Sunday, July 31, 2005

Mixamitosis for Bliss Bunnies

Know what a 'Bliss Bunny' is?

It's one of those phoneys that thinks thet everyone should (must) get along, live in peace & harmony and never utter any kind of negative statement. Unless it's towards people like me (who couldn't care a flying fuck anyway!)

They tend to be more often female and are almost always socialists of some ilk. (all the worlds problems are because of greedy white males)

Often found at Green party rallys, are often vegos, greenpeace or amnesty international members. They are the assholes behind the whole Political Correctness cancer.

They have the credibility of a twenty dollar Rollex.

It's open season on them at this blog!

Saturday, July 30, 2005

A Non- PC mayor!

About bloody time we had a local bodies politician, who can say :None of you bloody business!- feck off and cover some real news!

The voters of Carterton can't have wanted some reactive, pc wimp, or they wouldn't have voted for Gary!

Hope he continues in the policy of saying "fuck you- none of your business!"

Morons I have known- a weekly rant

Why do I have a low regard of the human species, in general?

Here are some of the stories:

Feeble-minded flatmates

In my younger days, flatting was something of a necessity, as the cost of alcohol meant other expenses needed to be minimised.

So we got Sheryl.

Before I continue, Sheryl was not blonde.

She sort of came with another female flatmate, who, I suspect, kept her as a sort of house plant that watered itself.

She was useless, back in the days where there was more or less full employment, she worked cutting out fabric at a clothing factory, not being trusted with machinery. Her aspirations in life were to aspire to the lofty heights of Car Groomer.

In some strange manner, she reminded me of a cocker spaniel, without the ability to fetch shot rabbits.

She totally failed at cooking- I have never seen someone burn saveloys and boiled potatoes before. She couldn't be sent out for takeaways, as she always got the orders wrong. At the end of the day, I don't think we let her do much housework, as she always managed to break something.

At this point, you ask why we didn't throw her out to the mercies of the street?

You got it, from the neck down, she was HOT! Our dodgy friends and associates used to come round to shag her and we would drink their beer (No decent bloke ever turned up visiting, with less than a crate under their arm, in those days)

Strangely enough, I never had the urge to bonk her.

Conversation-wise, she was about on a par with an African Grey Parrot. Never had a shortage of chaps willing to take her out and ply here with rum, mind!

I wonder what happen to Sheryl? I guess she found some virgin bloke who had fell madly in lust and actually followed through on the promise of marriage (which was, I am reliably told, the key to getting her horizontal- hint at wanting to get married). From there to 4 kids and a lifetime of taxpayer support, no doubt.

Another pair of 'Don't knows' on the poll of life...

Friday, July 29, 2005

Prisons Overflowing,2106,3361504a10,00.html

The solution is simple. Shoot or hang the worst 20% of offenders. If they have a criminal history of more than a one page printout- boom,boom, bang, bang- lie down, you're dead!

Good motivation to the remainder to go home and rethink their lives!

(Did I mention that I used to be a Prison Officer?)

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Chinese Swannis

Not for me! Too much like warm beer, well-cooked steak or anything with 'Lo' in front of it.

I will buy Aussie beer (VB, anyway), wear Chinese underwear from the red shed and shoot Italian reproduction pistols, but chinese swannis- no way!- there are limits!

I have never been put off by the high price of a quality bit of gear- Swanndris have without a doubt saved my life on a couple of occasions, caught out in severe weather and it takes a LOT of hard use to wear one out.

You don't see so many swannis out in the bush these days- most have gone to the new hi-tech fashion parade, colour-coordinated, wanker-tramper kit- I keep getting mistaken for a DOC worker, when out in the bush (should try collecting a few hut fees!)

They are still popular amongst hunters and farm workers and they are for the most part somewhat conservative in their purchasing ;-)

I have emailed the company and stated my position on this matter. Who knows?, consumer preassure kept the Monteiths brewery going.

As my current swanndri is only a few years old, it should see me out- it doesn't get the sort of use it would have got 30 years ago!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Genetic Engineering

A couple of years ago, I gave the local Green candidate a good wind-up. (These things happen in small towns, where you mix in a very diverse circle!)

