & eggs for breakfast
Nobody bugging me

Work got done without any fuss or problems

Then other people got involved and it all turned to shit!

Such is life...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Least We Forget...

Least We Forget:

Men & Women doing a job- of their own free will or conscripted- doing a job that terrifys them.

The ease with with which goverments send their citizens off to die.

The sacrifices others have made, for the freedom to be an outspoken arsehole.

The lives cut short.

The great holes left in small communities.

Those who still can't talk about it.

Those who would use the dead to score political points.

The children who lost a father, or who's father was never the same after.

The maimed.

Those who went to a premature grave.

The ones the government convienently ignored, until there were only a handful left.

The government denial & lies.

The bravery.

The life-long friendships made.

What war REALLY is.

When a war needs to be fought.

The cost.

More on affordable housing

Apologies to Cactus Katit was presumptuous of me to assume others would think the same ;-)

In principle, I'm not opposed to council houses- provided they provide a return to the ratepayers.

And they have the fence mentioned in her reply!.

But I can just see the 'cheap' house designed by govamint committee.

They will no doubt have to have endless cultural bullshit catered for, come with Sky dishes and be cabled for broadband.

They will need to have multiple garages for the cars on HP that poor people all own.

All the safety features the nanny mind of an OSH inspector can think up will be provided and to appease the greenies- it will be packed with insulation, solar water heating laid on and be made from eco-friendly sustainable materials.

This will all be done on contract, and any contractor who knows their stuff wacks on a big margin to cover the pain (compliance expenses!) of working for a govt. agency!- local or central.

Flog them, then Tar & Feathers!

"Two protesters were arrested at the Anzac Day dawn parade in Wellington today after a New Zealand flag was set alight..."


If you want to protest, fair enought but this was neither the time nor the place!

This is about being deliberatly provocative and offensive in the worst possible way- which is what these sorts of scum enjoy. I don't believe for a moment they have any interest in any cause other than getting in other people's faces and being obnoxious.

This is an attempt in incite a riot and far worse than sticking an axe through a window.

A few decades ago and they would have gotten a dose of Judge Lynch!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cheaper housing for NZ

Here you go- problem solved!

Don't like that one- have a look here

These kitsets are cheap and can be upgraded to residential building codes for about twice the price of the basic kits. They can be put up very quickly- in a couple of days, so what's the problem? They aren't that hard on the eye and beggars can't afford a Frank Lloyd Wright lookalike.

A couple of years ago I priced on of these at about 30K to lockup shell.

Land - 'town planning' and the stinkin' resource red-tape act.

They are the real problem!

Elsewhere, Cactus Kate promotes city apartments as a part of the solution.

If they were filled with persons such as herself, she would be right- and the city would be a much more interesting place! A good idea- provided they remain upmarket and private market or we have the tragic Brit council flats- and who wants South Auckland relocating to the central city (Well- I don't really care, but I'm sure the better class of jaffas will!

One of the more informed players in the property development game, Peter Cresswell comments here:

On the money, as usual!

On thing I can safely say that we all agree on, is that absolutely under no circumstances should the government become involved in building low-cost houses!

Or watch those steel barns turn into +$300k garages!

Monday, April 23, 2007

More legislation, anybody?

Welll- this piece of legislation really fell on it's arse!

Just like anyone with 1/2 a brain predicted.

I think we need to muzzle politicians and shoot the pit bulls.

or would the other way round work better...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Seriously non-PC!

Hat Tip- Clint Heine

Mocking an arsehole

I heard the first joke on the subject yesterday (How did these spread before text messaging?)

Q- What do Mt. Everest & Virginia Tech have in common?

A- A killer slope and they are minus 32...

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Final Solution!

It is the cause of all evil today!
Surely the ban on fire will end all our woes- the gun cannot function without FIRE.
The sword cannot be forged without-FIRE
The Greenie wet dream- No fire, no carbon emissions!
No evil internal combustion engines! (That's C-A-R-S greenie retards!)
The evil cigarette cannot function!
Now at last we will all be SAFE!
Without FIRE we will be free from violence.
Oh wait- that was all a crock of shit....

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A couple of points...

Firstly- It has been said that if more citizens went about their daily life armed there would be less crime.

This is true, but only works in societies that are mostly law-abiding. Thats why this is not a truism in places like Somalia,the Middle East and other lawless lands.

"It's all the fault of American Gun-Culture- all the bad school rampages are there"

The name Beslan ring a bell?

