Monday, January 28, 2008

Teachers not up to scratch

So sayeth one of their own

"...School heads rated 73 per cent of short-listed applicants in November and December as "very poor" or "poor", the Auckland Primary Principals' Association staffing survey found.

Almost half the applicants were beginning teachers - meaning they had less than two years' experience and needed mentoring - and a third were applying from overseas..."

So they are saying that graduate teachers- taught by other teachers- are no good.

Guess what- employers have been saying that about the majority of school leavers for years! You were in denial about pushing semi-literate simians out into the workplace- now the chickens have come home to roost!

My experience with one student teacher is training has been less than positive. We have had one doing temp work over the holidays and she was lazy, unwilling to learn or get her hands dirty in any way- along with being as dumb as mud.

We have blokes working for us that are totally illiterate but they can follow instructions !

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Retired Green Beret shoots intruder, gets court martial

Retired Green Beret shoots intruder, gets court martial

BREVARD, Jan. 19, 2008 - Retired Army Green Beret James T. (Smokey) Taylor got his court martial this weekend and came away feeling pretty good about it.

Taylor, at age 79, is one of the oldest members of Chapter XXXIII (The Larry Thorne Chapter) of the Special Forces Association.He was placed on trial by fellow Chapter XXXIII members under the charge of "failing to use a weapon of sufficient caliber" in the shooting of an intruder at his home in Knoxville , TN , in November.

The court martial, of course, was very much tongue in cheek. The event itself was deadly serious.

Taylor had been awakened in the early morning hours of November 5, 2007,when an intruder broke into his home. He investigated the noises with one of his many weapons in hand.

"It was just after Halloween, on Monday morning at 4:30," Taylor said. I heard this commotion at the door and grabbed my fishing gun, a little .22 revolver, to see what was going on. I got to the front door and this fellow had ripped my security door out of its frame. He said, 'you're going to have to kill me. I'm coming in.'"

When a warning to leave went unheeded, Taylor brought his .22 caliber pistol to bear and shot him right between the eyes.

"I was about four feet away from him when I shot," Taylor said. "Looking back now, I'm glad he didn't die, but that boy had the hardest head I've ever seen. The bullet bounced right off."

The impact knocked the would-be thief down momentarily. He crawled out of the house then got up and ran down the street. Taylor dialed 911 and Knoxville police apprehended the wounded man about 200 yards away, hiding in a hedgerow.

Complicating the case, as well as the court martial, the offender was released on bail but failed to appear for his court date. Knoxville police said the man was homeless. They did not know his whereabouts or why he had been given bail.

The charges brought against Taylor by his fellow Green Berets were considered to be serious. He is a retired Special Forces Weapons Sergeant with extensive combat experience during the wars in Korea and Vietnam .

"Charges were brought against him under the premise that he should have saved the county and taxpayers the expense of a trial," said Chapter XXXIII President Bill Long of Asheville , NC.

The trial was held at the Hampton Inn in Brevard, part of the group's regularly scheduled quarterly meeting. Long appointed a judge, Bert Bates, a defense counsel, Jim Hash, and a prosecutor, Charlie Ponds. All are retired Special Forces non-commissioned officers with extensive combat and weapons experience.

Ponds outlined the case against Taylor , emphasizing that the citizens of Knox County were going to be burdened with significant costs to again apprehend, and then prosecute and defend the would-be burglar.

"Proper choice of a larger caliber gun would have spared the citizens this financial burden," Ponds said, "while removing one bad guy from the streets for good. He could have used a .45 or .38. The .22 just wasn't big enough to get the job done. Hash disagreed. He said Taylor had done the right thing in choosing to arm himself with a 22.

"If he'd used a .45 or something like that the round would have gone right through the perp, the wall, the neighbor's wall and possibly injured some innocent child asleep in its bed. I believe the evidence shows that Smokey Taylor exercised excellent judgment in his choice of weapons. He clearly remains to this day an excellent weapons man."

Hash then floated a theory as to why the bullet bounced off the perp's forehead. "He was victimized by old ammunition," he said, "just as he was in Korea and again in Vietnam , when his units were issued ammo left over from World War II."

Taylor said nothing in his own defense, choosing instead to allow his peers to debate the matter. The jury, consisting of all the members of the Chapter, discussed the merits of choosing a larger caliber weapon as well as the obvious benefits to society of permanently deleting the intruder so he would never again threaten any private citizen.

The other side of the coin, that of accidentally causing injury to a completely innocent citizen if a more powerful gun had been used, also gained considerable support.

Following testimony from both sides, Judge Bates determined the charges should be dismissed. The decision was met with a round of applause. In fact, there was strong sentiment expressed that Taylor should receive an award for not only choosing wisely in picking up the 22, but for the accuracy of his aim under difficult and dangerous conditions.

