Saturday, May 31, 2008

Here is a blog with something for everybody!


A sample of their material:

St. Peter is at the Pearly Gates checking up on the people waiting to enter Heaven.

He asks the next one in line, 'So, who are you, and what did you do on Earth?'

The fellow says, 'I'm Barack Hussein Obama, and I was the first black to be elected President of the United States'.

St. Peter says, 'The U.S.? A black President? You gotta be kidding me! When did this happen?'

And Obama says,..."about twenty minutes ago".

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Friday, May 30, 2008

A Notice

This blogger choses exactly what material is shown on this site.

If I don't like your comments, I flush them down the crapper.

Feel free to wank on about whatever on your own site, but don't expect me to provide a wall for you to deface. My opinions on that matter are made quite clear on my previous post.

Those who have been visiting for a while know that I usually tolerate the eccentric or the permanently baffled and don't delete those who don't agree with posts.

But unlike in real life, I can't frog-march nasty little oiks off and give them a slapping. So I do what they hate and make their posts vanish.


I have just upgraded to Haloscan, so all your comments have vanished into the great beyond. It was time to upload a little pest control...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Property damage

This piece of shit thinks it is his god-given right to deface other peoples property.

"...Meet Joseph Kitchener. The 24-year-old former P addict from Flaxmere has found a more addictive drug: graffiti vandalism. He is a prolific tagger and a "bomber" and boasts of "stuffing up" much of the North Island..."

I would welcome an opportunity to 'stuff him up' with a good dose of tar & feathers. After he has had the hide flogged off him with a nine-thonged barbed rattan and aardvark-hide whip!

Feckin' oxygen-thief!

Monday, May 26, 2008

More Army knives

The NZ Army knife
The US Army knife.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blog of the month

Found here at:

Last of the Few

Hat Tip: Barnsley Bill

Prison Contrababnd

"...Banning contact visits with inmates is the best way to stamp out drug smuggling into prisons, says prison officer' union boss Beven Hanlon Mr Hanlon was commenting after the drug `P', worth around $26,000 on the blackmarket, was found during a cell search in Auckland's Mt Eden Prison.

Corrections Department northern regional manager Warren Cummins said the amount of the drug was roughly equivalent in size and weight a box of matches..."

Damned right- that's one of the better ways of keeping drugs out, but the trouble is that lack of a real will at the political levels to get serious about contraband.

Simply, it cost money to do effective searching and border control- stopping accomplices throwing contraband over walls. They love to whine about drugs in prisons and like to play on bent staff bringing them in. Sure, that happens, but the technology is available to screen far more effectively. The sort of scanners used in airports, for example.

Searches are very time consuming- even a simple pat-down of a whole work party takes a while. A cell search can easily take half an hour- depending on the amount of personal crap the inmate has- another point that needs sorting- they are allowed far too much stuff.

But much contraband come in through a route that can't be searched and one that nobody wants to be discussed.

Up their arses!

You can get a lot of drugs into a 35mm film container. That sad sack of shit troll Biggirlsblouse could probably hide ten-litre pail up it's abused orifice.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

This one wasn't in doubt

"It took a long time but the decision was right in the end, relieved parents said after Lipine Sila was found guilty of two murders and eight counts of grievous bodily harm today..."

Good- this sack of shite is in dire need of thirty years inside (seeing as we can't hang the fucker)

The jury took a long time- I was wondering WTF was going on, but found they had many charges to deliberate on. And in my opinion, they got it right this time.

On the subject of juries, some of you may not be aware that blokes like me are not allowed to be part of one, on account of having served in the Military, Corrections or the Police (Two of three for me). Something to do with being hard-nosed realists, I suspect...

Don't push your luck...

Custody- Not a chance- one thing that was established is that NOBODY from this family is fit to have a canary in a cage in their 'care'

They need gelding with clever and boathook, one and all!

And now you want to launch a complaint about police handling of the case. Quite a few people out there are also pissed that there wasn't a result.

If the police weren't forced to do the PC pussyfooting about they may well have been a very different result.

You got a 'not guilty' on a murder charge. (shame we don't have the 'Not proven guilty' verdict here)

But are 'guilty' of having a lifestyle that directly caused the death of these children. Think about it- if you had a pool and one of your kids fell in and drowned- you would be prosecuted! If you left them in a car unattended you would be prosecuted. It seems it is ok to leave them while you and a bunch of rock-apes drug yourselves insensible I guess thats because you don't know better and have had a hard life. [gags]

Forget about getting big money out of this (only lawyers win here) . You are getting to much out of the taxpayers as it is...

