Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A trend appearing here

Would YOU fly in a plane that was made in the same country as the above hen-house/dog kennel/skip?

A pain in the neck

"A 29-year-old man stabbed himself in the neck while being sentenced for possession of child pornography in the Wellington District Court today..."

Buy a better knife next time.

Monday, June 29, 2009

MSM talking bullshit as usual

Another police assisted suicide, I would say.

But as usual, the MSM are drama-queening.

"Gunman had firearms licence, despite previous incident"

Now this infers some neglect on the part of police- when you look a little closer:

"...A report that police had previously been called to the address over a firearms incident had been clarified, Mr Kane said.

"In February this year a neighbour reported shots, this was investigated and Mr Sime was found to be firing his son's bb gun at a cardboard box. No offence was established..."

No offense- no revoking of his firearms license.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fat Bastard goes to jail

"A morbidly obese fraudster who argues he needs specialised medical treatment that can't be provided in prison has lost his bid to be freed while he awaits further court action.

Max Heslehurst, who has been reported as weighing nearly 200kg, was earlier this year found guilty on 41 counts of fraud and sentenced to three years and nine months in prison a term partly reduced because of his obesity-related health problems..."

These is a very apt saying "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime"

His lawyer said:

"...his client's condition meant he was "degraded" in the prison setting..."

Looks to me like he has thoroughly degraded himself already!

And finally- it looks like somebody has never sampled prison fare!

"...Spokesperson for Fight the Obesity Epidemic, Dr Robyn Toomath, said institutions such as Corrections needed to take steps to ensure they could effectively care for obesity sufferers, as it was a growing problem. The stigma of obesity was something that was likely to be magnified in prison..."

Saturday, June 27, 2009


"One of the four family members who became multimillionaires did not attend work at a Masterton bakery as planned yesterday. Siobhan, one of the four who shot to fame after winning $36 million in Lotto's Big Wednesday draw, has taken time off from her bakery job..."

So you now have nine million dollars.

Why on earth would you want to work for around about the minimum wage in a frickin' bakery?


It really beggers belief with me...

Oh Crap!

"Napier will become the City of Sales next month transforming itself into a bargain-hunter's paradise in a bid to lure shoppers.

Nearly 150 businesses including 83 per cent of inner-city retailers will take part in the promotion, discounting stock worth more than $9 million..."

Bugger- the wife has seen this- and we're going for a few days off early july...

Friday, June 26, 2009

A picture is worth a thousand words

Hat Tip: Cowboy Blob

New toy


This is the actual model I have- my quick search yesterday turned up the older classic model!

Being careful with wording

Dead pedophille- best kind!

No names, no pack drill...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Unreal Money

I wish the winners of the $36 million lottery well. (Of course I would rather the winner was ME)

They are in for interesting times now that they have gone public. Every leech, louse and loser will be putting their hand out- be it to beg or help themselves.

That is going to be a big learning curve for them.

They presented as level-headed types and should weather the storm, though.

Now if I had won- I have a cunning plan involving a double life...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

About bloody time

"Prison guards are to receive body armour, batons, pepper spray and communication classes to help them deal with the "most difficult and dangerous people", Corrections Minister Judith Collins says..."

Can the communication classes and spend the money on some Remington 870's.

Add a fewhundred Tasers to the police order too.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hospital Security

Things have change since my last hospital stay. Back then you could wander about at will (in my case as well as you could with a blown-out lung)

No more.

Doors are magnetically locked and you have to be passed through by the staff. Which is bloody annoying (for the staff too!) as when staying with a child, we had to go in and out for food and drink.

The worst part was waiting on the other side of a door while my son screamed the house down on the other side (he was getting IV medication and didn't like it) I can tell you it was a real effort of will not to kick that goddammed door down!

But I don't blame the hospital or the staff- not at all.

They have to run the place like a prison because of the low-down theiving varmints that will steal anything not welded to the floor!

In my book, scum that would steal from a hospital are in dire need of a fatal beating. I have heard, on good authority, that they willl steal the bedding while their own kids are in there recieving treatment!

If they aren't stealing, they are using the hospital as a drop-in center while visiting another inbreed no doubt in with self-inflicted problems. My wife tells stories from a past stay, of visitors being kicked out for sitting around the bed drinking, smoking and generally being pond-dwelling arseholes.