After the trial Taylor said the ammunition was indeed old and added the new information that the perp had soiled his pants as he crawled out the door. "I would have had an even worse mess to clean up if it had gone through his forehead," Taylor said. "It was good for both of us that it didn't."

Meanwhile, back in Knox County , the word is out: Don't go messing with Smokey Taylor. He just bought a whole bunch of fresh ammo.

Tribune Editor Bill Fishburne is a member of the Larry Thorne Chapter XXXIII of the Special Forces Association.

Friday, January 25, 2008

On the way out...

Please leave the state in the toilet in which you would wish to find it.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Carbon footprint bollocks!

Greytown gets a new ambulance.

Just another local interest story until I read this bit:

"We specifically got the smaller 2.2 litre engine because we are mindful of our carbon footprint."

What a load of old arse!

This is an ambulance- they are big heavy vehicles and need to go fast- not just go fast but accelerate briskly. That's how you get past retards who won't pull over for the lights & siren!

They need a big-arsed 6-litre turbo diesel engine- not something taken from a golf cart!

Carbon friggin' footprint indeed!

Monday, January 21, 2008


I want to set up a new communications consultancy.

I am willing to attack other blogs & bloggers for money.

Anyone want to offer me some?

Because due to work and family, I don't get to do half the shit-stirring I would like!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Look who The Standard (an oxymoron if ever I heard one) are in bed with!

Not that it's a great surprise!

Now watch the bullshit fly!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The stuff kids come out with!

Image from Brain Stab

A while back we were at the park, when my five year-old raced off into the cemetery next door and started running about yelling and hitting headstones.

I called him back to have a wee talk about carrying on in cemeteries. When asked what he was doing he explained " I'm trying to wake up the Zombies!"

Maybe he would have had more luck at the nearby bowls club!

Blogging light for a bit

I'm having a few health problems lately, so I will post when I can.

This blog is not forgotten!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A reply to the UN

Dear Busy-Bodies,

Don't you have some funds to embezzle?

Or your own third world shitholes to continue buggering up?

Fuck off- you ain't welcome here.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My- thats a big one!

.375 H&H magnum

I got to fire one today, through a very nice Steyr-Mannlicher

It was an older model than the ones on their website, but still a superior piece. So well made that it felt like firing a 30-06!

So now I've been there, done that AND fired the Elephant gun!

(Not nearly as punishing as shooting slugs through my 12g coach gun)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Yeah, Right...

Robber pleads the 'Just Kidding' defense.

I can assure shit-for-brains that the prison sentence will be for real.

As real as it gets in NZ, anyway...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

In Denial

I didn't vote for them!

Well I didn't vote for them, either!

Sympathy is for victims

Not for the dumbarse that brought the misery on himself.

He may have been a 'good boy' who is now all broken over killing one young girl and maiming another. That's tough- he is still alive.

He will still (probably) be alive when he gets out after a token prison sentence.

He will be alive to get over it.

If he is miserable and repentant now- that is how it should be!

Apparently- "He's too scared to have fun."

'Fun' being scaring people by hooning about on a motorbike?

And-"He's a thoughtful, caring kid, and he's always thinking about other people."

Not on that night he wasn't! Remembering that he had been told to slow down several times already.

Then- "...Nikita, who started riding motorbikes on the family farm at the age of 10 and has been a competitive motocross rider for almost two years..."

So he's not a first-time rider and inexperience is not a factor. That paints a much grimmer picture...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A good start

"...A Gisborne judge made an example of a tagger yesterday when he jailed him for 42 days..."

Good show! Of course the prick should have received a good flogging and a day in the stocks as well!

The charge is 'Willful Damage' which accurately describes the act. When these arseholes are caught they need to receive a little willful damage themselves!

Tar & feathers is another punishment that comes to mind...

Friday, January 11, 2008

A breath of fresh air!

For months all I have heard are tales of gloom.

A couple of days ago I was rum-inspired to email an old friend I haven't talked to for a some years.

She has had two babies, her business and her husbands are booming and all is good. I will be catching up with them- for the first time in ten years- in a couple of months. I'm really looking forward to meeting up with people doing well! So many are divorcing, in recovery, or generally hating the life, the Universe and everything.

Some might think I'm like that, but it's not true. What I hate is the way the world is GOING!

It was so great to hear from a couple doing well and enjoying life!

Despite all that the powers that be do to make it otherwise...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happy, shiny people?

"...The number of people receiving the sickness benefit due to depression has more than doubled in the past five years..."

What depresses the crap out of me is the amount of income tax I'm paying!

It's not just being on the dole thats depressing!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Voluntary taxation

Not quite, but here is somebody who has asked for voluntary payment for his services.