Asked her what she thought about the nearby attempts to mix horse and human DNA.

She was about to cross genetic boundaries and have a cow, herself- the action commitee was being formed right there, when someone mentioned that they too had heard about the strange case of the Trentham Horse-Shagger!


Election Sweeteners explained for the lay person

Why they make the promises that they may or may not keep:

Labour will cut interest on student loans
(We want wet-behind-the-ears dumbfuck degree-seekers to vote for us instead of greens)

National will cut local body red tape and revert back to FFP
(Everyone hates the local council so we have nothing to lose)

NZ First will plant one billion trees
(This was the forestry projection, anyway- our supporters won't live long enough to see them get knee-high)

Act will make the governments life hell for the next three years
(Act enjoys shooting fish in a barrel- when the fish aren't unloading the elephant gun into their own feet)

Greens will discriminalise cannabis
(Oh-wow-did I like-say that!)

On a more positive and totally different subject, I got the mighty Remingtons out today and made a heap of smoke & flame!- I must get a photo to post one day.

Next time I go out I will make up a big sign saying "SHUT THE FUCK UP" for the loading area.

Thanks to someone yapping in my ear, I forgot to charge a chamber with powder. At least, now I know how to get out a ball that has been loaded without powder. I bet Wyatt Earp never put up with that! (I shoot the same pistols as him, and I wouldn't want to get belted round the ear with one, as he was prone to do to pests...)

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Get out of Jail 'Free'

Story about a dying crim being let out:,2106,3357093a10,00.html

When it comes to criminals,the only sympathy I have is located in my dictionary, between 'shit' and 'syphilis'.

But I can't really understand what the fuss is about letting someone out who has terminal cancer. A crueler punishment could not be inflicted upon a person. (apart from one I just thought up ;- )

Why carry the expense of having him continually guarded in hospital until the bitter end? This creep is headed for a long box with metal handles and certainly won't be doing any reoffending. Good show!

Move over and free up a cell for some other POS!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Election Date- whoppee!

So the date is finally set. Big deal- Nothing changes for me!

I would suspect that if you haven't made up your mind already, you probably haven't got one worth speaking about.

Unfortunately, this covers a very large slice of New Zealand, The 'Don't Knows'. I find it somewhat frightening that the permanently baffled play a pivotal role in decision making! I have always advocated some kind of a screening test for voters. Any rudimentary IQ testing should weed out many of the 'Bread and Circuses' voters.

Personally, I believe it should be restricted to taxpayers in good standing. It shouldn't be any easier to get than a firearms license. Firearms and votes are dangerous things in the hands of imbecile and criminals!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

'Experts'- who needs them?

A couple of years ago, I brought a real cheap .22 rifle. I had always been told that this make (a Stirling) was a piece of trash, badly made, unreliable and inaccurate.

I saw this rifle going dirt cheap and thought, what the hell, it's worth it for the 'scope thats on it.

Even the salesman thought it best to mention that perhaps I should not expect much from this firearm and that they were rather prone to jamming.

I brought it anyway.

After I got it home, I stripped it down and removed what looked like about 30 years worth of fouling, dirt and oil from the action!

Since then this rifle has not missed a beat- the only time I had a few jams was using cheap Phillipine ammo. I have taken many rabbits, possums, magpies and other pests with it, but had never done more than a rough 'sight-in'

Out of curiosity, I took this 'cheap and nasty piece out to the range today, just to see what it could do. At 25 metres, it ripped a large single hole in the middle of the 10 ring.

At 100 metre, it shot 5 rounds into an area 25 x 50 mm. It doesn't get much better than that!- even on rifles made by far more 'reputable' manufacturers- that charge ten times what I paid for this ugly duckling!

Guess you can't believe everything you hear!

Can't help but wonder how many of the so-called 'experts' out there, base their opinions on what they have actually experienced.

Or mayby they just can't shoot for shit or do basic maintainence...

Friday, July 22, 2005

Lock the piss-head up for good!

On Tonight's new (I actually watched the television, for once!) I see some pathetic piss-head up for his 23rd drunk-driving charge.