From the shallow end of the gene pool...

Ok, it could be said 'that was just a dumb mistake'

How did he explain getting into this predicament?

"I had just had surgery on my lung after puncturing it in a motorbike accident and had forced myself from hospital at 3pm to make my mate's wedding by four," he said. "I guess with all that morphine and all the narcotics they had been pumping into me and after jumping straight into jugs of beer, you could pretty much see what was going to happen."

Keep it up- you seem a candidate for a Darwin Award.

Such good use of of tax dollars and hospital staff's time, patching up those who seem hell-bent on their own destruction!

A resounding 'Screw you!' on this!

"...Former Prime Minister Sir Geoffrey Palmer says it could be time to examine the right of people accused of crimes to remain silent..."

Typical- use the vile behavior of NZ's dysfunctional lowlife to shaft us all. Another excuse to erode individual rights.

"...Mr Fairbrother said New Zealand today was different from old English society, which developed the law to protect powerless suspects against the overwhelming power of the state..."

The right to silence is an ancient one and is as relevant today as it was way back then. The piece in bold says it all!

IF there is no physical evidence- and with technology that is far less likely than in the past- we CANNOT force the suspect to incriminate themselves! (Satisfying as it may be to beat it out of the likes of those in the latest trial!)

Retaining the right to silence is NOT up for discussion!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Hanging on with a death grip!

"...Prime Minister Helen Clark has indicated the election will be held late in the electoral cycle..."

No great surprises there!

She's not looking forward to her upcoming pay cut...

Missing the point here

Friggin' do-gooders like this Susan St John* need shooting with a ball of their own shit!

"...Forgotten and invisible are the 200,000 children and their parents who eke out a subsistence living on benefits, propped up by a variety of income and asset-tested, stigmatising special hardship payments, loans from Work and Income as well as from high-cost loan sharks. Do the needs of these families not count as much as the needs of those over 65? The relativity with net wages for those on sickness, sole parent and other benefits has been falling for some time. This Budget amplifies that fall, pushing these families further to the margins of society outside the normal living standards of the community..."

These families are not meant to live on these benefits FOR MORE THAN A SHORT TIME. They are meant to find friggin' jobs! Over 65's have (presumably) paid their dues and DO have to live out their lives on what they get.


*Susan St John is an Auckland University senior economics lecturer and spokeswoman for the Child Poverty Action Group. Figures.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So why does the proposed tunnel under Jaffa Harbour cost over $1 billion. And Transmission gully cost $700 million+?

When this cost E394 million just a few years back.

In another socialist basket-case country.

Now HERE is BOLD proposal!

"I'm pleased to present a real alternative to the tax-and-spend budget that Labour will present at 2 pm today," Libertarianz Leader Bernard Darnton said today.

"Unlike Michael Cullen, Libertarianz believes your money belongs to you," explains Darnton. "That's why our budget is designed to slash taxes and let you keep far more of your own money."

"Other parties will be making a big deal about finally offering you a tax cut this year. Libertarianz policy has always been and will always be to cut taxes as fast and as hard as possible. If you are lucky, Michael Cullen will grudgingly give you back $20 a week after nine years in power. John Key is offering $50 – eventually."

"Libertarianz will make the first $50,000 of income tax-free immediately. This means that the average New Zealand household, with an income of $68,000, would keep an extra $403 per week, going a long way to offset rising food, electricity and fuel prices."

"We will also immediately get rid of GST, knocking $20 off a $250 grocery bill and ten dollars off the price of a tank of petrol."

"The government will say they can't afford this – but it's not their money – it's YOURS. You have the right to spend your money however you wish. Libertarianz is pro-choice when it comes to your money."

"Of course you can't cut tax without cutting government spending – and we're happy to oblige. Education, health, and superannuation are far too important to be left in the hand of politicians."

"We will allow people to spend as much or as little of their money on these as they wish. It is up to you to decide how much to spend on your family's healthcare, your family's education and your family's future."

"Schools and hospitals will be given back, as shares, to all New Zealanders. All other state assets not required for the essential functions of government (law and order, and defence) will be sold. The proceeds will be used to fund superannuation and healthcare for the retired, along with residual obligations such as ACC, invalids benefits. The DPB will continue for three years."

"The only legitimate function of government is to safeguard the rights and freedoms of New Zealanders. To this end, Libertarianz is committed to expenditure for two areas: law and order, and defence. We will spend an extra ten billion dollars over five years upgrading New Zealand's woeful defence capability. This means more frigates, more Orions, rebuilding the strike wing of the Air Force, and providing su rveillance aircraft for border protection. These are key components of building a credible defence force."

