Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cheated- I don't think so

"Organisers of a petition to force a smacking referendum have been dealt a major blow after failing to gather enough signatures.

They now have two more months to collect enough signatures.

The petition needed 280,275 signatures to force a referendum but fell short after a number were excluded because they were either illegible, the signatory's date of birth could not be confirmed, or involved people who signed multiple times..."

I have heard this described as people 'cheating' by signing multiple times.

Knowing the tactics employed by the likes of the green and liarbour- I would think 'Sabotaged' would be more like it...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Movie Review

Took me a while (that happens) but- damn- that was a good movie!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Coming to a re-education center near you

Is that fucking Pogey-bait I see, you slimy little peter-puffer!

I see you eating a fucking pineapple lump or a peanut slab I WILL RIP OFF YOUR HEAD AND SHIT DOWN YOUR NECK!



Time travelling

On one of my trips to the 35th century, I happened to pick up a schoolbook for one of my host's children.

Flicking through it, I found a chapter- The 21st Century- the century of 'The Big Lie'- The Year 2000 Bug, bird flu, man-made global warming, Islam- the religion of peace.

Reading on-"These were the classic 'Big Lies' that marked the start of this century and sparked the movement leading to the total rejection of the hopelessly flawed 'Democratic' method of government.

Of course now we all realize that governance by unskilled elected officials is an jumpbug crash waiting to happen, but back then they were convinced that THIS was an enlightened form of managing a population center. It is well documented that many realized the folly of unearned franchise and that the resultant 'bread & circuses mentality would eventually destroy a society, but unfortunately for our predecessors..."

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Other peoples money

Other peoples money is SO much fun to spend! And so painless when spread over a couple of million who have to actually stump up for your wet-dream!

Like the National Socialists Great Fibre Vision.

A cry taken up by all those with a vested interest (now where did I put those 'principles'?) Dangle the right bauble and they all do a Winston!

They COULD try promoting property rights that prevent the ugly threat of looting (AKA nationalizing)

Just perhaps that MIGHT encourage investment?

Who the hell would invest in a network that the powers-that-be can steal with the stroke of a pen? The mere hint of a threat of this happening will keep the cheque books closed in NZ.

Anyhoo- Liberty Scott has a great discourse on the subject here:

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Most hated word of the week


This word/term gives me the shits!

MY definition "Exclamation given by a low class piece of trash when their over-inflated sense of self-worth is offended"

Example "Y'all disrespected me!"

Translation- Spoke a truthful statement regarding another of (typically) low caste

Some people need lives...

I thought we could still discriminate against fat bastards!

They got away with it- just.

Looks like soon the only ones left that are fair game are smokers and objectivists!

Monday, April 21, 2008

A fuckwit trap!

Ever seen a fuckwit trap?- they are many types out there.

Here is one.

Up a couple of weeks and it's caught one already!

No doubt there are some who think it should be taken down, as it's 'dangerous'...

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Christchurch drivers still can't.

Tip jars- more collectivist bullshit.

Beer is cheaper in Christchurch.

English is the default setting and I don't want to "Push One" to see the display in that language.

Indicators are not an optional extra.

Things change in 14 years- a lot.

'Adventure Sports' DO contain an element of risk and danger- or they wouldn't be an adventure.

Getting from one side of Christchurch to the other IS an adventure sport!

My favorite eateries are now chains- and still great. Yay capitalism!

Sea Sickness pills don't always work on children.

There is something wrong when the Cook Strait ferry has better service than our 'National Airline' (WAY better)

Hagglunds are cool!

'Three Boys' Pilsner- worth the $7.75 a bottle.

I hate buses even more than I used to.

I hate camper vans even more than I used to.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Gone Away

Be back in a week.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Reminiscing Tonight

Reminiscing tonight

40 years ago I first cheated the man with the scythe for the first time, when a garage roof has a close encounter with my house. IF I had been following instructions and had stayed put, I would have been dog-tucker.

I can remember the wind and the rain as if it were yesterday.

Having a few beers, playing one of my favorites ( the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald) and thinking of the poor bastards who didn't make it that day...

