Sunday, January 17, 2016

Not what the thieves expected

"...Couple Katarina Fowler and Jamie Brosnahan returned to their home in Pomona St at 9.30pm on Saturday, only to discover their house had been broken into and two placentas, from children Kyro, 5, and Cee-Jay, 4, missing from the freezer..."

So- some thieving sod is now really regretting the post-burglary fry up!

Karma is working very quick these days...

Saturday, January 09, 2016

More than simple murder perhaps?

I have heard that perhaps this was not a random murder. The murdered woman moves in political circles and was known to have made submissions against family court reforms.

To me, that must be investigated as a motive. I bet the cops won't have missed that possibility.

So, that could make this an assassination. A political murder.

Which would account for this case being presented as a random killing. Governments don't like assassination. It's not a big deal killing 'little people' but they don't like the idea that the plebs might get the idea that they can target them.

Watch this space.

Friday, January 01, 2016

The real problem on the roads

"...A long queue of vehicles sitting behind an idiot travelling at 80kph are frustrated, angry and far more likely to make bad overtaking decisions. 

Said idiots speed up at passing lanes and slow down again afterwards, and I see this almost every day. I've seen drivers reach licence-losing speeds to pass these fools, pull in front them and slow down, and even force them to almost a stop to let streams of frustrated drivers go by. Idiots who drive slowly and try and force that on other drivers are in my mind a large part of the reason for road deaths.
Our police refuse to deal with it. All they see is the rash overtaking, the excess speeds, the too-close following distances, because, you know, better too slow than too fast.
This laziness on the part of the police has to stop. They should be focusing on all aspects of driving, but especially on behaviour that frustrates other motorists. Refusal to move over on multi-lane roads; travelling slowly and not allowing others to pass; speeding up at passing lanes; speeding up when others try to pass; failure to indicate intentions..." 


I was in a line following a slack-jawed moron, doing 65k on the open road a few days ago. Totally oblivious to those stuck behind him. Even worse are the assholes who are playing speed vigilante, deliberatly forcing the traffic to slow to a speed THEY consider safe.

I recommend Bastinado- for a first offence.