Monday, October 02, 2006


Over on Sir Humphries, I made a quip to the effect that Dear Leader deserved the same level of protection that all the citizens of our land deserve.

While spoken light-heartedly at the time, I feel that this is a valid point.

Yes, the leaders of our country need an efficent diplomatic protection service.

The citizens should also have an efficent police force and armed forces resourced to defend OUR shores.

This to me, is the main point of having a government- to provide these core functions.

It looks like Dear Leader has the same run down level of ineptness tha tthe rest of us have to put up with. Failure to spot a PI tailing them?

Come on- at best the PI's have had the same training as they have.

Or are they not particularly interested in protecting Dear Leader?

Given the way she inspires loyalty within the police ranks, I could well belive that!

We DO need our top-level politicians well guarded, as we need our country
well policed.

We also need a few leaders worthy of the name.

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