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Youcan't have it both ways

We keep hearing about how we ALL are responsible for the shit that happens in a community.

We keep getting asked about what are WE ALL going to do about problems.

Then when We DO SOMETHING we are the criminals and wind up in court.

In this case the locals should have shot the fuckers and deep-sixed them in a crayfish pot in 300 fathoms out in the ditch!

Who would have ever known. Or missed the shit-heads!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Health Nazi's kiss my arse!

Choke on a soya bean you peter-puffers!

Poison my arse.

"...We have a health tax on alcohol and cigarettes and there should be a health tax on butter. It's the most poisonous commonly consumed food in New Zealand..."

What a load of shite. ANYTHING will kill you if you overdo it. ANYTHING.

To call butter poisonous is just emotive twaddle. The sort of thing we are hearing more and more from liabour loving academics.

Here endth my 1000th rant!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Breaking the cycle

On the subject of full-time thieving:

"...We are never going to stop generations of burglars from burgling. It's an historic problem. Prevention is a community concept."

You can sure as hell slow it down, though.

For a repeat offense- brand 'Burglar' on the scrote's forehead.

Next time- whack a hand off.

If they can't learn from that- hang the swine!

While we are on the subject- if there isn't a market for stolen DVD's and LCD tv's- there would be FAR less of a problem. Those who support the thief buy buying dodgy items from him are as much of the problem.

They are also in need of a flogging and a spell in the stocks!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

I wish...

Too much time in contact with people today.

I wonder if they realize that if their mouths stop working, their brains might start...

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I find the 'save the planet religion' somewhat amusing- or did until they started evangelizing.

Then, like all evangelists- they became a pain in the arse.

All my life I have been turning off lights and unused appliances, minimizing waste, recycling, reusing and generally scrounging and repairing cast-offs. I don't like waste- that's been drummed into me growing up and it always came down to money. I insulate and use low-energy whatevers WHEN they cost me less to use them and do the maths to prove that they will- or won't. All our food scraps are composted and returned to the garden.

A Greenie?- like hell- it's the Scot's blood! A dollar spent on the electricity is a dollar less for whiskey!

A refreshing change!

The trend now is for companies to give some hand-wringing response when challenged over anything environmental.

Not the chap in this story!

"...Graham Higginson, who has fished eel commercially for more than three decades in Wairarapa, was speaking yesterday after reading a Times-Age story outlining the discovery by a Featherston man on Friday of "thousands" of dead and dying eels left stranded after weed-clearing work beside a stream at Lake Reserve.

Pilcher Earthmoving owner Gary Pilcher said he had seen no eels during the weed-clearing work earlier in the week and that "when a blocked drain is holding up production I don't give a fat rat's arse about the eels  I don't care"...."

The lake is in the NATURAL process of silting up, as it has been doing for many years- it is mostly about one meter deep. this is the way of these lakes and waterways- they change all on their own. Lets not stop that getting in the way of a story, though.

"...What we now are facing is nothing short of an ecological disaster that's filling Lake Onoke and Lake Wairarapa, the jewel in our crown, with sediment," he (Higginson)said..."

Nature in action- just like with climate variations!

But it's more fun to blame people...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

An understatement

Weleda Heat Rub!

Deep Heat ain't worth mentioning and Tiger Balm is for Nancy boys! This stuff is really GOOD!

In a world full of product hyperbole, Weleda HEAT rub is an understatement.

While the label indicates a list of herbal nasties, I somehow think they left out a few of the ingredients- such as hydrazine, nuclear waste, fuming red nitric acid and Kaitaia Fire!

"...Apply once daily, or as directed by your practitioner. Use sparingly until you are used to the heat.

Warnings: For external use only. Wash hands thoroughly after use, and avoid contact with broken skin, mucous membranes and eyes. Not recommended for children..."

They also should mention double-gloving and wrapping the anointed part least the goo get elsewhere- heaven forbid on a pink part! Or even worse- on somebody near & dear's pink parts!

About once a year I get some minor sprain and get the tube out- this stuff is magic!