Monday, December 04, 2006


I have heard much talk that National has gone pink, to pull in the voters and get into power.

Sure, tactically it may work.

But what happend to standing up for principles- for what you believed was right?

When getting into office means selling out and turning your back on what you believed in, you have proved that you have no morals or scruples.

You will be nothing but a bunch of spineless neutered soft-cocks that are totally driven by the polls.

In other words, just like Liarbour.

Rodney, your stock is rising!
Here is what he has to say on the matter:

"I always felt Don Brash was an anomaly for National. Just as was Ruth Richardson.
They never sat comfortably in National. And their vision for New Zealand and their policies were never supported.
They were both dumped ignominously.
National is a conservative party. It is not a party of reform or ideas.
It wins elections by cuddling Labour, adopting Labour policies and promising to adminster them with greater competence.
I don’t believe that is a criticism of National. I believe it to be just a fact.
In my lifetime the best party promoting freedom and prosperity was the Labour Party of the 1980s. The worst was National under Muldoon.
Don Brash has been dumped. New leader John Key is working assiduously to dump any vestige of policy vision or difference with Labour.
There is now clearly only one party standing up for freedom and prosperity. And that party is ACT.
ACT’s aim is to be the third party in Parliament. And not to be a tactical appendage to any party.

After all, in policy terms now, there’s not a lot of difference between National and Labour. "


Anonymous said...

Exactly. If I wanted a bunch of totalitarian bastards running my life for me I'd have voted Labour. Now National has joined them as LabourLite, time to look for a real alternative.
But Rodney has been curiously silent about a number of Labour scandals, which makes one wonder....

Just my opinion said...

And it gets worse....