Friday, October 27, 2006

From the 'No shit Sherlock!' files...

Smoking in cars a danger to children, say researchers

12.35pm Friday October 27, 2006

" The government should consider banning smoking in cars where children are present, as it could damage the youngsters' lungs, medical researchers say...

A Wellington School of Medicine report published today found being in a car with a smoker was equivalent to sitting in a typical smoky bar, even with the smoker's window wound fully down."


As a kid I have this inflicted on me and they are dead right, but bloody buggery bollocks!- do you need a medical degree to figure that one out?

Having stated the bloody obvious, that 'cigarette smoking in a car is bad, m'kay?'
(Not to say friggin' inconsiderate!)

The next step is the knee-jerk- 'The govmint must ban it!'

Come on- can't you highly educated types come up with a better solution- one that might work, for instance.

I think that the educatable have already figure this out- they are the ones that don't smoke in the house, let alone car. What used to be commonplace twenty, thirty years ago is now the domain of the shallow end of the gene pool. The same parent who did this to me would never dream of smoking in the presence of the grandchildren (and kicked the habit years ago)

Attitudes change with a bit of education. That's the right way to do things- quietly coax people. when you try to drag them into a brave new world, they dig in the heals and fight it all the way.

Some however, are not so receptive to change. These types aren't much bothered by bans, laws or society's dissaproval. They just don't give a shit.

They don't care if their kids breath smoke, or get fruit each day- they just have to be alive to receive taxpayer funds and in such health as to need minimal care. And I mean MINIMAL!

They don't bother with child seats, WOF or drivers licences either. A new fine?- just put it on the tab...

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