"With the Libertarianz budget, the churning of money through the government's sticky fingers will be almost eliminated by the tax-free threshold. A flat tax on income over that $50,000 threshold of 25%, reducing 5% per year for 5 years, will fund a smooth transition. After 5 years, no more revenue will collected from the citizenry by coercion or force. Taxes will be voluntary."

Darnton concludes, "It's enough to make you vote Libertarianz!"

Best Kind

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How Bizzare!

"...More than 70 years after they first met, teenage sweethearts Phil O'Neill and Joan Dean are about to marry.

The pair, both now 85, grew up in Masterton but were separated when World War 2 broke out and Mrs Dean's father forbade her to see Mr O'Neill for religious reasons.

Mrs Dean married and settled in Masterton while Mr O'Neill married in England, later moving to Lower Hutt.

Mutual friends put them in touch after their spouses died, and the pair reignited their relationship in January this year.

They got engaged in March, and plan to marry in Masterton, probably at the end of June..."


When asked why they waited so long they replied: "We were waiting for the children to die."


It's actually a true story!

The last line was mine (Sort of- I stole it from an old Kenny Everett skit)

Dickhead pollitician is off in La-La Land

Hone (WOFTAM)* Harawira spewed forth

"...Look at that dickhead of a judge who sent that kid to jail for tagging because the judge thought it was culturally offensive," he said.

"Is that part of the law now? What a bloody joke..."


Who is the friggin' dickhead here?

Here is a judge actually doing what us taxpayers want- coming down hard on WILLFUL PROPERTY DAMAGE. That's what it is- it ain't 'graffiti' or 'free expression of the poor downtrodden yoof. It is WILLFUL PROPERTY DAMAGE.

I consider this a serious matter- as does anyone who has had to PAY to have the defacement to their property removed. To make it worse, there are fascist councils around who demand that you remove the damage to your property at your expense!

Personally, I wish the judge had the tool of flogging at his disposal. it's a fitting punishment to those who like to leave their mark- to recieve a few of their own!

*Waste Of Friggin' Time And Money

Monday, May 19, 2008

Witch Hunt- this one

The witch has ordered a witch hunt

The crime:

Embarrassing Hullun- So perhaps this one might not be swept under the carpet

Flocks of winged monkeys have been seen flying from the ninth floor.

I hope they like the taste of pork...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The results of my inquest.

Muliaga family hopes for answers at inquest


My findings:

The family members in contact with the deceased at and just before the time of death should be charged for failing to render aid in that:

They failed to call an ambulance.
They failed to move the deceased to a location with electricity.
They failed to contact any other person who could have made the above arrangements.

Also, they and the deceased are responsible for not paying their account or making arrangements with the electricity provider, or not communicating the importance of maintaining the electricity supply. They are also remiss in not making a contingency plan for the loss of power- an event not unknown in Auckland.

The most charitable summation is that all are guilty of profound stupidity.

It's that or they deliberately allowed her to die.

Obama for my US readers

Vote for me or the Nigger gets it!

I'm calling 'Bullshit' on this!

"...Children are most at risk during Auckland's afternoon rush hour, with nearly half of all child pedestrian crashes occurring between 3 and 7pm..."

No shit, that's when, presumably, they are out of school. THIS is the bullshit:

"...Initiatives such as the Walking School Bus were helping to lower the injury toll, but these tended to be concentrated in wealthier areas where parents had the time to walk their child to, and home from, school. In poorer areas, where both parents often worked, it was harder to implement such schemes..."

Here we go- it's all the fault of poverty-AGAIN. But hang on- in the 'poor' areas, presumably there are more parents with time on their hands. Don't give me that 'two parents working' crap- the same is equally true in the 'wealthy' areas.

Shall we say there is less community spirit in the poorer areas. It's hard enough to get parents involved in ANY school activities anywhere.

I would also argue that the kids of the poor are, shall we say- 'genetically pre-disposed towards suboptimal performance'...


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tell us something we all knew!

The Ad's ARE louder then the programs!


Even half-deaf types like myself knew this, but now it's proven.

This is one reason why I channel-hop. Take note advertisers- the loud ad makes me change the channel- it didn't goddamn work!

The other main reason is the endless friggin' 'Public Information' crap paid for by our taxes. The fact that smoking is not conducive to good heath is as obvious as the fact that the ads are louder. That has been fairly well known for about forty-fifty years. Those that don't get it never will- even if you add a bit of real diseased lung to each packet of fags!

