Thursday, December 28, 2006

No fines for the poor- are they mad?

Hell, why should the poor suffer the consequences of their actions!

"Criminal offenders on low incomes face punishments other than fines as the Government responds to public anger at the number of fines never paid.
Alternatives such as warnings as well as lower fines and enforcement penalties are being considered for young and poorer offenders.
But the 35 per cent of fine defaulters who can afford to pay and don't are facing tough action.
They may be threatened with driving licence suspension and credit agency blacklisting..."


I suppose the powers that be can't be accused of inconsistancy here! They are free from the consequences of their inability to earn or to support their indescriminte breeding/drug habits/gambling problem.

And who picks up the tab?- the same ones the are going to screw with their fines system. The 'rich' who can afford to pay!

(Rich= anyone earning more than $40k per annum)

The sustem now is FUBAR- the shit-heads just 'put it on the tab' and when it gets to a point at which they would need to be reincarnated to pay the total- it is commuted to community servive. At a rate of payback that works out at hundreds of dollars an hour!

Even then they don't bother turning up, are eventually arrested and get $50k worth of fines exchanged for 14 days imprisonment (a chance to get three square meals and lots of sack time!)

Australia keeps looking better & better...


Spirit Of 76 said...

It's a bit like those hoardes of fat people that turn up for the City Missions free Christmas dinner, although they are supposed to be too impoverished to buy the food for a half decent meal.

Anonymous said...

$40,000 a year rich? Yeah Right.
Our family income is well over that and $200 still takes 2 months+ to save up.

Does the logic of not breaking the law in the first place thus no fine escape these low income offenders? I think not. Why should they get a subsidy because they choose to ignore that? Alot of these people are past masters at manipulating the system to get handouts.

Oswald Bastable said...

Time to build a big treadmill for generating electricity.

Fines are repayed at the commercial rate of kilowatts generated!

Unknown said...

Frankly this argument that rich people should be able to do whatever the fuck they like because they afford it is starting to piss me off.

A $200 fine is nothing to the owner of the BMW and he doesn't give a shit and keeps on speeding past cameras with impunity.

Anonymous said...

".. rich people should be able to do whatever the fuck they like.."
isn't the argument here.
If the consequences of breaking the law are less onerous for rich people, tough. The consequences of all sorts of things fall less heavily on the rich. Labour's answer to that would be to make us all equally poor.
The point is that this government has all but given up on meaningful law enforcement.
f a $200 fine means nothing to the wealthy, equally a few days in jail means nothing to serial-offending lowlifes.
There has to be a better way.

Oswald Bastable said...

My experience with those who have a bit of money is that they like to hang onto it.(this is how they got to be 'rich')

They would cry louder and longer about a fine of, say, $500 than somone who never intends paying it!

Watch a lawyer charging at $300/h recieve a bill from a tradesman at, say, $50/h sometime ;-)