Then there is a huge concern on the MSM here abuot firearm availability in the states.

Didn't here any questioning about where that crap-head Burton got HIS firearms. It was the gangs, but let's not put the heat on THEM, m'kay!

"If everyone went armed, the place would be far more dangerous"

The call for more citizens going armed means more properly trained and qualified citizens, who pass vetting (like no convictions, mental illness or drug/alcohol problems)

Contrary to public and media perceptions, one has to jump through quite a few hoops to gain a CCW permit. Quite rightly, a higher standard is required for those who carry outside their homes.

Then lets look just a little outside the square.

What would the outcome have been if a high proportion of the students had been carrying non-lethal weapons, such as Mace, OC or stunners?
Being hit by multiple sprays of mace would have reduced the body count...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Shooting fish in a barrel

That's what happens when a criminal crazy gets into a 'Gun-free Zone' and goes on a rampage.
You see, criminals don't follow the rules!
And you get This
32 dead, 28 injured.
In the big picture, this is what happens to nations that disarm and run down their armed forces, too.
All so a bunch of soft-cock leftists can indulge their 'let's disarm the world' wankfest...
Let those who chose to carry arms and defend theselves, who are fit and proper persons, do so!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Liarbor Promises

Non-PC pic of the week

Deadbeats abound!

"...Total debt, from back rent and money owed for damage and vandalism, was up from $3.65m at the end of September 2006 to $4.37m as at the end of February this year.

State housing tenants in Porirua, north of Wellington, are among the worst -- owing a total of $325,738 in back rent and for property damage..."


I suppose the best that can be salvaged from this is that private investors are saved the worst of NZ's tenants!

Locally, we have the houses owned by Trusthouse, who brought the houses Housing Corp flogged off. They are the ones who house the shit that the rest of us would dearly like to depart for places elsewhere!

I say, build a ghetto- built like prisons out of concrete and steel-all relatively indestructible as those applying have proven that they are incapable of looking after anything better.

Myself, I would have them in barracks, built as above, fed by a local mess. If it's good enough for our servicemen & servicewomen- it has to be good enough for as bunch of pukes who give nothing back!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Size DOES matter!

19" monitors are wonderful! LCD is even better.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Election funding rorts- Liarbour style

Hat Tip: Murray McCully, MP

The Union Money-Go-Round

"The carefully leaked versions of Labour’s new electoral funding proposals are very clear about one matter: the new rules will not apply to trade unions. The Labour plan is to restrict the National Party’s ability to raise money, restrict opportunities for other organisations to run campaigns in support of the National Party or its policies, but leave the unions free to do the Labour Party’s dirty work for them. Robert Mugabe would be proud.

That, in itself, would be bad enough. But it gets worse. The very same unions that the Labour Party wants to exempt from the new electoral spending rules are the very grateful recipients of…. wait for it….. yes, STATE FUNDING. Very large amounts of state funding in fact..."

Link to the story.

So while we are rightfully getting wound up over proposed changes that will enable Liarbours snout to get further into the public trough- legally- this rort has been going on!

All while these contemptible scum are screaming 'Foul' over those donating their own EARNED dollars to other parties!

Why the hell isn't THIS on the front pages of all the newspapers? (retorical question- no need to supply the obvious answer!)

We are in trouble folks! The apathy of the sheeple and the denial liarbourite minions is dragging us slowly but surely into a very bad place...


Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday 13th Free-For-All

As nobody else has launched it (is it the date?) I will!

Another 90%'er

Watch the evil ones ignore the majority on an issue- yet again...

Spot the diff

Hat tip to Clint Heine
Name the party that has a leader who:Tried to ban opposition parties raising funds.
Constantly passes regulations curtailing individual rights.
Amending laws that will require familes to spy on other families.
Won an election through dubious fundraising and illegal spending.
With a leader who has questionble sexuality, and a failed artist.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

More wimp prison management

"Four teen inmates had to be talked down from the roof of Rimutaka Prison after they broke out of their cells - the second incident in the youth unit in a week..."


What a crock of shit!

Here is how to do it:

"Get off the friggin' roof NOW or a sniper turns your friggin' head into a canoe!"

The little red dot of a laser helps reinforce the message. Even moron inmates understand that- they spend enough time watching movie at our expense!

On the subject of movies in prisons- there appears to be no concern at all that they are flouting the copyright laws by hiring movies at the local video shop and showing them in what is a public screening. Remenber that boring warning that show at the start of a movie? Not for screening in PRISONS (a list of places not to show the videos is shown)

What does prison management have to say about that open flouting of the law?

