Saturday, October 14, 2006

Crystal Ball Gazing

Debt Pay Back Out Of MPs' Own Pockets?

Labour MPs will need to fork out around $6,000 from their own pockets, while ministers will pay proportionally more.


Here is my prediction:

Next year the MP's pay rise will more than cover this amount.

Odds are at ten bucks to a knob of goatshit!


ZenTiger said...

Pay rises, and extra spending allowances for "electoral communications" that completely bypass the need to ask Parliamentary Service for dosh.

Peter McK said...

but in about two years many the of current Labour MPs will be unemployed and Unemployable - if they can't survive on $125k then they will certainly struggle on the unemployment benefit - good job too. (more bludging off the taxpayer by socialist losers)

Brian Smaller said...

Unemployed? You are joking, aren't you Peter? They will all be employed back in their unions, bludging off workers who are dumb enough to fork out for these self-serving parasites.