I hear the in Auckland, the problem is several orders of magnitude worse!

Next time you are inconvienienced on a visit by the security- don't blame the hospital.

Blame the scum we feed at our expense through welfare...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thank You

To everybody at Masterton Hospital- especially Wairarapa Ambulance, A&E and the HDU.

My little boy has a way to go, but is out of danger now.

Thanks to you all I still have my son.

It's been a VERY bad day and I will be blogging lite for a whiles...


Thank you all for your kind thoughts and wishes.

We brought him home today- still groggy and uncoordinated from large doses of Phenobarbital, but getting better by the hour.

I have fitted a video camera in his room to quietly keep an eye on him for a bit. Its been seven years since the last seizure and if its another seven it will be too soon!

It was a real fright watching him doing Cheyne-Stokes respiration- one of those situations where a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Classic Kiwiana

The Thermette

You can buy them here or at the above link if you are in the USA

Finally - decent TV when I want it!

I just got MySKY on.

Now I can record all the stuff actually worth watching. (Stuff on Discovery, National Geographic or the History channel)

Interesting talking to the guy doing the install. They are doing installs as fast as they can get the sets- about 90,000 so far.

So we are in recession...

Friday, June 19, 2009

The scary washing machine story

The scary washing machine story here

The $5000 scary washing machine...

Very silly, but very amusing!

The REAL Swine Flu worry

I think the real worry is that the small pecentage of people who actually do things that people need will take a few days off at the same time!

Those people who deliver the food to the shops, keep electricity, water and sewage flowing and generally make everything most take for granted work. Those who deliver goods and services that are actually NEEDED as opposed to those WANTED.

I don't think many know how thin a margin we run on in normal circumstances!

A bug is going to be no fun with no power, water and a blocked up dunny...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

About time too!

"The Government has decided to introduce a new Defence Force medal for non-operational military service.

Defence Minister Wayne Mapp said today the Returned Services Association had proposed the medal for several years.

"Fulfilling this commitment will enable New Zealanders who have served to receive recognition similar to that of Australia," he said..."

Now it remains to set the eligibility criteria.

Don't forget those who 'just did a couple of years'- more than two years should be the qualifier in my book.

Stupid people and money will soon be parted

There is an old saying that it is hard to scam an honest man.

Never was this more so than here.

They were mostly here ilegally and got taken for a ride big time.

Sympathy- it's in the dictionary between 'shit' and 'syphylis'...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Birthday presents for wives

.357 magnum, 20" barrel and 'it looks pretty'

The UGLY face of PC

"A mother is seeking legal advice after her 5-year-old son was made to clean toilets by a caregiver at Chipmunks as punishment for supposedly hitting a girl in the face with a ball..."

This fugly fat-body has just had her reality check bounce.

"My mana has been taken away from me. Noble's spirit has been trampled on."

What a load of rot!

What happened was a child was punished for bad behaviour by being given a minor chore- helping one of the staff clean up the toilets. Sounds fair to me and I would be backing up the day care if it were my kid.

How predictable that the bloated bush-pig that has been complaining to every agency under the sun is 'a trainee teacher at Waikato University'

I spit on such people- and all those other who proote denying responsibility.

I have an idea for her and those who bitch about daycare.

Raise your own friggin' kids!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Liarbore Lite flies it's true colours

"The Government is unlikely to change the child-discipline law regardless of the result of a $9 million referendum, Prime Minister John Key says..."

So there it is.

After a few minor glimmers of hope, we are fed the dead rat and its a big 'FUCK YOU' from our political masters.

What's next- elections to be disregarded if the results don't suit.

Has Key started chanelling Piggy? Could this be Swine Flu at work???

As I have said earlier- nothing but Smurfs- blue on the outside but all pink under the surface.

Monday, June 15, 2009

User pays!

"Thousands of people have benefited from the community education in Wairarapa now threatened by government cuts, an educator said yesterday...

...Now the government has announced cuts of 80 per cent of the funding which goes to schools to subsidise these courses, which may mean losing some of them..."