Bugger all!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Soft-cock corrections management!

Can you friggin' believe it!

"Rimutaka prison guards have been told by management not to enter locked cells or use force against inmates amid fears that staff have become too violent..."


What colour is the sky on their planet?

These are bloody prison inmates! Screw them- when they act up, they get clobbered. They aren't in prison for running out of money in the parking meter. These are not people who can particularly be reasoned with.

Why the hell are the management being such a bunch of wimps?- Political interference and their bonuses are at risk, I would speculate.

So now a clear signal has been sent to the scum of NZ that they can do as they please (even more so) whilst in prison and they won't get the only thing they understand- a good twatting!

And that all you need to to get troublesome staff who try to enforce rules off your back is to make a complaint.

Let's just close the prisons and give the shitheads free reign...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Weekly non-PC picture

Another reason for hanging crims

They don't get a chance to indulge in this sort of taxpayer funded travesty!

The bottom-feeder that put this peice of shit up to suing for hurt feelings also need some hemp attitude adjustment!

Monday, April 09, 2007

A repost on managing recidivist criminals

Reposted after reading a similar post here:

I have often heard the question 'What to do with recidivists and the nastiest types of criminal?'-Personally, I say hang them, but that doesn't sit well with many.

OK- secure them and let them rot. Here is where I propose.The ‘End of the Road’ facility for confirmed recidivist offenders.

The site is situated on the North Islands central plateau desert.

The whole facility is in a restricted area, clearly sign posted. Any unauthorized person found in this zone is liable to a lengthy prison sentence and an unpleasant interrogation. The airspace above the facility is a no-fly zone.
Aircraft ignoring radio calls may be fired on by surface to air missiles or heavy machine-gun.

The perimeter is quadruple fenced. Two six foot deer fences, the posts painted bright orange, marks the free fire zone. These are situated either side of the main security fence. 100 metres beyond the inner fence, are two six metre chain link fences, designed to keep persons out, as much as in. Topping the fences and in front of and between lie coils of razor wire.

The area between the fences is sprayed to kill any plant growth. Seismic detectors are place to detect tunneling. Access points are sited every along the perimeter. These gates are covered by surveillance towers. These are constructed from a large unclimbable metal tube, like those used in windmill generators.

12 metres above the ground machine guns are mounted to cover 360 degrees. IR, low-light, motion and a data link top the towers, which are designed to be used manned or by remote.
Close to the perimeter fence runs a road, which is constantly patrolled by foot and vehicle patrols. These patrols are authorized to fire on anyone within the free-fire zone. To avoid friendly fire, all authorized vehicles and personal carry IFF beacons and wear clothing with IR visible ID markings.

This is a war zone and under martial law.With a regular army and a police dog section as cadre run the security side of the operation, patrols are made up of defense and police staff doing tours of duty on a rota basis (Guards soon get bored with this sort of work, so we change them regularly)
A heavy weapons and support team are equipped with LAV-3 vehicles.There is one entry point for inmates. This is a concrete high security building that works as an ‘airlock’ for the prison.

Police and prison vans are driven inside and the building secured before the inmates are individually moved for processing, which involves being searched externally and internally for contraband. Once they exit this building, the compound is their home for life.

An administration block and barracks, mess hall and recreation facility is attached but not accessible from this building. Part of the main service block contains interview and medical rooms that are accessible from the compound. These are also in ‘airlock’ style with four doors between the outside and any service room.

Facilities within the compound are spartan. Kitchen and ablution blocks are concrete and heavy steel . Barracks are steel framed, covered in corrugated iron and heated by wood stoves. There is no electricity. All heating is by burning wood, which must be cut from the forestry block contained within the prison area.

Most food is also grown and animals are raised. The only food provided from the outside are vitamin and mineral supplemented k-rations. Nutritious, but like eating soap.

Inmates are forbidden to remain inside during daylight and are forbidden to leave the huts during darkness. A bell is rung for changeover time. Anyone outside after hours is liable to be shot.
Periodic searches of all buildings are carried out by troops at company strength providing security, while specialist search teams comb the facility. All inmates must move to a inner barbed wire compound for this to be carried out. Any non-compliance is immediately meet by water cannon, tear gas or lethal force.

There is no contact with the outside world. There is no hope of reprieve.

BTW, Footage of this facility is played at 'first offender' facilities and the nastier bits of life inside the wire are shown on TV.