Some tell us that people won't pay for anything unless forced (usually by das state)

Read Chris Muir's story and see the opposite happen!

We're goning on a Moa hunt...

An Australian is adamant the moa is alive and well in remote North Island bush and aims to prove it with photographic evidence next month.

Nothing like that overwhelming optimism that totally ignores the facts in front of your face!

Still- I'd like to see him find one. (I want to know what they taste like!)

"...Gilroy, a cryptozoologist (studies hidden animals), says he discovered 35 separate ground prints on a previous visit in 2001 which suggested a colony of up to 15 birds..."
A cryptologist is a critter that I didn't know existed!

He may have this right, though:

"...He's also convinced about the existence of the yowie – in his words: "a homo erectus – a tool making, fire making hominid."

I'm seeing quite a few of them over the holiday period. Usually seen dragging their knuckles on the pavements outside the shops or on the front doorstep of their squalid huts, drinking beer...

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Give the bastard nothing!

MORE money to be wasted on worthless criminals!

He can get stuffed!- Try living with the consequences of being a thieving arsehole

"...ACC has agreed to pay for a serial burglar to have a new left ear constructed in a rare and complex series of operations after his was bitten off by a police dog.

The surgery is estimated to cost around $20,000 and Casey Voges, 29, is planning legal action to force authorities to let him have the procedure in prison..."

The fucktard needs *THIEF* branded on his forehead in very large type!

Not taxpayer funded cosmetic surgery!

AND he should be billed for the cost of a large steak for the police dog- so the dog can get the taste of scumbag out of his mouth!

On the subject of dumbfuck crims...


Saturday, January 05, 2008

Fox hunting!

Hat tip: Cowboy Blob

Blog Rankings

A round of applause for Tim of Tumeke!

A lot of work has gone into this ranking of NZ blogs. While any method will draw it's criticisms (blogs with multiple authors, defunct blogs, etc), it's all subjective in the end.

I'm delighted with my 59th place- after all, I make no effort to cater for the masses. They can take their unwashed bodies elsewhere!

Lighten up, assholes!

Oh horror- how terribly Non-PC!

"...The Corrections Department has been forced to explain why two staff members attended a work Christmas function dressed as a suspected terrorist and accused mass murderer - both of whom have been inmates in New Zealand jails..."


I tell you one thing- it certainly wouldn't be custodial staff- they don't get frickin' Christmas parties- THAT sort of extravagance is only for the pen-pushers!

Corrections wouldn't give the front-line troops the steam of their piss!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Unspeakable Acts

Are being carried out locally

I saw it with my own eyes today- nobody should have to witness such things!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The consequence-free world strikes again

This cretin is due a flogging (for starters) Won't get it though!

"...Daisy, aged 13, died in Whangarei Hospital yesterday morning, just a few days before her 14th birthday this Friday.

Her friend, also aged 13, remains stable in hospital with serious injuries, which the Herald understands include a broken leg and smashed hip.

A 15-year-old boy, who was driving the motocross bike and suffered minor injuries, has been interviewed by police over the crash and been referred to youth aid..."

I was at the local beach yesterday and commented to the wife that parents that by kids these bikes need a good kick up the arse. For us it was simply a noise issue. The next day, it's another parents worst nightmare.

But hey- he's only 15 and can't possibly know right from wrong! Don't destroy his life with a prison sentence!


Old enough to be operating a motor vehicle, old enough to be responsible for the consequences. You want to play with big boys toys, you take a big boys punishment when you screw up. If you can't do that- stick to your BMX!

I really like this

Another lotto win dream...

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Who would have thought...

That a TV doco about crab fishing could be so captivating!

The Deadliest Catch

Hard men doing a hard, hard job- for big rewards!

That's what made us- risk-takers who put it all on the line. Not girly-boys scared of tearing a knuckle or losing a nights sleep. Not wimps who have to run inside when they get wet.

A job where respect is earned the hard way and failure to measure up is not tolerated.

Men living hard and making big money- or maybe losing their lives.

Inspiring stuff!

Das Electoral Finance Act

For those feck-arsed busybody livestock molesters who may wish to interpret otherwise:

I assert that this website is a feckin' blog and I don't make a brass razoo for publishing it, and any views expressed on it by me are my personal political views and under paragraph (g) of Section 5(2) of the Electoral Finance Act, is not an election advertisement.

I further assert that this website is a news media Internet site and that all posts on here are written by me, as the editor, solely for the purpose of informing, enlightening or entertaining readers- mostly to feckin' entertain, and hence also is not an election advertisement under paragraph (d) of Section 5(2) of the Electoral Finance Act.

Now sod off and go back to the rock you crawled from under.