Pay the full price for your bloody yoga and cake decorating classes!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Leads here

I would be bucking the trend again

"South Wairarapa people have delivered a very clear message to town fathers that libraries, swimming pools and public halls for all three towns is regarded as being sacrosanct.

Written submissions on South Wairarapa District Council's long term community plan are due to be heard next week and keeping services in the individual towns features more prominently than any other issue.

The unanimous show of support for keeping libraries and swimming pools in particular follows a council probe into how the towns felt over keeping facilities in light of a hefty rate increase this year, and lesser increases in the years ahead..."

I can tell you for free that was was bloody not unanimous!

My submission:

"In these tough economic times lagre rate rises are unaceptable.

I submit that council activities must be strictly in the areas of core services only.
Water, waste, roads, parks. Generally anything now done by a contractor.

All non-essential services must be minimised.

Capital works should only be in the areas of essential services- water, waste and roading.

We should only be funding one swimming pool and that should run only for the period December
to the end of Feburary.

Swimming clubs should be paying more for the use of pools, as they
monoploize the evening use of these expensive facilities. Ratepayers don't pay for golf courses.

Libraries should not have public computers. That is the function of Internet cafes.

SWDC should NOT spend money on offices. If they are too small, reduce staff levels or hire

Replace 'engineering' staff with a Clerk of Works. They do no engineering now.

Make Dog Control pay it's way. ENFORCE the existing regulations.Also enforce water restrictions- these are currently
treated as a joke.

Council should have no involvement in charity, promotions, climate change, cultural matters
or entertainment- Again- stick to core services."


I can't say much, but apparently I'm not the only one thinking this way and the axe will be falling...

I was young- I needed the work

Actually, the real news was that the Webley in the sidebar picture got a good workout today.

Just because it was made in 1917 doesn't mean it shouldn't be shot!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

And what else was ever going to happen?

A bit soon to start sucking each others dicks.

Was this electorate EVER going to go any other way?

They were as likely to move elsewhere as a Frenchman that lives next door to a brothel.

Blog of the Week

Scrubone gives the 'Let your brats get away with anything' scum a good working over here and here.

Anyne else notive how when $10 million is spent on David Bain's trial is is casually disregarded as 'It is imperative to see justice done' (which it is- I just question the price tag) by the left-leaners and bleeding hearts who are now moaning about the $10 million cost of a referendum on physicaly disciplining children?

As usual, justice is what the left believe 'right'...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Swine flu already out of control in NZ

"Over a million New Zealanders could contract swine flu over the course of the pandemic, health officials have said..."

Too late.

It has already spread throughout NZ in these numbers.

The leading symptom is an uncontrollable urge to bury ones snout in the nearest taxpayer filled trough.

A facsination with muck is another common symptom.

When the trough is removed, the subject is known to squeal loudly...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

More on councils and elections

I favor the idea - one rateable property, one vote.

If you don't hold a chip in the game- you don't get to play and that does mean that those renting get no voting rights.

If a husband and wife can't agree (and only own one property) they should abstain.

Over at Not PC there is a list of suggestions for Rodney Hide:

  • Eliminate the ability of non-ratepayers to vote in all local body elections;
  • Reintroduce non-resident ratepayer vote;
  • An immediate and permanent cap on the ratings levels of councils at existing monetary levels;
  • Require that the 25% of councils each year that tax ratepayers at the highest level per ratepayer be required to reduce rates to the level of the lowest council;
  • Require the abolition of all general rates differentials (e.g. higher rates for commercial properties vs. residential), with the current lowest general rating category applying across the board;
  • Eliminate targeted rates in favour of direct user charges;
  • Eliminate local authority petrol and diesel tax;
  • Immediately prohibit all councils entering into any new commercial or non-commercial venture of any kind, and require that all existing trading activities of councils (including roads) be transferred to Local Authority Trading Enterprises;
  • Prohibit ratepayer funding for any activities of any Local Authority Trading Enterprise;
  • Prohibit new council borrowing. Existing debt repayments will only be able to be made from existing revenue sources, including privatisation;
  • Prohibit councils making bylaws that interfere with individual freedoms and private property rights;
  • Require that all councils when acting under their statutory obligations under the Resource Management Act, fully respect all private property rights;
Looks like a good start. I would like to add neutering, microchipping and muzzling for all those on the council payroll.