How's that for reality TV!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Blessed are the Cheesemakers

I took the boys for a drive to look at a model railway today

Here: At Cwmglyn Farm and Middleton Model Railway. An unlikely combination of a dairy, a model railway shop and an art studio (enamalwork)

As well as a great model railway setup on display- one that has trains for the kiddies to run- they make cheese.

VERY good cheese! Tonight I will be sampling it with crackers, grapes and a wee drop of Port.

This was the first time I have seen cheese sold as from a particular cow!

And even though they were out in the sticks, they had eftpos!

They are 2km from the Mt Bruce Wildlife Center, also always worth a look.

Yesterday, we did the Staglands visit, just out of Upper Hutt. This is another good one for the kiddies and is one of the now rare places that has barbeque and facilities included in the cost, despite having a good cafe.

Do expect the cafe to be full of noisy rugrats and oversized strollers, mind- it's that sort of place!

The boys enjoyed playing with the critters and my trigger finger kept twitching the whole time, especially when the deer were roaring and I had to hold myself back from attemting to tickle the trout which were as big as salmon.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Too Busy to blog today

Apart from this, of course.

After firewood cutting, catching up with two other VRWC bloggers and flinging stuff about with machinery, helping set up the Martinborough charitable auction and the usual household tedium- it's 2130.

And I haven't even looked at my series 3 Father Ted DVD yet.

So armed with a couple of Stella's, I'm off to watch series three untill the wee hours!

Carry on!

Friday, April 06, 2007


Sir Humphries has disappeared!

Here is the dead link.

On a totally unrelated subject, I have just noticed that my post on Easter was my 666th post.


Thursday, April 05, 2007

What's feckin' Good about Friday?

How can it be 'Good' when I cant't buy a bloody drink!

On my feckin' birthday!

And for the shopping Nazis here- how about you assholes take the day off?

That would make the day better for the shopowners, trying to go about thier business.

It's a fact of life that we have moved out of the Sixties and now have a country that operates ALL YEAR round.

Get friggin' used to it or find a job in a area where they don't work weekends.

That would be (Mostly) called the public 'service'

Anyone spot the irony in the 'We hate Christians' party setting their apparatus upon those who try and sell forbidden items during this religious holiday?

In deference to the 85% of fundie right-wingwer NZer's, I will now have a drink for not being nailed to a tree for saying that it would be nice to refrain from smiting each other!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Slowly, we are getting there.

Graeme Burton jailed for at least 26 years

"Convicted double killer Graeme Burton was jailed for at least 26 years today.
In the High Court at Wellington, Justice John Wild imposed a sentence of preventive detention with a non-parole period of 26 years..."


Slowly, sentences for serious crimes are starting to reflect that they are for serious crimes!

But are they enough?

I don't think so- The least that particular POS should have recieved was an "Until you die" sentence. Weld the friggin' cell door shut and post K rations through a slot.

What I would have like to have seen hime get was a long drop on a short rope- THE LAST TIME HE MURDERED SOMEONE.

I'm sure Karl Kuchenbecker and family would agree. Say what you will about the death penalty- THEY DON'T REOFFEND!

And the execution should be held in a stadium & tickets sold- all proceeds to be shared by the long trail of victims he has left behind!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Should kids be tested at school?

Of course they should be bloody tested!


Life has winners and losers. Better friggin' get used to it!

In the real world you won't get much mileage out of 'making a bit of an effort'

Hell, we could grade them:

Extremely clever
Above average
Destined to retail fast food/work at the Warehouse
Trolley Boy
Public Service/Local Council

This crap that nobody is a winnwer or loser is exactly that- crap!

Let's see a system that rewards excellence and tries to rehabilitate those at the other end.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Non-PC pic of the week

A gadget people will happily pay for!

Teen repellent arrives in NZ

"A device with a high frequency mosquito-like sound used to dispel crowds of trouble seeking teens has arrived in New Zealand and is likely to be available within days.
Called The Mosquito, it has caused a stir overseas after it was developed in the United Kingdom last year, the Sunday Star-Times reported today..."


And of course we have the inevitable whining soft-cock:

"Auckland Council for Civil Liberties Barry Wilson told the newspaper anything that indiscriminately prevents a group of people from coming or going in a public place was "undesirable".
"If (the young people) are gathering in such a way to be threatening there are other areas of the law to deal with that."

It's called property rights, dickwad!
The right to decide who you want and DON'T want on yours.

As for the last sentence- that would have to be another Tui Ad!