Monday, September 18, 2006

The value of a screening process

I have posted before on the value of a screening test for voters. Damn near anything would work- three simple questions on a voting form, a short IQ test or the more traditional requirement to be a landowner.

Anything to help keep the 'bread & ciruses' votors out!

I was reminded of this when out grocery shopping on the weekend.

I buy from Moore Wilson's, a wholesaler (I have an aversion to paying retail for anything!). You need a store card to shop there- not that it's hard to get at all.

This simple screening process makes shopping so much more pleasant.

The social or recreational shoppers, the old & doddery, and children are all absent from this store. The isles, made for forklift access, are too wide to be blocked by she-mountains moving at glacial speed. (unlike Write-Price)

The checkouts are well-run and there are never more than two people in front of you waiting and the staff are a quantum leap ahead of those in a typical supermarket in knowledge and customer service.

I wish more shops would require you to apply for a card!

But I digress- here is an idea:

How about if voting is restricted to those who actually belong to a political party?- which of course involves filling out a form and paying money!

It's an idea...


Brian Smaller said...

Your idea would probably not work. Labour would bring in compulsory party membership.

Anonymous said...

An idea that I have been toying with is multiple votes. The way it would work is everyone starts off with one vote as now. Those who have unencumbered assets equal to 10 times the national average wage, get an extra vote. People who run their own business get an extra vote. People with a university degree get an extra vote. While beneficiaries, with the exception of superannuitants, would lose one vote.

This way the successful and enterprising would have more influence.

Murray said...

One gun one vote.

Bring it.

Anonymous said...

Bit like Neville Shute proposed in his book 'In The Wet'. Extra vote for special people like Ed Hillary instead of a gong.

Anonymous said...

People with a university degree get an extra vote.

No thanks.
Many of the shower of s**t in power now, would have a degree or doctorate.
The idea that having a degree makes a person sensible seems pervasive for some reason - but all it indicates is a certain amount of intelligence really.....

Seamonkey Madness said...

Addendum to that. All those that have a university degree (except for a BE)...


Murray said...

The Heinlein method.

Once you have completed your service to the community and been part of an organisation that puts the needs of the group ahead of the wants of the individual you can take part in the process.

Till then, zip it.