The rabble at SWDC could certainly stand some attention from a vet!

Closing the gap

Isn't it interesting how those who bang on the most about 'closing the gap' and 'equality' (meaning superiority) for women align themselves with those who forbid the great leveler between men and women- in the area that ultimatly matters the most.

Protecting ones own life...

Hat Tip (for the image) to: http://mausersandmuffins.blogspot.com/2009/06/make-that-choice.html

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I know in NZ this often means less than a size 14, but come on...


Times must be hard.

We can't get MySKY installed for another two weeks.

Must be everybody getting their SKY sets removed [Tui ad moment]

When we have fewer cafes and antique shops than supermarkets in town, I might start believing...

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Day by Day

I have never followed a cartoon that I look forward to more each day!

Especially right now!


or on my sidebar!

Snouts in the trough

I'm disgusted to hear in the local rag that large numbers of those placing submissions want MORE services provided by local council.

In other words, they all want THEIR pet hobby horses paid for by everyone else! Typical human greed, but the bit that beggers belief is that they want these goodies provides by one of the most inept and bungling local bodies in New Zealand- a council that is considered a joke BY OTHER COUNCILS!

But I guess piss-poor service delivery at the expense of others is better than coming up with the brass yourself.

The can't seem to get it past their own self-interest that the position is like that of a minimum wage family wanting- no, demanding- a 55" LCD tv, all the SKY channels and a leather lazyboy to park their wide arses in. Three towns, an urban population of under 7000 and everything in triplicate- Waste treatment, water treatment, pools, parks, libraries and so on.


The current funding is such that none of these things run well and still these fucktards want more. When these towns were built, the locals had to front up and fund improvements themselves by public subscription, fundraisers and volunteer labour.

Its about time we went back to the wisdom of our elders, who knew a bloody sight more than we ever give them credit for!

Lower than a rattlesnakes arse

"Andrew Ireland and his special-needs classmates are dismayed after an arsonist destroyed their "pride and joy" a much-loved van that helped them participate in their community.

The 19-year-old, who has Down syndrome, was in tears after arriving at Freyberg High School in Palmerston North yesterday to find the van burnt out..."

Crimes like this make you feel like getting seriously medievial on the lowlife scum who would do such things. Arson is a bad enough crime in its own right, but this sets new lows.

The 'Brazen Bull' sounds about right for punishment!

Monday, June 08, 2009

A clip from a gun club newsletter

"...The Napier shooting tragedy has rejuvenated calls by the news media – and Philip Alpers – to implement the contents of the Thorp Report on FIREARMS CONTROL. I wrote to the DOMPOST pointing out that I had an audience with Sir Thomas – who wanted to know how Arms Dealers kept their records, and about The Open Polytechnics Firearms Safety course – and from his comments I came to the conclusion that his investigations were seriously flawed. Needless to say it was too non-PC for the DOMPOST, so I followed it up with another note:

“Sad that you were too PC to publish my letter about the THORP REPORT on FIREARMS CONTROL. The following quote seems to be very appropriate as far as the DOMPOST is concerned
Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end" (Courtesy - R. J. Wiedemann LtCol. USMC Ret)..."

[Bold mine]

Another child dead

Hang on- this can't be happening now-Sue Bradford has fixed the problem!

Sunday, June 07, 2009


I have become the owner of a third-hand MP3 player, now that wife & kids have better ones.

This 1-gig player is worth about the same a large bottle of rum and it leaves all the thousands of dollars of stereo gear I have owned over the years for dead!

Such is progess, I suppose....

Horrible jobs

Insulating ceilings.

That one has to be right up there.

Groveling about in a dusty, cobweb filled space not quite big enough to do anything other than crawl about in, while trying to move bales of fibreglass through gaps exactly 1cm smaller than the bale. Then the damned fibreglass gets into your skin, regardless of what you wear...

I had a bale of this stuff out in the garage and decided I would put another layer over the bedrooms. About five years ago.

It's done now and now I can look forward to doing the underfloor insulation.

That should be on track for about 2014...

(No subsidies were used in the installation of this insulation!)

Think YOU are off for another crappy day at work?

Saturday, June 06, 2009

They must be almost all dead

"Military veterans from New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and Britain have won clearance to sue the British Ministry of Defence for radiation exposure during nuclear tests in the 1950s.