BTW- Here is someone else that doesn't like the deluge of taxpayer funded stating of the bloody obvious!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Freak Show

If you want to be radically different- be prepared to accept the consequences. A hell of a lot of us don't happen to care for your weird sexuality.

If you can't make up your mind as to whether you are Arthur or Martha- that's YOUR malfunction. Deal with the fact that blokes don't want a mincing queen in the gym changing rooms and the girls don't want someone with a willy in their's.

And nobody wants somebody with stinking BO in the gym!

The gym owners probably don't give a crap about you being a gender-bender- but they DO care about customers complaining, especially when they might lose their patronage. That's the way of the world and you better get used to it.

The human rights commission need a big, fat reality pill too...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Petrol Panic!

It's a bit overdone- all the tripe about carpooling, fuel saving and the usual nauseous government interventions [retching noise]

I heard all the same blather as petrol went past the dollar a gallon mark!

Them that needs to have already economized. Those who can don't need to worry about the cost- well- they don't worry about the cost. So why wank on about carpooling like the concept has just been invented?

The whole carpooling thing only works when you have the following conditions:

  • All concerned live near each other
  • All concerned work very near to each other
  • All start and finish at the same time
  • There are no freeloaders in the pool

So that's why all the cars with one person in them!

Carless days [insert Tui ad here]

Some of us remember how well THAT brain fart worked!

Public transport would be fine IF it went where you wanted it and when- assuming you had any AND the public didn't use it. When I first started working in a prison, the smell reminded me of trains in the 1960-70's- stale tobacco and unwashed 'humanity'

And anyone suggesting lowering the speed limit to 80kph should just cut their wrists now!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mercy, Overlord!

I love the latest drooling from stoopid Soo!

"...Ms Bradford said the report was "damning confirmation that Labour's welfare policies condemn many beneficiaries and their families to a life of debt, deprivation and despair".

It was clear Labour believed the best way to motivate beneficiaries into paid work was to keep benefits so low that people were desperate to find work whatever situation they were in..."


I'm not sure about Liarbour are aiming to do do with the poor. Nothing much, I suspect. They know well that the bottom of the heap won't vote for anybody else, so why bother with them. The same reason they don't try to appeal to the other end of the spectrum.

Ignore the bloodstock and the culls and work on the rest of the cud-chewing herd.

But Soo- you vile hypocrite- you Greenie wankers would happily drag us all* down to squalid poverty with your Luddite philosophy's. A deliberate act of destruction.

(*With the exception of the ruling elite, of course. )

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Watching the movie.


Friday, May 09, 2008

News flash

A man has been found dead in central Wellington. Apparently, death was the result of having a whole packet of Weetbix pushed up his rectum!

Police are looking for a cereal killer...

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Mutually Assured Destruction.

They are out and the parlour pinks are in.

Liarbour have set the controls for the heart of the sun...

Negotiating with children

"Time for bed"

"I'm still hungry"

"Eat your dinner"

"Time for bed"

"What if I don't go to bed?"

"You get egg sandwiches for lunch"


"If you go to bed- you get to choose what you get for sandwiches"

"Peanut butter & jam"


Negotiations concluded.

Fuck you, Sue Bradford!!!!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The resource management act- the NIMBY's best friend

A couple of whinging arseholes have caused a project worth 60+ million a year to be lost

That 60 mill is a hell of a lot of money in a small rural town.

"...A petition in Martinborough seeking to quantify support for the cuisine school gathered a massive 1700 signatures, in a town with a population of 1200.

The sole objection to consent being given was lodged jointly by Positively Martinborough, John Porter and Christian Ullrich..."

There you have it- massive local support but let a handful of NIMBY's object and the whole deal stonewalls, as the backers can't afford to wait a couple of years for the machine to grind away.

I hope the locals consider very carefully whether they want to do business with those who use the RMA to their own ends.


Another reason to scrap the RMA

Friday, May 02, 2008

V for Vamoose

Voters- the vile vixen and her various vagabonds, vicious vampires and vain villains must be vanquished!

Vilify the vermin and have your vengeance!

Voting is vital- vanish the vandals!

Vipers Vamoose!

(That's lairbour out, to you leftie retards)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Can we have your liver then?

Fair enough, I reckon

If you are a donor, why not get dibs on spare parts!

Actually, I fail to see why anyone opposed to donating their body parts should expect to get a transplant.

It's not like this is China where the supply is ensured by forfeiting your bits & pieces for crimes against the state- yet.