Strange, I thought this was meant to be some sort of serious offence- after all, the powers-that-be spend a shitload of OUR money promoting that very message.

This POS obviously has a piss-problem and doesn't want help for it. Fine, if he stayed away from the wheel and the taxpayers medical system, such as it is.

He should be looking at Preventitive Detention, IMNSHO. If he doesn't fancy that, parole conditions should be to have a mandatory dose of Disulfiram daily. Failure to comply and it's off to the pokey.

For keeps.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Shop websites

What a great idea- even if they don't actually sell on-line, you can browse before travelling. Very useful to someone like myself, who lives 30-40 minutes drive from anything resembling shopping (overpriced groceries, antiques and alcohol excluded!)

Where it turms to crap is when these wankers don't bother to update the sites, on a resonably regular basis. Todays line was "We sold that one two weeks ago." Then there is the matter of the rest of the advertised stock missing from the shelves.

Other outfits- reputable ones- that I deal with, state "Available on indent" and give a estimates delivery time.

I just wish that half-arsed shopkeepers would stay they hell off the net- the yellow pages too, for that matter.

I find Arkwright & Granville amusing- cheap, shonky shopkeepers in real-life totally fail to impress me, at all!

And don't I love telling everyone about them...

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Cabin Fever

What is it with the weather and school holidays? I remember as a kid it always rained for about 13 days of the August holidays. Now they have shifted to July, but the sone remains the same...

Toy Story, the Incredibles and Stuart Little are in dire peril of taking part in the next clay taget shoot I attend and Thomas the tank engine has been sent to the engine shed, after being used by Mr 3 to bludgeon Mr 5.

The garage is doing well out of this, as I retreat out there to seek sanctury. I have reloaded every round of ammo that I own, and have ordered more. Things are getting fixed, refurbished or thrown out- the unexpected spin-off is that I found a cigar and 1/2 a bottle of single malt Lammerlaw hiding behind the bar! That spelt the end of todays tidying...

Monday, July 18, 2005

What- nothing to bitch about today?

No- It pissed down with rain, so I spent much of the day in the garage. No phones, TV or newspapers. I don't like distractions like the radio while reloading ammo and I had a heap of 9mm to reload today. Not everything at the auctions was overpriced!

I have been too busy doing some editing work to even look in here...

Sunday, July 17, 2005


What is it about auctions that makes otherwise rational people take leave of their senses?

I sent the last couple of days at a Antique firearms auction and watched crap sell for the new retail prices- unbelievable!

Before going to an auction, I do my homework and study up an the prices of new and second hand goods. On the day, I go and inspect the goods and determine WHAT THEY ARE WORTH TO ME.

Now lets face it, we go to these noisy crowded and uncomfortable affair to get a bargin- right?

WRONG! I continually watched people (predominantly stupid old men) pay over retail for goods and that was before paying the auction percentage of 6% +GST on top of that!

My advice is, if you can afford to pay top dollar, fuck off and make a shopkeepers day. Leave us bargin hunters to find them!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

A Community-based sentence for Caphil

I say- get old testament on this POS god-bothering kiddie-fiddler and stone him in the middle of Cathedral Square. Little stones only- not boulders, cobblestones or bricks!

If he survives, then he can do his 9 years- not six, or three- NINE, at hard labour and wearing chains.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Things better left to others...

Add 'teaching your wife to shoot' to:

Teaching your wife how to drive
Teaching your wife basic carpentry
Teaching your wife how to start a lawnmower
Teaching your wife how to unblock the toilet

You will both be happier for this and she won't get her nose out of joint and refuse to do it full-stop.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Space Shuttle resumes flights soon

Next launch scheduled for Thursday, NZ time. I can't help but admire those men & women who work their arses off to get into something so inherently dangerous and I salute them!

IMNSHO, space travel is the future of us all- the spin-offs from the space program so far have been incalulable.

That's why my blood starts to boil (at S.T.P.-if you have to ask, you should have paid attention at school), when I hear assholes going on about-'the cost'- the poor need the money more.