Justice David Foskett said in the High Court in London the turning point in the case was cutting-edge research by New Zealand scientist Dr Al Rowland..."

The only time governments ever recognise vets health issues, is when most of them have died...

Friday, June 05, 2009

On the lighter side

From the creator of My First Dictionary-

An online scrapbook of the strange and amusing snippets I unearth during my job at a local history library; and a home for my comic strip experiment- The Wesleys.

Not a good situation to be in

"A Rimutaka Prison unit manager, three prisoners, and two other people are facing a range of cannabis-related offences following a police and Corrections Department bust..."

I'm following this case with great interest. I had heard a few whisperings a while back about serious corruption at a high level. (although you get a lot of that)

If this person goes down- their lot will not be a happy one.

And there will be zero sympathy from me- or anyone else who has worn the uniform...

The Friday Tui

We really need the 'Not Proven Guilty' Verdict

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Mindless Prat

"Just days after his hand was nearly severed by a Samurai sword, Matt Durham has confounded his surgeon by discharging himself from hospital and going home.

The doctor who led the 10½ hour surgery says his patient's decision to leave is "absolutely crazy..."

Should have cut his head off- he doesn't seen to use it...

Alac needs a very big drink

"A pub competition offering 50 crates of beer to the winner has concerned an alcohol watchdog group which says it risks promoting excessive drinking.

The competition, being run at The Shed in Rotorua, involves weekly entrants chasing a prize which can either be taken in one hit, or one crate at a time for a year.

Alcohol Advisory Council (Alac) chief executive Gerard Vaughn questioned whether such initiatives breached a national protocol stating promotions involving large quantities of free alcoholic drinks were unacceptable, The Daily Post reported..."

Just try minding your own friggin' business for once, you bloody wowsers!

Did it ever occur to you busybodies that the winner will probably have a lot of help offered to down this prize?

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Get Tough

or stop being a bunch of wussies!

Living out of the main centers, we often have to deal with DAYS without electricity. Even when we pay for it.

I used to be on pre-payed power down in Christchursh (they gave a good discount then) The meter started beeping THREE days before power is estimated to run out. I always used to get ahead on my power, anyway. Get organised and stop waiting for shit to happen!

That aside- are you not well-warned to be prepared for three days without any services? I can easly guess how these types who can't even figure out that food can be eaten cold will get by. Or not.

Having had to live under canvas in temperatures well under zero, I have little sympathy for a bunch of wusses getting a little cold due to their lack of foresight.

Hell, we have taken the kids camping when everything is white and frosty!

The Good, the Bad and Art Deco

I am pleased to report that my visit to Napier itself was entirely satisfactory.

Our hotel, The Tennyson Motor Inn, was comfortable, very well priced ($139 for a premium suite) and located right in the CBD next to a park and in the same block as numerous cafes, bars and eateries. The top shelf of the bar was well-stocked with excellent whiskeys (obviously another fan of Islay was involved here) and there was a good selection of local brews at very good prices. All the staff were most friendly and helpful. Obviously owner-operators.

Saturday morning was spent wandering about the town trying to steer the ball & chain away from the numerous clothing shops. I got stuck in a rather good second-hand bookshop that I will have to revisit.

Much of the afternoon was spent steaming, sauna-ing and soaking at the Ocean Spa. Then it was off for rehydration with more of the local beverages.

Dinner was at Antonio's Pizza and Pasta Parlour (no website) The pizza kept falling apart from the weight of the toppings- a pleasant change from franchise chain pizzas. The coffee and chocolate gellato was outstanding and they even had Grappa on offer, to finish the meal! My diet has gone all to hell this weekend!

Overall, the Napier CBD and waterfront is very well presented and maintained- we even saw a cleanup crew out sweeping and tidying the Clive Square gardens on Sunday morning. A stroll along the waterfront in the evening is most worthwile to take in the illuminated fountains, trees and gardens while listening to the surf. The town was quite deserted on Friday night- the inevitable cretins coming out to be a pain in the arse on Saturday. Nothing that a little car-crushing wouldn't fix. The police should have hung onto those LAV-25's!

