Friday, January 18, 2013


There is much arse-trumpeting going on amongst the Socialist scum of the USA regarding 'GUN VIOLENCE'.

Let's just remove the word 'Gun' and we get to an actual problem. VIOLENCE.

Yes, there is a problem with violence and if you want to sort a problem, one has to look at ALL the facts.

One of the least important facts would be what tool was involved. You are just as dead when firebombed, gassed, shot or beaten about the head with a hammer. The last kills more people that the dreaded black scary 'assault rifle'.

The real issues are who is doing the killing and why. By understanding and knowing these facts, the problem can be tackled head-on.

But the problem is that the truth shows that certain ethnic groups are behind the great majority of ALL types of violence and that is not palatable to the powers that be. Those demographics are THEIR voters.

So this is ignored and the blame is misdirected to where there is no real problem.

From the 'useful idiots'- the nihilistic tribalists- to those who love freedom and remember the lessons of the past regarding tyrannical governments.

Oh wait- they are the problem- to those who would rule...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cowardly, scummy, shit-eating, lowlife vermin

"As locals mourn the loss of a Featherston man who "wouldn't hurt a fly", police have arrested a fifth person sought in connection with his brutal death.."

In common with the other three murders that have occurred in this town, the victim has been at a complete disadvantage to his assailants- either by numbers or, in the other two case, being elderly or a helpless child.

The last two have been savagely beaten to death by marauding low-life thugs for little, if any, reason.

How the hell can we NOT have a death penalty?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

When you hold a hammer, all you see is nails

Another graduate of the Mr Magoo School of Hunting and Fieldcraft.

34 meters away and through a scope. Apparently he checked twice.

"...Worsp had taken time to properly identify the target, twice sighting it through his scope, and believed what he had seen was in fact a deer..."

34 friggin' meters...

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Thats right- these things happen when you get a summer

Having not had a real one for a couple of years, I'm now having a reminder that your skin falls off when you get too much of the big yellow burny thing in the sky...