Sunday, September 30, 2007

Told you so!

"Most anger management programmes for violent offenders are a waste of time, says the man who heads psychological services in our prisons..."


As anyone who has worked at the coal-face would tell you!

"...The shorter anger management schemes have long been viewed with scepticism by many prison officers.
"There is is a sense that many prisoners think that it will help them get parole much more quickly and that doing a course will be a tick in the right box," a former prison guard told the Star-Times.
"It is well known that you do an anger management course and then you get religion to try and speed up the parole process. But most people working with the offenders are very cynical that they make a difference,"the guard said.
Last year almost $50 million was spent on trying to rehabilitate New Zealand's prisoners and trying to reintegrate them into the community..."

I have a cheaper option.


Every year we publicly hang 10% of the prison population. For every year of an inmate's sentence, they get one 'Ticket' in the draw!

I think thats a concept the shit-heads could figure out...

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Warehouse, the Warehouse- where everyone gets a Chinese puzzle!

Today I brought a new barbeque. The wife has a theory that if everything is cooked outside, the kitchen won't need as much cleaning.

That sounded fair enough, so I brought one of these new-fangled gas flame-pits (not that any such thing will ever REPLACE my Weber!) Of course it came in pieces- and they all do this- not just the Red Shed.

As with everything needing assembling, I anticipated trouble and was not dissappointed. Having done all this before I gathered sufficent tools to strip a small aircraft and began to study the Chenglish instructions. This was not helped by my failing eyesight and the 1-point print.

Having divined the mystery, I started assembly with frequent exhortations to the son of the Creator.

Black screws, a black frame and a 23 year-old pair of glasses are not a happy combination. i might as well have been trying to piece the damned thing together down a coal mine at midnight! Like so many of these kits, the alignment of the parts had to be perfect or it wouldn't fit together.

At least it WOULD go together when all was aligned- unlike with other kits the drill, file or sledgehammer sat unused. Also, it had the correct parts- no more, no less. The screws & nuts in a blister pack was a great idea.

What I can't help but wonder is exactly how many of these kits sit in garages unassembled or partially so? I'm reasonably handy at this sort of thing, having spent a lifetime pulling stuff apart and putting it back together- usually in a working condition.

Not everybody out there can rebuild a teleprinter, so I wonder how they get on? Is there a future for a knock-down kit assembler? One who pops around discreetly when the wife is out so hubby doesn't have to be seen conceding defeat!

Friday, September 28, 2007

THIS is a crime???

"A man was today sentenced in Wellington District Court to nine months in prison for bigamy.
Mohammad Waseem, 39, of Tauranga, had earlier pleaded guilty to being married to two women at the same time..."


Don't the courts have better things to to- like deal with crooks! Why this so-called crime gets a custodial sentence is a complete mystery.

Perhaps the second wife should have face the same kangaroo court charges- after all- ignorance is no defense!

But really, when far more serious offenses- ones with actual victims- get fines or community service- what are these taxpayer funded wankers that make a mockery of the 'Justice' in their department thinking!

Oh- of course- he didn't to the paperwork for a legal divorce and some lawyer in the judges club missed out on his pimp money!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I ain't afraid of no ghost!

From the latest police-assisted suicide:

"...Ms Manderson said she had asked for the police kaumatua Rev Maurice Gray to ensure the cultural process of tapu lifting would be carried out correctly when the scene examination was complete..."

More of the PC shit we are paying for!
A service to rid of of fricking spooks! Ani't it great that us taxpayrs have so much damned spare money that we can afford all these things that we never asked for!
"... I need an old priest and a young priest. The power of Christ compels you!..."

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Tonight on TV3 there was a story about a Woman 21 years old she's decided to have eleven babies to eleven different men. She already has #1

Unfortunately, I can't find the article and link it.

Guess who she expects to pick up the bill?

That's right- US!

This bludging brood sow needs flogging! We need the likes of here like we need another fifty seats in Parliament. I have to wonder what kind of flawed mind can think that they are ENTITLED to raise a huge brood of dysfunctional children (they will be) at OUR expense. It's bad enough that she has already deliberatly had one.

I really would like to kick her arse!

The random breeding antics of the shallow end of the gene pool are bad enough, but when this breeding is done deliberatly...

What kind of life would a dozen kids have, raised by one moonbat?

Monday, September 24, 2007

IPods don't deafen you- you dumbfucks deafen yourselves

Do I detect a multi-million dollar 'Awareness Campaign'? Perhaps even a new law!

(No wonder the media love Lefties!)

"...The findings of a survey of 1000 people, prepared for the National Foundation for the Deaf, show seven in 10 people aged under 30 have experienced dullness in hearing and tinnitus – the early warning signs of permanent hearing damage..."


The National Foundation for the Deaf are taking the common- sense approach - turn the frickin' thing down, FFS!

But when does nanny state acknowledge 'Common Sense'?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hello- is Mr Brain at home?


Young girls wandering about town alone- pissed and wearing bugger-all might as well have a sign around their necks saying 'Rape Me'

It's the equivilent of smearing yourself with bacon fat and walking through bear country.

In a more civilised world, it would be OK to walk about in such a state, but as we know- it is NOT a nice place out there!

Can't you people LEARN from what has happened to others?

The big bad wolf is REAL and we can't have a cop on every corner looking out for you. Nor is the wolf going to get the noose, as he should...

Friday, September 21, 2007

Democracy- what's wrong with it?

What's wrong with it is that every wanker out there gets a vote.

When a well-considered vote is counteracted by Cletus Possumbrain who votes the same way his alcoholic uncle-father alway did.

Why the hell should the unproductive, the parasites and the permanantly baffled have a say in the running of the county?