It certainly is a character city- the art deco style seens to grow on you with age- I used to hate it- possibly from seeing so many shabby examples about provincial NZ. In Napier it seems right.

I will be back- soon!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Another reason NOT to stay in Masterton

Blacksmiths Motor Inn. The Faulty Towers of Masterton

I can't complain about the service. There wasn't any.

I visited the above website and found this palce to look very pleasant- the wife had attended a conference there and agreed that it was very nice, so I booked a night on-line.

We arrived in the snow (yes- actual snow in Masterton) looking forward to a couple of rounds of drinks by the fireside in the bar.

We found a note on the locked door giving a phone number to call- we had committed the sin of not giving an arrival time (nobody asked) The time was 4pm...

After a few minutes a car pulled up and we were admitted. Here we told that the restaurant was closed. The bar never opened despite there being a couple of dozen 'guests' on site and all that was left of the fire was a smell of woodsmoke. The whole 'reception' area was freezing

We were shown to a room (very nice, I must admit) and left to our own devices. In fact, that was the last time we saw a staff member- nobody showed at the front desk come checkout time, so I tossed the keys on the desk and departed never to return. A conversation with another disgruntled customer informed that this shambles had been going on for at least two days.

If you are reading this (of course you are!) I advise you to seek lodging elsewhere.

I have travelled New Zealand extensivly over the years, staying at everything from camping ground cabins to five-star hotels. Never before have I had the misfortune to encounter staff with such a pitiful understanding of the 'hospitality' industry. A quick look at the images in the above link will show you that this is physically an up-market establishmnet- not some seedy backpackers, so the pathetic service is all the more of a puzzle.

Tommorrow I will tell you of the GOOD parts of the holiday had in Napier!


In reply to my email of complaint:

> I'm sorry to hear you were so dissappointed with your stay. I accept
> your points as being valid. Unfortunately the Long weekend did creep up
> on us and when we did our rosters two weeks prior we had failed to build
> in that the weekend was a long one - consequently we were unable to
> "regig" staff at the last minute. The room tariffs also were left at the
> special rate of $99, which would have been set at our standard rate of
> $139 for the Sunday of a long weekend.
> Normally Sunday is the quiestest day of the week for us and bookings for
> both accommodation and restaurant are few if any - that is why we choose
> to close the restaurant and bar on that day. However I appreciate that
> on a long weekend people who are out and about want to beable to dine
> and have a drink. Given this, I accept your complaint, I apologise and
> we will certainly be more vigilant in the future as to determining when
> the long weekends fall so we can make these services available to
> guests. I also agree that the website is not as clear as it should be
> and I am in the process of getting the web designer to change it as a
> result.
> For the dissappointment you have experieced and as a way of an apology I
> would like to offer you a complimentary nights stay with us again, so we
> may have the opportunity to give you a better experience. If you would
> be good enough to email me your postal address I will put a voucher in
> the mail for you (or family or friends) to use at some point in the future.
> My apologies once again.
[Name deleted by myself]
> Owner
My email below:

>> A /very/ disappointing stay at your hotel. This trip was a weekend
>> away for my wife and I- our first weekend away without children in a
>> long time.
>> It wasn't just a night's accomodation whilst travelling- we were
>> only 35 minutes from home.
>> The front door locked at 4pm, the bar and restaurant closed- I would
>> never have booked in knowing these facilities were unavailable.
>> The website has proved totally misleading regarding the facilties (all
>> day, seven days a week dining, to mention one fact) While we were
>> advised that
>> The restaurant was closed- no explaination offered- nothing was
>> mentioned about the bar. We mistakenly assumed that this would open in
>> the evening.
>> The fact that it was a freezing night made the matter worse. The night
>> in question was not on we would have chosen to go out in!
>> Then on the Monday morning the reception was unmanned (not to mention
>> unheated) as myself and others arrived to check out.
>> We booked on the strength of the appealing photographs on your
>> website: http://www.tullochlodge.co.nz/
>> To have well-appointed establishment is is no avail if you cannot
>> offer the minimal standards of customer service of having the
>> reception staffed- much
>> less the kitchen and bar.
>> I believe a refund is in order.

I call that a satisfactory conclusion- actually, it is bloody refreshing to get a full & frank apology for a change!