Fuck the poor!- I can't see why science should be held up, because Africa is a basket-case continent that needs to be totally depopulated and turned into a game park or some lowlife in Otara drank the rent money again!

Viewing the big picture, we need to get of this rock and spread out. Mankind NEEDS the challenge, If we are going to survive, in the long term.

The shuttle crews are the ones that literally are putting their arses on the line for us all. The thought of climbing into that thing surrounded by some of the more volitile chemicals on earth would scare the bejesus out of me. But I would accept a seat on-board in a heartbeat!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Intolerant New Zealand- awwww!

So we have 'become' an intolerant lot in NZ. Well spank my ass and call me Charlie!

Haven't we always been? It has just been painted over with the PC cultual brainwashing that has spread like a sick cow's shit, since the '70's!

Intolerance is a good thing!

Why should there be any moral self-satisfaction in being 'Tolerant' towards sick, fundie cultures, criminal recidivists, power-tripping politicans and nations, fascist murderers and despots that all want to impose their beliefs on us all?

How to deal with them-in the unabridged words of General Patton "Grab him by the nose and kick him in the balls!"

The god-bothers can use the 'turn-the other cheek' crapola. I call it the 'Bend over and squeal like a piggy' approach. That's what they will do to you if you 'tolerate' them!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Why do I like Sundays?

Simple- Sunday is gun club day!

Despite the best attempts of metservice, rain radar, satellite maps and the big chunks of grey cloud to put me off, I went out for a shoot anyway. Glad I did, as there was only a faint raice of drizzle, with most of the day spent in sunshine.

The only weather that could possibly keep me away, would have me building an Ark in the back yard- and then not when there was a cowboy shoot on!

3 hours of black powder smoke and returning lead back to the earth, from where it came! The simple pleasures in life- afterwards standing around a roaring pot-belly fire drinking mugs of tea and eating barbequed sausages, with a Labrador slobbering on your gumboots.

Enjoy it before some city-dwelling, eco-sandel wearing wanker bends the ear of our pinko, trying-to be -gay govamint and gets it all banned. This is what this steel shot bullshit is all about. The stuff is an outrage, it cripples rather than kills. Will complaining about it get a return to lead?- no, they will try to shut down gamebird shooting. Don't beleive that?- well, I never thought the pom upper crust would loose their fox hunting.

This is how they are screwing us (and in a far wider arena than shooting sports)- banning things outright is bad in the polls. You just quiety slide in a heap of compliances and regulations that make a task not worth doing. I know the owner of a plumbing company that decided not to tender for a large health project- too much trouble to jump through all the hoops! Childcare is another spot to find a tangle of red duct tape. I can never get my head around how you need a friggin' diploma to work in a day-care, when any drug-addled skank is deemed to be the 'best carer' for her numerous unrelated offspring.

Hardly a day goes by where I don't here of some enterprise that can't get off the ground because of compliance costs, such as a local women who wants to make a few bucks selling sandwiches (but it would cost thousands to get her kitchen to the required standard)

Death to Socialism!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

What the hell is going on here!,2106,3339593a11,00.html

A psychiatric patient who clubbed his father to death with a baseball bat two weeks after being freed from compulsory care is suing health authorities for $180,000.

Why the fuck should this loon get a cent!

The heath authorities may have screwed up big time, but let's not lose sight of what happened.

He beat his father to death with a baseball bat.

The only thing he should have coming is a 9mm lobotomy!

The cost of keeping the crazies locked away might be high, but what is the real cost of having them at large? It's huge- the serious crimes aside, these people commit a shitload of 'nuisance' crime and tie up the police, who could be doing other things (though that would probably be collecting more speeding fine money...)

Friday, July 08, 2005

London's Burning- again

I don't often have a lot of praise for the pongos. The best of them have packed up shop and shifted camp, over the last couple of centuries.

But their 'just get on with it' attiude after taking a severe blow contrasts sharply with the knee-jerk reactions seen in the US.

The shitheads that did the bombing have never bothered to study history. London and Londoners have survived and carried on after a shitload more misery than their best shot could dish out. It just pisses them off and makes them more determined to do the opposite of what the bombers hoped to achieve.