Do the bloody livestock on the farm get a say in whats for dinner? Of course not, or steak is off the menu and we are all on frickin' silage!

The right to vote needs to be EARNED- by being self-supporting and a contributer. For performing or having performed some unpleasant or arduous public service- military, police, fireman, paramedic, coast guard, search & rescue. By passing a IQ test or an examination in basic civics. Hell, even having a mortgage is a better qualifer than having just being born here!

If every beneficiary gets a vote, then I should get two- in fact, by my figuring I should get four as my tax bill pays for three dole bludgers each week

Democracy is not a bad idea- when those who pick up the tab are the ones who get to have a say!

And those who only take have the right to shut the fuck up and that's about all...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

A small price to pay- yeah- right!

A small price to pay- for BULLSHIT!

I'm not denying climate change- never have.

Because that is all part of the cycles of nature.

The fact that we are responsable is BULLSHIT!

If you govamint fuckers want to be useful (unlikely)-

Lets talk about the right crops for temperature rises in given regions!

Oris this just another tax-grab? (It is!)


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another gross post

Fat Bastard wants out of prison because he can't get help to wipe his enormous arse!

(Well- would YOU!)

The moral of the story:

Stay out of prison!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What do we do with witches?

Is that not the face of evil?

Does she not have a wart?

That's enough for me!

So what do we do with witches?

Clue- I have firewood, a stout stake, rope and fire!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Oh look- another opportunity for Nanny to restrict something!

"Transport Minister Annette King has raised the prospect of Parliament being polled on lifting the legal driving age, saying it was probably time to see what MPs thought...


From the other side (the non knee-jerk one)

"We are looking at a variety of things but simply raising the driving age isn't one of them," Mr Duynhoven said. "Virtually all serious crashes involving a young person are when they have their mates with them or they are racing one of their mates."

Holders of restricted licences are not generally allowed to carry passengers. Mr Duynhoven said measures would seek to achieve better compliance of licence restrictions including educating parents, "because a lot of parents turn a blind eye to their kids travelling with their mates and some parents are even stupid enough to pay their kid's fine".

Age was not a panacea, he said. Fifteen-year-olds might be more likely to adhere to parental advice than older teenagers, but scientists had discovered full brain maturity did not kick in until about 25..."

Or not, as may be the case.

Especially when driving taxpayer-funded Volkwagons...

Remember these prangs?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

And now for something completely different

On holiday I found a book left behind by a past holidaying person. It was the sort of book you read in a holiday bach on a wet day- not one you would normally give a second glance.

The book was 'A Narrow Street' by Elliot Paul and is a tale of life in Paris during the 1920's & 30's.

I have learnt a lot about the French from reading this. You can see how a nation is ground down into a bunch of cheese-eating surrender monkeys- by a government(s) out of control and with a vast and incompetent bureaucracy.

Sound like somewhere we all know?

Somewhere where every year 'Atlas Shrugged' sounds less like fiction...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

You too, can meet the Secret Police...

"The Serious Fraud Office is to be disbanded and its functions carried out by a beefed-up organised crime unit run by police, the Government has just announced...

... The OCA will fight organised crime in New Zealand and around the Pacific.
"Organised crime has no boundaries and exploits national and international points of weakness," Ms King said.
"Trans-national networks link gangs, business people, families, political and religious movements and terrorist activities..."


So now Das Fuhrer will have the apparatus to deal with these pesky Bretheren, Business Round Table conspirators, bloggers and those what cause unrest!

Or am I just being a touch paranoid?

I wish I was...

Monday, September 10, 2007

On going nuclear...

I believe nuclear energy to be a good thing, with a couple of reservations, one which I have previously commented on.

With NZ, I believe we should support the world-wide move to nuclear power- not play the head-up-the-arse game our so-called 'leaders' are.

How we should progress towards this form of energy is to develop our existing hydro generation. Can the bloody RMA and build more dams. So a bit of forest gets drowned- lakes also have a lot of recreation potential! We are lucky to have this capacity to buy us time.

With the way technology is moving, the reactors of twenty to forty years time are going to be so much safer and efficent then even the latest of today- a quantum leap ahead of the old Chernobyl type socialist death-traps.

We may even reach the Holy Grail of Fusion in that time.


The Warehouse now have two sections for toys.

Regular and Unleaded!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

What's going on here?

This morning I found a disturbing story on Stuff. It was about that waste of rations, the 'Children's Commissioner'

The story was about how she wanted the family of EVERY newborn child in NZ to be vetted by an agency they would nominate (the family)

If they failed to nonimate an inquisitor, zee valfare agencies vould be sent in!

I wrote up a few caustic comments on this and on posting to blogger- something crashed and all was lost.

So I set to work repeating the post- but the story had vanished from Stuff!

It's enough to start you believing in conspiracy theories!


The story is back


Looks like they just added a bit to the original posting.

This would be another glaring example of rampant PC. We all know that it is a small sub-sector of society that causes 98% of the harm.

But these PC government toadies can't point at brown beneficiaries, can they...

Friday, September 07, 2007

Nuclear power in NZ

I don't want it!


Simple- Would YOU trust a nuclear power plant run by the pubic service?

I wouldn't- and that is how it would be in the unlikely event that the powers that be went for that option. They would undoubtably pronounce that ONLY they could be trusted to run a nuclear plant- as they said about prisons.

I wouldn't trust them with a gas barbeque!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Compo for crime victims

The story:

My opinon is that the government should pay reperations up front.

They should then extract the money from the offender in much the same way they get student loan money.

From the ofenders PLUS interest.

I get reperations drip-fed. NO interest AND NOTHING FOR THE ENDLESS TRIPS TO BANK THE CHECKS.


Grok that?