Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Unspeakable acts!

The unthinkable is near to happening!

I only have two Black Macks and four Stellas left!

There are two choices- a walk to the supermarket, breaking my Day of Sloth

Or drinking the dozen Tui's I recieved from work.

I suppose the wife can be sent out for a resup, but she seems a mite fatigued from mowing the lawns and weedeating.

Still- if she wants a cold drink...


MikeE said...

Just returned from the piss shop (500m down the road).. mmm 24 bottles of Summer Ale..

Cactus Kate said...

This is where Oswald you need a maid. Or adopt a beneficiary whereby children of those whose lifestyles you are subsidising through "working for families" act like serfs to you in your hour of need - like an attack of the piss fairies.

Oswald Bastable said...

When the youngest goes to school next year, AND the wife gets a job, THEN, she may hire the services of a maid.

I do like the idea of being given a beneficiary thrall, but they would most likely be only fit for outdoors work, as they are probably not suitable as 'Indoors Servants'

Still, I had shitloads of outdoors work and those 50 gum trees I have just cut down won't split & stach themeslves in the woodshed!